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Started by BRafas_PT June 16th, 2021 11:08 AM
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Posted June 16th, 2021
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Hi, i have recently started collecting pokemon cards and it has been fun. But i live in Portugal and its hard to find packs, much less any variety of it (every one i saw were vivid voltage), so i wanted to know where i can order pokemon packs online that aren't overpriced or fake.
Also, i have heard that here the booster packs have less cards than in other countries, is this true? The ones i have here have 6 cards each.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Thanks in advance!


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Well first! Welcome to the community! :)

Unless you are purchasing boosters/boxes from verified and official sources such as The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Centers, or their international affiliates; you are always taking a risk in making a buy. Even major retailers in Portugal (and anywhere) could be caring fake or weighed packs. It’s just part of the collection game and not getting scammed is how you win.

The number of cards in any pack can vary depending on multiple factors so you’re halfway right. Promo packs might only have 3, older packs might have 11.

Nowadays I personally buy singles nowadays on online markets.

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