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Old June 1st, 2018 (7:45 PM). Edited June 21st, 2018 by 5qwerty.
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Competitive Pokémon - June 2018

What's up guys and gals, we're already on our third month of monthly activities! If you want to read more about the monthly events, please check out the Competitive Pokémon Section - What's New? thread for more information. Without any further delay, let's jump into this month's events!

Monthly Tournament Series (MTS)

A very weird time capsule arrived from the past - and it contains Gen IV UU!

Want to familiarize yourself with Gen IV UU? Then check out one of the following links to start learning:
Click here to go to the tournament thread! Signups last until June 8th!

Random Tour Monthly (RTM)

The RTM for this month is very unique - we're hosting a Battle Factory style Random Format! Everyone will be given random Pokémon and will have to choose 3 of them to build a team with. Just like in the Battle Factory, you can swap for one of your opponent's Pokémon after defeating them. Do you have what it takes to be the Factory Head?

Click here to go to the tournament thread! Signups close June 8th!

Special Tournament

Oh? What's this? Stay tuned and find out! Cancelled.

Ladder Challenge

We're going down the list for the Ladder Challenge again - this month we have Gen VII RU! Head over to Pokémon Showdown and play ladder matches against opponents. You can redeem up to 10 wins against ladder opponents, based on the following CPP schema:
  • Opponent Rating: 1000-1250: 10 CPP per win
  • Opponent Rating: 1250-1500: 15 CPP per win
  • Opponent Rating: 1500+: 20 CPP per win

Remember to save your replays and post them in this thread! You may end up climbing and having more wins against higher ranked opponents at the end of the month, so you are allowed to go back and edit your post to include newer wins in place of old ones to get more CPP. Only the 10 most recent replays you post will be counted at the end of the month. Good luck, and have fun!

Ladder of the Fortnight + Informal Events

Listed here will be "events" that do not give CPP. They're still fun though, not everything is about the points.
  • LotF/LotM - Ladder of the Fortnight is still around, and we're trying to have it transition to be monthly, so please be patient!
  • Room Tournaments - Hop on the server some time and we'll start hosting these if there is enough interest. Be sure to ask!
  • Pokémon Trivia - Check out the Trivia room on our server! If you want a game running then don't be afraid to ask us!
  • Competitive Discussions - Be sure to consistently check the Competitive Pokémon section to see if any cool discussions pop up.

That's it for the month of June! More things will come in the future!

Old July 2nd, 2018 (6:18 AM).
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Will be summing up the CPP for June soon.
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