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    what is the base rom use in this hack thanks in advance :)
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      Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95 View Post
      Decided to make an excel document, disclosing not only where each Pokémon is, but the data of each Pokémon, with forms, including:

      -Base Stats
      -What type(s) the Pokémon is
      -How easy it is to capture the Pokémon (lower the value, the harder it is to catch)
      -How much experience is given when you beat it (higher the value, the more EXP you'll get)
      -What EVs you'll get from the Pokémon
      -What held item the wild Pokémon could or will have
      -The percentage of what gender it could be
      -Steps to hatch as an Egg
      -Base Friendship
      -Egg Group
      -What ability it could or will have
      -Color (cause why not?)

      Should I add any other feature to the file, or is it fine as is?
      I think you should add Experience Rates to the list. (Reference Link)
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        Originally Posted by Nex View Post
        well youre right tbh but since he doesn't reply anywhere I won't do anything futher anyway
        Since you knew he didn't replied to you, what good do you think it will do if you babbled about your disagreement in this thread?
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          Moves that the Pokémon can learn by Leveling Up and TMs would be hella useful too I suppose, but it may be way too much effort.

          Btw, since I don't know if the next update (if it ever happens) will be made from 0 or not, in addition to the bugs/glitches/problems I've had up there, Pancham should evolve at Lv32 only if there's a Dark Type Pokémon inside your team, mine evolved without having one.
          Dunno if you wanna fix it or leave it as is, LCC.
          I've tried to support so many hacks, that i've broken up the rules, i'm such an awesome fan D:
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            Originally Posted by symire View Post
            Since you knew he didn't replied to you, what good do you think it will do if you babbled about your disagreement in this thread?
            because he will atleast read it , rather have an statement out there then nothing
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