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Hello, I'm hoping somebody can help me.

So in my game, the player and their rival team up to fight a legendary Pokémon in a 2v1 battle. Everything is working perfectly, with the exception of the partner trainer's name, which is appearing in battle as the name stored in trainers.txt . Since the partner trainer is the player's rival, the name of the partner trainer should show as whatever is stored in variable-34 when the player first named the rival. I assume it doesn't work as expected for partner trainers because the script only pulls the rivals name from variable-34 when the player battles against the rival, rather than with them.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

Many thanks!


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After registering, you can manually change the partner name by doing.

$PokemonGlobal.partner[1] = $game_variables[34]
if the name is held in 34.

$PokemonGlobal.partner[1] = "Bob Dylan"
That's how I think it works anyway.