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Old April 4th, 2017 (5:52 PM). Edited April 7th, 2017 by esperance.
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Second-rate hack
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    ROM Hacking Abilities: Mapping, Scripting, ASM, Hacking in C, Spriting, Tiles, etc
    Areas you'd like to Contribute: Mapping, ASM
    Proof of previous work:

    Ice puzzles in a cave:

    The mapping itself isn't super impressive obviously, but I think that it stays faithful to the FRLG style, and it shows off some interesting floor puzzles. They're simple puzzles with simple solutions, but there's some interesting mechanics that are possible within the current Pokemon engine that aren't really explored in my opinion, like combo Thin Ice/Sliding Ice puzzles.

    Maps from my ROM hack. Ignore the bad ocean, there's no surfing in the hack, you can only go over it by boat, so it didn't need to be interesting :)

    Fairy Forest/Hidden Garden kind of area in my ROM hack. I photoshopped in the weather effects so that you can see what it looks like in-game with weather effect 0A.

    Proof of concept for a title screen I've been working on, it's a 16 frame animation each with their own tileset and tilemap. It's super inefficient and looks bad, but I did while trying to learn hacking with C. I'll get a lot better.

    Some trainer sprites for my personal hack:

    This is a routine for assigning the Map bank and number to variables. This is for a system I am working on for my hack where you can park your boat on any map at any location, then leave/go into a building or something, then return and it will remember where your boat is. Works by having a hidden boat event on every map which is only visible at certain coordinates depending on if your current map bank and number match the ones stored last time you parked your boat. (Sorry if I did a bad job explaining it)

    .align 2
    	ldr r0, =(0x3005008)
    	ldr r1, [r0]
    	ldrb r0, [r1, #0x4]
    	ldr r2, var1
    	strh r0, [r2]
    	ldrb r0, [r1, #0x5]
    	ldr r2, var2
    	strh r0, [r2]
    	bx lr
    .align 2
    	.word 0x20270B6 + (0x8000 * 2)
    	.word 0x20270B6 + (0x800D * 2)
    It is kinda difficult for me to really show off my world building in a Pokemon-styled setting because of how unique Pokemon worlds are. You don't really have to tackle the same questions all the time like "How does the economy work?", "Where are people getting their food?", etc. I'm confident I'm good enough at world building that I could transfer the skills to a Pokemon game.

    Example of a constructed language/writing system for a world building project I have been working on in my free time:

    There's a lot in the language that isn't tackled in that infographic, but it showcases the general idea. Again, I know that's not directly the kind of thing you'd see in a Pokemon game, but it shows my general mindset.

    I've also taken creative writing courses that have taught me a lot about storytelling. Although written storytelling isn't exactly the same as storytelling in a video game, I think that a lot of the general ideas stay the same.

    Anyway, I don't know if I can offer much compared to a lot of the people you already have working on the hack, but I'd love to help where ever I can :)
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    Old April 7th, 2017 (9:19 AM).
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    Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll make a good addition to the team.
    What are you so afraid of?
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