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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.

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Wow, I was for another reason looking through youtube for ending themes of pokémon games, and stumbled onto BW's ending theme. I'd forgotten how AWESOME it is!

What's your fav soundtracks of BW? inb4 Route 10 haha

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Okay if I can't say Route 10 then I'm gonna say the Village Bridge music, it was great! The whole soundtrack was really strong tbh and I have a lot of favourite music from BW.
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    I really loved N's Castle Bridge theme. I don't know what it was about it, maybe it was the feeling of closing in on the finale of the game. Say what you want about gen 5, but you can't deny that its soundtrack and music was amazing.
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    Route 2/3, Route 10, Village Bridge, all of N's themes, Elite Four, Opelucid City, Lentimas Town, Virbank City, Aspertia City, Accumula Town. Fifth gen has some awesome soundtracks from both games!
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    Village Bridge is probably my favorite theme from any of the games. Being able to add instruments by talking to people is also incredible. Music was really one of the strongest points in Gen 5!
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    I don't actually like any of the music from the first Gen V games apart from the slightly better quality version of Cynthia's piano theme - which really put me off the games too; audio is a major part of any gaming experience for me - BUT I just wanted to post in this topic to say that Ghetsis' battle theme is absolutely hilarious and I will always remember it for its laughably awful attempt at vocals.

    Seriously, I just...couldn't stop laughing. It almost made up for the pain I'd gone through getting to the point where I heard it. The buildup is actually really good, too...but the track itself is the defintion of "anticlimax" expressed in musical form.

    Also, despite the lack of memorable tunes, Black/White and the sequels actually has a really, REALLY good soundfont! Seriously, listen to this. Or this. Or this. Or this. There are lots of good remixes. The fans do a much better job with the soundfont than Game Freak do in my opinion.
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    Ahaha I'd forgotten how good that ending music is as well - seems really fitting that they had leant into the sort of fantasy knights / chosen one angle (as much as you can really refer to any Pokémon game having an angle or a "story"), more dramatic whereas the endings of, for example, Emerald, Platinum, HgSs are more kind of...tired?

    I've got to agree on how lacklustre Ghetsis' theme was, but I think its quite fitting as he turns out to be such an ordinary villain after all Team Plasma's posturing about Pokémon's rights etc.
    I replayed Black for the first time a couple of years ago and I remember just being shocked that there even was music - my memory had completely omitted its presence because it does just seem like you're meant to only really hear the sounds of the attacks.

    I really enjoyed the organ in N's battle theme even if it kinda reminded me of Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. N's castle theme definitely stood out as sort of building up to this big finale of Reshiram / Zekrom finally showing up.

    To me the most memorable aspect of Black & White's music was all the variable themes, like in the 2nd town where you can go and add the piano to the soundtrack, or in other areas where standing in a certain place adds a bit to the soundtrack.
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      BW/2 have, in my opinion, the best soundfont out of all games. My personal favourite is FRLG, but I think the BW/2 soundfont is so well-rounded and 'complete'. It feels professional on a whole other level, if that makes sense. As Meyneth stated above, it's perfect for remixes, and GameFreak may have known this themselves as they have remixed a lot of older themes in BW2 successfully. My personal favourite of that batch is the Hoenn Gym Leader theme; very different but a very nice honour to the original.

      My favourite OST of BW, which is also my favourite Pokémon theme ever, is the Rare Wild Battle theme. I already love the regular one from BW, but there's something about the tweaks in the Rare one that I just love. I can honestly listen to it forever. I wish the newer Pokémon games had such a theme, too. SM's Totem Pokémon theme might be a variation, but I wish XYORAS and SM also had these moving patches in the wild and then a different, more 'special' theme. Damn, BW did such a good job with the Wild Battle themes. IMO only SM's theme matches it in uniqueness. Unfortunately I do not like the BW2 one as much, I don't like the pitch of that one.

      Of course, Black and White (2) had much more memorable themes. Some of my other faves include:
      • Gym Leader Battle (BW2's tweak is esp great)
      • Elite Four Battle
      • Both Rival Battle themes
      • Driftveil Drawbridge
      • N's room
      • Cold Storage
      • Icirrus City
      • Relic Castle
      • Victory Road
      • Reshiram/Zekrom Battle
      • Ending
      • White Forest
      • Legendary Pokémon Battle

      Some specifics from BW2:
      • Flocessy Town
      • Castelia, Driftvel and Humilau Gym
      • Reversal Mountain
      • Route 22
      • Colress Battle
      • Champion Iris

      That list could be longer. More than them just being good composes, I loved how the BW's soundtracks were so 'alive'. They changed along with what you were doing; who/what you were battling, the time of the year, whether you were moving or not, or even who you talked to. That, combined with the epic soundfont, makes BW/2 have a very unique and memorable score. Also the implementation of vocals, lmao.
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      5th Gen connected with me on a whole new level as far as Pokemon OSTs are concerned, since there's so many great themes. I love a lot of the piano-heavy ones like Unwavering Emotion and the Celestial Tower theme, others include the Team Plasma Grunt battle theme as well as N's themes.

      The "DENNIS!" chanting in the Ghetsis battle theme is iconic as well. Black 2 & White 2 added more to an already great soundtrack, especially with gems like the final round theme of the PWT. The battle theme against Champion Iris in B2/W2 also stands out due to how different it is from other Champion themes.
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        People may not like my choice in music, but I think that Flosceccy Town, Elite 4, Virbank City, Reversal Mountain in white, Colress' Battle theme, Marine Tube, and Lacunosa town. Flosceccy Town and Lacunosa Town gives me a very nostalgiac feel. Virbank City is like the end of the day, considering I always play it at night. Marine Tube, Reversal Mountain, and Colress' Battle gives me a energetic, pumped up feel. I loved BW2 alot, and it has one of the best soundtracks.
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        In terms of Ghetsis' theme in the first Black/White, it was pretty lackluster. Though I think they did his theme so much justice in the remix from Black2/White2. Some of my favorites include: Gym Leader Battle, Elite Four, Hugh's Battle theme, Team Plasma's Battle theme, and probably a few more that I can't think off the top of my head. I think Gen 5 as a whole probably has one of the best, if not the best, soundtracks in the entire franchise.
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          Okay, so ignoring Route 10, my absolute favorite song from Black and White has to be Undella Town's theme during Winter, Autumn, and Spring.

          I find the song incredibly soothing, relaxing, oddly romantic, and incredibly comforting. It was the first song I bought from the Soundtrack on iTunes, and I don't regret it one bit. The soft bells pair perfectly with the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, and it's just beautiful.

          I don't remember much from Black and White 2's soundtrack, but one that's oddly stuck with me has been Route 19's theme.

          Yeah it's a first route theme, but listen to it! It's so upbeat and fun. Unlike any other first route theme, which normally gives off the feeling of going on your very first adventure (with the exception of Sinnoh's "welcome back" Route 201) this gives me the feeling of a veteran starting a new adventure, and it's absolutely wonderful.

          ...I hope that made sense.
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          How could I forget Emotion.... it's easily the best song on the soundtrack imo. Listening to these makes me want to replay these games just for the soundtrack!
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            I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for not saying Route 10 is my favourite soundtrack, but I hate how the soundtrack of Route 11 is underrated, because I love it. It makes you reflect on your adventure in Unova so far and the memories you've made, and it's quite sad in a way because at this point your adventure has ended, and it hits home when you get to Route 14 and have a look at the waterfalls. It's especially the case with me because I remember playing Black 2 in my final year of school, and it makes me think of how my life has evolved and all the friends that I made (I'd already beaten it, I was just making a competitive team). I'm replaying Black 2 right now, and around this point my first year of university is coming to a close, where I think of all the lovely friends I made and how I'm not going to see them for a few months. In fact, these small touches like that, and how they can be connected to memories of life, can make an otherwise unassuming soundtrack take on different meanings to different people.

            I've always found this version the most depressing, considering this was the version I got when I left school:

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            Yeah, the Zekrom/Reshiram battle music is great and I love it so much.

            But time and time again, my love goes to the Celestial Tower music. It's goosebumps-inducing and amazing.

            Ghetsis' theme is also terrifying:

            And on a bit of a happier note, I also adore the gym leader theme in both BW and BW2. <3


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