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The alphabet-mon Challenge
Challenge: Beating the game by only using pokemon that start with a random letter

#1 You will need a random letter either picked by you or a random letter generator (lets use B as an Example)
#2 You can only catch or evolve that start with the letter your using (This means pokemon like: Baltoy or Beartic I could use)
#2a For pokemon that evolve into a pokemon that starts with the letter you using, you must evolve them first before using them for anything (For example Beartic starts with the letter B, I can not use Cubchoo in till I evolve it into Beartic)
#3 Pokemon can be used in anyway HM slave, ETC can be used, as long as they apply by the roles above
#4 You will know when the challenge is complete when you have beaten the game without catching or using any pokemon that does not start with the letter being use
#5 This Challenge can be done in ever main pokemon game, From red and blue to sword and shield

Last and not least
Have fun :D ! ! !
Feel free to post how you do in the comments below