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Started by Janp May 2nd, 2019 1:40 AM
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I just encountered really interesting situation in my Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke. I randomized all the TMs and aside from really bad ones I now got TM Sketch. After booting it up I found out all of my Pokémon can learn it. Which means I can give one move of my choosing to one Pokémon.

And this brings out the question. If you could teach one Pokémon one move to make sure it will survive the whole Nuzlocke run, what Pokémon and what move would you choose? Would you go for offensive move for coverage or would you go with some kind of healing? Or let's take this even higher - imagine you found 4 TMs Sketch and can now teach one Pokémon 4 moves. What moves would you teach them?

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If we're talking about in Generation 3 FireRed, Sketch would have to go on something like Fly for Gyarados so it can actually have a stab move. Plus the image of a gyarados flying through the air just somehow seems funny to me.

Edit: Looking back at it, In generation 3 literally any Electric type I'd love to have sketch on to get some other coverage. 99% of them get Thunderbolt/Thunder and a Normal type move and that's it. Lanturn OP in gen 2 and 3 as an electric type.