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Sign Up Old School Mafia 2

Started by gimmepie 2 Weeks Ago 7:55 AM
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Old School Mafia 2
No fancy custom roles. No flavour or thematics. Nothing but pure mafia.

The Game

Mafia is a strategy game pitting an uninformed majority against an informed minority in a game of lies,deceit and death.

The uninformed majority, the Town, must discover and kill all the members of the informed minority, the Mafia. Meanwhile, the Mafia aim to outnumber the town and achieve dominance. Nobody in the Town knows the role or alignment of any other player, they must rely on deduction and reasoning to find the Mafia hiding in their midst. Meanwhile, the mafia share a group chat they can use to coordinate and plan and know each others’ roles and identities.

The game is divided into two phases. During the Night Phase, the mafia will select one member of the Town to kill and remove from the game. Additionally, any players whose role comes with a special night action can use those abilities then by DMing the game master. During this phase, the thread is considered locked and nobody may post in it. However, the mafia may still use their chat to communicate with each other.

During the Day Phase, the thread is considered open. During this phase the town will discuss with each other who they want to lynch and remove from the game, hoping to kill off a hidden mafia member with their vote. This isn’t as easy as it might seem at first however, as the mafia are hidden among the Town and are also able to contribute to this discussion, trying to mislead the town and cause them to lynch their teammates.

The Town

Agent: During the night, the agent can use their action to send an anonymous message to another player.

Nurse: At night they can visit one person, protecting them from death but also blocking any night actions they may have.

Loudmouth: Will publicly reveal anyone who visited them at night at the start of the day.

Bulletproof: Will survive the first attempt to kill them thanks to their trusty kevlar vest.

Oracle: Can visit one person each night. When they die, they publicly reveal the role of the last person they visited.

Villagers: The remaining Town are ordinary villagers. While you do not have a special night action, your participation during the day is vital in keeping the mafia at bay.

The Mafia

Spy: Can send an anonymous message to one person each night.

Hooker: As the hooker, you can use your night action to distract another player of your choice during the night, blocking any night action they may possess.

Strongman: Once during the game, can guarantee the success of the mafia kill. They must be the one to commit the murder when they do this.

Mafioso: You do not have a night action, but can contribute to any plotting and planning the Mafia does in the Mafia chat and have an equal say in the night kill as your teammates.

The Rules

1. All UG and PC rules apply.
2. The Night Phase lasts 24 hours, the Day Phase 48. Do not post in the thread during the Night Phase.
3. Do not share information from your role PM/DM or discuss the details of the game outside of the thread or Mafia team chat.
4. If you die, you're dead. Don't continue to haunt the thread with your posts. The exception to this is a single "death post" that cannot contain any game related information.
5. Post twice per Day Phase.
6. Format lynch votes as [vote] username
7. Failing to vote during two consecutive Day Phases may result in a GM kill.

The Players

gimmepie as the Game Master
Fletch as ???
Corviknight as ???
EC as ???
Simply Dunsparce as ???
Cid as ???
jdthebud as ???
Omicron as ???
Charlie Brown as ???
Darthspikes as ???
Nakuzami as ???


Age 24
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Posted 18 Hours Ago
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I’ll play
I'll give this a shot why not
Let’s hope this gets past signups! Count me in (:
Signing up
How busy are these games in this forum usually? I'm interested but not sure about my free time.
Ok, then, sounds good. Count me in!
I'll join!
[Lynch] Fletch

(I'm in)
I'll slide in
i want in please

i probably shouldn’t

but i will!
okie, I'm in

Pings to make sure everyone who has expressed interest in playing recently sees the new game.


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In again


War Master

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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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Y e s p l e a s e


Can't be bothered!

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Youngstown, Ohio
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Posted 19 Hours Ago
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I am in. Excited to make my chaotic return!
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize!


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Posted 14 Hours Ago
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I'd like to try this round! I missed the first round's sign-ups so I hope this ends up being as good!


Age 24
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Posted 18 Hours Ago
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Need at least 3-4 more to really run this setup. Nearly there.

Charlie Brown


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Posted 1 Week Ago
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sure, let's go


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Still waiting on more peeps?

I'll hop in again. I'll make sure to be a delinquent and check while at work more this time
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