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1. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
2. If a Pokemon faints it dies, you must retire that Pokemon permanently.
3. Only one Pokemon may be caught per route, but it does not have to be the first Pokemon that you encounter.
4. All Pokemon must have a class and race, but you cannot have more than one of the same class in the party (Optional: You cannot have more than one of the same race in the party either.)
5. You can catch HM slaves in the games that require HMs, and place them in a special Box called the NPC box. NPC's may under no circumstances participate in a fight. (taking a hit so you can freely switch counts as participating.)
6. You may not have reserve Pokemon in your PC. Once your party is full you cannot catch any more Pokemon until you lose a member. If you lose a party member you may go back to a route that you haven't caught a pokemon yet and catch it there.
7. You may not catch any legendary Pokemon unless they are required: All legendarys are considered boss encounters
8. You lose the DNDlocke if: all of your Pokemon die in the same fight, or you lose everyone due to not being able to legally catch any more pokemon.
9. You win if: You beat the league and champion and all story legendaries. Non story legendaries are optional.
10. Games you can play this challenge in: Any game that has physical special split. Gen 1: LGPE, Gen 2: HGSS, Gen 3: ORAS, Gen 4: DPPT, Gen 5: BW or B2W2, Gen 6: XY, Gen 7: SM or USUM, Gen 8: SWSH, any ROMHack or Fangame that has Physical/Special split.
Cannot use special moves. May use status moves, but only self boosting ones (Not healing). Must hold onto the strongest base power physical move the pokemon can learn at that point in their moveset (I.E Electrode MUST learn self-destruct at level 19 and that move cannot be replaced unless you can teach it a move that is higher than 200 base power). Can be revived from death once. Can't use Held items except mega stones/ Z crystal/dynamax. Can't use TMs.
Can use Physical or Special moves. Must have at least one self boosting (Not healing) or opponent de-buffing move and one status causing move from the earliest point that they can learn one. Can use held items except mega stones/z crystal/dynamax and berries. Can use TMs.
Can use physical or special moves. May use ghost moves regardless of race. Must have at least two self boosting, healing or status move. Can use held items and berries but no Mega Stones/z crystal/dynamax. Can use TMs.
Can use physical or special moves. Must have at least one move of the following types and use it once per trainer battle they participate in: Grass, Bug, Water, Fire. Can use moves of these types regardless of race. Can hold berries but no other held items/dynamax. Can use TMs of grass, bug, water or fire but not any others.
Cannot use special moves. Cannot use status moves. Can use held items/dynamax. Can use Physical TMs.
Cannot use special moves except by TM. Can use status moves. Must have at least one status causing move, damage dealing or not (I.E. nuzzle and gunk shot would count). Can use power boosting held items (I.E. life orb, but not kings rock) Can use TMs
Can use physical or special moves. May use ghost moves regardless of race. Must have at least two self boosting, healing or status move. Can use Mega Stones/z crystals/dynamax but no other held items. Can use TMs.
Cannot use moves that make contact. Can use status moves (except healing) and physical and special moves that don't make contact. Can use berries but not other held items/dynamax. Can use TMs.
Can use physical moves. Can use special moves if they are dark type. Can use dark type moves regardless of race. Can use held items excluding berries. Can use TMs.
Can use special moves or status moves. All moves must be learned via TM. Can use held items.
Cannot use Physical moves. Can use status moves. Cannot use held items/dynamax. Can use Special TMs.

Can use Dragon, Fire, Electric and Ice type moves
Can use Ground, Rock, Steel and Fighting type moves
Can use Fairy, Psychic, Ghost and Grass type moves
Dark Elf
Can use Dark, Poison, Ghost and Ice type moves
Can use Fairy, Dark, Electric and Flying type moves
Can use Grass, Bug, Fighting and Poison type moves
Can use Ground, Bug, Water and Dragon type moves
Can use Water, Steel, Fire and Flying type moves
Can use Fire, Dark, Rock and Psychic type moves
{All Races Can Use Normal Type}

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