Pokémon Pokemon: The Journey of Janice

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Hi there, I'm Allen.

Pokemon: The Journey of Janice is an idea I came up with for a potential fan game some months ago (could be a ROM hack or one of those fan-made games, whichever format is the best). Rather than just having a one paragraph synopsis to cover the story and then have a Features List for what I hope can be in the game, I took the time to expand on the idea until I had a whole story. About 34 chapters in total. Why I thought of posting the story here in the Fanfiction & Writing section is because I hoped to get some feedback for it and maybe find out if people would be interested in playing a game based on it.

Unfortunately I haven't had any luck finding or hearing from anyone who would like to help me adapt the story into a game, so it's just going to be a story that I will be posting here and if you like it please stick with it to the end and look forward to my other stories. Those of you who are curious enough to check out the original version of the story, even though it looks like a walkthrough for what could've been the game, here is the link to the Notepad doc:


**UPDATE (Wednesday 5 May 2021)**

Hey there, how's it going? I am currently redoing Chapters 1 to 9, they will be in audio form because I figured it's the best way for any new people to catch up quickly and for returning readers to refresh the old memory before carrying on to Chapter 10 and beyond. From Chapter 10 going forward I plan on having both text and audio versions for each chapter: text version will be available here and also for download as a Notepad text document while the audio version will be in the Internet Archive link which I will provide below. I would suggest you dive into the text version first and then go for the audio version, which will have notes and information for each chapter plus all the lovely bells and whistles that audio can provide :) enjoy, share with your fellow fans and take care!

The Journey of Janice (Audio Mode): https://archive.org/details/pokemon-the-journey-of-janice

Latest Release (Thursday 13 May 2021): Chapter 4
Upcoming: Chapter 5

Chapters Re-done:
Chapter 1 The Start
Chapter 2 The Fisherman
Chapter 3 The Soda Shop
Chapter 4 Weed Problems

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Pokemon: The Journey of Janice

(West of Petra Arc)

Chapter 01 - The Start

It is Graduation Day at Percival City High School. All the students and the teaching staff are gathered in the Assembly Hall as the Principal's speech reaches its last part. He has thanked the graduating senior students for all their hard work during these 4 years they spent here at the school. They've had ups and they've had downs but they pulled through and here they are, done with it all and ready to step out into the world. There are many great things for these graduates to become once they are out in the world...but for some of them, the one thing they are aiming to become is a Pokemon Trainer.

Among these students who have their eyes set on that goal is 16-year old Janice, standing together with her 4 good friends Kelvin, Ryan, Gina and Rose in the crowd of seniors. These 4 years have been quite the adventure for them, learning about Pokemon and the wonderful world they inhabit alongside humans. Studying up on famous Trainers who've traveled across multiple regions with their Pokemon partners, battling other talented Trainers in amazing contests, stopping big bad villains who wanted to harm both humans and Pokemon and for the lucky ones, encountering legendary Pokemon. Books and theory. Now is the day when the 5 Friends can leave all of that behind and begin their own journeys to become Trainers.

It is still early in the morning when the graduates leave the school. Janice and her pals go to their usual hangout spot at the beach, just to the west of town along Route 1. Given that at this time children are in school, the beach is only occupied by a few adults and some of the other graduates who've decided to start their graduation celebrations super early. Ryan wonders out loud if they should go and join in, even though he doesn't really know who those other former students are. Rose guesses that it could be because they were from another class, so Ryan going over there might be seen as him being a gatecrasher. Not that Ryan would even mind being a gatecrasher, he graduated too like they did so shouldn't that mean he can show up at any graduation party that may take place today? Gina doesn't think that would work, happy to burst Ryan's little logic bubble. Janice suggests that they just make the most of today together. This is where the next chapter of their young lives begins and because tomorrow...Kelvin and the others look at her. They already know what she's going to remind them of. Graduation was today but tomorrow they will join other 16-year old graduates at the Percival City branch of the Pokemon Research Society and receive their Starter Pokemon. After that, they may leave town and start on their journeys. So Janice just wants to spend today with her friends. They can always have their own party later. Sounds good.

In the evening, Janice arrives at home in time to be ambushed by her younger siblings, the 12-year old twins Jerome and Jennifer. They're happy for their big sister, she has finished high school and now she can become a Trainer. One could say that the twins are also happy because they'll get to see which Starter Pokemon Janice will choose to be her partner. Following the twins are Janice's parents Judy and Michael, beyond proud of their daughter. Many, many years ago the two parents were just like Janice, about to leave home and explore the world around them. Then following the parents in welcoming Janice back home is the oldest child of this family, 20-year old Janet. Even though she finished high school 4 years earlier, seeing her younger sister now brings back that memory of when she came home with a big smile on her face and with big news to share. Unlike the parents, Janet is still an active Trainer today...although she's no longer the kind who has to travel around.

Janice spent the day with her friends but now she spends the evening with her family. Talking about school, everything she has learned, asking her parents questions about their time when they were Trainers, ranking the best Starters with the twins and so on. Whatever happens tomorrow can wait, enjoy what's left of tonight. This goes on until hours later when the twins have to go to bed, because unlike their lucky big sister, they still have some years left of school to get through. Janice decides that she might as well get to bed too, so she can wake up early.

But when she gets to her room, Janice realises that she won't be going to bed just yet. Not for a short while. This is because there is one more friend she still hasn't spent some time with. A dear friend who couldn't join her during the day but is here now to make up for it - a wild Pidgey that has been flying up to her bedroom window to spend time with Janice for several months now. After school or after supper, the two of them would meet here and Janice told Pidgey about her day. If Pidgey could, it would've told Janice all about how it spent its days with other local bird Pokemon. Flying around, hunting for food and occasionally training each other through friendly fights or air races. Not exactly school life but close enough. During these months they have grown to be close friends and for Janice, this moment will be one of the most important moments she has experienced so far. She quietly makes her way over to the window and opens it so she can lean outside to meet Pidgey who has perched on the edge, delighted to see her even at this hour. Janice apologies for not being back home sooner and gives a short summary of how her big day went. Pidgey understands 2 important things from what Janice says:

1) Janice will no longer be going out of the house around the same time every morning and coming back around the same time every afternoon.
2) Starting tomorrow though, Janice will be going away on what sounds to be a long trip and it is not clear when she will return.

So Pidgey is really glad for Janice, but there is a bitter sweet feeling rising up in the little Pokemon at the thought of not seeing its friend again since she will be leaving. How long could she be gone for? Weeks? Months? Maybe even...After bringing Pidgey up to speed on what happened today, Janice then surprises her friend by asking one simple question: would Pidgey like to come along when Janice sets off on her Trainer journey tomorrow? It's one question but it takes the tiny bird a few moments to register it. Only a few moments and then Pidgey's eyes light up in pure joy. It won't be left behind. It won't have to wonder about when Janice will return. Because Janice wants Pidgey to go on this trip with her. If this was during the daytime, Pidgey would've taken flight from the window and flown around, happily tweeting. At this late hour, Pidgey decides to quietly chirp its response and flap its small wings excitedly. Janice is pleased and she tells Pidgey that they will meet again in the morning.

The big morning comes. Janice has just finished eating breakfast and is on her way out of the house. Jerome and Jennifer won't have to leave for school for at least another hour, so they demand that their big sister to come back soon with her Starter Pokemon. There's no way they're going to school before seeing it. Outside the house Janice meets Pidgey, all bright and chipper. The bird settles on one of her shoulders and the two friends head for the Pokemon Research Society building.

Dozens of young and aspiring Trainers are already waiting by the building entrance by the time Janice and Pidgey arrive. Some of them have to make a double take when they see the teenage girl with a Pidgey on her shoulder. Word starts to weave through the small crowd, heads are turning. Janice is starting to notice, but before she can do anything, a friendly hand lands on her free shoulder and she quickly turns to face Kelvin, who has just arrived with the other friends. At first he's surprised to see her here before they came...then his eyes move to Janice's other shoulder and they widen when they land on Pidgey, who is more curious to see him than shocked. Who is this new face that knows Janice? Gina, Ryan and Rose come closer to have a look, with expressions of disbelief on their faces. Gina keeps her voice low as she asks Janice when did she receive her Starter Pokemon. Ryan asks if Pidgey was her first option or her last, wanting to know what were the other Starters. Rose doesn't mind Pidgey, she likes that it is one of those Pokemon which grow to be powerful allies over time, learning some amazing moves. Kelvin justs asks Janice to explain-- he is cut off by the sound of the building entrance doors opening and a burly man in a white lab coat walks out, happy to see the healthy crowd. He welcomes them to the Pokemon Research Society and introduces himself - Professor William Willow, the leading researcher at this branch of the P.R.S.. He knows why they are all here so without wasting any time he invites the people into the building.

The crowd starts to move through the entrance, with some people having one more look at Janice and Pidgey as they walk on by. Their eyes showing the same question they would've asked - when did this girl get a Starter? Janice doesn't pay them much attention. She begins to follow the crowd, but Kelvin stops her. The others haven't moved too. He asks her again to explain. Gina is watching the stream of people enter the building. Turning to Janice and Pidgey, she wonders if Janice will be allowed to go in since she already has a Pokemon. Janice gets her chance to clear things up and tells them that Pidgey isn't her Starter, but a friend she has made over these past months. Not even her family knows about Pidgey yet because Janice didn't think there was any reason to tell everybody about this wild Pokemon that flies up to her room to hang out with her. But now that Janice will be going out of town, she doesn't want to leave Pidgey behind...so Pidgey agreed to travel with her. By the time Janice has finished explaining everything, the 5 Friends are almost the last people left to enter the building and Professor Willow, still standing by the entrance, notices them and calls to them. Ryan, Rose, Gina and Kelvin take in what Janice has told them as they join the tail end of the crowd. Ryan can't believe it, all this time his friend kind of already had a Pokemon and she kept it as a secret from them. Rather than think this as unfair, he likes that it turned out to be quite the surprise. At least she didn't befriend a creepy or obnoxious Pokemon. Now he's motivated to find himself a Starter Pokemon that is much cooler than Pidgey, even though Janice has just explained that Pidgey is not her Starter. So which means...

When the 5 Friends reach the entrance, Professor Willow stops them and asks Janice about Pidgey. Not in a stern and angry way, but in a way that can't hide his intrigue...because he doesn't remember giving any Trainer a Pidgey as a Starter recently. When Janice tells him the story, he is impressed. This girl who isn't even a Trainer yet was lucky enough to meet a wild Pidgey and over a period of time the two of them have forged a friendship as if they are Trainer and Pokemon partner. Gina asks Professor Willow if Janice will be allowed to receive a Starter. He confirms that she will, since Pidgey is not her "official" Starter. He believes that having Pidgey by her side has just put Janice ahead of the other aspiring Trainers, because none of them have wild Pokemon tagging along. With that, the 5 Friends finally enter the building.

They are led by Professor Willow to a big outdoor area at the back of the building, where the other people have ended up. Some members of the branch staff are present to help while many Starter Pokemon are moving about in the grass, in the ponds of water, and for others, in the air. Professor Willow explains that this branch of the P.R.S. focuses on studying Pokemon which can be paired up with people starting out as Trainers. Commonly known as Starter Pokemon. There are the standard Fire-type, Water-type and Grass-type Starters but other types have been included as well to give aspiring Trainers a wider choice range, hence why there are so many "non-typical" Starters around. The 5 Friends marvel at what they see, all these Pokemon around them. Janice has only seen many of them in textbooks from school or magazines or in videos online and on television. Pidgey cannot sit still on her shoulder as it notices the other Pokemon, so it takes to the air and flies around to have a better look, surprising Janice and her friends. Professor Willow doesn't mind at all, assuring them that the Pokemon here are friendly. Maybe some of them will be interested in playing with Pidgey. Rose notes that there are Pokemon from different regions and asks the Professor to explain why. He reveals that this region, the Petra region, does not have its own native species of Pokemon. But because of its location, it has been populated by Pokemon that are native to the 3 closest regions: Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Over time, Pokemon have either come here on their own or were brought here by people.

As the Professor goes on with his explanation, there's a sudden commotion nearby. A small crowd of teens has formed around one of the spots of grass where some of the Pokemon would normally be found. Instead only 2 Pokemon are seen here, they are what has drawn the crowd and soon enough, Professor Willow, a couple of staff members and the 5 Friends. What they see are Pidgey and one of the Starter Pokemon engaged in a friendly match. That Starter is a Chikorita. Janice's first thought is to step in and stop the fight, feeling a little embarrassed about her friend being the center of attention like this, but she remembers what Professor Willow said about the Pokemon here being friendly...so she decides to hold off, at least until it looks like Pidgey is in trouble. The match doesn't last very long, since as it turns out that both these Pokemon and all the other Starters here are at Level 1, meaning that the battle moves they currently know are only a couple at best. And so in the end, Pidgey and Chikorita's match concludes as a draw, much to the delight of the crowd that witnessed the battle. Janice reaches her friend, relieved that Pidgey is okay. Chikorita enjoyed itself, acknowledging Pidgey as a worthy opponent and one it hopes to face again sometime. As the crowd breaks up, leaving behind Professor Willow, Janice and her friends, Janice realises that Chikorita hasn't gone off too. It has chosen to stay. Janice believes that the Leaf Pokemon may have found a friend in Pidgey and she gets the confirmation when she asks Chikorita if it would like to come along with her and Pidgey. Professor Willow is happy to see that Janice has found her "official" Starter Pokemon.

Not long after that, Janice sees her friends find their own Starter Pokemon. Gina finds a Mudkip, Rose finds a Charmander, Ryan finds a Treecko and Kelvin finds a Totodile. When all the other teens have found their Starters, they return into the building with Professor Willow and the staff members. They get to a room with a big table full of what look to be a variety of items, gadgets and bags. Professor Willow has the staff members distribute these to each person while going into detail about what they are. These are what make up the basic Trainer Kit:

1) A Trainer Bag, that has enough storage capacity to store items, food, clothes, gadgets and so on.
2) The current version of the famous PokeNav device, which has handy functions such as a World Map, Phone Calling, Texting and Internet access.
3) PokeBalls, what even the best of the best Trainers can't do without when out there in the world of Pokemon.
4) Medicine Items, for healing up Pokemon or treating their injuries.
5)And finally, the current model of the highly popular PokeDex. Like the PokeNav, it has the function that allows it to connect to the Internet, thus staying updated with any information about Pokemon that Trainers may encounter while out and about.

Everyone receives their Trainer Kits and Professor Willow congratulates them all on beginning their first steps as Pokemon Trainers. It will be a long and difficult road ahead but he wishes them the best of luck and whenever they are back in Percival City, stop by the P.R.S to say Hello.

The 5 Friends and their Pokemon meet just before the start of Route 1. It is time for them to go. They promise to stay in touch and see each other again along the way. This is a journey they are starting together and they will reach the end of it together. Janice tells them that she'll leave in just a bit, she has to rush back home to see her family. So for now, this is goodbye. Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin step out onto Route 1.

The twins are over the moon when they see Pidgey and Chikorita. Even though Janice tells them that Pidgey isn't her Starter, that's not going to stop them from believing what they're seeing - 2 Pokemon. Dad Michael is impressed, his daughter has already surpassed his younger self who only had 1 Pokemon to start with back in the day. Same case for Mom Judy, confident that Janice will be responsible enough to handle them. Janice is happy to be showing her family the Pokemon and the Trainer Kit, but she knows that she has to go. Michael and Judy remind her that they will be here at home whenever she wants to come back, or she can always call them from wherever she'll be. It may be a big world out there but she won't be alone. The family gather round for one big hug for the girl about to leave.

As Janice, Pidgey and Chikorita make their way through town, the PokeNav starts to buzz in Janice's pocket. It's an incoming call from big sister Janet, who wasn't at home when Janice returned to say goodbye. Janet apologises for not being there, she had to leave early because of work. She promises to make up for the absence when Janice is back in town. This won't be at the end of Janice's journey but much sooner than that, because she'll have to come back and challenge the Percival City Gym...which is currently run by Janet.

For now, Janice and her 2 Pokemon pals head west out of town and step onto Route 1. So it begins.

End of Chapter 01 - The Start.

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Chapter 02 - The Fisherman

ROUTE 1 (Western Beachfront)

At any other time, Janice would be here with her friends after school or during the weekends to hang out and have fun. This is their spot. But now she is leaving it behind as she walks along the sandy beach. Grassy fields to her right and the southern sea stretching beyond to her left. This morning though she finds a few more people out here than the usual adults. These new faces belong to people who are just like her today - Trainers. Some are searching for wild Pokemon, some are training their Pokemon and then there are those who have met fellow Trainers and have started battling each other. Pidgey and Chikorita seem eager to join in on the fun after noticing the other Pokemon. But for their friend Janice this has turned into a very different Route 1 from the one Janice and her friends call their own.

Someone calls out to Janice and she turns to face the edge of the beach near her, where she sees that person waving her over. He is a Fisherman. He says to her that since she looks like a new Trainer, he might be able to help her out. Janice, Pidgey and Chikorita reach the man as he sends his fishing line into the sea water. His name is Oscar. It's been many years since he began his own journey as a Trainer but he thinks he has gained some useful knowledge and experience to share with with someone like Janice who is just starting out. Oscar notes the other Trainers out and about this route, saying that Janice shouldn't worry too much about them for now. They're also beginners. What's important is for Janice to use this time to learn about her Pokemon and start training together. There's the sea and there are some grassy fields around, full of wild Pokemon. If Janice and her partners can work well enough as a team against them, then they can go on ahead to challenge any of those other Trainers. There is no need to rush. Janice asks Fisherman Oscar how would he help them. This is his idea: he'll fish out wild Pokemon from the water for Pidgey and Chikorita to face in battle. When they've levelled up, Janice can take them into the grassy fields to fight the wild Pokemon there. Oscar suggests they spend a good hour or two until they reach Level 5. The other Trainers ahead range between Level 1 and 3. Not a bad idea for Janice and her pals.

From the sea, Pidgey and Chikorita take on wild Magikarp, Krabby, Shellder and Tentacool. Because the 2 Pokemon have squared off before and know each other's moves, they make a decent pair that Janice learns to coordinate with help from the PokeDex. The only one who gives them trouble is the Jellyfish Pokemon, which knows the move Poison Sting at this early Level. It doesn't deal a lot of damage but when used again and again it becomes a dangerous technique. Chikorita, being a Grass-type, has the toughest time while battling any Tentacool Oscar draws out from the water. Some fights it wins, but most of them end with Chikorita fainting from being taken out by just a few Poison Sting shots or fainting soon after being poisoned. Still, it gets back up after Janice heals it and tries again and again. This goes on until the team move up to Level 2.

In the grassy fields they face wild Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow and Budew. New opponents who are not Water-types. Pidgey remembers the friendly battles it has had against the other bird Pokemon in and around Percival City, which helps when another Pidgey or a Spearow appears. They improve their speed and movements by fighting Rattata, the faster one out of the wild Pokemon they encounter. Budew becomes the most troublesome opponent for Pidgey and Chikorita, because some of the Budew they meet have the Ability "Poison Point", which can poison those who come into contact with it. Despite the chances of that happening being low, it is still a gamble because neither Pidgey nor Chikorita know moves which don't bring them into physical contact with Budew. A couple of times the 2 Pokemon get poisoned and lose their battles. Again, the Antidotes are on standby. The battles against Budew are what slow the training in the grass fields down a little bit but eventually Janice and her small team reach Level 4. They return to the edge of the beach for one last session against the Water-types. Now stronger and faster, Pidgey and Chikorita win all their matches against those Pokemon. Chikorita is able to deal more damage to the Tentacool and knock them out before they can poison it.

Over an hour later, Janice and her team are at Level 5. The PokeDex beeps, giving Janice an update:

Pidgey has learned a new move: Sand-Attack!

Sand-Attack (Ground-type move)
Category - Status
- Lowers the opponent's accuracy.

Not a move that deals any damage, but for Pidgey it's glad to have a nice little ace to draw every now and again. Could come in handy. Oscar gives his approval, happy to see Janice and her Pokemon ready to move on ahead. The main reason why he didn't want them to bother with the other Trainers they saw is because those Trainers are just small fry. The real obstacle is by the end of this route - the strongest Trainer here, a Swimmer named David. He is at Level 4. And that's when it clicks for Janice...she has become the strongest Trainer on Route 1 now. Oscar reveals to her that most of those Trainers were defeated by David, so they're back to square one and training. If they cannot defeat David, he will not let them continue on to Route 2. Pidgey and Chikorita let Janice know that they're good to go. This will be their very first battle against another Trainer and they're going in prepared.

The other Trainers notice Janice's Level as she heads towards the end of Route 1. Some get back to their training, working double time...while others who are more curious decide to follow behind her, because she's the next challenger. They've got to see the battle. David, who is relaxing in the morning sun with his female companions, sees Janice and the small crowd of Trainers approaching. Another opponent. Unfortunately his good mood is spoiled when he has a closer look at Janice to check her Trainer Level and sees that number 5 flash above her head. Most of the Trainers in the crowd trailling behind her are Level 2's and 3's. Who is this girl?

David keeps his cool, not wanting his female companions to see him look a little crestfallen. Took him some time to recover after losing back to back battles against a small gang of 4 Trainers who swept through here not too long ago. Now here comes more trouble. Janice asks if he's David, and he confirms that he is. She's not going to waste his time, so she challenges him to a battle. David accepts her challenge...and when he sees Pidgey and Chikorita, he asks if they are her only Pokemon. Yes they are, she tells him. That's fine, because he also has 2 Pokemon to make this a fair fight.


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Level 5) vs Swimmer David (Level 4)

Chikorita steps forward, signalling that it'll fight first. One of David's female companions hands him 2 PokeBalls and he throws one into the air, letting out a Krabby. Chikorita has the speed advantage, it pushes Krabby back a few steps with a Tackle attack. Krabby responds with Bubble, peppering Chikorita with a small pack of bubbles. Bad luck for the River Crab Pokemon, because at this level Bubble is the only move it knows and is not very effective against Chikorita. In a few turns, Krabby is defeated. But thanks to a couple more Bubble attacks, it succeeded in lowering Chikorita's speed and at least doing some damage. David returns Krabby into its PokeBall, a little disappointed. One more Pokemon left for him.

Out of the second PokeBall glides a graceful Goldeen, swimming about in the air like it's cruising through clear water. No problem for Chikorita, still fast enough to land the first blow. David smiles a little, because perhaps things have just turned around for him. Goldeen recovers quickly and hits back with a different move, which is not a Water-type attack but a Flying-type attack - Peck. Low damage to be expected at this level, but when used against a weaker type like Grass, it is a fair move to have. Chikorita survived Krabby's Bubble strikes, but the damage they made on it adds onto the damage Peck makes and this leaves Chikorita is a really bad spot. It fights on, going for another Tackle. Goldeen is still fine, enough to put down Chikorita with a final Peck.

Janice goes over and picks up Chikorita. She thanks it for fighting as well as it did. The battle is not lost yet. While Janice heals Chikorita, Pidgey lands onto the sandy battle field. Both Trainers are down to their final Pokemon. David tells Janice that while he appreciates the effort she made to train as hard as she did, he's still going to prove that he's the better Trainer. All the ones watching this battle know that he's the better Trainer because they failed to defeat him. Janice is going to be the next in line to lose, that's what he guarantees. Pidgey starts this final round by trying out its new move Sand-Attack. It flaps its wings, whipping up a small cloud of sand and sending it at Goldeen, lowering its accuracy. That won't discourage David, he has Goldeen attack. Peck finds its mark without any trouble. Pidgey recovers and responds with Tackle. This time Goldeen is in the danger zone health wise, one or two more Tackles from Pidgey will beat it. David can't have that, so he has one of his female companions hand him a Potion. Some of the spectators boo him for this, expecting him to fight fairly. But he reminds them that he IS fighting fairly, by healing his Pokemon. He asks why didn't Janice do the same for Chikorita when it was still in the match. Good question for the spectators to consider. Janice hesitates a little, because she didn't think of healing Chikorita during the match. She tells David that she had some faith in her partner and decided to let Chikorita fight right up to the end, as best as it could. Right now she has the same faith in Pidgey and she is confident that her friend will fight just as hard as Chikorita did. Goldeen's health is restored and it goes after Pidgey with another Peck attack, but it misses the bird. Pidgey does not miss, pushing Goldeen back with a Tackle. David is annoyed, he calls for another try from Goldeen. The Goldfish Pokemon misses again. Pidgey uses Tackle, sending Goldeen's health under the midway point. Goldeen's 3rd attempt succeeds and Peck lands, but Pidgey shrugs off the damage done and knocks down Goldeen with one more Tackle attack. End of the match.

The spectator Trainers cheer as Janice and Chikorita celebrate with Pidgey. David reluctantly accepts his loss and grants Janice passage onto Route 2. Her faith in Pidgey paid off and she proves to be the better Trainer between them. He then turns to the other Trainers and reminds them that they haven't defeated him yet, so they should get back to training now that the match is over. And with that, the Trainers slowly disperse after congratulating Janice and her team. She can now leave Route 1, but before she does, Janice goes back to see Oscar.

The Fisherman beams with pride when he hears that she defeated David. He's glad that she came back to see him before leaving, because now he can reward her for the time and work she and her Pokemon put into their training and going on to win their first Trainer battle. He surprises Janice when he gives her his fishing rod. Since she doesn't have any Water-type Pokemon yet, why not try to catch one now? She tells him that she doesn't know how to fish, but Oscar says not to worry, it's pretty simple. Toss the line into the water, wait for a steady pull from the other end and reel the line back. She can take her time until she finds the Pokemon she wants to catch. Janice settles down next to Oscar, with Pidgey and Chikorita by her side. They're eager to see how this goes. Unsurprisingly, the first few attempts for Janice end in failure. She is either too early or too late in reeling the line back when there's a tug. Then she gets the timing just right and pulls the line back before whatever is yanking at the other end can escape - it is a fresh and energetic Magikarp (Level 2). Oscar can't help but chuckle when he sees the look of shock and disappointment on Janice's face. She is about to throw Magikarp back into the sea, when he says to her that she should take this as a little lesson. Magikarp is just like Janice right now, weak and only starting out...but with time and hard work, both Janice and Magikarp will grow into powerful individuals. She can send Magikarp back into the water...or she could take it along with her and they grow together. Janice thinks about this and then decides she'll give training Magikarp a try. It'll be tough but it will be worth it in the end. She takes out a PokeBall from her Bag and catches Magikarp. Once inside and now part of her team, it rises up from Level 2 to Level 5.

In her last attempt to fish, Janice goes on to find and catch a Level 2 Krabby. She figures it'll help to have another Water-type around that can train Magikarp alongside Pidgey and Chikorita. Just like Magikarp, Krabby moves up to Level 5 once it joins the team. The PokeDex gives Janice an update:

Krabby has learned a new move: Leer!

Leer (Normal-type move)
Category - Status
- Lowers the target's defence.

Not too shabby, thinks Oscar. He wishes Janice good luck for her journey. She's off to a fair start and as long as she continues to train hard with her Pokemon and learn from them and the people she'll meet along the way, he believes that she will be okay. Janice thanks him and hopes they'll meet again later.

End of Chapter 02 - The Fisherman.

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Chapter 03 - Aces & Sodas

ROUTE 2 (Grassy Path)

The route goes on westward for a few more kilometers before turning north into the an area dotted with green hills. Continuing all the way west leads to the southwestern edge, where there's nothing but beach sand, rocks and the sea.

It is almost noon when Janice, Pidgey and Chikorita reach the halfway mark of this route. They've had a peaceful walk since leaving Route 1, no trouble from the couple of Trainers they've seen so far and by staying out of the taller grass, they avoided wild Pokemon. What they find at this halfway mark is an open building that has a big bright sign by the front:


Janice decides to check it out, maybe have a drink or two before hitting the road again.

Inside the shop, it is almost packed with customers. Some are Trainers and the rest are regular people. Janice finds a free spot by the counter, where Marvin is serving up various flavours of the fizzy drink to patrons and communicating with mobile waiters and waitresses. He sees Janice and her Pokemon and welcomes them to his humble establishment, though it's clear that today is going to be one of those busy business days. This early in the day and already the drinks are flowing.

When he's done serving, he has a chance to talk with Janice while getting a drink for her and Berry juices for her Pokemon. The shop is just a place for people to stop by and recharge before going on for the final stretch leading to the next town, Graham City. He says that if Janice is lucky, she could arrive there in the evening. She checks the Map on her PokeNav for Graham City. It is further north from here, beyond the next route known as the Ashley Meadows and Farmlands.

While Janice is looking at the Map, a trio of potential customers walks into the shop. They've caught the attention of the other Trainers who are enjoying their drinks. This trio is made up of a girl who is maybe a year or two older than Janice and two boys of similar age. The girl looks around at the place, liking the lively atmosphere and the curious faces of the Trainers seeing her. Then she suddenly announces that she'll gladly pay for whatever drinks everyone is having or will order while she's here, which gets a loud cheer of approval from the Trainers. Marvin and Janice haven't paid any attention to the trio until they hear the Trainers react. Marvin asks the girl who she is and what does she want here. The girl doesn't identify herself, but she just says she's only a generous customer who likes this place and wants to treat everyone to free drinks...that is IF all the Trainers here can do one simple thing - win a battle against her 2 friends.

The happy mood in shop goes right out the window. The Trainers stop cheering. Looks of confusion are exchanged while people wonder what's going on. The girl doesn't understand why people look puzzled, she'll buy them free drinks for sure but her 2 friends are Trainers and since there are Trainers here as well...why can't they have a nice little battle as a trade for the free drinks? What's the big deal? Janice can see why the other Trainers aren't eager to take up the girl's offer: both of her 2 friends are at Level 6, and the girl is the strongest Trainer present - Level 10. The other Trainers range between Level 3 and 4. Janice is still at Level 5. Marvin tells the girl that he doesn't want any trouble in his shop, if she and her pals aren't going to get any drinks, they better leave now. The girl is about to respond to Marvin, but then she notices Janice. Realising that Janice is stronger than the other Trainers, the girl changes plans and asks if she'll be the one to battle her friends instead. The trio will wait outside. Janice can either come alone or find someone to team up with her. Janice tells the girl that she isn't interested in playing her little game, she's only here for a drink and then she'll be on her way. But the girl adds that if Janice won't "play", the girl will unleash her own Pokemon on the other Trainers, whether they want to fight or not. The trio steps outside.

Janice is annoyed. Marvin apologises to the customers for what just happened, he doesn't even know who those 3 teenagers are. A few of the other Trainers approach Janice. They feel bad about not being strong enough to help her. She tells them not to worry, she'll take care of the matter. Marvin says she won't be going out there to fight alone, he calls for one of the waitresses who had gone to the back to get more drinks. The young woman appears, her name is Tina. Marvin introduces her to Janice and tells her what has happened. Janice notices the faint number that flashes above Tina - Level 7. Janice smiles, realising that the trio didn't know about Tina because she was elsewhere at the time. This should be a nice surprise. No problem for Tina after Marvin brings her up to speed, she's happy to help a fellow Trainer. She sees that Janice is at Level 5 but she doesn't mind, what matters is that the two of them can work together against those "Level Sixers".

Outside the shop, the trio sees Janice and Tina. The girl does not look as smug as when she spoke to Janice. She had hoped Janice would come alone. Tina wants to get this over and done with fast, she still has work to do. The 2 boys step forward, assuring the girl that they won't disappoint her. They are among the newest members of something they call "Ace Team". Janice has no idea what that is.


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Level 5) vs Ace Team Trainer Steven (Level 6)

Waitress Tina (Level 7) vs Ace Team Trainer Leon (Level 6)

Steven sends out his first Pokemon, a Slugma. Janice thinks this would be a good time to try out one of her newest partners, Krabby. Leon's Houndour is met by Tina's Machop. Not a great start for the new team recruits. Krabby defeats Slugma in just 2 turns thanks to Bubble, but it doesn't get away clean. Before leaving the battle field, Slugma uses Yawn. Krabby can't help itself, it is caught by surprise and yawns too. After Slugma is down, the River Crab Pokemon nods off and falls asleep. Tina asks Janice if she has an Awakening. Janice confirms that she does and digs into her Bag for one, as Steven brings out his last Pokemon, Poochyena. Houndour is lucky enough to have a decent move, Ember, and lands a few shots on Machop. But in the end a couple of Low Kicks are enough to knock out Houndour. Leon has one more Pokemon left too, a Zubat.

Janice finds an Awakening and hold out the little bottle. It flashes once in her hands before disappearing to indicate that it has served its purpose. Krabby wakes up immediately, feeling a little embarrassed for suddenly napping while in a battle (even though it wasn't its fault). Janice asks Tina if Machop knows any other good move besides Low Kick. Not yet, Tina tells her and that puts Machop in a tough spot now that it is facing a Flying-type opponent. Janice makes a suggestion, how about they switch targets? Tina likes that a lot. Krabby takes on Zubat and Machop battles Poochyena. Steven's second Pokemon is defeated in no time, leaving Leon and Zubat to face Janice and Tina in a 2 vs 1 match. Leon would've continued if he only had to deal with Krabby, but 2 vs 1 won't do for him so he chooses to save his precious Zubat and forfeits. Steven sympathises, but the girl can't believe this. The 2 (likely to be former after this) Ace Team Trainers run off, they would rather not deal with the girl right now. Janice and Tina are all smiles, it was a brief battle but at least it's over. Tina has to go back into the shop to inform Marvin, Janice shouldn't have any trouble now. The girl gets in Janice's face after Tina is gone. She's not done with Janice, they'll be sure to meet again sooner or later and when they do, this girl - Konami - will finish what started here. Then she leaves in a huff, her fun time here spoiled. Janice can only watch her go, making a note to keep an eye out for Konami and whatever this "Ace Team" might be. Chikorita and Pidgey check on Krabby, it's okay. They all go back into the shop.

The other Trainers are glad to know that Janice and Tina sent those troublemakers away. Everything is cool again. Marvin is grateful and before Janice continues on, he gives her something that he hopes will be useful to her: it is a small colourless disc that fits in the palm of her hand. Looking at closely, Janice can see a couple of letters and numbers visible on the surface of the disc when enough light is reflected on it:


Janice's eyes widen in recognition, she heard about one of these back in school. It is a Technical Machine, a little disc that stores information about a move which can be taught to a Pokemon. The PokeDex beeps and identifies this disc as the TM for the move Water Pulse.

Water Pulse (Water-type move)
Category - Special
- Inflicts damage and has a 20% chance to confuse the target.

Marvin remembers a time long ago when these TMs were rare and expensive to buy for most Trainers because they could only be used once. After that, all you had was an empty disc that you could hang with a string somewhere for display. But nowadays TMs can be used as many times as a Trainer wishes and they are affordable wherever TMs are sold. A slot opens on one side of the PokeDex and Janice inserts the disc. The PokeDex reads the disc and then shows her which Pokemon in her current team can learn Water Pulse. For now it is only Krabby. Janice brings out Krabby from its PokeBall and on the PokeDex touchscreen she selects the little icon that represents Krabby. Suddenly, the Pokemon starts to glow as the PokeDex screen shows an icon of the disc spinning rapidly above the Krabby icon. Doesn't take more than a moment. The icons disappear and are replaced by a message confirming that Krabby has learned Water Pulse.

End of Chapter 03 Aces & Sodas.

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Chapter 04 - Weed Problems

Minutes later, Janice and her Pokemon are back on the road. Marvin assured her that she is welcome at his shop whenever she's around again. Tina will be there for a friendly match after Janice completes her journey.

They reach the end of Route 2 in the afternoon and see the hills of the Ashley Meadows. When Janice gets to the top of one hill and looks below, she finds a road heading on towards the farmlands. Opulent houses on one side and rich fields on the other. In the distance ahead of all this is Graham City, in the shadow of what looks to be a sea of trees. Graham City, home of the first Gym. Janice can't help but feel excited, she is so close now to challenging for her first Gym Badge. If they can make it there this evening, MAYBE they could try their luck tonight. Down the hill they go.


More Pokemon spotted here as Janice passes the green hills. Grass-types like Sunkern, Sunflora and Bellsprout share the fields with grazing Tauros and Miltank. Perhaps some of those Tauros and Miltank belong to the locals. Then she sees a couple of other Pokemon, but has to be cautious as she approaches them. Not only to avoid possibly scaring them off but also to avoid getting poisoned. Both genders of Nidoran. The ones she finds are at Level 5. Since Pidgey and Chikorita don't know any other attacks besides Tackle, Janice goes with Krabby. Against the female Nidoran which only knows the attack Scratch and the male Nidoran that knows Peck, Krabby has the upper hand with Water Pulse. In the end, Janice succeeds in catching both Nidoran. The PokeDex pings as information about her new Pokemon comes in:

Nidoran (Male) [Level 5] - The Poison Pin Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point (If an attacker makes physical contact, there's a 30% chance the opponent will get poisoned)
Moves known: Leer, Peck

Nidoran (Female) [Level 5] - The Poison Pin Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point (If an attacker makes physical contact, there's a 30% chance the opponent will get poisoned)
Moves known: Growl, Scratch

The PokeDex points out that both Nidoran can learn Water Pulse. Janice keeps that in mind for later.

The other Pokemon welcome the Nidoran pair to the squad. It has already grown into a Pokemon gang of 6, Janice notes. Not too bad only a couple of hours into her journey. Soon enough she'll have to begin training sessions, maybe between towns. This won't be a problem for all except Magikarp, which is still a long way off from being in a position to train alone, much less compete in a battle. For now it will level up with help from its teammates. They let Janice know that they won't mind.

As Janice walks through the farmlands, she sees a very different story from what she could see at the top of the hill. A lot of the fields are dotted with holes in the ground, with many crops having been trampled. It looks as if a crowd of people (or Pokemon) ran wild in these fields without minding where they are stepping. Other fields are not as badly damaged but the pattern is the same.

By the time she reaches the fine houses of this area, which stand on her left, it is almost sunset. The last remaining crews of field workers are making their way home after another busy day. One of the workers, who is older than the others, sees Janice and waves her over. He introduces himself as Farmer Victor, the leader of these workers. He saw Janice and her Pokemon, so he just wanted to confirm if she's a Trainer passing through or she'll be getting a room at one of the Inns here. Janice tells Victor that she was hoping to make it to Graham City in the evening, but from the looks of it if she carries on she'll probably get there some hours into the night and she doesn't want to travel during the night. So now that she hears there are Inns here, she'll get a room. Before Victor leaves, Janice asks him about the state of the fields. What's going on here? Seeing that Janice will be staying here for the night, Victor says he'll explain everything during supper. He'll be having it at the Ivan Family Inn, which is owned by the people who employ him and some of the workers. Janice can find a room there.

Supper is served almost an hour later. The room Janice gets is well prepared and big enough for her and her Pokemon. Their supper is brought in while Janice goes out to the dining area to eat. There she sees other guests and Victor. He's eating with one of the workers. When Janice joins them, he tells her what's been happening to the fields:

For weeks now, the workers have had trouble from wild Oddish that appear during the night and dig up the fields, since the soil is so fertile. They don't appear during the daytime, which is when the workers try to get things back in order. Fix up the fields during the day, they get messed up again at night. Again and again. So the workers have asked for help from any Trainers that happen to be passing through these parts. Unfortunately most of them pass through during the day, not planning on spending the night because they want to reach Graham City before dark. Plus, there aren't enough workers who are skilled Trainers. Their job is maintaining the fields. Being a Trainer is pretty much what they consider as a hobby. Despite their efforts on some nights to drive away the Oddish, the Pokemon come back the next night.

Janice asks Victor if they've approached the Graham City Gym Leader for help. They have, he tells her, many times. But Harris, the Gym Leader, is a really busy man. Not only is he a Gym Leader but he is also Graham City's landscaper and he is usually called away for other duties. Janice had no idea. She tells Victor that she's only a beginner Trainer who started her journey just this morning...but she'll try to help them as best as she can while she's here tonight. That sounds good enough to Victor. He'll be going back out into the fields with those workers who are Trainers in a few hours, just before the Oddish reappear. Janice will meet them outside the Inn.

When she returns to her room, she shares the news with her team. For this battle against the Oddish, Janice will be going with Pidgey, Chikorita and the Nidoran pair. Krabby doesn't know any other attacks besides Bubble and Water Pulse at the moment and Magikarp is on "backseat training" duty for the time being. Janice doesn't know how well they'll do or how many Oddish they are dealing with, but they will give it everything they've got.

Hours later, Janice, Victor and the worker Trainers enter the fields. With natural light provided from the moon and stars above them and light from the houses nearby, they won't have any trouble seeing the Oddish when they come. Janice notices that the worker Trainers range between Level 4 and 6, which makes them about as strong as the wild Pokemon found in the area. They'll find out soon enough if that's a good thing or not.

There is a low rumbling coming from the ground. Victor gives the signal that the Oddish have arrived. Moments later, holes appear in the ground and out they jump. Oddish ranging between Level 3 and 6. No more than 10 of them have appeared, but tonight they are taken by surprise when they see that a new face is with the workers this time. The workers send out their Pokemon and begin the battle. Janice has her team work together to defeat as many Oddish as they can. Leave any Oddish that may decide to flee. It is an effective strategy, because the Oddish weren't prepared to face someone who is more of a Trainer than the lot they've gotten used to seeing. A lot of them choose to run away and call for backup. But it isn't long before the backup surrender and retreat as well.

When the last wave of Oddish is sent off, the workers give a good cheer. Victor hasn't seen the Oddish run away like that before. Usually there's only one wave and just when you think that's the end of them, they come back the next night. That last wave was a 5th one. He starts to wonder if maybe those were all the Oddish which have been showing up. As some of the workers consider this, another worker sees some movement in the grass just beyond the fields. Everyone follows the direction she's pointing at. Victor realises that a lot of the Oddish which fled went into that grass. Have they returned with MORE of them??

Only a few Oddish have come back, but that's not what Janice, Victor and the workers are looking at. What the Oddish have brought with them is another Pokemon, that looks to be the boss of all these Oddish which have been invading these fields - a massive Level 8 Vileplume. Janice's PokeDex chimes in to identify Vileplume and adds the important note that those large petals are scattering toxic pollen as Vileplume moves. Victor and the workers heard that note and everyone backs away slowly as Vileplume swaggers towards them. Janice tells the others that if they're going to put an end to this, it has to be now. They have to take down Vileplume and those few Oddish together. Pidgey, Chikorita and the 2 Nidoran are ready. The remaining workers whose Pokemon weren't beaten by the waves of other Oddish join Janice and as one team, all the Pokemon clash with the invading Grass-types. Nidoran(M) leads Janice's pals against Vileplume, since it knows a super effective move. At this level, Vileplume's strongest move is Mega Drain. But against a 4-Pokemon team made up of a Flying-type, a Grass-type and 2 Poison-types, Mega Drain is useless. Vileplume is defeated in just a few turns with not much damage done to the 4 Pokemon. The Oddish which came along with it see that their boss has lost and they disappear into the grass beyond the fields, unlikely to come back.

End of Chapter 04 Weed Problems.

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Chapter 05 Part 1 - Seeing Green

Several minutes later, Janice is back in her room at the Ivan Family Inn. She and her Pokemon are asleep. They left Victor and the workers to celebrate their victory so that they can at least get some hours of sleep and wake up early tomorrow. Now while Janice is sleeping, in the dining area there is a small party going on. The Ivan Family members that were still awake to hear about what happened to the Oddish decided to throw this party and treat the workers.

Everyone agreed that the Vileplume would be kept and trained here alongside the Pokemon that help out with the farm work. Victor thinks it could be a neat idea having Vileplume around, maybe to scare away any more Oddish that might want to try their luck again sooner or later. The workers have also realised that they have to get better as Trainers too, so that they don't need to rely on travelling Trainers to fix whatever problems may arise here in the farmlands. They learned from teaming up with Janice.

After fighting all those Oddish and defeating Vileplume, Janice and her team gained a lot of experience. Enough for them to rise up from Level 5 to 8. With that came new moves learned for the Nidoran pair and for Chikorita. Nidoran (F) learned Tail Whip, Nidoran (M) learned Focus Energy and Chikorita learned its first Grass-type move Razor Leaf.

Razor Leaf (Grass-type move)
Category - Physical
- Inflicts damage. Has a high critical hit ratio.

Chikorita is delighted, finally having a second attack and one which Grass-type. Janice hopes to try it out soon, maybe when they challenge the Graham City Gym.

In the morning, the team is ready to go. Victor and the workers see them off, thanking them for the help. He asks that Janice should let Harris know about the Oddish issue. Now that it has been taken care of, he won't have to worry about finding time to stop by and help.

Having left the farmlands' residential area this early in the morning, Janice is confident about reaching Graham City before noon. The plan is to get there, rest up for a bit, train and then challenge the Gym in the late afternoon. She doesn't even mind the idea of spending the night in Graham City. There'll be time to explore town after the Gym.

The PokeNav buzzes. An incoming call. Janice recognises the phone number and immediately answers. On the other end, sounding like she's out in the open somewhere is Gina. She's glad to know Janice is on the road because they'll get to meet soon - Gina is already in Graham City, she arrived yesterday with the other friends. They went on ahead after earning their first Gym Badges while Gina decided to stay behind and wait for Janice. She'll meet her outside a place called Ferris Park, Graham City's major attraction.

Super excited now about meeting up with one of her friends, Janice speeds up. That phone call has just made her day. She was just looking forward to reaching Graham City and checking out the Gym, but on top of that is the chance to see Gina again. The reunion of the 5 Friends will have to be at a later date then. Speaking of phone calls, Janice phones home. She hopes her family isn't worried, since it is now the next day and they haven't heard from her yet. Mom Judy answers the home line, immediately brightening up when she hears her daughter's voice. She bombards Janice with questions. How is she doing so far? Are her Pokemon okay? Where is she now? Janice tells her that everything is alright and she brings up what has happened so far. Mom assures her that everyone there at home wasn't worried too much, but they had hoped to hear from her yesterday. Now that Janice has called and she's fine, Mom will let everyone know. She wishes her good luck for the Gym.

Having made good time, Janice and her Pokemon finally arrive at their destination. The PokeNav pings as it brings up the Map:

GRAHAM CITY - "The Evergreen City."

Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Ferris Park
- Move Tutor's House
- Graham City Flower Shop
- Graham City Apartments
- Pokemon Research Society (Graham City Branch)

A city of beautiful gardens, blooming flowers and vibrant trees. Janice takes it all in as she looks around at this new place. The sites, the sounds, the atmosphere and the different fragrances coming from all directions. Doors and windows are open to let air and sunlight in. The streets are lively with people, residents and travellers. At the center of town is the lovely place known as Ferris Park, the city's pride and joy. Standing by the open gates leading into it is Gina and her Pokemon partner Mudkip. Pidgey and Chikorita see Mudkip and they hurry over to meet each other as the girls embrace.


They find nice spots in the park and settle down to catch up. Gina and her team are at Level 9 now. A team that includes Miltank, Zigzagoon and Sunkern. Gina thought having Miltank around will benefit her team down the road because they can heal up thanks to its healthy milk. Unsurprisingly, she laughs when Janice shows Gina the Magikarp she caught after trying out fishing for the very first time. Most people would've tossed the Fish Pokemon back into the water, Gina says, so she likes that Janice chose to stick with Magikarp and train it. She hopes to be there when Ryan sees the mighty Gyarados that Janice will have later, the look on his face will be priceless. Janice tells her about the incident at Marvin's Soda Shop and asks Gina if she's heard of this "Ace Team" or a girl named Konami. Gina doesn't know anyone named Konami but she has seen a couple of commercials on television about Ace Team every now and again. They seem to be some kind of hip and trendy group of young Trainers that everyone is crazy about, especially teenagers. But Gina hasn't really paid much attention to them, so after hearing Janice's story she's really surprised. They'll keep an eye out for this Konami girl and Ace Team. Janice brings up the Oddish story, which Gina didn't know of. When she and the other friends passed through the farmlands yesterday, it was during the day so the workers were out in the fields. Nobody was available to tell them about the Oddish.

Janice then asks about the Gym. She didn't see any building that looks to be the Gym when she was walking through town. Gina tells her that there is no physical building for the Graham City Gym because the Gym is here - she waves her arms to highlight the big park. Gina reveals that she hasn't challenged the Gym yet because she wanted to do that with Janice, which is why she waited. She thought it would be nice if they both earned their first Gym Badges and leave town together. It's a fine idea, but shouldn't they train first? Gina says there's one great way they can train right here - battling against the Gym Trainers.


Some of the people around the park, looking like they're just out here to enjoy the lovely sunshine, turn out to be the Gym Trainers. They reveal themselves when Gina and Janice make it known that they are the new challengers. They range between Level 8 and 10 for the strongest Gym Trainer. Grass-type is the speciality here. Only after defeating all the Gym Trainers can Gina and Janice meet Gym Leader Harris.

The girls split up. Janice takes on the Gym Trainers in the east side of the park while Gina battles those in the west side. Pidgey, the 2 Nidoran, Miltank and Zigzagoon are with them and they get by without too much trouble. Janice's Pokemon took on waves of a certain Grass-type Pokemon last night, so they are right at home here against the Gym Grass-types. By the time they are ready for last Gym Trainer, they have moved up from Level 8 to Level 10. The PokeDex gives Janice some good news:

Pidgey has learned a new move: Gust!

Gust (Flying-type move)
Category - Special
- Inflicts damage. Power doubles if hit on a semi-invulnerable turn. (Only Fly, Bounce and Sky Drop)

All the training up to this point has paid off for Pidgey, who can now truly shine with its first Flying-type attack finally learned. The last Gym Trainer's Pokemon are no match for the motivated bird. Janice and her team advance. Gina and her team advance.

At the center of Ferris Park is a magnificent fountain that is surrounded a few hedges. Upon closer inspection these hedges have been neatly shaped and trimmed to resemble well known Grass-type Pokemon. One hedge resembles a Breloom, another resembles a Victreebel. This one a Gloom, that one a Nuzleaf and so on. There's an old man in dark green overalls who had been working away on another hedge and by the time Janice and Gina have defeated all the Gym Trainers, Harris has finished yet another masterpiece - a Venusaur. He sees the girls and welcomes them to the Graham City Gym. He commends them for showing good teamwork with their Pokemon and finding a clever way to tackle the Gym Trainers. He takes pride in being the first Gym Leader, because it affords him the opportunity to see which Trainers are ready to take that initial step forward. Since both girls are challenging him for the Badge, Harris will gladly face them at the same time, which isn't something he normally does. But he's in a good mood and he can tell that these 2 Trainers will do their best. Are they ready?


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Level 10) & Pokemon Trainer Gina (Level 10)


Leader Harris (Level 12) - "The Consummate Gardener."
Prize: Green Badge

4 PokeBalls fly from Harris' hands, releasing a Shroomish and a Tangela for Janice and a Paras and Seedot for Gina. Harris confirms that those are all his Pokemon. Individually they do well but when they get any chance to work as a team, they do really well. Can the same be said for the girls' teams? Since he has 4 Pokemon, the girls will only be allowed to battle with a maximum of 4 Pokemon each.

Janice is already thinking of sending out Pidgey and Nidoran (M), but Gina suggests that she save those as backup. Janice would do that if she was battling Harris on her own, but in this unique situation she'll have to be creative. So she makes a new suggestion - Janice will swap Nidoran for either Miltank or Zigzagoon, so that each girl can battle alongside a Pokemon that knows a Flying-type move. Gina is intrigued by this, it never crossed her mind. She swaps Zigzagoon for Nidoran. Janice checks with her PokeDex:

Zigzagoon [Level 10] - The Tiny Raccoon Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Pickup (Picks up random items after battle)
Moves known: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt

Harris doesn't understand what the girls are up to at first, but seeing the resulting combinations now he can't help but grin. Teamwork. Janice sends Pidgey after Shroomish, to keep it from targeting Zigzagoon with its Ability "Effect Spore":

Ability: Effect Spore
- If the attacker makes physical contact, there's a 30% chance it may get paralyzed, poisoned or asleep.

Pidgey won't have to make physical contact with Shroomish either because of Gust, which puts the Mushroom Pokemon out of action before it can succeed in paralysing its foes with Stun Spore. Tangela though succeeds in sending Pidgey to sleep with Sleep Powder, leaving Zigzagoon to fight alone. This is when Harris reveals the power of Tangela's Ability. First off, he has Tangela use an interesting move that he had to teach it - Sunny Day. What appears above the battle field is a small, bright sphere that acts like a miniature sun.

Sunny Day (Fire-type move)
Category - Status
- Makes it Sunny for 5 turns. Adding 50% power to fire moves and takes 50% power from water moves.

Why would a Grass-type like Tangela know a Fire-type move like this? As Tangela takes in the new sunshine it shimmers and that gets a response from the PokeDex, which informs Janice that Tangela's Ability "Chlorophyll" has been triggered.

Ability: Chlorophyll
- Doubles a Pokemon's speed when the sunlight is strong.

Zigzagoon is known for its speed but now thanks to Sunny Day and its Ability, Tangela has become twice as fast as Zigzagoon. For the next few turns Tangela has an upper hand, doing damage before Zigzagoon can have a go. Janice is about to dig out an Awakening from her Bag for Pidgey...but then she has an idea. Instead of an Awakening, she pulls out a Potion and heals Zigzagoon. It doesn't matter for Tangela, still enjoying Sunny Day for a couple of turns left and thus still faster than Zigzagoon. Which is what Janice is hoping for, because while Tangela focuses on Zigzagoon, Pidgey's little nap comes to an end. Even if Tangela is faster, it has 2 Pokemon to deal with. One Headbutt from Zigzagoon and a Gust attack from Pidgey are enough to knock out Tangela as Miltank and Nidoran are done with Seedot and Paras. The match ends.

The girls celebrate with their teams as Harris attends to his own team. He lost fair and square but that was well played. The girls and their Pokemon move up from Level 10 to Level 12 and the PokeDex brings up new information:

Krabby has learned a new move: Vice Grip!
Chikorita has learned a new move: Reflect!

Reflect (Psychic-type move)
Category - Status
- A wondrous wall of light is put up to reduce damage from physical attacks for five turns.

Nidoran (M) & Nidoran (F) have each learned a new move: Double Kick!

Double Kick (Fighting-type move)
Catergory - Physical
- The target is quickly kicked twice in succession using both feet.

That's 3 good moves for Krabby now, it is glad to have one that can be used against opponents who are stronger than Water. Female Nidoran can't wait to try out Double Kick, for now it will be a decent alternative to Scratch. Slightly stronger and makes up for the Pokemon not knowing a move as effective as Peck.

After all the Pokemon are healed, he awards Janice and Gina their prizes - the Green Badge. The girls have indeed taken that initial step by earning their first Gym Badge. 7 other Gyms remain but Harris believes that the girls will take them on just as well as they did this one. He turns to Gina and adds that he has something for her that will prove to be quite useful-- before he can finish speaking, Harris is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a feathered intruder - a Murkrow. Janice and Gina are caught off guard, too slow to react in time as the Darkness Pokemon swoops down from the air and swipes their newly won Green Badges.

End of Chapter 05 Part 1 - Seeing Green.

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Chapter 05 Part 2 - Seeing the Elite

The first to react is Pidgey, who takes to the air and goes after Murkrow. Janice, still trying to process what has just happened, sends Nidoran back into its PokeBall and chases after the birds before anyone can stop her. Gina calls out to her to wait up as she returns Miltank and Zigzagoon to their spheres. Harris tells a couple of the Gym Trainers to go with Gina. He doesn't believe that was a wild Murkrow which appeared randomly. Its Trainer has to be close by.

Murkrow is flying above the busy afternoon streets, heading north. It noticed Pidgey is not far behind, but that doesn't bother Murkrow. This will be over soon. On the ground, Janice has to weave her way through people while keeping an eye on the 2 birds. With this amount of traffic around her, nobody but a few people see the birds. Only one of them is curious about that Murkrow appearing at this time of the day, for a moment, then he shrugs and goes back to having his lunch. The number of pedestrians Janice passes is growing smaller and smaller, the street she is on is giving way to smaller buildings and wider spaces between them. Not too long after that she finds herself away from the city streets and out along the city limits. She tries to call out to her friend but Pidgey and Murkrow are too far ahead to hear her. Then Janice sees where they are going. She saw this when she stood on top of that hill yesterday. It is the sea of trees found beyond Graham City.


Despite its shadowy appearance from a distance, there is no air of danger inside the forest. Beams of sunlight shoot down to the floor from above the high tree tops, giving the place a look similar to that of a wide hall with tall columns and big open windows close to the ceiling, letting the sun shine in. Not much is hidden in shadow at this time. Several moments after the birds enter the forest, Janice arrives. She has stop to catch her breath and also take in her new surroundings. There is plenty of natural light to let her look around. Plenty of natural sounds coming from everywhere: the cries of various wild Pokemon. Movements in the grass and between the trees. The splashes of pond water. Janice checks the PokeNav Map. Rollins Forest covers a small area that extends further north for a short distance before giving way to Route 3. At least it's not a massive maze, she thinks. So the birds can't have gotten too far. Janice starts moving again, calling out to Pidgey in every direction. Someone's voice responds near some trees to the left of her and she rushes over. The voice belongs to a girl, seated on the ground and attending to an injured Heracross. Looking at the girl's clothes and the gear she's got, Janice identifies her as a Bug Catcher.

The girl says she just saw a Pidgey fly off past her not too long ago, chasing a Murkrow. She points ahead, that's the direction they went in. Janice asks her about the injured Pokemon, what happened? The girl tells her that she and Heracross were defeated in a battle against a another Trainer almost an hour ago. They are not the only ones who were defeated, but all the other Trainers here in Rollins Forest. The Trainer accepted their challenges, defeated them and went on. Probably left the forest by now. So Janice will have to wait a while if she was hoping to battle. She admits to the girl that she hadn't even planned on coming out here in the first place, until Murkrow happened. But she is also curious about this unknown Trainer. If he or she is still around...how would Janice fair against them? She thanks the Bug Catcher girl for the information, offering to share some of her healing Items with her, but the girl tells her to go on ahead and find Pidgey first, make sure it's alright. She and Heracross won't be going anywhere yet.

Janice pushes on faster now that she has a direction. Her calls for Pidgey continue but still get no answer. She passes the other Trainers, many of them are Bug Catchers too, they also saw Pidgey and Murkrow, and they point on ahead. Janice eventually reaches a clearing in the middle of the forest, where she finally finds her Flying friend. Pidgey, a little exhausted but unharmed, sees Janice and goes to her. It is sorry, it couldn't stop Murkrow in time and retrieve the Gym Badges. Murkrow drops the Badges into the hands of its Trainer, who has stepped out into the clearing and gives Janice a satisfied smirk. After all, they were going to meet again, right?

Just the look of shock and anger on Janice's face is enough for Konami to feel really good. Her sour mood from the day before after what happened at the Soda Shop, completely buried now. This is where the two of them can finish what started yesterday, with nobody around to bother them. She is so glad she didn't rush out of Graham City, otherwise she wouldn't have seen Janice arrive and challenge the Gym. So Konami had Murkrow keep an eye on her.

Janice can't believe that Konami is still clinging on to what happened...she doesn't even know who Konami is or this group she is part of. Konami isn't surprised, why would a "small time" beginner Trainer like Janice be aware of Ace Team? All Trainers like her care about is going around collecting Gym Badges, catching as many Pokemon as they can, having a happy little journey that hopefully ends with them becoming a Champion. Konami believes that these Trainers will never aspire to be something greater - elite Trainers who will go out and change the worlds of humans and Pokemon...who will inspire other Trainers to get better and stronger. Elite Trainers who do more than just battle alongside their Pokemon but work together to do some good. This is what Ace Team is all about and someone like Janice will never be good enough to be a part of that. Janice has no problem with people and their Pokemon helping others, but she doesn't need Konami or Ace Team to decide which Trainers qualify to be worthy for them. There's nothing wrong with someone starting on a journey that they hope will end with them becoming a Champion. Janice is on this journey because she wants to see the world around her, learn what she can from the people and the Pokemon she meets and along the way, sure, grow as a Trainer. Maybe even become Champion someday. She tells Konami to give her the Gym Badges. Konami drops them on the ground beside her. If Janice wants them back, she'll have to fight for them. Prove that she isn't like all the other typical Trainers out there. Yesterday she got lucky, facing a couple of new members with a little help from that waitress, but today she's even luckier - she'll go one on one with an Elite.


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Level 12) vs Ace Team Elite Konami (Level 13)

Thinking it'll be a good idea to let Pidgey rest up a bit, Janice starts off with Nidoran (F). Nice chance to try out its new move and maybe get this strange girl to leave her alone. Konami has sent out a Magby. Rising waves of heat flow from its body as it stares down its opponent. Speed is on its side, Magby attacks Nidoran with Ember. A small fireball that smacks into Nidoran. Just enough to leave a minor bruise. Nidoran responses with Double Kick - the first strike startles Magby and the second one sends it back a couple of steps. That certainly packed more than the fireball. But that is Magby's strongest attack at this level, so it goes with Ember again. Nidoran's health dips below the halfway mark. Not yet in the red though, so it continues with one more Double Kick combo to put out Magby. It is right after Nidoran lands that second kick that it receives a burn that makes it recoil in pain. Konami attends to Magby, sending it back into its PokeBall. A little upset about her Pokemon being defeated but she thinks Janice should've smartened up on Magby's Ability, which the PokeDex brings up:

Ability: Flame Body
- If the attacker makes physical contact, there's a 30% chance of it getting burned.

Janice digs into her Bag for a Burn Heal as Konami sends out her next Pokemon, a Houndour. Seeing Janice's Bag draws a genuine smile on Konami's face (a smile Janice could've seen had she only looked up at her in time) because it reminds Konami of the days when she was starting out as a Trainer too. Carrying a Bag stuffed with all kinds of Items because she believed that she had to be prepared for anything. But Konami has learned to do without that Bag, by making sure that training her Pokemon is the top priority, so that she and her team don't need to rely on Items during battles. Her smile fades as the memory disappears. She watches as Janice brings out a Burn Heal and cure Nidoran. The burn is gone but Nidoran has been weakened, which makes it an easy target for Houndour, who sends it out of the battle with one Ember attack. Konami is a little relieved. Nidoran may not be a Fighting-type Pokemon but still, that Double Kick would've meant really bad news for Houndour, being part Dark-type. Before Janice sends out her next Pokemon, Konami nods at her Bag and offers some advice - while it's great and all that Janice has started out prepared, she will have to learn to save her healing Items. Stronger Trainers are ahead and they won't always rely on Items during battles because their Pokemon are strong enough to get through without their Trainers diving into the Bag at any sign of danger. Pokemon will be motivated to do better when they know that their Trainers are confident in them. Having a little faith.

It's not advice she asked for but Janice can't deny that it is worth taking. She remembers that battle against Swimmer David and how some of the Trainers who were watching thought he didn't fight fairly when he healed Goldeen. Sure, she used an Awakening to help out Krabby in the match against the 2 Ace Team Trainers and she used a Potion to heal Zigzagoon in the Gym battle...but it's not like she was panicking or feared for the Pokemon's wellbeing, she was just trying to help. Same story here with Nidoran, she wanted to help. Is it going to be the case in every battle ahead?

She thanks Konami for the advice, somewhat reluctantly...and then she asks her if she encountered the Trainer who defeated all the others here in Rollins Forest. Konami says there hasn't been any other Trainer except for Janice now. She confirms that she is the one who defeated all those Trainers, which shouldn't be a surprise because not only were they at a disadvantage in terms of the Pokemon type they specialise in (being Bug Catchers) but they were lower in Level than her. So Konami just swept through them and waited in this clearing for Murkrow to return with the Gym Badges. She didn't force those Trainers to battle her, they challenged her and Konami gladly accepted. While she admires them for taking the initiative, she imagines that most of them regret having challenged her. But it was a fair lesson learned. They can try again next time. Or, Konami wonders, is Janice here to avenge them?

Janice is just here to get the Badges back. She sends out Krabby, as Konami withdraws Houndour. At this level Houndour doesn't know any other good move besides Ember, so no chance against Krabby. She turns to Murkrow, who has been perched in a tree and watching the battle. It flies down and enters the match, but its sharp eyes aren't looking at Krabby. They're set on Pidgey. Konami notices, she likes this. Murkrow already has an opponent in mind. So how about a battle of the flyers? Pidgey assures Janice that it has rested enough and can take on Murkrow. Krabby wouldn't have minded facing Murkrow since Houndour has left the battle field, but it sees that this fight is for its friend Pidgey. Janice withdraws Krabby. The birds take to the air and their battle begins.

Murkrow is the bigger bird and is much faster than Pidgey. Even though its best move in this battle is Peck (Astonish is ineffective), because it lands before Pidgey gets a turn and because Murkrow is stronger, the move does decent damage. This forces Pidgey to fight back harder with Tackle and Gust, surprising Murkrow. Janice says to Konami that if they had battled yesterday, Murkrow could've won, but not today. Pidgey learned a new move and that has put it ahead of Murkrow. One last Gust attack sends the Darkness Pokemon out of the air and into the arms of an annoyed Konami. Janice asks her if Houndour is the only other Pokemon she has left to send out. There's no problem if that's the case because Pidgey is ready for it and Krabby is on standby--

There's the sound of someone shouting from the direction Janice used to get here. She knows who that is - Gina. She is getting closer and she isn't alone. Konami returns Murkrow into its PokeBall and prepares to leave, not wanting things to get any worse for her. The battle she wanted to have here has been spoiled. Her fun little plan has been spoiled. Her mood has been spoiled. She walks away, certain that Janice has not seen the last of her nor has she heard the last of Ace Team. The 2 Gym Badges have been left behind where Konami stood moments ago.

Gina and a couple of Gym Trainers enter the clearing as Janice picks up the Badges. Gina is relieved to see she is alright and Pidgey has been found. Janice gives Gina her Green Badge, apologising for not waiting for her. When Gym Trainers ask if Janice caught the Murkrow and its Trainer, she doesn't tell them that the Trainer was Konami...but she confirms that she confronted the Trainer and that they fled. She decides to keep the real story to herself until she and Gina are alone so she can tell her.

End of Chapter 05 Part 2 - Seeing the Elite.

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Chapter 06 Part 1 - New Moves & Clear Wings

Janice, Gina and the Gym Trainers make their way back to the Gym. Before leaving the forest, Janice meets up with the Bug Catcher girl, who is happy to see that Pidgey was found. She introduces herself as Mary and hopes Janice will come back for a match some time.

Back at the Gym, with the Green Badges returned and everyone okay, Harris continues from where he left off: from one of his overall pockets he brings out a shiny orange rock and hands it to Gina. She beams with surprise when she recognises it - a Sun Stone. Harris remembers Gina from yesterday, when she was watching her friends challenge him. He is aware that one of her Pokemon is a Sunkern, so consider the Sun Stone as a gift for earning his Badge today. Gina releases Sunkern from its PokeBall and places the Sun Stone next to it. The Seed Pokemon looks up at its Trainer, wondering what's going on. Then it looks at the strange stone, with only a moment to be curious, before Sunkern starts glowing and is enveloped by a bright white light. Gina watches as its body transforms, from a little seed into the fully grown flower that takes delight in the afternoon sun. Sunflora, the Sun Pokemon, recognises its friend Gina and can't hide its joy and gratitude. Mudkip, Miltank and Zigzagoon gather round to see their teammate's new form. Welcome to the family. It is a special moment for Janice as well, seeing a live Pokemon evolution happen. Until now she had only seen evolutions occur in videos and had read about them back in school. She thinks of her own team, trying to imagine what it will be like when their time comes. Changing forms and becoming new Pokemon, stronger than before. She looks at her friend Pidgey, who has gone over to see Sunflora. A small bird now but Janice hopes to see it grow into a majestic bird someday.

The girls leave Ferris Park. With the second half of the afternoon still present, they decide to spend it exploring the rest of Graham City.

They visit the Pokemon Research Society and go on a little tour around the place, finding out what the team here study - the Pokemon that inhabit Rollins Forest and the areas to the south. Occasionally the team works with Harris and his Gym Trainers, offering information about Grass-types. Other times they receive research material from Bug Catchers who spend most of their time in the forest. Best of both worlds really so the team here is doing well.

The Move Tutor is an old lady named Lola who has lived in Graham City all her life. Even though her Trainer days are long gone now, she is always happy to have Trainers visiting her, even if it is just for a chat. Talk to her long enough and maybe she'll talk about being one of the Pokemon Research Society's oldest members, because of her vast knowledge of Pokemon moves. It's almost a lifetime's worth of work but whenever she gets the time to look back, she believes it was all worth it. When the girls arrive, Lola recognises Gina. She was here yesterday with her friends who had just won their Green Badges. Here she is again, with another friend and hopefully some good news. For the benefit of the new girl, Lola introduces herself and explains how she goes about being a Move Tutor: she will teach Trainers' Pokemon moves that they may not learn on their own as they grow. Back in the old days she was like many of her fellow Move Tutors who only taught moves in exchange for those rare and precious Items called Heart Scales, but now she is glad to teach moves if a Trainer has earned a Gym Badge. Gina and Janice show the woman their Badges. Lola approves and she asks the girls to follow her out to her big backyard.

Living away from the city center has afforded her plenty of space. Once there, the girls release their Pokemon and get their PokeDexes. Lola has her own PokeDex, an older version but one that has been modified for her work. She syncs it with the other two wirelessly, allowing hers to send information about moves that each Pokemon can be taught. For now they will get to learn one move and with each new Gym Badge the girls earn, their Pokemon can come back to learn another move. This process is just like teaching a Pokemon a move by means of a TM, the difference this time being that on her PokeDex screen Janice sees the little icon for her Pokemon and below it are the moves they can be taught for now. Just one or two moves are listed, while the rest are labelled as "Locked". Janice looks at the 2 moves available for Pidgey:


Mud-Slap, being a Ground-type move, would give Pidgey an advantage over powerful types like Electric and lower its opponents' accuracy, but Swift is a move that will never miss its target and is stronger. Comes in handy against multiple opponents too. Janice hopes Pidgey will like it. She selects the move and eventually all her other Pokemon have new moves chosen. Gina is done with her selections. Lola's PokeDex confirms the moves and she starts the process. All the Pokemon start glowing as they receive their moves. It doesn't take more than a minute. Janice and Gina's devices light up with the new information:

Pidgey has learned a new move: Swift!
Chikorita has learned a new move: Vine Whip!
Krabby has learned a new move: Icy Wind!
Nidoran (M) has learned a new move: Mud-Slap!
Nidoran (F) has learned a new move: Body Slam!

Swift (Normal-type move)
Category - Special
- Star-shaped rays are shot at the opposing Pokémon. This attack never misses.

Vine Whip (Grass-type move)
Category - Physical
- The target is struck with slender, whiplike vines to inflict damage.

Icy Wind (Ice-type move)
Category - Special
- The user attacks with a gust of chilled air. This also lowers the opposing Pokémon's Speed.

Mud-Slap (Ground-type move)
Category - Special
- The user hurls mud in the target's face to inflict damage and lower its accuracy.

Body Slam (Normal-type move)
Category - Physical
- The user drops onto the target with its full body weight. This may also leave the target with paralysis.

Lola congratulates the girls and their teams. She tells them that the backyard is big enough for them to use for a couple of hours. Let the Pokemon try out their new moves. Sounds good for everyone. They make the most of the remaining daytime hours, with the Pokemon competing in friendly matches as Janice and Gina watch on. Janice considers talking to Gina now about Konami, but she changes her mind. There will be time later. For now they should enjoy this. They've got their first Gym Badges and their Pokemon have levelled up (one of them even evolved) and learned new moves. Nice way to end their day.

After the crew is done, they thank Lola. She hopes the moves will serve them well. Whenever they have the chance to come back, they should stop by. It is early evening now and the girls have to find a place where they'll spend the night. That place is the Graham City Apartments building complex, located outside of the city center. There are rooms available that people can rent out, whether they are residents or non-residents. The girls settle into a big room on an upper floor, with a good view of the city. They go out to get some food and have a good dinner out on the balcony later. This is when Janice brings up Konami and tells Gina what she chose not to tell the Gym Trainers. While it was silly that Konami had her Murkrow steal their Badges, the girls don't believe that this Ace Team group is dangerous, even if it comes off like a bunch of elitist Trainers. They agree to watch out for more Ace Team Trainers and let their friends know.

The next morning, the girls pack up and leave town. When they return to Rollins Forest, they find that it is a little busier than it was yesterday. More people are there, mostly out for a morning walk. Janice thinks maybe people prefer being here early over coming out here in the afternoon. She spots Bug Catcher Mary and they go over to talk to her. She is glad Janice came back and says that all the Trainers here have healed up their Pokemon and are ready for any challengers. This is important for Janice and Gina to know because in order for them to leave Rollins Forest, they'll have to defeat the strongest Trainer, Violet. She is found near the northern exit of the forest. Mary also adds one last bit: Violet is at Level 15.

The girls use the same strategy from the Gym, they split up and explore the forest. The Trainers they find range between Level 10 and 13. There are also wild Pokemon, so the girls take their time since they have plenty to work with. Most of the Trainers are Bug Catchers, and then the rest are made up of employees from the Pokemon Research Society and regulars who come out here almost daily. When Janice and her team reach Level 13, the PokeDex pings:

Pidgey has learned a new move: Quick Attack!

Quick Attack (Normal-type move)
Category - Physical
- The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first.

Pidgey likes this, having a move that will give it a boost in speed against tough opponents that rely on their speed.

When the team reach Level 14, they face Mary and her Pokemon. Janice will have to get through her to reach Violet. It will be a 2 vs 2 Pokemon match.


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Level 14) vs Bug Catcher Mary (Level 14)

Janice starts off with Pidgey, who squares up against Mary's Yanma. It is a surprise for the two Trainers when they both call for the same move - Quick Attack. Against another Pokemon, Pidgey would've struck first, but Yanma is faster. Yanma learns Quick Attack at Level 6, which has given it more time to master the move than Pidgey. There's also Yanma's Ability, which goes hand in hand with a move like Quick Attack. Janice's PokeDex pings when the Ability is triggered:

Ability: Speed Boost
- Gains 50% more speed per turn.

The Clear Wing Pokemon has begun darting around midair a little faster than before, its wings a little blurrier than before. This is just after the first turn, Janice observes, they have to beat Yanma before it reaches maximum speed. Yanma moves first, using Double Team. It surrounds Pidgey with several afterimages as it flies about, its evasiveness raised. Pidgey uses Gust, which blows away the copies but misses the original. Speed Boost works again, bringing Yanma up to a speed 100% faster. Janice sees that trying to match Yanma with speed will not help. Not with that Ability and a move like Double Team. This takes moves like Tackle and Quick Attack off the table. Gust has become a gamble. So she turns to the new move Pidgey learned yesterday, Swift. The 3rd turn begins, Yanma uses Double Team. More copies of itself appear, making it look like Pidgey is facing a swarm of Yanma. Janice calls for Swift and Pidgey flaps its wings as if using Gust. No swirling air is created this time, instead it is several rays of light that appear, shaped like little golden stars. Pidgey sends them off, watching as they tear through the dragonfly doubles and find the real Yanma. Mary's plan falls apart, because she didn't expect Pidgey to know a move like Swift. She was aiming to build up Yanma's speed and evasiveness to maximum and then cut down Pidgey and whichever Pokemon Janice will send out next, because at that point Yanma would be pretty much untouchable. The 3rd turn ends and Yanma is 150% faster. But speed is all it has left and it is not enough, because Pidgey has the right counter move. Mary switches from Double Team back to Quick Attack, but Pidgey beats Yanma before the start of the 5th turn, where Yanma would've reached maximum speed.

Mary sends out her last Pokemon, Heracross. Fully healed up and ready to fight. Not the same condition for Pidgey after battling Yanma. Its Gust attack would've knocked out Heracross in one or two hits had they fought each other first, but this time the attack is only strong enough to push the Pokemon's health just under the halfway point. Super Effective since Heracross is a Bug and Fighting-type. It knows Tackle but it responds with a stronger move that defeats the weakened Pidgey - Horn Attack. Janice has a PokeBall ready and sends Pidgey into it, where it can rest up. Her final Pokemon is Nidoran (M), while Mary heals Heracross with a Potion. The match continues. It is a battle of physical attacks, and Heracross has the power. Unfortunately that won't work against Nidoran who has Peck and also an Ability that is not in favour of physical contact. Heracross is poisoned after landing a couple of Horn Attacks. Nidoran lands a couple of Peck attacks and only one more puts Heracross out of its misery. The match ends.

Mary thanks Janice for coming back and battling her, she enjoyed it. They are joined by Gina soon after, looking pleased with herself because she has defeated the remaining Trainers. Now it is time to meet Violet.

End of Chapter 06 Part 1 - New Moves & Clear Wings.

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Chapter 06 Part 2 - Expert Violet

Mary leads the girls beyond the clearing at the center of the forest. Janice just has enough time to have one more look around, remembering the battle against Konami from yesterday. The first of many more to come? They reach the northern end of Rollins Forest, where the trees are more spaced apart and the area outside can be seen: Route 3, an open road stretching on ahead. Flanking it are wide fields of grass and wild flowers. All under a blue sky.

Violet is a woman in her mid-20s, currently working as a field researcher for the Graham City branch of the Pokemon Research Society. As a Trainer she would be identified as a Bug Catcher, but if asked to identify herself she is likely to say she is an Expert Bug Catcher, her idea of an experienced Bug Catcher. She has been an avid fan of Bug-type Pokemon since she was very little, fascinated by how quickly they grow from seemingly docile creatures into powerful ones, full of colour and life. This made her popular with many of the boys in school, they would spend many afternoons here in Rollins Forest just observing Bug Pokemon. Over time Violet got some of the girls to come along and join them and a couple of generations after Violet, girls like Mary have followed in her footsteps.

When Mary introduces Janice and Gina to her, Violet expresses how impressed she is by the girls taking the time to prepare themselves for her. Since they're both headed out of the forest, Violet tells them that she will face them each in singles matches. She has 4 Pokemon, 2 for each match. Which means only 2 Pokemon that the girls can use too. They must decide between them who will fight first. If they win, they are free to go on...if they lose, they'll have to try again until they beat Violet. Gina tells Janice that she will face Violet first. Janice has Pidgey, so she should go second. Save the best for last. No problem for Janice. Mary decides to stay and watch, curious to see how Janice's friend will do.


Pokemon Trainer Gina (Level 14) vs Expert Bug Catcher Violet (Level 15)

From the first of 4 Net Balls that Violet has, a Butterfree appears. Facing it is Gina's Mudkip. Her PokeDex chimes in with a little note about Butterfree's Ability which has gone into effect:

Ability: Compound Eyes
- Raises accuracy by 30%.

As Gina takes in this note, Butterfree makes a move. Flapping its big wings to scatter a yellowish powder on Mudkip, who doesn't escape in time. Mudkip is stopped where it stands.

Stun Store (Grass-type move)
Category - Status
- A cloud of numbing powder that paralyzes the target.

Violet is happy to point out that on its own Stun Spore is a gamble, because it doesn't always meet its targets. But thanks to its Ability, Butterfree has raised the chances of the move landing. Gina calls for Tackle, Mudkip tries to take a step forward. No luck. Butterfree has another move, Confusion, a small force of telekinetic power that knocks Mudkip back. Gina calls for a different move, Water Gun. Mudkip struggles with this one, almost gives up after a few attempts, but it manages to shoot out a jet of water at Butterfree. The Butterfly Pokemon is still flying and responds with a second Confusion hit. Gina won't take another chance, she pulls out a Parlyz Heal from her Bag and sprays the medicine on Mudkip, instantly curing it. Mudkip has only been hit twice, it is still in fighting form. Stun Spore isn't the only powder attack Butterfree has, Violet reveals, she calls for Sleep Powder. Butterfree's wings scatter a bluish powder this time, Janice remembers it from the Gym battle. Used by Tangela. It caught Pidgey back then, but here Mudkip is quick enough to get out of the way. It goes for a second Water Gun. Violet has to decide now, either to try with the 3rd powder attack or do more damage with a third Confusion hit. She has an idea. Butterfree uses Confusion, which brings Mudkip's health dangerously low now. It can last one more turn. Gina is about to dig into her Bag for a Potion, when her PokeDex pings. Mudkip's Ability has been activated:

Ability: Torrent
- Boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50% when health is less than a third.

Violet watches as Mudkip uses a third Water Gun shot, stronger than the previous two and with enough force to blast Butterfree from the air. She should've tried for the 3rd powder attack and then finish Mudkip off. Butterfree returns to its Net Ball.

Violet unclips the second Net Ball from her belt and lets out the final Pokemon for this match. She tells Gina that she really liked Butterfree, so she went out of her way to find a suitable friend for it - Beautifly. Why have just one Butterfly Pokemon when you can have two? Gina has time to get that Potion and restore Mudkip's health. This doesn't bother Beautifly, who is quicker than Mudkip. It shows off the best move it can use against a Water and Ground-type opponent like Mudkip - Absorb. A large portion of the health restored by that Potion is drained from Mudkip and transferred to Beautifly. Almost half of the Mud Fish Pokemon's health remains. Super Effective. Gina takes a chance here and goes for the new move Mudkip learned yesterday, Icy Wind. From its mouth Mudkip blows a gust of cold air at Beautifly. A Super Effective attack which does just about the same amount of damage. Beautifly's speed drops as well. Gina is relieved, knowing how much of a gamble Icy Wind is. Beautifly regains some of the health it lost with a second Absorb, sending Mudkip back into the red. What to do now? Gina glances at her open Bag, considering another Potion...she looks at Mudkip, knowing that its Ability has activated now...then she looks at Beautifly, who has just the right move. Gina thinks of using Icy Wind again, but will it work a second time in a row? After going over all her options, she settles on Water Gun, given a boost by Torrent. Beautifly takes the force of the water jet, which beat Butterfree, and survives with enough health to stick around until one final attack. Beautifly gathers up some strength and knocks out Mudkip with its other move, Gust.

Gina sends Mudkip back into its PokeBall. That was a close call, Violet thinks, if Mudkip had succeeded with another Icy Wind, that could've ended this match. But she does give Gina credit for not taking that risk and instead trying with an attack that was going to land. Violet has a Potion ready for Beautifly while Gina sends out her last Pokemon, Miltank. Violet certainly wasn't expecting this, it's an interesting choice, she admits. Gina had hoped for a clean sweep with her pal Mudkip but that didn't go down as planned so here is Plan B. Just like Mudkip, Miltank also learned a new move yesterday. With its full weight, the Milk Cow Pokemon rams into Beautifly using Body Slam. Not enough to completely take down Beautifly but it has sent its health tumbling below the halfway mark. Even if Beautifly has a great move like Absorb, Gina says to Violet, how long can it continue to rely on it before Miltank beats it? They should find out. Violet sees the corner that Beautifly has been put in. It doesn't know any other moves at this Level, Gust and Absorb won't be enough against Miltank. Not in a drawn out fight. Indeed, she was not expecting this at all. Beautifly responds with Absorb, regaining health that jumps over the halfway mark. If only it knew more moves. Miltank's health still hasn't reached its halfway point yet and with one last Body Slam, it sends Beautifly out of the battle field. The match ends.

A high five from Janice as she takes Gina's place. Gina goes on to join Mary, with a high five for her too. Violet applauds Gina's performance. That made for a fine match. She turns to meet Janice, looking forward to another good battle. What surprises does she have to offer?


Pokemon Trainer Janice (Lv 14) vs Expert Bug Catcher Violet (Level 15)

Janice looks at the PokeBall that is keeping Pidgey safe. She understands that Gina wanted her to fight Violet second because of Pidgey, but she decides to let Pidgey rest. Its teammates will handle things this time. She sends out Krabby, who will be taking on Violet's 3rd Pokemon, Scyther.

Scyther acts first, landing a Quick Attack. Facing another speedy opponent, Janice notes. She checks the PokeDex:

Scyther - The Mantis Pokemon
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Swarm

- Its blindingly fast speed adds to the sharpness of its twin forearm scythes. The scythes can slice through thick logs in one wicked stroke.

Swarm? That's new. At least it isn't Speed Boost. Janice gets back into the battle, calling for Water Pulse. Scyther survives the blast and uses another move:

Focus Energy (Normal-type move)
Category - Status
- Increases the user's critical-hit rate.

Scyther takes a deep breath, taps into a portion of its inner energy and powers up. Krabby responds moments later with Vice Grip, looking to shake up Scyther. The damage is done. Its health has gone below the halfway mark and Swarm goes into effect:

Ability: Swarm
- Increases the power of Bug-type moves by 50% when HP is less than a third.

Violet reveals that Scyther does not learn a Bug-type move until several Levels later, so she had a good chat with a certain Move Tutor a while ago and now Scyther knows a good Bug-type move, Fury Cutter. The Mantis Pokemon slashes Krabby with one of its forearm scythes. Enough to shake up the Water-type.

Fury Cutter (Bug-type move)
Category - Physical
- This attack becomes more powerful if it hits in succession.

Despite its health now below halfway, Krabby recovers. One Fury Cutter slash was enough, it doesn't want another. It goes for Water Pulse, putting an end to Scyther's time in this match. Violet returns her Pokemon back into its Net Ball, a little disappointed because it didn't a chance to show the full strength of the move. So she moves on to Plan B. Her fourth and final Pokemon is a Nincada.

Janice sees that Krabby can still fight, so she goes ahead and calls for a new move, Icy Wind. It's a gamble but she wants to see if Krabby has gotten the hang of it, especially against an opponent like Nincada who is part Ground-type. Krabby blows out the cold wave of air, aimed at Nincada, but it misses the target. Nincada makes its first move, surprising Janice and Krabby when it uses Fury Cutter. Another slash against Krabby, bringing its health into the red zone. Violet explains that Nincada does not learn Fury Cutter on its own, but its evolved form Ninjask does at Level 20 right after evolution. So she had another good chat with that Move Tutor at some point. As Janice figures out what to do next, her PokeDex pings - an Ability has been activated: Nincada has Compound Eyes, which comes in handy for a move like Fury Cutter. Janice restores Krabby's health with a Potion. They can go with Water Pulse to beat Nincada from the next turn onwards. But Violet and the Trainee Pokemon have other plans, a second Fury Cutter strike lands and this one stings. Krabby's health falls back to the halfway mark. Unless she switches to her final Pokemon, Janice will lose Krabby to that third slash. She instinctively puts a hand on Pidgey's PokeBall, but she reminds herself that Pidgey should be resting. Violet notices, wondering if Janice is looking to switch. She encourages Janice to switch, it's fine, because the result will be the same - the Pokemon that takes Krabby's place will receive a Fury Cutter slash that has become three times as powerful. Might survive the hit, might not survive the hit. Janice's hand moves away from Pidgey's PokeBall to another PokeBall. This will be a major gamble, but she is willing to try it out.

She switches out Krabby for her final Pokemon, Chikorita. Violet is speechless, her silence is broken by Gina's exclamation of shock. She thought Janice was "saving the best for last", isn't that the plan? Isn't that why Gina went first? Janice tells Gina that "the best" is resting, so she is going with another plan. Mary wants to see what this plan is, even though she is as stunned as Gina. Violet has no problem with Janice taking chances but this is a little crazy. Nincada has a Bug-type move that grows stronger when used again and again, and now it is facing a Grass-type opponent. Only one Fury Cutter slash will be enough...

...but that would be the case if Nincada was faster than Chikorita and was attacking first. Instead, Chikorita starts this turn and Janice calls for a move it learned yesterday after the Gym Battle - Reflect. A transparent rectangular wall of light stretches out vertically in front of Chikorita and floats just above the ground. Chikorita touches it, amazed by its sudden appeareance. It feels as smooth as cool glass. Violet's eyes widen in disbelief. So this is why the girl chose Chikorita, she realises. But she won't let this discourage her, Violet turns back to Nincada and calls for Fury Cutter. The move will still take care of the Leaf Pokemon, it has to be strong enough. Nincada lunges at Chikorita, slashing once, then twice and then a third time. The wall absorbs half the power of the attack and then Chikorita is dealt the other half, which brings its health way below the midway mark, almost into the critical red. Super Effective. Violet stops herself from screaming in disapproval. Chikorita's health is restored by a Potion. This doesn't matter to Violet, she is ready for the strongest Fury Cutter. Four times stronger. Nincada hears the call for it and delivers, slashing once, twice, thrice and finally a fourth time. The wall does its job and absorbs half the damage. Chikorita barely survives. Before Violet protests, Janice switches out Chikorita and brings back Krabby, whose health is still at the halfway mark. She didn't want to sacrifice Chikorita, not when it may have just turned the match around in their favour.

Mary is a little confused, she asks Gina why Janice has switched back to Krabby. Why not continue with Chikorita? Gina didn't understand why Janice brought out Chikorita in the first place, but after seeing what went on during its brief time in this match, she gets it now. She answers Mary, as Janice gives her response to the same question asked by Violet. Janice did not want to waste a turn by healing Chikorita with a second Potion, so she switched Krabby back into battle to keep the turn, thus maintaining the number of turns remaining for Reflect before it disappears - 3. Out of a total of 5. And since Nincada has just used Fury Cutter at its peak, the move has been reset to its initial attack power, which will still do half the damage to Krabby, thanks to Reflect. Same for any other physical attack Nincada may try if it won't go with Fury Cutter again. Mary now gets it. Violet gets it as well and the more she analyses the present situation, the more frustrated she feels. She is battling alongside her final Pokemon while her opponent still has both of hers, even with their health levels low. Nincada doesn't know any Special category moves at this Level, nothing to work against Reflect. Violet calms down and shakes her head, she can't help but smile. She certainly was not expecting any of this. Just like in the match against Gina. More surprises. Well played.

Krabby uses Water Pulse, dealing the first amount of damage Nincada has received since it entered the match. The attack is Super Effective and brings its health to the halfway mark. Nincada uses Scratch, one more slash for Krabby to take in this battle. A tiny, harmless slash. Just to remind it of what could've happened if Krabby hadn't been switched out. Another Water Pulse puts Nincada out of action and ends the match. Gina hurries over to celebrate with Janice, relieved that her friend's last minute plan worked out. They have done it, they defeated Expert Bug Catcher Violet.

Violet accepts her loss and grants the girls free passage out of Rollins Forest. They worked well with their Pokemon and can move on to bigger and better challenges. Whenever they're in the area, Violet will take them on again with a stronger team for sure. The girls say goodbye to Mary, promising to stay in touch after they've exchanged phone numbers. A new friend has been made for each of them. Out of the forest they go.

ROUTE 3 (Open Fields Road)

Gina can't believe the time they spent in Rollins Forest, it is almost noon now as she looks around at the new route. No more trees, just wide fields, a stretching road and a sunny sky. Janice thinks the time they spent was worth it, they got to battle Trainers, explore a forest and make a new friend-- she is stopped by hers and Gina's PokeDexes going off. There's an update...for both of them? The girls check the devices at the same time: it is a message announcing that the girls and their Pokemon have levelled up from Level 14 to Level 15! Nice way to kick things off now that they are about to carry on to their next destination. But soon enough, it is time for the two friends to split up again. Gina says she will go on ahead, so that Janice can catch up on some training. According to the PokeNav Map, the next place is called Debbie Town. It is a small town not too far from here that sits between Route 3 and Route 4. Janice assures Gina that she'll make it to Debbie Town before the day is over, no worries. She thanks Gina for waiting for her in Graham City, she doubts her time there would've been as eventful as it turned out. It was a fun time overall, even with Konami's shenanigans. Gina won't forget about Ace Team, she'll be sure to look out for them and warn Rose, Ryan and Kelvin. The girls hug, say their goodbyes and Janice watches as Gina walks away along that road headed north. She hopes all the best for her. After some time, she checks the PokeDex for any more information that came with the news of the level up. A couple of Pokemon have learned new moves:

Chikorita has learned Poison Powder!

Poison Powder (Poison-type move)
Category - Status
- The user scatters a cloud of poisonous dust on the target. This may also poison the target.

Janice smiles as she thinks of Chikorita, who is resting inside its PokeBall. She's happy it learned a new move after helping them against Violet. Speaking of PokeBalls, Janice gets Pidgey's PokeBall and releases the bird. Pidgey takes to the air and stretches its wings, looking fresh and well rested. It didn't mind being in the PokeBall, it was rather comfy in there, but now it is back outside with its good friend and ready to go. Then there's the other Pokemon that learned a new move. Janice chuckles a little when she reads the update. It's about time.

Magikarp has learned Tackle!

She releases the Fish Pokemon from its PokeBall, at first expecting Magikarp to jump out of the ball, land on its side on the ground and start flopping about like it has just been pulled out of water. That would've been the case if she had let Magikarp out before. This time though, Magikarp jumps out of its PokeBall and gingerly moves through the air, almost like it is learning to "swim" in the air. It finally sees its Trainer and one of its teammates and there is a sense of joy from Magikarp, now knowing that it won't be "backseat training" any longer. It has a decent move and it can join its teammates in training...and perhaps in battle.

End of Chapter 06 Part 2 - Expert Violet.

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Chapter 07 - The Teleporter

Magikarp - The Fish Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Swift Swim
Known Moves: Splash, Tackle

- Its swimming muscles are weak, so it is easily washed away by currents. It is virtually worthless in terms of both power & speed.

PokeDex entry aside, it is good to have Magikarp active. Janice and her team certainly think so. The one team member who has the most hopes and expectations is Krabby, the only other Water-type in the group. It understands that Magikarp on its own won't really get far but if it is willing to keep up with its Pokemon friends, Krabby believes that Magikarp will be alright.

Just past noon, Janice makes it halfway along Route 3 and goes off road to enter the field on the right side. She has her eyes on the tall grass and thinks this will be a nice spot to train her Pokemon. A chance to see which wild Pokemon are found around here. Chikorita, the Nidoran pair, Krabby and Magikarp are let out of their PokeBalls and they venture into the grass with Janice right behind to watch over them. They don't wait for very long before they are met by the other Pokemon, curious to find strangers wandering through their home area. How strong are these strangers? The wild Pokemon and the trained squad begin their battles.

Growlithe, Meowth, Hoppip, Drowzee and Roselia are the Pokemon they encounter. This is just something Janice wants to try out now that she has more active Pokemon to train. She has her hands full keeping up with the action, switching her gaze between the battles. It is while Janice has her attention on the other battles that Magikarp finds another wild Pokemon, which didn't appear with the others. This one is a sleeping Abra, curled up into a ball and floating inches above the ground, hidden by the high grass. Determined, Magikarp swims through the grass and aims to hit Abra with a Tackle attack. Magikarp reaches the spot where Abra is...and misses. Abra, still asleep, sensed the approaching attack and got out of the way in time. It has used Teleport and now floats above the tall grass, where it can be seen by Janice close by. She was about to call for Magikarp, having noticed that the Pokemon had moved away from its teammates.

Abra - The Psi Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Inner Focus

- A Pokemon that sleeps 18 hours a day. It uses a variety of extrasensory powers even while asleep. Observation revealed that it uses Teleport to change its location once every hour.

This is quite the find. Janice is still reading her PokeDex when Magikarp jumps out of the grass in another attempt to Tackle Abra. Again it misses, as Abra vanishes before the move lands. It reappears elsewhere, still close. Janice didn't even know Abra can be found here until now and after reading the PokeDex information, she is considering catching this one. Before it uses Teleport to reappear far away from here. She calls her other Pokemon, ending their fights with the wild Pokemon, and sends them over to help Magikarp take on Abra. The six Pokemon surround Abra and altogether they miss when they charge in on it. They try again as one unit but they get the same result. So they split up and go after Abra individually, one Pokemon after the other. They still can't touch Abra, who has only stirred to change its sleeping position. It dodges and weaves around the Pokemon team, avoiding every attack they go for with ease.

Janice is slowly getting frustrated as she watches her friends fail again and again. It's only been a few minutes but she can see that they are growing tired. At this point it is starting to feel like Abra is toying with them, because it hasn't completely vanished from this field. It is still here, giving its foes quite the work out. Janice calls back the Pokemon and returns them to their PokeBalls, except for Pidgey who flies to her side and rests on a shoulder. Abra remains suspended above the grass ahead, its back turned in Janice's direction. She takes a moment to come up with a new plan. So far what she can confirm is that Abra only knows one move, Teleport. But it is because of that one move that none of her Pokemon can make contact with it. None of them have a counter move. How do they deal with Teleport? Janice finds the answer among the wild Pokemon - Drowzee.

Drowzee - The Hypnosis Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Insomnia

- It remembers every dream it eats. It rarely eats the dreams of adults because children's are much tastier.

Creepy PokeDex entry aside, Drowzee is the Pokemon that can help. Janice has scrolled down on the PokeDex touchscreen to view the moves currently known. She discovers that this section can only be viewed for Pokemon she has caught or other Pokemon that are of equal Level to or lower than hers. This explains why Janice couldn't view the moves known by Scyther during the match against Violet, because Scyther was at a higher Level. These are the moves Drowzee knows at its current Level, 13:


While Drowzee may be known for putting its foes to sleep, it is another Move that Janice wants to make use of:

Disable (Normal-type move)
Category - Status
- For four turns, this move prevents the target from using the move it last used.

Janice catches Drowzee after it takes a few hits from Pidgey in a brief fight, not wanting to knock it out. Then they return to the spot of grass where Abra is floating. Time to see if the little plan will work. Janice sends out Drowzee and has Pidgey team up with it. The two Pokemon get close enough to Abra, Drowzee on one side and Pidgey on the other. The Psi Pokemon doesn't react. Seconds later Janice calls for Quick Attack from Pidgey. Abra is ready and goes for Teleport as anticipated, but then it also hears the call for Disable. Abra doesn't vanish as it has been doing all this time. The small Pokemon wakes up, realising that something has gone wrong and before it can figure out what to do next it is struck down by the fast flying Tiny Bird. Janice is ready with a PokeBall and she throws it at Abra, catching it before Abra's body falls into the tall grass. Janice goes over to pick up the PokeBall, which is shaking rapidly. Abra has woken up and is clearly startled by its new environment. Unable to use its signature move and after accepting this strange new place that it finds itself in, Abra stops its struggling and goes back to sleep inside the PokeBall. At least this time it won't be disturbed.

Janice gives a little cheer at having caught another Pokemon and added a new member to her growing team. She thanks Drowzee for the help and lets it go back into the grass. Now that Abra is part of the team, it levels up from Level 14 to 15. Not too bad, but until Abra evolves and learns new moves, Janice decides to put it on "backseat training" duty. She is relieved to find out from the PokeDex that they won't have to wait too long before evolution.

While Janice and the other Pokemon welcome Abra, something else goes on in a field not too far north from there: A boy, only a few years younger than Janice, has also just caught a Pokemon. His very first Pokemon, a Growlithe. The boy is delighted, happy to have made a new friend and take a step on the road of a Pokemon Trainer. The feeling is mutual, Growlithe can sense that it will be in good hands. It already likes this boy and will do its very best to keep him safe. The two of them are soon joined by a trio of older boys, who don't look familiar to the younger one. They must be from outside town. The leader of the trio speaks to the boy, asking if he would like to compete in his very first battle alongside that Growlithe which he just caught. The leader will let the boy choose an opponent from the trio and if the boy wins, he can join their group. The boy is intrigued by this, but he tells the boys that he doesn't know who they are so he doesn't think it'll be a good idea to join them. The leader apologises for not introducing themselves, he doesn't want the boy to take them as strangers because they are not strangers. The trio are Ace Team Trainers and the boy immediately lights up when he hears this. He knows about Ace Team, having seen their cool and flashy commercials on TV and heard about how they travel around helping Trainers improve their skills. Now here he is, talking to Ace Team Trainers who would like to make him a member of the group if he can win a battle against any one of them. This is awesome. Seeing that the boy recognises Ace Team, the leader asks him again if he is interested in that battle. And to make things fair, the boy's chosen opponent will also face him with one Pokemon. All he has to do is win and he becomes an Ace Team Trainer, simple as that.

The boy lets his admiration for Ace Team take over and he agrees to fight. Feeling mighty confident he chooses to face the leader, who accepts. He hands his PokeDex to the boy so that he can view the moves which Growlithe knows at its current Level.

The match doesn't last very long. The boy and his pal Growlithe are defeated before they get the chance to shine. The leader is disappointed. He had hoped the boy was going to show him that he is ready to join Ace Team, but it looks like he is not ready. One of the other Ace Team Trainers snatches the PokeBall containing Growlithe away from the boy and gives it to the leader, while the other Ace Team Trainers retrieves the PokeDex. The boy protests, demanding that they give back Growlithe. The leader tells him that he can have Growlithe back when he defeats him in battle. Until then, the leader will keep Growlithe. Maybe even make it a part of his own Pokemon team since Growlithe is such a cool Pokemon. The boy doesn't want this and he tries to take the PokeBall, but he is outnumbered. The older boys push him down and run off, pleased with themselves. Visibly upset and close to tears, the boy gets up and chases after them. All four boys are running north, heading out of Route 3 and into Debbie Town. Janice and her team will be stepping into that town soon.

End of Chapter 07 - The Teleporter.

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Hello, Allen here. Happy 2020 and sorry for the delay. We got super busy with production here last week and I only got to finish up Chapter 8 and 9 yesterday (Thursday). Just wanted to drop in a quick note before the chapter begins. For those of you that have been keeping an eye on the moves Janice's team has been learning as they level up, you may have noticed that the moves follow the Gen 3 Learnset. This is mainly because I'm using a neat little guide from GameFaq which contains Gen 3 information. It has been helpful since I don't have unlimited, constant internet access here but when I do get access I'll update wherever possible. This means there will be times where Pokemon will level up and pick up moves which they would've learned earlier under a later Gen Learnset (I'll be going for current Gen Learnsets, could be Gen 7 or Gen 8 depending on the Pokemon).

One last thing, this concerns character dialogue. Until now I chose not to go with direct character dialogue because I wasn't sure I could pull off decent dialogue and give the characters decent lines. But in the chapters I'll be posting today I gave it a try. Let me know what you think of the style tweak :) On with the chapter!


DEBBIE TOWN - "The Town Under Open Skies."

Places of Interest
Debbie Town Post Office
Sharon's Diner
Debbie Eastern Field

It is lunchtime when Janice and Pidgey arrive in Debbie Town. After catching Abra, the Pokemon team resumed their training for a short while. No other surprises like Abra popped up again but the wild Pokemon that did appear made up for it. Janice and Krabby kept a watchful eye on Magikarp during its battles to see how it would do against opponents that fought back this time. For now the Fish Pokemon didn't do too well, just winning one out of the handful of encounters it had. Barely won. But it's better than not having any wins. Slow and steady, there'll be more battles ahead. More training definitely. Once everyone had finished up, they hit the road again.

People are out and about in the town streets, most of them going to get something to eat. Then it'll be back to work. Though not as bustling as Graham City, Debbie Town has grown to be big enough to show signs of life. And has plenty of room for more growing. Janice has a look at the Debbie Town Places of Interest that her PokeNav brings up when she got here.

Janice: Hmm, looks like there's a nice spot where we can get a bite to eat - Sharon's Diner. Let's check it out--

Then she reads up on the Post Office and stops walking, surprising Pidgey who has been flying by her side. It comes back to Janice to find out why she suddenly halted.

Janice: On second thought...(With a big grin on her face, looks up at Pidgey)...how about we visit the Post Office first?


It's pretty warm outside but inside this building it is nice and cool. As Janice walks in she notices that there aren't many people here at this time. Pidgey sits perched on one of her shoulders. She reaches the nearest counter, where she finds one of the office workers having his lunch. A young man in his early 20s, dressed rather casually for one working at a post office. He slows his eating when he notices that the girl with the Pidgey looking at him isn't a familiar face.

Janice: Hi there...(sees the name tag pinned to his front shirt pocket)...Cecil. I'm hoping you can help me out. I would like to make a call.

Cecil: (Eating) Not a problem. (Points past Janice's right side)

This is where she sees a long row of small cubicles, each containing a machine known as a Video Phone. Used for making video or audio phone calls. A couple of the cubicles are occupied.

Janice: Actually (turns back to Cecil) I would like to make that call using an older Video Phone.

Cecil: !!

Janice: (smiles) I read that the Post Office here is quite famous because you still got them. Mind if I try?

Cecil: (smiling back as he puts his lunchbox on the desk) Of course, why didn't you say so? (gets up from his chair and comes round from behind the counter) Right this way please.

He and Janice go to the left side of the room, where another long row of cubicles is found. Only one is occupied. Janice chooses a cubicle, steps inside. There is a comfy swivel chair facing a desk, on top of which rests the Video Phone machine. It closely resembles an old model desktop computer - a big white monitor set on top of a white rectangular central processing unit box. Connected to the box is a standard keyboard, a mouse and a white older model wireless landline handset mounted on a handle. Despite that the monitor screen is off, the low humming sound coming from the machine assures Janice that it is on. Pidgey lands on the desk, curious about this unknown thing.

Janice: (settling into the chair and marvelling at this relic from the past) Wow, look at this. I didn't know the older models were so...so bulky. I've gotten used to seeing the ones we have these days, with the sleek touchscreens. When are these models from?

Cecil: (checking on the machine) These are from Kanto. They were brought to Petra decades ago. Over the years as technology advanced, many of the models were replaced by newer and better ones. That's how things go unfortunately. But the residents of Debbie Town decided to give their old Video Phones to the Post Office instead of simply throwing them away to make room for next generation machines. (chuckles) Some of the older folks actually prefer these models. And the younger people get a chance to try them out.

Cecil taps the Space Bar button on the keyboard and the monitor screen blinks on, displaying a green background with the words "Please Dial Phone Number" moving around like a ball bouncing in slow motion.

Cecil: The machines can facilitate calls across Petra and calls to other regions except for the Galar region. At the moment only the current generation machines can connect there but I believe that very soon even these ones will be able to reach that far. Here (picks up the handset and gives it to Janice)

On the underside of the handset is a keypad of numbers, letters and symbols.

Cecil: All set, your call is ready to be made. Oh and one more thing, a prompt will appear on the screen asking if the caller would like the video function on or off. All you have to do is type in either Yes or No via the keyboard and press the Enter button. Or use the mouse to click either Yes or No.

Janice: Alright.

Cecil: (on his way out of the cubicle) Any trouble, just give me a shout or a wave. I'll be at the desk.

Janice: Thank you. (looks at the handset, feeling a little nervous) Okay now, here we go. (takes a breath and slowly presses the numbers)

As she holds up the handset to her ear, she sees the words on the screen change to a flashing "Dialing". Below the word is the prompt. Janice types in Yes and presses Enter. The prompt disappears and a few seconds later, Dialing is replaced by "Call Connected".

Janice: !!

She almost jumps out of her seat startled when the curious face of her father suddenly appears on the screen.

Dad Michael: (erupts with laughter) Would you look who it is! I don't know anyone from Debbie Town so I'll admit, I was a little unsure about picking up. How are you doing honey?

Janice: (laughs) It's only me that's calling from Debbie Town, surprise! I'm okay Dad. Just got here and I thought I'd try out one of the old Video Phones.

Dad Michael: (with a nod of approval) Points awarded for going old school. I have not used one of those in a very long time, you already look rather comfortable with that handset (grins) maybe we should get you one set up here.

Janice: Very funny, haha. Are you home alone? Where's Mom?

Dad Michael: It was your Mother's turn to buy groceries today so I'm home-- wait. (looks off screen) Just hold on. Looks like I'm no longer home alone. Be right back (moves away from the screen)

There's the sound of the front door opening and familiar voices.

Janice: (turns to Pidgey, excited) I guess it was about time for those two to return, huh? Let's give them a nice surprise.

Pidgey hops onto her shoulder and watches the screen with anticipation. Sure enough, moments later Dad is back on the screen with the twins.

The Twins: WHAAAAAAT?! (screaming with joy as they see big sis and Pidgey on the other end of the line)

Janice: (waves at them) Hi, hi!! Welcome back from school! You two been good??

Jennifer: I've been good! (sly look at her brother)

Jerome: Hey, I saw that! (folding his arms and looking to the side sheepishly) I've...I've been good too you know.

Dad Michael: (laughs) Liars the both of them.

The Twins: (looking at him suddenly, incredulously) Dad!

Janice: (laughs) It's so great to see you though. I've only been gone a few days now but I miss you guys.

Jerome: With all the adventures you've got going on out there? No ways. I bet you're having so much fun.

Jennifer: Yeah, tell us! Which other Pokemon have you seen so far?

Jerome: How many have you caught now??

Jennifer: Any tough Trainers you've faced??

Jerome: How many did you beat?? Or did you get beat??

Jennifer: (turns to him, looking shocked) Of course she wasn't beaten!

Jerome: (shrugs and smiles) Just asking...(lights up like he has just remembered something important) What about the Gym Leader?? Were they tough? Super easy?

Janice: (shakes her head in mock disbelief at the twins) Which question am I supposed to answer first?

The Twins: All of them! (burst into laughter)

Dad Michael: (smiling at them) Well played you two. (turns to Janice) So let's hear of your adventures so far, big sis.

Janice takes out the Green Badge from her Bag and holds it up to the screen, beaming as she sees the twins gazing at it.

Jerome: !! Is that..?!

Janice: Yup, this is the first Gym Badge. The Green Badge.

Jennifer: That's so cool!! What type is used there? Was the Gym Leader easy to beat??

Janice looks at the Badge, remembering that little episode.

Janice: Grass-type and no, the Gym Leader wasn't easy. His name is Harris. I took him on with Gina since she hadn't gotten her Badge yet when I reached Graham City.

Dad Michael: (eyebrows up with surprise) He accepted a 2 vs 1 battle?

Janice: Yeah, he didn't mind. He had 4 Pokemon, so Gina and I used 2 Pokemon each. It was fun.

Dad Michael: Nice! Congratulations to both you and Gina for getting your very first Gym Badges. Wow, Harris is still around? I thought maybe he would've retired to go full time with the landscaping (laughs)

Janice: (smiles) Thanks Dad! Clearly he's not done with being an active Gym Leader.

The twins turn to Dad.

Jennifer: Harris was the Gym Leader even back when you were still a Trainer, Dad?

Dad Michael: He was! Years and years ago. I was around Janice's age when I challenged him. Hehe, no luck having a friend to team up with against him.

Janice carries on to bring her family up to speed about what she has been up to so far. The only bits she leaves out are her encounters with Ace Team. She doesn't want her family to be concerned or worry, not yet at least. Not until she finds out more information about the group.

Dad tells her to check around the machine for a certain cable connected to it. Janice finds it.

Dad Michael: Plug in your PokeDex.

Janice gets out the PokeDex from her Bag and links it to the cable. On the PokeDex screen, the little device confirms that it is now connected to a Video Phone machine and on the bigger screen a window does appear, which looks exactly like the main menu screen of the PokeDex. A prompt pops up next to the window asking if the window should be shared. Janice moves the mouse to click the Yes button. On the screen that Dad and the twins see, the same window now appears.

Dad Michael: Look at that. This is how Trainers back in the day would show each other their PokeDex information. We'll be able to see the menus from here as you navigate them from there.

Janice: That's so neat, I had no idea! (scrolling through the menus) Nice, so I can show you guys which Pokemon I've seen and which ones are on my team now.

Dad and the twins follow along as Janice guides them, growing more and more impressed as they see the various Pokemon.

Jerome: 7 Pokemon on your team already! I can't wait to see them when you come back home!

Jennifer: You better have many more by then, big sis! A whole bunch of cool Pokemon!

Janice: (chuckles) I'll do my best, Jenny. There are so many amazing Pokemon out in the world, it'll be hard to choose which ones to catch.

Dad and the Twins: Then catch ALL of them! (one final round of laughter for everyone)

Then it is time to say goodbye and end the call.

Janice: I'll call you guys again when I get the chance.

Jerome: You better. (grins)

Jennifer: Or we'll call you!

Dad Michael: I'll tell Mom and Janet that you called. It's been good seeing you and talking to you, knowing that you are alright out there. Keep at it, okay? We're here when you need us.

Janice and Pidgey exchange looks of certainty.

Janice: We won't let you down. It was great seeing you two troublemakers, and you too Dad. I hope next time Mom and Janet will be home too so I can talk to them as well.

The Twins: Good luck, big sis!

Dad Michael: Take care honey!

Janice: Bye guys!

Moments signing off Janice and Pidgey leave the cubicle. Cecil sees them from the counter.

Cecil: It all went smoothly, I take it?

Janice: Yeah it did, thank you for helping me out. That was nice.

Cecil: Anytime. You're welcome to come and call again next time you're in town.

Out of the Post Office and back into the warm afternoon sunshine.

Janice: Alright, next stop - Sharon's Diner!


It is nearly packed with lunchtime patrons. Waiters and waitresses are busy, weaving from table to table with no pressure.

Janice: (looking around at how crowded it is in here) I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It IS lunchtime afterall. (turns to Pidgey) Let me place you back into your PokeBall until we get some food and leave so we can eat outside in the open, okay?

Pidgey understands and returns into its PokeBall. There's an empty seat by the counter, she settles in. Moments later the woman in charge comes over.

Sharon: Another new face in town, welcome to my diner. Here you go (hands Janice a menu) let me know what you'll be having.

Janice: Thanks. (browsing the menu) Lunchtime rush hour?

Sharon: (sighs as she looks around at the occupied tables) Safe to say it will be the last time we have a rush hour like this. (smiles) Most of these people aren't even local. They're production crew members.

Janice: (looks up from the menu at Sharon) Production crew? For what?

Sharon: There's some big movie which is premiering tomorrow night in the next city further north, Holder City. These guys have been around for months working on it and then for the last couple of weeks they have been busy with putting the final touches. Today is their last day.

Janice didn't know about the movie. This is news to her, but she finds herself more interested in that next city.

Janice: How far is Holder City from here?

Sharon: No more than a couple of hours if you're two-stepping it. Beyond Route 4. (attending to other patrons) No surprise the movie is opening there, Holder City is a big fancy place. Home of the rich and famous...and rather pricey. No wonder people are willing to come all the way here for lunch. (satisfied smile)

Sharon has a look at Janice, noticing the Bag.

Sharon: Ahh, a Trainer, eh? Where are you from?

Janice: Percival City. (hands the menu back to Sharon and makes her order) I only started as a Trainer a couple of days ago. Not too bad so far. Do you get a lot of Trainers stopping by here?

Sharon: (in the kitchen area preparing Janice's order) I'm glad to hear to it. You've made some progress in only a few days if you're from that southern city. Nice coastal place (laughs) good for holidays. Not a lot of them stop by, except to bother Mr Lou who runs the PokeMart or to visit the PokeCenter. Most Trainers just pass through on their way to Holder City...

Once the food is ready, Sharon packs it up into three neat plastic takeaway boxes that have the Sharon's Diner logo stamped on the lid. One box for her and the other two contain a variety of Pokemon treats. She brings the boxes over to Janice and receives her money for the meals.

Sharon: ...because that's where the second G--

She is interrupted by the sound of the diner front door opening and someone storming in, crying. It's a boy some years younger than Janice. Some of the patrons follow the commotion as the boy rushes over to Sharon, who looks both alarmed and confused.

Sharon: Ricky?? (checking on him) What's wrong son?? What happened, why are you crying??

Ricky continues to sob, not yet ready to meet his mother's concerned eyes. Sharon notices the patrons and the staff that are looking at them, they look just as worried. She leads Ricky into the kitchen area where they can have some privacy. Janice, who is still seated at the counter, had been ready to leave until Ricky arrived. Now she's not sure if she should just go without thanking Sharon. And because she is at the counter, Janice can hear the woman trying to find out what has happened from her son. She turns away in an attempt to ignore, a little embarrassed about listening to what should be a private conversation. Then Ricky finally speaks when his sobbing has quietened and what he has to say makes Janice turn back with shock.

Ricky: ...Growlithe was taken from me. I caught a Growlithe...and they took it from me...

Sharon: Who took Growlithe?

Ricky: ...Some boys who showed up. Three of them.

Sharon: Do you know these three boys? Seen them before?

Ricky: No...I don't know them. They said they were going to make me part of their group if I could beat them in a battle.

Sharon: Which group is this?

Ricky: ...Ace Team.

Janice: ?!!

Ricky: I thought they were Ace Team Trainers, they told me that they were Ace Team Trainers...and if I could win the battle, I would get to be one too. But I couldn't beat one of them...they took Growlithe from me and ran away.

The boy's sobbing picks up again, despite Sharon consoling him. Janice has heard enough, she gets up from her seat and jumps over the counter. One of the waitresses has seen her and she yells at her to stop. But she is too far from the counter to catch the girl. Janice enters the kitchen area, startling Sharon and Ricky.

Sharon: W-What are you doing back here--?!

Janice: I can help!

Sharon: What??

A couple of the waitresses rush into the kitchen, one of them saw Janice.

Waitress #1: I'm so sorry Sharon, she was over the counter before I could reach her. (grabs one of Janice's arms)

Waitress #2: (grabs the other arm) We'll throw her out--

Janice: (trying to break free) No, wait! Listen, I can help Ricky!

Upon hearing his name, the boy looks up at her as he wipes his eyes. Sharon is not in the mood for any silly games.

Sharon: You need to leave right now. You shouldn't even be back here, this for staff members only!

Janice: I know, and I'm sorry for jumping over the counter and coming in here. But I heard what Ricky said about those boys being Ace Team Trainers. (looks at Ricky) I've had some trouble with Ace Team Trainers before. Let me help you get back your Growlithe.

Ricky looks back at her, his eyes clear now.

Ricky: Are you sure you can get Growlithe back?

Janice: (nods) Please. Just tell me where they are--

The two waitresses turn to leave the kitchen area, dragging Janice with them. Sharon looks at her and then at Ricky who is no longer crying. Before the waitresses disappear back into the dining area, Sharon tells them to hold on. They let go of Janice.

Sharon: Can you really help Ricky get his Pokemon back from those Ace Team boys? It's just you against three.

Janice: I know, but you don't have anybody else right now. Let me deal with them. I'll get Growlithe back.

Ricky shows off an assured smile and he goes to stand next to Janice, looking at his mother with some hope.

Ricky: I want her to help, Mom. Is that okay?

Sharon is still unsure about this. But the girl is right, there isn't anybody else.

Sharon: Okay. If she says she can help, then that's fine with me.

She extends a hand to Janice.

Sharon: I'm sorry for shouting at you. Thank you for doing this...erm (smiles apologetically) I don't even know your name, girl from Percival.

Janice: (shakes Sharon's hand, smiling back) I'm Janice.

Janice and Ricky exit the diner.

Ricky: (pointing eastward) The boys went that way, to the Eastern Field. That's where we play most of the time since there are no wild Pokemon that will bother us.

Janice: Alright, let's go!

They head east, running. Passing through peaceful streets and then the town outskirts.

Ricky: You said you've faced Ace Team Trainers before.

Janice: Yeah, a couple of them.

Ricky: Did any of them take your Pokemon?

Janice: None of them tried to. We only battled and afterwards they just left me alone.

Ricky: It's just that although they told me that they are Ace Team Trainers, I don't believe them now. Ace Team would never take people's Pokemon.

For Janice who hasn't had a positive experience with Ace Team so far, this is new.

Janice: You LIKE Ace Team?

Ricky has a big smile on his face as the Ace Team commercials he has seen many times on TV play through his mind.

Ricky: I think they're cool. Always out to help people and Pokemon. Offering to team up with Trainers and improve their skills. That's what I like about them...(his smile falls away)...so when these boys said they would let me become an Ace Team Trainer, I really wanted to join. They're not from Ace Team.

Finding someone who actually likes Ace Team and learning that perhaps it's some of the Trainers within the group who are bad, not the group as a whole.


What Janice and Ricky find when they leave town and reach the field is a small crowd of children. Ricky recognises most of them from school. They see him approaching and meet him.

Ricky: Simon? (looks from one boy to the other children) What's going on?

Simon and the others do not look very happy despite seeing him.

Simon: We came here to play with our Pokemon...(turns back to look at what's happening at the center of the field)...then those guys showed up. They beat all of us and took our Pokemon.

In the middle of the field are the three boys, Janice sees them now - they are teenagers just like her. They are crouching together around a small heap of PokeBalls that they are examining. Looking at each PokeBall and sharing out the Pokemon, choosing which ones each of them will keep. Their peals of laughter can be heard from where the children stand.

Janice: So that's them?

Ricky: Yeah...that's them.

Simon faces Ricky, shocked.

Simon: You too?? When did you catch yours??

Ricky: Today, not too long ago. (points out Janice) So I brought someone who can help. This is Janice.

The children look at her. Some curious, some indifferent, others not sure about her since she's just one person. A few offer their greetings. Simon is one of those who are unsure.

Simon: I don't know, Ricky, she is alone. And those guys beat all of us. They got tough Pokemon.

Janice checks the Levels of the boys. Two of them are at Level 15 and the third is Level 16. Not too bad, she thinks and smiles confidently.

Janice: I can take them on, they're not the only ones with tough Pokemon. Come on.

She walks on past the children, headed for the middle of the field. Ricky takes a few steps forward, stops and turns back to Simon and the others.

Ricky: She'll be alone if we're not there with her. Let's give her a chance to get our Pokemon back. (follows after Janice)

After a moment the children also follow.

The trio's laughter and chatter comes to an end when they see Janice, with the children crowded behind her. The boys get up to meet them.

Trio Leader: (looking pleased) Check it out, guys, they have returned!

Trainer #1: (smirks) With better Pokemon this time. Otherwise how will they win back their other ones?

Trio Leader: That's right, Dennis. They have to beat all three of us to get back their Pokemon...or lose again and leave behind their new ones (laughs).

Janice: I'll be the one you three have to try to beat this time.

The boys notice her, their happy faces falling slightly. They check her Level.

Trainer #2: We got ourselves a new face, Cliff.

Cliff: Indeed Nixon, a worthy challenger too. I like her spirit, wanting to take us on all by yourself for the children. (eyes Janice) You do realise that the numbers aren't exactly in your favour, right? If we win, maybe we'll add your Pokemon to our growing collection here.

Janice: That's not going to happen. You're going to give those Pokemon you stole back to their Trainers.

Cliff: ?! I'm sorry, stole? (turns to Dennis and Nixon) Did we steal the Pokemon, guys? Really??

Dennis: Nope.

Nixon: Got them fair and square.

Cliff: (eyes back on Janice, satisfied grin) That's right. Fair and square. The children lost to us and we simply helped them out by relieving them of those Pokemon that deserve to be with much better Trainers. Elite Trainers.

Janice: You're not elite Trainers, just a bunch of thieves. So who am I facing first? You? (looks at Nixon) Or you? (looks at Dennis) Or is it you? (looks at Cliff)

Cliff: Eager to lose your Pokemon, eh? Fine. (points at Dennis and Nixon) You'll be taking on my pals here first. If, and I mean IF, by some miracle you survive, you'll battle me. Either you battle them one after the other or in a 2 vs 1 Double Battle. What will it be?

Janice pauses. The last 2 vs 1 Double Battle she was in involved her and Gina facing Gym Leader Harris. This time she'll be on the opposite end. So she decides to play smart.

Janice: Singles battles.

Cliff: (pats Dennis on the shoulder) Get us her Pokemon.

Dennis steps forward, ready. It will be a 3 vs 3 Pokemon battle. Janice selects her three. Ricky and the other children brace themselves. This is it.


Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 15] vs Ace Team Trainer Dennis [Level 15]

Janice lets Pidgey out of its PokeBall, bringing the bird into a battle it wasn't expecting.

Janice: (looking up at Pidgey) We've got some trouble to sort out, I'm sorry for bringing you back out like this. Can I count on you first?

Pidgey gives her an assuring chirp, focused now on the task at hand. Dennis sends out his first Pokemon, Spearow. The two birds lock eyes and the aerial fight begins.

For Pidgey this is similar to facing Konami's Murkrow back in Rollins Forest. Taking on a bird that may be faster and has higher attack power but doesn't have as diverse a moveset as Pidgey's. Spearow gets to land a couple of Peck attacks but they don't match up against Pidgey's Quick Attack and Gust combination that knocks it out down a in few turns. One down for Dennis.

Nixon and Cliff watch as he returns Spearow into its PokeBall. Although they have plenty of confidence in their friend, they do look a little concerned about this. As if sensing his friends' unease:

Dennis: No harm, no worries guys. I've still got 2 more.

He clips the PokeBall back onto his belt and picks the next one.

Simon and the children who weren't sure about Janice when Ricky introduced her to them are starting to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe she has a chance. Even a small one.

Dennis: My second Pokemon, Furret! (sends it out)

Furret - The Long Body Pokemon. Evolved form of Sentret.
Type: Normal
Ability: Keen Eye

- Furret has a very slim build. When under attack, it can slickly squirm through narrow spaces and get away. In spite of its short limbs, this Pokémon is very nimble and fleet.

Janice: Pidgey, Tackle attack!

Dennis: Not quick enough - Furret, use Defense Curl!

Pidgey goes for Tackle, but isn't fast enough to strike Furret before it raises its defense. The damage done doesn't faze Furret too much.

Janice: *Another speedy opponent...*

Dennis: Alright. Show them your Quick Attack!

Furret shows off more of its natural speed, bringing Pidgey's health dangerously low.

Janice: *Physical attacks won't work well thanks to Defense Curl. No problem, Pidgey can use Gust or Swift instead.*

She pulls out a Potion for Pidgey from her Bag.

Janice: ?!

This time though the good medicine doesn't fully restore the Pokemon to full health - it brings Pidgey's health to just above the halfway mark.

Janice: *What?! How come it didn't completely heal Pidgey??*

She checks her Healing Items again and discovers that what she's got are the basic Potions which she received as part of the basic Trainer Kit from Professor Willow. Things become clear for her.

Janice: *Oh no...we've levelled up too high for Potion to fully restore health. I hadn't even thought of getting stronger Potions yet because these basic ones were doing just fine all along...*

They are enough as starter Items but as time goes on the idea for a Trainer is to upgrade to stronger Items as their Pokemon rise up the levels. Janice hasn't been doing that. Not good. Unfortunately for her, Dennis has noticed that Pidgey isn't back to 100%. His turn begins.

Dennis: You got this one Furret, finish it off with Fury Swipes!

Fury Swipes (Normal-type move)
Category: Physical
- The target is raked with sharp claws or scythes quickly two to five times in a row.

Furret briskly paws at Pidgey, landing one hit...then two hits. Pidgey's health dips back below halfway.

Janice: Pidgey!

Three hits. The fourth hit is the final one, taking out the Tiny Bird.

Dennis: At this Level you're going to be using a Potion? You can't be serious.

Janice ignores him, returning Pidgey into its PokeBall. She is a little upset at herself about the Potions. Can't rely on them like usual during these battles against the trio. Outside of battle, no problem. Konami's advice pops back in her mind just to add an exclamation point to the situation. Back then Janice didn't ask for it, she didn't ask for it now.

Janice: *They're what I've got for now, so I'll have to make the most with them. I hope they can get me through.*

She sends out her second Pokemon, Male Nidoran. Furret may have a move to boost its defense but Nidoran has the right move to counter Furret's type, even if it is a physical attack.

Dennis: ?!

He does not look too happy to see Nidoran. Not just because of Double Kick but also because of its Ability.

Dennis: *A Nidoran?! Okay, okay cool it. Just keep calm. That Ability only has a 30% chance of triggering. Only 30%.*

Furret goes for Defence Curl again for that second level boost.

Janice: Don't worry about that, Nidoran - Double Kick!

The move still doing major damage. Super Effective. Furret survives but it is only one hit away from fainting.

Dennis: Grr, come on! Furret, Fury Swipes!

His aim is to do as much damage to Nidoran as it can or maybe even defeat it with a full on barrage. One hit, then two hits, there's a third blow and Furret has triggered Poison Point, ending the parade of strikes.

Dennis: !!

Nidoran's health is just below the halfway mark now, not enough to worry it yet. What little is left of Furret's health is quickly eaten away by poison and the Pokemon can't continue fighting. That's two down for Dennis. One more he can send out. His own advice about staying calm goes right out the window. Nixon and Cliff can't keep cool too.

Cliff: Dude, I thought you had this. What's going on??

Dennis: *How was I supposed to know that she had a Nidoran??*

Nixon: Dennis?

Dennis: I-I still got it, guys. Just relax, alright? Got one Pokemon left...

He sends Furret back into its PokeBall and gets hold of the third one.

Behind Janice, the children are buzzing with excitement now. The first of the three boys is down to his last Pokemon. The end is close.

Dennis: Go, Poochyena!

Poocheyna - The Bite Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Run Away

- Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are comparedto its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.

Dennis: Use Sand Attack!

Poochyena starts off its turn by kicking up a cloud of sand into Nidoran's face, lowering its accuracy.

Janice: Try another Double Kick, Nidoran!

Nidoran tries to fight on but misses its target.

Dennis: Now use Howl!

Howl (Normal-type move)
Category: Status
- The user howls loudly to raise its spirit, which raises its Attack.

With its attack given a boost, Poochyena stares down Nidoran and prepares for its next turn.

Janice: Again, Nidoran! *Come on, you've got the best move against it!*

Nidoran fails a second time, with Poochyena having no trouble dodging the kicks. Chance for Dennis.

Dennis: Bite attack!

Boosted in power, the big strong bite is enough to knock out Nidoran. Two down for Janice. It is final Pokemon vs final Pokemon. For Dennis, that's fine. Poochyena can handle things from here now that Nidoran is out of the way. Nixon and Cliff see that their boy is back in control. They can breath easy. Janice returns Nidoran back into its PokeBall and gets her third Pokemon for this match.

Janice: *It's up to you now...*

The three boys watch as Janice sends out ANOTHER Nidoran. Dennis can't believe it.

Janice: (small smile) I liked them both, so I caught the pair. (turns to Nidoran) Double Kick!

Female Nidoran takes over from where its partner left off. The one-two combo finds its mark and pushes Poochyena backwards a few steps, its health in the red. Super Effective. Dennis won't gamble this time, he has his Bag with him and from the Items pocket he digs out what Janice needed - a Super Potion. No surprise that this one restores Poochyena back to 100%. The little grey hound regains its vigour and barks with gratitude, ready to carry on and defeat the new Nidoran.

Dennis: So what if you have 2 Nidoran? That doesn't mean you've already won this battle! Poochyena, Sand Attack!

More sand is kicked up to lower the opponent's accuracy. This time Janice switches to another move, one that Nidoran learned from the Move Tutor.

Janice: Nidoran, go for Body Slam!

It breaks through the cloud of sand and drives its body into Poochyena, full force. Poochyena staggers from the impact and falls to the ground. One more knock and it will be out of this match. When Poochyena tries to get up, it struggles and stays down.

Dennis: !! Hey Poochyena, wha--

His PokeDex gives him the update: Poochyena has been paralysed.

Dennis: ?!

He screams with rage, shocking his pals. If he uses another Super Potion, it will still be paralysed...if he cures it of the paralysis, its health will still be in danger. Why now??

Dennis: That's not going to stop us, come on Poochyena! Get up and use Bite!

His Pokemon wills itself to move, almost fails, but succeeds and delivers the teeth. Nidoran flinches with pain as its health drops to the halfway mark.

Janice: Nidora--

She stops, seeing that Nidoran can't attack. It forfeits its turn. Janice looks at Dennis, who jumps straight into his turn. No stopping him now.

Dennis: One more Bite! Let's finish this!!

Poochyena has heard the call and is determined to carry out one more Bite. The spirit is there, the attack has been boosted and the body moves...but the paralysis drops Poochyena back to the ground. The struggle ends. Nidoran's turn comes next. It has recovered from the previous attack. It's ready and so is Janice. She makes the call.

Dennis, his friends and the children watch as Nidoran delivers one more pair of kicks to Poochyena. There is no getting back up from those for the Dark-type. The match is over.

End of Chapter 08 Part 1 - The Face of Ace (Side A).

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Ricky and the children erupt with cheers. Janice gives them a quick thumbs up while she attends to Pidgey and the Nidoran pair. One opponent has been defeated, the next one is ready and another after him. Dennis sends Poochyena back into its PokeBall and quietly steps aside for Nixon. He is not in the mood to talk even while Cliff tries to engage him.

Nixon: Let's leave him be for now, Cliff. We're not done yet. It's my turn now.

Cliff: (looks from Dennis to Nixon) I'm counting on you, man.

For Dennis the fact is he lost when he could've won this entire thing for his team and ended everything. It's up to Nixon.

With Pidgey and the pair back in fine form, Janice selects her next three-Pokemon team. What surprises will Nixon's team bring?


Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 15] vs Ace Team Trainer Nixon [Level 15]

Janice: I'll start with you, Krabby!

Nixon: Go, Wooper!

The two Water-types step onto the battlefield. Krabby sizes up its opponent, despite that Wooper just looks happy to be here and to find a fellow Water-type. Janice's PokeDex lights up:

Wooper - The Water Fish Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Water Absorb

- Wooper usually live in water but come out onto land seeking food occasionally. On land, they coat their bodies with a gooey, toxic film.

Ability: Water Absorb
- Restores 25% of maximum health if hit by a Water-type move.

Janice: *That's a pretty cool Ability you got there. So no neutral damage from Krabby's Water-type moves. Okay.* Krabby, use Leer!

Wooper's defense is lowered.

Nixon: Two can play at that game - Wooper, Tail Whip!

Wooper playfully wags its large tail at Krabby, lowering the River Crab's defense.

Janice: Fair. Krabby, show them Vice Grip!

Krabby grabs hold of Wooper's tail, dealing more damage than normal thanks to Leer and dropping Wooper's health to the halfway mark.

Janice: Great job, Krabby. One more should do it.

Nixon: (chuckles) That's assuming Krabby will get the chance to use Vice Grip again.

Janice: ? What do you mean? Of course it will, after this turn of yours ends.

Nixon: Wooper, how about you show them the move I taught you not too long ago? Dig!

Wooper starts kicking up the earth underneath it and slowly descends below the ground. Krabby is puzzled. Janice looks to consult the PokeDex--

Nixon: Don't bother asking your PokeDex, I'll tell you what that is. It's a Ground-type move called Dig. I got the TM for it and Wooper learned the move. A much better move than Mud Shot.

Wooper's turn ends. Krabby looks around, checking for any sign of movement. Nothing. Nixon is enjoying this.

Nixon: One other thing - Dig is a two-turn move.

Janice: Two-turn move..?

Nixon: Which means that it is set up in the first turn and then it goes into effect in the next one. Unless Krabby was a Flying-type or a Pokemon that had the Ability Levitate, it cannot avoid being hit by Wooper when it resurfaces.

Janice: ?! No way...!

Nixon: (laughs) Just end Krabby's turn. There's nothing it can do against Dig.

Janice looks at Krabby, it is still searching for Wooper while anticipating a call from her to make a move. She checks the PokeDex, in case maybe there's a move Krabby knows which could work. No luck from the PokeDex. Her eyes are back on Krabby. Still at full health.

Janice: *I can't just end Krabby's turn and let it get hit...but there really is nothing it can do...*

She stops. Her mind refreshes.

Janice: *Nothing Krabby can do...unless--* !!

She gets hold of Krabby's PokeBall. Nixon gives her a questioning look.

Janice: Krabby, return!

Not what Krabby was expecting.

Janice: (smiles) Sorry Krabby, but I had to send you back.

Nixon: Really?

Janice swaps Krabby's PokeBall for one of the remaining two she chose.

Janice: Yeah, you said it yourself - there's nothing Krabby can do against Dig. So I decided to do something for Krabby - switching it out for a Pokemon that CAN do something against Dig.

Nixon: ?!

Janice: Go, Chikorita!

The Leaf Pokemon enters the battlefield and gives a brief cry of confusion. It's the only one there, where is its opponent?

Janice: Below you, Chikorita!

Nixon: Wait, Wooper--!

The turn that belonged to Krabby ends and Wooper's turn begins with the ground below Chikorita bursting open as Wooper emerges to strike its new foe. The impact sends Chikorita bouncing back a few steps...and then Chikorita simply shrugs it off. The move is not very effective. Chikorita's health remains above the halfway mark. Wooper is more shocked than its Trainer. Where did this Grass-type come from?

Janice: Chikorita may not be a Flying-type and may not have Levitate as an Ability, but it is a good type to have when facing a Water/Ground-type such as Wooper.

Nixon: !! That's not fair!

Janice: Fair and square. You're free to switch out Wooper for another Pokemon in the next turn. Chikorita, Vine Whip!

Wooper's turn concludes. It is the last turn it will have in this battle. Chikorita shows off the move it learned from the Move Tutor. Only 2 lashes are enough to put down Wooper. Super Effective. One down for Nixon.

More cheers from behind Janice. Silence from the other side of the battlefield. Nixon returns Wooper to its PokeBall. He eyes the next PokeBall that he gets hold of.

Nixon: *I'll beat two of her Pokemon with this one. Fair and square, right?* Your turn now, Bellsprout!

Even though there's not much wind blowing through the Debbie Eastern Field, the Flower Pokemon sways from side to side without a care in the world. The sun is out, Bellsprout is in action, all is well. Chikorita puts its guard up, knowing that Bellsprout is not just a fellow Grass-type. Janice grows cautious as well.

Bellsprout - The Flower Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll

- A Bellsprout's thin and flexible body lets it bend and sway to avoid any attack, however strong it may be. From its mouth, it leaks a fluid that melts even iron.

This is Bellsprout's turn.

Nixon: Use Sleep Powder!

Janice: !!

The big blue dust cloud envelopes Chikorita, who tries fight it. No use. The Leaf Pokemon gives into the call to shut its eyes and collapses to the ground, asleep. Some of the cool Nixon lost when Chikorita was introduced has returned to him. He's got the upper hand now thanks to Bellsprout.

Janice has to decide: does she wake Chikorita and fight on, hoping to defeat the dual-type before it takes out Chikorita? Or does she switch Chikorita for her final Pokemon, revealing that last card to Nixon? Nixon who also has a third Pokemon that Janice knows nothing about. After weighing both options, she gets Chikorita back into its PokeBall. Nixon shakes his head disapprovingly at her.

Nixon: Chikorita will still be asleep whenever you decide to bring it back, you get that, right?

Janice ignores him, as she places Chikorita's PokeBall back into her Bag.

Nixon: So what now, back to Krabby? Or perhaps you're backed so far into a corner that you're going to show me your last Pokemon? (smirks) Is that it?

Janice draws out a third PokeBall and shows it to Nixon.

Janice: Here's the Pokemon I chose as my third one for this match.

She lets out Pidgey.

Nixon & Bellsprout: ?!

The Tiny Bird is back to fight in a new match, its eyes watching the new foe.

Janice: Pidgey, use Gust!

The Flying-type almost blows away the worried-looking Bellsprout with the strong air attack. Super Effective. The Grass/Poison-type barely survives, with its health blinking in the danger zone.

Nixon is so glad his Pokemon wasn't wiped out in one shot. That gives him a chance to act. The one good piece of good news he has at least is knowing all of the Pokemon Janice chose for this match. He can still fall back on his final one. The bad news however - he is the only one who has lost a Pokemon so far...and is about to lose Bellsprout. Unless he decides to heal it...or take a page from Janice's playbook and switch Bellsprout out. And would that make the girl switch out Pidgey in response? Both Trainers switching Pokemon in and out until someone finally decides to make a move? He doesn't want that. So Nixon makes a move.

Nixon: Bellsprout already knows a Poison-type move called Acid...but I wanted something stronger and I got it. Bellsprout, use Sludge Bomb!

The Flower Pokemon spews out a sizeable quantity of the corrosive fluid from its mouth into the air above itself. The fluid collects into a revolving sphere that changes from colourless to an ominously deep shade of purple. Bellsprout directs the sphere forward, sending it straight into Pidgey. The sphere explodes upon making contact, with enough force to drive Pidgey backwards. Its health dives below the halfway mark, just outside of the red.

Janice: Pidgey!

The bird stays in the air, flapping its wings to regain balance. Shaken but still able to continue. Nixon closes his eyes, disappointed. The bird hasn't been poisoned. He had hoped for that much. Bellsprout's turn ends and Pidgey is next. One more Gust attack is called for, sending the Flower Pokemon out of this battle. Two down for Nixon.

Cliff: !!! Come on Nixon!

Dennis, who has recovered from his loss in the first match, remains quiet as he watches this match. Losing his cool won't help Nixon. As for Cliff, he can't help himself. Dennis lost and now Nixon is down to his last Pokemon. That shouldn't be happening. The girl should be the one down to her last Pokemon, only few turns away from defeat.

Nixon has sent Bellsprout back into its PokeBall. From one of his jeans' pockets he brings out the one containing his third Pokemon. Time for a new plan.

Nixon: Go, Geodude!

Geodude - The Rock Pokemon
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Sturdy

- At rest, it looks just like a rock. It climbs mountain paths using only the power of its arms. Because they look just like boulders lining paths, hikers may step on them without noticing.

Nixon: What do you think of my final Pokemon? Came in at a good time to face your Pidgey. Had this been your turn, I'm willing to bet that you would've switched Krabby back in. (laughs) But it's not. Geodude, Rollout--!

Janice: Not if Pidgey gets to it first - use Sand Attack!

Speed is on Pidgey's side, its sprays the sandy cloud at Geodude, lowering its accuracy. But the Rock Pokemon carries on. It folds its arms together and begins rolling on the ground. With enough speed it rushes on forward, bounces up into the air and smashes into its target without any problems. Super Effective. The impact sends both Pokemon out of the air and back to the solid earth, but only one of them is still moving. Janice's hope of seeing the move miss has disappeared. She sends Pidgey back into its PokeBall. One down for Janice.

Janice: *You can rest now, my friend. Thank you for helping us out. But we're not done just yet.*

She puts the PokeBall back into the Ball pocket of her Bag, where the other Pokemon rest. Only Krabby and Chikorita remain now. She still has the advantage. And maybe she'll only need one Pokemon to take care of Geodude.

Janice: It's up to you now, Krabby!

Nixon smiles when he sees it back on the battlefield. Still at the height of health. He can't believe she has decided to save Chikorita for last.

Nixon: You're aware of what makes Rollout such a good move?

Janice doesn't respond, choosing silence over admitting to not knowing yet another move. She would've checked her PokeDex but Nixon is probably going to call her out for that.

Nixon: It can hit up to 5 times in a row, growing stronger with each turn. First turn took down Pidgey.

Janice is wide-eyed with shock. She watches as Geodude races across the battlefield and rams into an unprepared Krabby, with more force than the first run. Krabby's health slides all the way down to the ledge of the halfway point, where it barely hangs on.

Nixon: ...

Cliff: !!

The children: !!!

Janice's shock fades, replaced by a fire that pushes her forward. Krabby survived, it has a chance now!

Janice: Finish this, Krabby - Water Pulse!!

The cool jet of water slams into Geodude with much more force. The Rock Pokemon is knocked backwards until it lands close to Nixon. It's health plummets, going up and over the halfway mark and crashes into the red zone. Super Effec--

...Janice's PokeDex gives that all too familiar chime suddenly, putting out that fire of motivation and bringing her back to reality. An Ability has been triggered.

Ability: Sturdy
- If a Pokemon with this ability is at full Health, it won't be KO'ed in one hit.

What's left of Geodude's health is hanging onto that red zone ledge by a thread. Janice, Ricky, Simon and rest of the children watch in disbelief as Geodude slowly pushes itself back off the ground. It coughs up some water that got into its mouth, rotates its arms around to get them dry and then folds them together. The rolling starts up again and regains lost momentum. Krabby does not have the strength to stop Geodude's third Rollout run. Two down for Janice.

Cliff's mood has turned around, he pumps his fist into the air and cheers enough for all three boys. Even Dennis shows some life, sharing a fist bump of appreciation with Nixon. It is down to the last Pokemon for both Trainers. One is still snoozing while the other has an attack that is only growing stronger. Surely the final 2 Rollout hits could be powerful enough to mow down Chikorita, even if Chikorita has the advantage type right? The children have grown quiet. Their hopes which were flying high minutes ago are losing altitude. The possibility of Janice losing is rising.

Krabby goes back into its PokeBall and then into the Bag. Janice retrieves Chikorita's PokeBall. She only has a moment to look at it before sending the Leaf Pokemon out.

Janice: *You're the last one, Chikorita. Please wake up...*

Seconds later Chikorita is released, with no idea what is going on right now. Its sleep undisturbed. Yet.

Nixon: Maybe you should've saved Krabby for last instead. At least it was still healthy and was still awake. Chikorita isn't going to do anything for you now.

Janice: !!

Nixon's right, Janice realises. She sees that Chikorita hasn't been healed since being hit by Wooper's Dig attack. She dives into the Items pocket of her Bag and she finds the two that she needs right now, a Potion and an Awakening. Only one of them can be picked. She closes her eyes, thinking and weighing both options. Then she opens them, her decision made.

Janice: *I hope I'm making the right choice.*

She takes out the Potion. Since Dig didn't do a lot of damage, the Potion works well to restore Chikorita to full health. Nixon shakes his head at this.

Nixon: That's not going to save you! Rollout is in its 4th run now!! Let's go, Geodude!!

Geodude revs up, shifts into the next gear and takes off. The sleeping Grass-type is sent flying backwards and lands in a heap near its Trainer. Janice is on her knees by her friend's side, checking on it.

Janice: Chikorita...? Hey, Chiko--

The Leaf Pokemon slowly opens its eyes, brought out of its slumber by Geodude's attack. Chikorita looks up to see Janice, whose concerned face breaks into a relieved smile.

Janice: You were out for a quite bit there, welcome back.

Chikorita tries to figure out what has been going on. It remembers fighting Wooper...then Bellsprout...and then everything disappears in a swirling blue haze. And now its body is aching with pain it doesn't even know where it came from. Once its vision has cleared and its mind clear enough, Chikorita starts making its way up off the ground and back onto its feet. Janice slowly rises to her feet as well, watching the Pokemon. Chikorita's health has been shot down into the last quarter of the red zone. But despite this, it gives Janice a short wave of its leaf to indicate that it can still fight. That's enough good news for Janice.

Nixon and his pals' plan to celebrate Geodude knocking out Chikorita completely is scrapped. They see the Grass-type get back on its feet. Geodude has become a rolling blur, preparing for its opponent to make their move. Then, Janice's PokeDex chimes. Nixon's PokeDex chimes too. Both devices give their owners the same message. One owner receives the message with pure surprise...while the other owner sees the message as confirmation that this match is truly over for them.

Janice: !! *Chikorita's Ability...!!*

It dawns on her that this is the first time that the Ability has activated.

Ability: Overgrow
- Increases the power of Grass moves by 50% if the Pokemon is at less than 50% of its maximum Health.

Chikorita suddenly looks a little brighter, like it is standing under a shaft of sunlight pouring in between trees in a forest. Eyes lock on to Geodude. Janice and her friend are ready to put this match to a close.

Janice: Chikorita, Razor Leaf!!

The leaf on Chikorita's head waves in a circle as smaller, sharp-edged leaves pop into existence around it. A handful of them at first then more than a dozen of them. When enough have been formed, the bigger leaf stops waving and Chikorita sends the smaller ones on towards its target. They buzz through the air across the battle field and catch Geodude, putting an end to its rolling. The leaves swirl around the Rock Pokemon for only a few seconds but in just that brief window of time they cut and slice and slash it for multiple turns. When they vanish into nothing, Geodude is left to collapse onto the ground. No getting up this time. The match is over.

Chikorita turns back and rushes into Janice's arms as the children behind her leap for joy and shout in triumph. They were losing hope and looking at not seeing Janice save their Pokemon. That came close to happening. But Nixon has been defeated, making it 2 of the 3 Ace Team Trainers taken care of. The one remaining walks past Nixon, who tries to tell him that he is sorry. Cliff doesn't hear him. He doesn't hear the cheering children. The angry voice inside his own head is all that he hears as he steps up to fight. The angry voice that reminds him that the trio are ACE TEAM TRAINERS. The absolute best of the best. They should not be losing to some girl Trainer they don't even know. They cannot let her spoil their fun and take back the Pokemon that they won fair and square. But Dennis failed, then Nixon failed. It's up to Cliff now. He will not fail-- the voice in his head suddenly goes silent.

Janice is healing up Chikorita when her PokeDex pings. The children have gathered round to check on the Pokemon, their talking ends when they hear the PokeDex.

Ricky: Is something wrong?

Janice: No, at least I hope not. It must be a new message.

She opens the device and confirms that it is indeed a new message.

Janice: !!

Chikorita looks up at her, not sure what's up. Then three other members of Janice's team emerge from their PokeBalls, the Nidoran Pair and the wide awake Abra, startling the children. The biggest surprise being Abra, whom they haven't see before.

Simon: Um, Janice...why have your Pokemon come out of their PokeBalls like this??

Janice checks the PokeDex's new message one more time and then at the Pokemon, a smile appearing on her face.

Janice: Me and my Pokemon have just levelled up. We were at Level 15...and now we are at Level 17.

The children: !!

Even the Ace Team trio can't hide their shock. Cliff, who is at Level 16, is speechless.

And then...still with a questioning look on its face, Chikorita starts to glow and is soon covered by a bright white light. Abra and the Nidoran Pair follow.

End of Chapter 08 Part 2 - The Face of Ace (B Side).

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Janice and the children around her watch as the four Pokemon's small bodies morph and grow larger. For the children especially, this is truly something. Seeing multiple evolutions take place at the same time. They look in wonder from one shifting white form to another. For Janice, this is extra special because three of these Pokemon have become her friends that she has travelled with and battled alongside. Then there is one new Pokemon who has joined the team and the hope is it will be another friend just waiting to be made. Here it is now, already turning into a whole other Pokemon. Seconds later the white light fades and the four new Pokemon stand to meet everyone. The questioning look that Chikorita had before has now been replaced by a look of pure surprise on the face of Bayleef. Face to face with Janice.

Janice: (chuckles) It's good to see you too, hi there.

Bayleef recognises its friend, looks around to see the amazed faces of the children and then sees its teammates in their new forms. Nidorina, Nidorino and Kadabra. Bayleef is beyond pleased. The PokeDex makes the introductions:

Bayleef - The Leaf Pokemon. Evolved form of Chikorita.
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Moves Known: Growl, Tackle, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Vine Whip, Poison Powder

- Bayleef's neck is ringed by curled-up leaves. Inside each leaf is a small tree shoot with an aroma that acts as a stimulant to restore health.

Nidorina - The Poison Pin Pokemon. Evolved form of Nidoran (F).
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point
Moves Known: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Body Slam

- It has a calm & caring nature. Because its horn grows slowly, it prefers not to fight. Its ultrasonic cries have the power to beduffle foes.

Nidorino - The Poison Pin Pokemon. Evolved form of Nidoran (M).
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point
Moves Known: Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Mud-Slap

- Nidorino has a horn that is harder than a diamond. If it senses a hostile presence, all the barbs on its back bristle up at once, and it challenges the foe with all its might.

Kadabra - The Psi Pokemon. Evolved form of Abra.
Type: Psychic
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves Known: Teleport

- It stares at its silver spoon to focus its mind. It emits more alpha waves while doing so. The more danger it faces, the stronger its psychic power.

For most of the children, they are seeing these Pokemon for the very first time in person. The Pokemon, seeing these children, are just as curious as they are. Kadabra is unsure at first, having to absorb the evolution it has just had then discovering that it is part of a team with fellow Pokemon. But seeing the happy faces of the human children and then meeting the Trainer who caught it assures Kadabra that everything is okay. It is glad to be here. Janice can't wait for Pidgey and Krabby and Magikarp to meet the new forms.

Janice: Welcome to the team, Kadabra.

The PokeDex pings again with another message: new moves have been learned!

Bayleef has learned Synthesis!

Synthesis (Grass-type move)
Category: Status
- The user restores its own Health. The amount of Health regained varies with the weather.

Kadabra has learned Kinesis and Confusion!

Kinesis (Psychic-type move)
Category: Status
- The user distracts the target by bending a spoon. This lowers the target's accuracy.

Confusion (Psychic-type move)
Category: Special
- The target is hit by a weak telekinetic force. This may also confuse the target (10% chance).

Nidorina and Nidorino have each learned Poison Sting and Helping Hand!

Poison Sting (Poison-type move)
Category: Physical
- The user stabs the target with a poisonous stinger. 30% chance of poisoning the target.

Helping Hand (Normal-type move)
Category: Status
- The user assists an ally by boosting the power of that ally's attack power by 50%.

Nidorina has learned Bite!

Bite (Dark-type move)
Category: Physical
- The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. This may also make the target flinch.

Nidorino has learned Horn Attack!

Krabby has learned Harden and Mud Shot!

Harden (Normal-type move)
Category: Status
- The user stiffens all the muscles in its body to raise its Defense.

Mud Shot (Ground-type move)
Category: Special
- The user attacks by hurling a blob of mud at the target. 30% chance of lowering the target's Speed.

Pidgey has learned Mirror Move!

Mirror Move (Flying-type move)
Category: Status
- The user counters the target by mimicking the target's last-used move.

Janice: !!!

She is just starting to take in all this new information when Cliff interrupts. The happy mood Janice and the children are in is instantly shattered.

Cliff: While it's great and all that you and your Pokemon got a little bit stronger, learning new moves and everything, you are not done yet. I'm your opponent now.

The children back away to give Janice and her Pokemon space, seeing that they will be busy once again. One more match left. From his left jeans pocket and from the right one Cliff digs out a total of four PokeBalls. He displays them between his fingers.

Cliff: These are Pokemon I'll be battling with. Choose yours.

Janice gets back onto her feet, standing ready to face Cliff. With a confident smile she waves her hand over the Pokemon standing before her, looking across the battlefield at Cliff.

Janice: I've already got mine right here. We're ready when you are.

It is a 4 vs 4 Pokemon battle, the final round. Winner takes all.


Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 17] vs Ace Team Trainer Cliff [Level 16]

Ricky and Simon team up to lead their friends in cheering for Janice as the match starts. They hope to give her as much support as they have now. Cliff doesn't pay any attention to them. Janice looks at her four Pokemon and settles on the one whom she wants to go with first.

Janice: Nidorina, let's go!

Nidorina steps forward and enters the battlefield as Cliff sends out his first - an annoyed looking Voltorb. It rolls in to meet its opponent, with strings of electricity dancing around its sleek round body. Both Nidorina and Janice become extra cautious, Cliff notices and smirks.

Voltorb - The Ball Pokemon
Type: Electric

- Voltorb is extremely sensitive - it explodes at the slightest of shocks. It is rumored that it was first created when a Poké Ball was exposed to a powerful pulse of energy.

Cliff: That's right, you ought to be careful around a Voltorb. Whether you're a beginner Trainer or a veteran, you must treat it with care because it is so volatile. Otherwise...every battle would just end with Voltorb suddenly exploding. (laughs) Use Charge!

Those strings of electricity increase and race around Voltorb as it builds up the power of its Electric-type moves. When Nidorina's turn follows, Janice calls for Double Kick. Voltorb is pushed backwards, its health drops to the halfway mark. But Nidorina on the other hand is sent backwards by a jolt of electricity.

Janice: Nidorina??

Her PokeDex delivers the message: Nidorina has been paralysed by Voltorb's Ability:

Ability: Static
- If the opponent makes physical contact, there's a 30% chance for the opponent to get paralysed.

Janice: !!

Cliff waves a warning finger at Janice, his smirk still there.

Cliff: What happened to being careful? Had I been unlucky, I might've caught a Voltorb which has the Soundproof Ability instead. Now that it is all charged up, Voltorb can show you a neat little move that I taught it with the help of a TM. Use Shock Wave!

Another jolt hits Nidorina, this one is not as kind. The Pokemon's health dips below halfway.

Cliff: And what's extra neat about it is the fact that Shock Wave never misses. Could've gone for Thunderbolt or even Thunder but I can always get those later. For now Shock Wave will do just fine.

Janice doesn't like the chances of Nidorina surviving another attack. But she has a plan in mind.

Janice: Nidorina, please try for a Body Slam!

Nidorina attempts to move, managing to get up a few inches above the ground. It falls back down and stays locked by paralysis. The plan goes nowhere.

Janice: *That could've knocked out Voltorb...and then I'd have cured Nidorina in the next turn. I'm sorry...*

Voltorb strikes its foe with another jolt, knocking out Nidorina. One down for Janice. Not a great start for her. Even the cheering from the children lowers in volume a few levels as some of the children feel a little discouraged. Showing more concern are the other Pokemon near Janice, seeing their teammate defeated. They each wonder which of them will go into battle next, aiming to avenge Nidorina and even the score.

Nidorina is sent back into its PokeBall, which goes into the Bag. Janice looks at the remaining three, thinking.

Janice: *Fortunately they each know a move which keeps them from making physical contact with Voltorb...*

She turns to Nidorino.

Janice: *Nidorino knows Mud-Slap, I could send it out now...*

She turns to Kadabra.

Janice: *Or weaken Voltorb first with Kadabra? Although Kinesis sounds like a helpful move, even if Voltorb's accuracy is lowered, Shock Wave won't miss...*

Which leaves Bayleef, who has two moves it can work with against the Electric-type. If the idea is to weaken Voltorb, then Bayleef is the best choice. Afterwards, Nidorino can come in.

Cliff's smug face cracks when he sees Bayleef enter the battlefield. He is fully aware that Electric-type moves won't really work against a Grass-type. What he's not sure of is if this girl is also aware of this. Regardless, it means Cliff has to switch tactics.

Cliff: Voltorb, use Screech!

Without warning, a high-pitched electric ring sounds from the Ball Pokemon. Everyone except for Cliff is quick to cover their ears. He shakes his head like he can't believe these people.

Cliff: You get used to it after a while, it ain't THAT loud.

As a result, Bayleef's defense sharply drops. Once the echo of that electric ring has faded from her hearing, Janice makes her move.

Janice: Bayleef, Poison Powder!

Cliff: !!

The cloud of purple dust showers its content on Voltorb, whose body flashes the same colour to confirm that it has been poisoned. A portion of its health disappears, leaving the remaining amount in the red zone.

Cliff: Hey! That was a dirty move!

Janice: Huh? What do you m--

Cliff: If it's going to be like that, then I'll play dirty too.

Janice: ?! What do you mean it was a dirty move?? It was not--

Before she can go further with her argument, Janice is cut off by Cliff calling for a new move.

Cliff: I'll show you just how dangerous Voltorb is - Explosion!

Dennis and Nixon: !!

Janice: !!! Wait, no--!!

Voltorb amps up its electric power, flashing a bright yellow for a brief moment and then exploding. Dust and dirt fly everywhere, forcing Janice, her Pokemon and the children behind them to shield themselves until everything settles.

The scene on the battle field becomes clear. Voltorb is out of action, with puffs of smoke rising up from its body as if it overheated and internally fried. Bayleef is down as well, caught by the powerful blast. The children's cheers have been replaced by shocked silence.

Janice: Bayleef!!

She rushes over to check on her fainted friend, laying on its side dirty and battered. Dennis rounds on his friend, alarmed by what has happened. Nixon can't stop him.

Dennis: Dude, why did you do that??

Cliff calmly brushes off dust from his Ace Team branded clothes as he responds to Dennis, not bothering to face him.

Cliff: There was no way I would let Voltorb get slowly poisoned until it fainted. Not because of some dirty move. So...

When he is done, he returns Voltorb back into its PokeBall.

Cliff: ...I did the best thing - use a move that would beat Bayleef in one go. I saved Volt--

Janice: That was unnecessary.

Cliff looks over at Janice. For a moment he had forgotten about her. But right now she is looking back at him with a different face - one of anger.

Janice: You did not have to sacrifice your Pokemon like that just to beat mine. If Voltorb getting poisoned bothered you so much, why didn't you use an Antidote to cure it?

Cliff places Voltorb's PokeBall into one of his jeans pockets. He holds the PokeBall containing his second Pokemon.

Cliff: As I was saying, I saved Voltorb. Doesn't matter whether or not you understand that, I'm ready to continue. Where's your next Pokemon?

Janice can't believe him. Not only did he avoid giving her a proper answer but he has just moved on to his next Pokemon like what happened to Voltorb and Bayleef is no big deal. She feels her anger rising inside as she continues to look at him, realising that he isn't concerned about how she feels. He's already focused on facing the Pokemon she chooses. Janice shifts her eyes away from him and sees Bayleef. She retrieves its PokeBall from her Bag and sends the Pokemon back. Knowing that it is now safe and sound calms Janice and she gets back to her feet and returns to her side of the battlefield, where Nidorino, Kadabra and the children are waiting, still quiet. She sees their worried faces, that wonder if she's alright. She sees her Pokemon, who didn't expect Bayleef to be taken out the way it was. Various faces that cool off what's left of her anger and push her onwards. Forward to the goal of winning this battle. Janice gives them all a small smile, letting them know that she is not giving up.

Janice: I'm still upset about what happened to Bayleef...I'm sorry you had to see that. I've put it back into its PokeBall so it can rest.

She turns to Nidorino and Kadabra.

Janice: I haven't given up yet because you two are still with me. Can I count on you?

Nidorino and Kadabra look at each other. They are the two Pokemon remaining who can help Janice in this battle. Even with the odds against them, they want to fight on. Not just for themselves or Janice but for Nidorina and Bayleef. They turn back to Janice and let her know that they are good to go on. This takes away the children's worries.

Nidorino enters the battlefield to meet the Pokemon Cliff has chosen, a Pinsir. Cliff doesn't show it on the outside but inside he is annoyed by this. He had hoped for Kadabra to be next. So he refocuses, aiming to defeat Nidorino as swiftly as possible. No problem.

Pinsir - The Stag Beetle Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Hyper Cutter

- Pinsir is astoundingly strong. It can grip a foe weighing twice its weight in its horns and easily lift it.

Cliff: Pinsir, use Vice Grip!

Pinsir is the faster one between the two Pokemon. It grabs hold of its opponent with its pincer horns, causing enough damage to cut a third of Nidorino's health. Not too bad for Cliff, he's happy about this. Just two more attacks needed. Maybe even one that's strong enough--

Janice: Nidorino, Peck attack!

Cliff: ?!

Nidorino surprises Pinsir and Cliff with the Flying-type move, which does more damage. Pinsir has half its health left. Not good for Cliff, who hadn't known about the move until now. From the Bag he's wearing, he fishes out a Super Potion and restores Pinsir to 100%. At least now it can handle another Peck, and then it counter with a second Vice Grip. One that should put Nidorino away. But Janice doesn't call for another Peck. Instead she has Nidorino use Leer, to lower Pinsir's defense. Cliff grins at this. Not what he was anticipating but he'll go with it anyway. He puts everything into the next attack.

Cliff: You should've gone for another Peck. Pinsir finish this with one more Vice Grip!!

Janice: One more?!

Pinsir follows the order and tightens its hold on Nidorino, bringing its health to less than a third. But in the process Pinsir's horns are pricked and the Bug-type is poisoned. Almost half of its health is eaten away. Not only has Pinsir failed to defeat Nidorino but it has gotten poisoned too. And unlike with Voltorb, Cliff is not in a position to save Pinsir.

Cliff: No way, that should've been enough! Come on Pinsir!!

Janice: Nidorino, one more Peck!

With its defense lowered, Pinsir does not handle this second Peck well enough to continue fighting. It is defeated before the rest of its remaining health can be eaten away by poison. Two down for Cliff. Two Pokemon remain for him now. As he returns Pinsir back into its PokeBall, Dennis speaks up.

Dennis: I don't think it was a good idea to have Voltorb take itself out. You would have had an extra Pokemon to use. Now you're down to two.

Nixon: He's right, Cliff. Maybe you should've just used an Antidote.

Cliff: Guys, it's fine. The two Pokemon I got left are enough. I'm not done yet.

Dennis: I'm just not sure about--

Cliff turns around to face him, eyes staring.

Cliff: Dennis, dude, I said it's fine. You had your chance and you lost. (faces Nixon) Same deal with you. I am not going to lose.

Dennis and Nixon give up on continuing to reason with Cliff. Their friend won't change his ways no matter what they throw at him. But they do continue to watch the match, to see what he's got in mind as far as those two remaining Pokemon go. Janice can't catch the exchange between the boys from where she stands but she can tell that tensions are surfacing on the other side of the battlefield. She wonders what Cliff has just said to them. He has returned to facing her and sends out his third Pokemon, a Grimer.

Grimer - The Sludge Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: Stench

- Born from polluted sludge in the sea, Grimer's favourite food is anything filthy. They feed on wastewater pumped out from factories.

An unpleseant odour from Grimer wafts over the battlefield. It is like a horrible mixture of smells from piles of garbage that have been left out in the hot sun for way too long. Nidorino is the first to pick up the odour and turn away in disgust. Soon Kadabra, Janice and then the children catch it too. They really try their best to not bend over and let loose all they've eaten today. Noses are protected immediately, though this only helps just a little bit.

Janice: *Ugh, that is beyond nasty!! How does anyone keep such a Pokemon with them??*

She is a little curious about him sending out a Pokemon that's also a Poison-type like its opponent. What does this mean for Cliff's final Pokemon? At the same time she is rather annoyed by him being upset about Bayleef using a Poison-type move when the guy has had his own Poison-type Pokemon all this time.

Even though they have been around Cliff's Pokemon many times, Dennis and Nixon cover their nostrils too. Can never get used to that unholy smell. Cliff however doesn't react. The satisfied smirk which graced his face and the cool air that hung about him earlier have disappeared now. Replaced by a cold expression of someone who wants to stay focused on something major that they are doing. No more jokes or snarky comments. He is playing to win.

Despite Grimer's presence, Janice and Nidorino have to continue. She begins the new round by taking out a Potion from her Bag for Nidorino, raising its health to just over the halfway mark. Janice can only hope that prepares them somewhat for whatever tricks Grimer has to show.

Cliff: Grimer, use Poison Gas!

Janice watches as the Slime Pokemon sprays a toxic cloud in Nidorino's face, instantly poisoning it. Its health drops below half. Janice finds an Antidote from her Bag and cures Nidorino. It would be a little ridiculous to let Nidorino be defeated by poisoning. Cliff carries on with another attack, he calls for Pound. Grimer smacks Nidorino with one of its slimy arms. What's left of Nidorino's health goes into the red.

Janice: *If I use another Potion that will only restore about half of Nidorino's health from what it has right now...*

She goes through Nidorino's moves in her head and finds the one she had planned to try out on Voltorb.

Janice: *Good time to see how much damage it can do. Here we go.* Nidorino, Mud-Slap!

Cliff: !!

Nidorino's newest move gets a reaction from the trio leader - a look of disbelief. A small clump of mud forms in front of Nidorino and is hurled forward at Grimer. Super Effective, bringing Grimer's health down to half. Its accuracy lowered. Janice likes that. But Grimer's turn follows and Cliff can see Nidorino doesn't have much health left.

Cliff: You should've healed Nidorino instead of wasting that chance. Grimer, Pound!

Its arm only smacks solid ground this time, the spot where Nidorino was standing before getting out of the way. Target missed.

Cliff: Come on, Grimer! It's right in front of you!

Janice: Nidorino, another Mud-Slap!

Nidorino hurls a second clump of mud at Grimer, dropping its health into the red where it hangs on by a thread. Accuracy lowered some more.

Out of frustration Cliff goes for another move, not caring about types and just wanting to knock out Nidorino. He calls for Sludge. Grimer extracts a larger clump from its own body and tosses that at its opponent. Nidorino swiftly dodges it. No words from Cliff. Nothing else he can say will save Grimer. Nidorino beats it with Horn Attack in the next turn. Three down for Cliff.

With Grimer sent off, its signature smell fades away and good clear fresh air returns. Janice attends to Nidorino with that Potion, just enough to raise its health up to half. That will have to do. Behind Janice and her Pokemon, the children are coming to terms with the situation. Only one more Pokemon left to beat...and then, they get their own Pokemon returned to them. The conclusion to this entire battle is close.

Cliff has in his hand the PokeBall containing the 4th and final Pokemon he can use. Nixon wants to say something but Dennis puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head. Doesn't matter now. Everything now hangs on this next round. If Cliff is so sure of himself, then this could be where he'll shine the most and hopefully reveal his trump card.

Cliff: It's up to you now, Mankey!

The Fighting-type is already hoping from one foot to the other, its well known temper bubbling under the surface. It sees Nidorino and gives out a warning cry. No matter where Nidorino will run, Mankey assures it that there is no escape.

Mankey - The Pig Monkey Pokemon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Anger Point

- Light and agile on its feet, and ferocious in temperament. When angered, it flies into an uncontrollable frenzy.

Nidorino is not intimidated despite only having half of its health. If Mankey is looking for a worthy opponent, it has definitely found one.

Cliff: Normally this would be where an average Trainer would simply forfeit the match because they don't see their Fighting-type winning against a Psychic-type or a Pokemon like Nidorino that has an Ability which doesn't favour physical attacks. But I came prepared, making sure that Mankey can take on Pokemon like Nidorino and Psychic-types and Flying-types and Fairy-types too...because I am not an average Trainer.

Janice: Get to your point.

Cliff: Mankey, Rock Slide!

Janice: !?

Nidorino looks up to see dozens of baseball-sized rocks appearing in the air above Mankey. No chance to brace itself as those rocks come down on Nidorino like a surprise shower. It is pelted until all its remaining health is gone.

Janice: Nidorino!!

The rocks disappear once their target is down. Janice returns Nidorino back into its PokeBall, almost unbelieving what has happened. She had hopes of Nidorino sticking around for a few turns and doing some damage. But with one move those hopes go right out the window. Cliff offers her a small smile as he gestures for Kadabra to step up.

Cliff: You're next. Come on.

Kadabra enters the battlefield before Janice can say anything. Calm, sharp and focused, the Psi Pokemon locks eyes with the more energetic Mankey. They are the final Pokemon for this match. Janice has her own smile, appreciating that Kadabra is ready. She gets ready too.

Cliff: Show them what you can do Mankey, use Headbutt--!

Janice: Kadabra, Kinesis!

Just as Mankey is about to move, Kadabra draws its attention to the spoon it holds. In that moment Mankey suddenly slows its agitated breathing and stands still so it can look at the interesting object. Mankey's eyes follow the head of the spoon as it gently bends forward.

Cliff: Mankey snap out of it!

The Pokemon is brought out of its daze but the damage has been done, its accuracy is lowered. When Mankey looks back at Kadabra, it sees that the spoon has straightened again. Not knowing exactly what just happened moments ago is enough to set Mankey off and it erupts with fury. It dashes across the field and drives its head into Kadabra's, knocking the Psychic-type back a few steps. A third of its health is taken away. Both Janice's and Cliff's PokeDexes chime suddenly, letting them know that an Ability has been triggered. A deep frown forms on Cliff's face...his hope for Headbutt's extra effect vanishes.

Ability: Inner Focus
- Pokemon with this ability cannot be flinched.

Kadabra immediately recovers from Mankey's attack, which had enough force to make its target flinch. Janice doesn't waste time, glad Kadabra can fight back right away.

Janice: Kadabra, use Confusion!

Kadabra builds up telekinetic energy and channels out that energy to Mankey. The Pig Monkey's busy mind is struck. Some of its thoughts are scattered about. Super Effective. Mankey's health drops below halfway.

Cliff growls with frustration and scrambles for a Super Potion from his Bag. This wasn't supposed to happen, Mankey should've had another turn to land a second Headbutt and make Kadabra flinch a second time, allowing for a third and final attack. But Cliff hadn't known that this Kadabra had Inner Focus. He thought it had the other known Ability, Synchronize. Mankey's health is fully restored. Cliff won't admit defeat just yet, he has to continue fighting.

Kadabra attacks with a second Confusion. More of Mankey's thoughts are scattered as its mind is stirred. Its health is shot back over halfway and down into the red zone. A Critical Hit.

Mankey suddenly explodes with fury and power, unnerving the composed Kadabra. Janice's PokeDex pings. Cliff's PokeDex pings. One door had closed for Cliff...but here opens another one, swinging wide for him.

Ability: Anger Point
- Maximizes attack power if the wielder gets hit by a critical-hit.

What could be its inner energy rises from Mankey like waves of heat. Its body is shaking with pure rage and its breathing has turned rough. Janice has been cool and calm, set on delivering just a couple of Confusion attacks to finish off Mankey, but she is worried now. She can tell from looking at Mankey that it could very end this match with one move. This is Mankey at its highest level of pure anger and power. She looks at Cliff, who looks back with a big satisfied grin on his face. Dennis and Nixon perk up, this is it - Cliff's trump card. The children have no idea what the PokeDexes have shared with their owners but they also see that the atmosphere on the battlefield has shifted in favour of Mankey. This match's conclusion has arrived.

Cliff: Like I told you before, I came prepared. Thanks to Kadabra, Mankey can now show you just how wonderful its Ability really is and put an end to this match. Mankey, we're done here - Rock Slide!!

Larger rocks than before form above Mankey this time, and there are more them in number. If there is any way Kadabra can survive this, even with a thread of health remaining, Janice hasn't found it yet. The Psychic-type crosses its arms in an attempt to shield itself, bracing for impact. Once enough rocks have appeared, they descend upon Kadabra like spilling water.

Janice: Kadabra!!

Clouds of dust are kicked up by the falling rocks, forcing Janice to take several steps back. By the time the final rock has landed, she has to wait until the dust clears so she can check on Kadabra. No words from the children. They can only stare in shock, certain that Janice's last Pokemon is down. The only sound that comes next is Mankey's cry of victory.

The dust finally clears and Kadabra comes into view for everyone to see. It stands with its arms still crossed to shield itself, surrounded by a pile of those fallen rocks. Not a single one of them touched Kadabra. Mankey's victory cry stops immediately when it sees its opponent is still present and unharmed.

Janice: ...Kadabra..?

Kadabra slowly lowers its arms, uncrosses them and faces Janice, looking quite surprised. But it lets her know that it is fine. She comes closer just to be sure and confirms it - Mankey's attack missed. Janice is beyond relieved. She closes her eyes for a moment, realising that they had come so very close to losing this match. Kinesis' effect couldn't stop Headbutt but it came in when it really looked like it was over for them. Her eyes fly open when she hears a bellow of rage from across the field.

Cliff: No! No! No! That should've been it! How could Rock Slide miss?! NO!!

When the children hear this, they are alive again. That is the cue for Janice and Kadabra to make their move.

Janice: Let's finish this, Kadabra - one more Confusion attack!!

Cliff: !!!

Kadabra builds up a final wave of that telekinetic energy and sends it back to Mankey. The Pokemon's mind is washed clean of any last thoughts. Mankey's remaining health is no more. The Pig Monkey's face goes blank and it falls forward to the ground, done and done. The match is over.

Once the children register what has happened, from one child to the other realising that Janice has won, they are over the moon. Kadabra steps away from the battlefield to meet Janice, looking pretty pleased with itself after getting a chance to display its skills and defeat its foe. Janice is all smiles, glad to have a new partner and friend on her team. She is ready with a couple of Potions to heal it.

Janice: Well done, Kadabra! You did good out there, thank you for that.

They are joined by Ricky, Simon and the other children, who all are beaming with joy. Simon, urged on by Ricky, gives Janice a sheepish grin.

Simon: I guess I owe an apology for not being sure about you, Janice. Sorry for doubting you.

Once Kadabra is healed up, Janice sends it back into its PokeBall. She returns his grin with a warm smile.

Janice: No worries, you guys took on tough Trainers. I wouldn't blame you for thinking one person isn't enough to face them.

She looks across the field at the trio.

Janice: Come on, let's go and get back your Pokemon.

Janice and the children reach the boys. Mankey is gone, back in its PokeBall. Nixon and Dennis are at Cliff's sides, looking more disappointed than he does. He just looks angry, more at how things turned out than at anyone or anything else in particular. All eyes on the trio.

Janice: Do I need to remind you of the conditions you set before this whole thing started? You three lost. Give the children back their Pokemon.

Cliff: ...we weren't...supposed...to lose...

Janice: What?

Cliff: I said we weren't supposed to lose! We're Ace Team Trainers! We're the best of the best, the most elite Trainers around! We don't lose!!

Ricky: You're not Ace Team Trainers. You stole our Pokemon after we couldn't beat you, Ace Team Trainers don't do that.

Cliff: ?! But--

Janice: You lost fair and square, so leave!

Dennis and Nixon: ...

Before Cliff can try to say more, his friends stop him. Nothing else he can say will change things. It's time to go. Nixon and Dennis lead Cliff away, leaving the field. The children get to the heap of PokeBalls and find their Pokemon. Ricky is reunited with Growlithe. Then they all make their way back into town, with enough time to talk with Janice and get to know her a little. Many of the children hope to meet her again someday and battle her, full team vs full team. But until then, they have a lot of training to do.

While Janice, Ricky and the children are still just outside Debbie Town, there is a special report that is coming to an end. If Janice had been in the diner she could have seen it on the television there. The reporter is standing just outside a massive cinema complex, in Holder City.

Reporter: ...and so last minute preparations are going on as I speak. Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, everything will be in order by premiere time tomorrow night, I have been given full assurance by the production team--

She stops all of a sudden as something off camera catches her eye.

Reporter: !!

Her eyes widen in shock as someone approaches.

Reporter: Um, ladies and gentlemen I am about to be joined by a very, very special surprise guest who just happened to be walking on by while I am out here. Please welcome the leader and face of Ace Team - Andre!

A young man comes into view of the camera, dressed in a smart white suit. The Ace Team logo, a stylised red and blue capital letter A, is emblazoned on his jacket's right front pocket. Pinned to the left pocket is a neat little grey badge that is shaped to resemble spread wings. A clean cut, clean faced fellow with bright eyes and a brighter smile. He gives a brief wave into the camera and greets the reporter, knowing her by name like they are friends meeting up to hang out.

Reporter: I have to say, you certainly got the time to be strolling around the streets of Holder City. Shouldn't you be super busy elsewhere?

Andre: Any other time, yes, but this time I wanted to be here for the big movie.

The woman can't hide her surprise.

Reporter: Really?

Andre: (laughs) I'm not here just to watch the movie, no, but I came to support my two good friends who are the leads in it.

Reporter: Oh, that's great. Congratulations for having them be part of this huge production. I know a lot of people have been waiting for it and here we are, a day before it is shown to the public. What about the rest of Ace Team, are they in town as well?

Andre: Yes they are. We wanted to also help promote the movie premiere so you can expect to see Ace Team around town tomorrow, getting involved in all kinds of activities for everyone to be a part of. From selling merchandise to holding competitions where lucky people could win tickets. (smiles into the camera) So please come join us for a great day tomorrow--

There's a scream from somewhere close by off camera, catching Andre's and the reporter's attention.

Reporter: ?? What just happened?

Andre finds the source of the scream and gives the unseen female fan a wave.

Andre: Hi there! How you doing?

The woman can't believe it's really him. There are more shouts of excitement and recognition as other fans appear and start approaching. The reporter looks a little alarmed but Andre seems to be anticipating the small crowd.

Andre: Hey, relax. Don't worry about them, they're just coming to say hello.

The cameraman steps back so he can get a shot of the gathered fans, who want to spend some time with their idol. Many of them are wearing Ace Team-themed articles of clothing, from T-Shirts showing images of the Ace Team logo, of Andre, of three special Trainers known as the Ace Team Elites, one of them being Konami. Caps, shorts, hoodies and so on. Others are dressed just like Ace Team Trainers. They are as happy to see Andre as he is to see them and moments later he is signing merchandise, shaking hands, fist bumping, high fiving and posing with the people for photos like it's no big deal. As for the reporter, she is glad that her report has ended on quite the surprise high note.

End of Chapter 08 Part 3 - The Face of Ace (Final Side).

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Janice and Ricky return to find Sharon standing outside the diner, waiting for them. The boy runs over to his mother, showing her the PokeBall he holds in his hand. Sharon meets him for a big hug, relieved and happy to see that everything worked out. She sees Janice and extends a hand in gratitude.

Sharon: Thank you again for helping Ricky out. No more trouble from those boys?

Janice: (shakes her hand) No more trouble, I highly doubt they'll be back here again.

Sharon raises her eyebrows in surprise.

Sharon: You beat all three of them??

Ricky: She did, Mom (big grin) she battled each of them.

Sharon looks from Ricky to Janice, at first unbelieving, then she realises that neither of them seems to be joking. Now she's impressed.

Sharon: And here I actually thought it would've been best if you had some backup. That must be quite a team of Pokemon you got there.

Janice: (smiles) They were more than enough to help me through.

Sharon: Is there any way we can repay you?

Janice gently taps her Bag.

Janice: I still haven't had the chance to sit down and have the lunch you prepared (laughs) so maybe that can count as payment. Otherwise, don't worry about it, I wanted to help.

Ricky: Are you staying for long?

Janice: Only to have lunch and then I'm back on the road again since my next destination isn't very far away from here. (turns to Sharon) Holder City?

Sharon: (nods) Yeah, just a couple of hours between here and there.

Ricky's hopeful face clouds over as he looks down at the ground under his feet, saddened. Janice gets on one knee in front of him, concerned.

Janice: Hey now, what's wrong?

Ricky: I thought that you were sticking around...and maybe help me train Growlithe...

He looks up to meet her eyes.

Ricky: It was really cool how you battled those guys and won, so I was thinking that if I could learn from you, maybe I'll become a better Trainer.

She wants to respond and remind him that she's still learning too, that she's a beginner Trainer and all, but Janice doesn't say anything. The look Ricky gives her is one of someone who would still want to learn from her even if she is a beginner. She looks up at Sharon with a pleading look, who doesn't know what to say. She wasn't expecting this from her son. Janice looks back at Ricky.

Janice: I don't know what I can teach you which will make you a better Trainer, because I'm not the best Trainer around anyway...but if you won't mind that, then I'll stick around. Is that okay?

Ricky's sad face brightens as he understands what Janice has said. He nods his approval eagerly.

Sharon: Are you sure, Janice? You're not pressed for time to reach Holder City?

Janice: Since it's not far from here, I don't have to rush. I can stay.

That's all good for Sharon, happy to see Ricky has cheered up. She goes back into the diner and steps out with lunch for Ricky and Growlithe. Janice and Ricky return to the Eastern Field, where they can sit down to eat. No trouble from wild Pokemon so their Pokemon can eat in peace too.

After lunch they go south onto Route 3. Ricky tells Janice that this is where he caught Growlithe.

Janice: Did you take on any other wild Pokemon after catching Growlithe?

Ricky: I was going to, but then Cliff and his friends showed up...

Janice understands. She has an idea.

Janice: How about we search for some? Let's see how Growlithe does when facing them.

She releases her Pokemon. Ricky sends Growlithe out as well.

Janice: For now, Growlithe can join up with my team. Then when you're ready to try battling on your own, we'll switch to that. Sounds good?

Ricky: Yeah, okay!

Together they step off the road and into the tall grass. They don't wait too long, the wild Pokemon appear. Janice hands Ricky her PokeDex.

Janice: Use that to find out information about Growlithe and the Pokemon we'll encounter. Learn Growlithe's moves and Ability.

Only a couple of his friends have received one since they caught their Pokemon. He is hopeful that his day will come when he'll get one too. The device identifies Growlithe and tells Ricky all about it:

Growlithe - The Puppy Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Intimidate
Moves known: Ember, Leer, Howl, Bite, Flame Wheel

- Extremely loyal, it will fearlessly bark at any opponent to protect its own Trainer from harm.

Ability: Intimidate
- Lowers foes' Attack power as the Pokemon with this ability switches in.

Unlike when he got Cliff's PokeDex and battled him, Ricky feels no pressure now. He takes his time absorbing this information as Growlithe and its new friends engage their opponents. Growlithe is patient, taking its time as well to keep up with its Trainer. They work well together with Janice's Pokemon, learning to co-ordinate attacks and back each other up or trade targets when there are foes who prove too much. Eventually Ricky has built enough confidence to try and face the wild Pokemon on his own. Janice sends back her team into their PokeBalls, leaving Pidgey to perch on her left shoulder as they watch over the boy and his friend.

That is how the rest of the afternoon is spent. Not once did Janice worry about the time, enjoying Ricky's company and watching the progress he made during those hours. She was there to heal up Growlithe when it needed to be and offer tips if Ricky had trouble with one or two Pokemon. By the end of the daytime period and the start of the evening, Growlithe has defeated all its opponents with only a couple of moves and levelled up. Trainer and Pokemon have found their groove. This is also when Janice finally makes note of the time, shocked to realise that they were out here all along.

Janice: I can't believe it's evening already!

Ricky can't help but laugh, getting a comical look of false anger from her.

Janice: What are you laughing at, it's not funny! (shakes her head) I said I would stick around, but it was supposed to be for a few hours and then I'd be on my way.

Ricky: But we were having so much fun!

Janice: (sighs and smiles) Yeah we sure did, eh? You've gotten pretty good, taking on those wild Pokemon by yourself like that. You should be proud of yourself and Growlithe.

Ricky: Thank you for training with us. I learned at lot and had a great time too. So are you leaving town now?

Janice looks around at the darkening sky and fields. As close as Holder City may be from here, she wouldn't want to travel at night.

Janice: No, I prefer travelling during the day. So I'll leave early tomorrow morning. Where can travellers spend the night in Debbie Town?

Ricky: The Pokemon Center has plenty of spare rooms for people who want to stay over. Or...

She looks at him, eyebrow raised.

Janice: Or...?

Ricky: (grins) ...you could stay over at our place?

Janice: !!

Ricky: Mom should be closing up the diner by now, I can ask her for you if you'd like?

Janice: I...I'm not sure Ricky, wouldn't that be a bother? I'm only someone you met today, you know?

Ricky: Yeah, but someone who not only helped me and my friends get back our Pokemon but who also helped me and Growlithe train. It's no bother at all Janice. Come on!

He's already jogging off back into town. Janice wonders about this for a moment, before telling him to wait up and follows after him with Pidgey.

Ricky and Janice find Sharon locking up the front door of the diner as the last crew of waiters and waitresses head home. She's glad to see Ricky is back just in time...but then so is Janice..?

Sharon: Hey there son, how was your day? And Janice? Dear, you're still here? I thought you would be gone by now. What happened?

Ricky: We were too busy training, Mom! (looking pleased)

Sharon: Oh? How did that go?

Janice: It went well...maybe a little too well, given what time it is. (embarrassed smile) So I'll be spending the night here and I'll head out early.

Ricky: Could she stay over with us, Mom? Please??

Janice: Ricky told me about the PokeCenter having--

Sharon: You are more than welcome to spend the night over with us, Janice, it's alright. Besides, it means we'll have a guest joining us for supper, so why not? (big smile) I'm sure you enjoyed lunch, wait till you try what I whip up next. What do you say?

Ricky turns to Janice and gives a thumbs up. She is truly grateful for this.

Janice: Okay, if it's alright. Thank you for letting me stay over.

Once the diner is all locked up for the day, the three of them go north of town to the residential area. It is dominated by rows of large, identical townhouses that stand side by side. Most lights are on, same with televisions, radios, computers and many other machines and appliances. People have come back home.

Sharon leads Janice and Pidgey to one of the two guestrooms her house has to offer, located on the first floor. Once Janice has settled in, she leaves for the kitchen. She can't help herself when she bursts into laughter after seeing Ricky geared up in an apron as he helps Sharon prepare dinner. Not only does Janice think he looks adorable but he reminds her of little brother Jerome when he's in the kitchen, either being helpful or being a menace to their mom and Jennifer. Ricky responds by getting another apron and tossing it at her, bursting into his own round of laughter when Janice sees her reward. This ropes in Sharon, giving her son a wink of approval for a well-played move. Janice puts on the apron and joins them.

About 10 minutes later the front door opens and in walks Sharon's husband and the father of Ricky. Ricky runs out of the kitchen to welcome him, looking forward to telling him about the crazy day he has had. The two of them come back to the kitchen as Ricky dives into his story. Sharon introduces him to Janice - his name is Rodney. For him this is quite the finish to his busy day, coming home to find a guest and judging from what his son has told him, Rodney can't wait to hear from her.

During supper Janice finds out that Rodney works at the Pokemon Day Care house up north along Route 4, looking after the baby Pokemon who are not yet ready to be outside with the Pokemon Breeders that help out at the Day Care. It is run by an old couple who were skilled Trainers back in their day before deciding to retire and open up the Day Care.

Rodney: It's a nice job really, I get to be around Pokemon and because the house is so close I don't have to travel very far from my family.

Janice: Aren't the baby Pokemon a handful?

Rodney: (smiles) Not at all, they spend most of their time sleeping. While they're awake they usually have each other to keep them company (laughs) I just make sure they don't play too roughly. They only become a handful once they've learned their first couple of moves, that's when they are ready to be looked after by the Pokemon Breeders.

He has no plans of becoming a Trainer, specifically of the Pokemon Breeder class. He'll leave the Trainer business to Janice and Ricky, whom he is proud of after finding out from Sharon during the day (and then from Ricky when he got home) that he caught his own Pokemon.

Rodney: So to celebrate that, I had to get a little something for our young Trainer. Close your eyes son and put your hands on the table.

Ricky does as he is told, fidgeting with excitement in his seat at the dinner table. From his pants pocket, Rodney takes out the gift and places it in Ricky's open hands.

Sharon & Janice: !!

As soon as he feels the object land on his palms, Ricky opens his eyes and looks down at it - a brand new PokeDex. His very own PokeDex.

Ricky: Thanks Dad!!!

He leaves his seat and rounds the table to hug his father, super delighted. What a day it has been for him - catching his very first Pokemon, having it taken away by strangers, having it returned to him thanks to another stranger who has become a friend and now he receives a PokeDex. Great end to an eventful day.

After supper it is Janice's turn to tell the family about her adventures so far. When she shows Ricky the Green Badge, Sharon reveals to Janice that the second Gym is located in Holder City. She had been getting to that information when Ricky stormed into the diner earlier. The Gym Leader is named Caroline, a talented young Trainer who is also a talented actress. Sharon adds that this big movie being shown tomorrow is starring Caroline, so she imagines that the woman has been having quite the time juggling her role as a Gym Leader and being a starlet, especially for this movie. This information is interesting but it makes Janice worry a little as she wonders if she'll get to meet Caroline with all the activity that will be going on around her tomorrow. Or will she get to Holder City and be told that she'll have to wait until the day after the premiere to face Caroline?

Just before bed, Janice and Ricky have some time for a chat. The boy is looking at the PokeBalls containing Janice's Pokemon.

Ricky: I still can't believe you have a Magikarp...

Janice: (laughs) It's not yet ready to compete in Trainer battles, it only learned Tackle this morning.

Ricky: Seriously??

Janice: Yup. For now it will only battle wild Pokemon. It's slowly getting better, still more losses than wins. Very first Pokemon I caught when I tried fishing a few days ago. Then Krabby.

Ricky thinks back to the battles from the afternoon and then back to the battle where he was defeated.

Ricky: You got a whole team of Pokemon...has it been tough training them all?

Janice: So far, it hasn't. I think it's because we've been working well together. My Pokemon and I are friends and we're also partners in battle. That has strengthened our teamwork. You and Growlithe displayed that today when you fought those wild Pokemon.

That makes Ricky smile, remembering what it felt like to call for a move and watch Growlithe perform without missing a beat. It was exciting, a feeling he wants to experience again as he gets better.

Janice: That's what matters - teamwork. Even when you've added more Pokemon, you'll see how much easier things will be when that connection is established. So don't worry about it, okay? (smiles) your journey has only just begun.

In the morning, Janice and Sharon are stepping out of the house. Time for Sharon to open the diner and it is time for Janice to carry on northwards.

Sharon: I'm sorry about the two of us being the last ones to leave the house (chuckles) Rodney always heads out first so that he can take his time getting to work. I guess he must've left with Ricky because the boy was gone too when I checked his room. (smiles) Already training I bet.

Janice: I thought I'd see them both before going, so I can at least say goodbye. I'll stop by the Day Care house for Rodney. What about Ricky?

Sharon: If he isn't out on Route 3, then he'll be at the Eastern Field. I hope he won't take it too hard that you're going. You've become a new friend to him.

Janice: He's become a new friend to me as well, so I won't leave without meeting him. Thanks again for letting me stay over, I enjoyed dinner and spending time with you all. It was great.

Sharon shares a hug with her.

Sharon: It was our pleasure having you as our special guest, you're welcome any time you stop by again. Thank you for what you did for Ricky. All the best for your journey, maybe you and Ricky will meet again later.

Janice: I'd like that a lot.

Sharon heads south for the diner, leaving with a wave. Janice will have to decide where she'll search first for Ricky, but before doing that she goes to the PokeMart to do some much needed shopping. Being unprepared during her battles against Cliff and company yesterday could have ended badly for her, she was lucky. She does not want a repeat of that again.

Janice enters the popular convenience store and finds that she is the only customer there. Arranging various Items on a shelf behind the counter is the owner of this place, the older gentleman named Mr Lou. At the sound of the store door sliding open, he looks behind him to see Janice.

Mr Lou: Good morning. I'll be with you in just a moment, have a look around for what you'd like.

He then continues organising the shelf, almost done. Janice takes a mini tour between the other couple of shelves in the store. They are also stocked full of Items, some she recognises and others she does not. There are also fridges which contain different kinds of drinks. She sees bottles of Soda Pop and is reminded of Marvin. This is the very first time she is in a PokeMart since becoming a Trainer, she realises. All the other times she has been in one, the PokeMart back home, Janice would be there with the Twins or Janet to buy snacks or groceries. Being here now as a Trainer has given her "new eyes" - she takes note of Items more than the regular snacks or groceries which she usually buys. It has a similar vibe to noticing Trainer Levels.

Mr Lou: Okay, that's this shelf sorted. Have you found what you would like to buy?

Upon hearing that, Janice makes her way to the counter just in time to meet the man. She places her Bag on top of the counter and opens it.

Janice: Good morning. I wanted to sell some Items first and upgrade to better ones.

Mr Lou: Sure, no problem.

Out of the Bag come the Potions, Antidotes, Awakenings, Paralyse Heals, Burn Heals and Ice Heals which were remaining. Mr Lou looks at all of them with a raised eyebrow as Janice lines them up on the counter. He can't believe the girl wants to sell all of these. He looks at Janice.

Mr Lou: What do you want to upgrade to?

Janice sees the questioning eyes he's giving her.

Janice: Umm, I was hoping to get Super Potions and Full Heals...if that's okay...?

She trails off as Mr Lou sighs and shakes his head slowly.

Janice: Are they unavailable?

Mr Lou: No, it's not that. I have Super Potions and Full Heals, if you really want them in exchange for all these Items I'll make the trade. But, could I show you other Items first? Then you can make your final decision.

Janice pauses. Other Items? Aren't Super Potions and Full Heals enough for now?? She hadn't planned on getting anything else, but she agrees to hear the man out.

Mr Lou carefully sets the Items from Janice to one side of the counter. From the shelf behind him the seller gets one Super Potion. He goes over to the fridges, opens one of them, grabs two bottles and returns to the counter. One bottle is of Fresh Water and the other one contains Soda Pop. He places the three Items down for Janice. She eyes them curiously and then looks at Mr Lou expectantly.

Mr Lou: Up to a certain level, Potions will restore all of a Pokemon's health. Then from there they only restore half and less than that as the Pokemon moves up. So most people would think that the next thing to do is switch over to Super Potions until they are no longer restoring full health too. Problem is, Super Potions are not cheap.

He points at the Fresh Water and the Soda Pop bottles.

Mr Lou: But these are. Fresh Water restores the same amount of health as a Super Potion. Soda Pop restores a little bit more than both of them but costs more than Fresh Water.

Janice: !! Really?? I didn't know even know that...I thought Super Potions were what I needed.

Mr Lou: It's fine, at least you found this out BEFORE spending your good money on a whole batch of them (smiles). On to the next Items.

He puts the Super Potion, Fresh Water and Soda Pop on the other side of the counter. From the shelf behind it he gets three new Items: one spray bottle of Full Heal, one packet of Lavaridge Town's signature Lava Cookies and one packet of Mahogany Town's specialty Rage Candy Bars. Janice's eyes sparkle with recognition when they see the Lava Cookies and the Rage Candy Bars.

Janice: (chuckles) I usually buy those as snacks with my siblings. You're going to tell me that they serve the same purpose as a Full Heal??

Mr Lou nods with a grin. He gently pats the packet of Rage Candy Bars.

Mr Lou: Way back in the day you couldn't find these being sold anywhere except in Mahogany Town. But thank goodness they became so popular as treats for people and Pokemon that they eventually made their way outside Johto. Consider yourself really lucky, young lady.

Janice: Since I buy them so often, I know that Lava Cookies are cheaper than Rage Candy Bars.

Mr Lou: Exactly. Same case here, Full Heals are not Items you can buy again and again, unless of course money ain't an issue for you. (laughs) There are other very good status condition healing Items, but because they're also popular treats I tend to run out of them. You'll come across them in other PokeMarts if you're fortunate.

Those Items are also set to the same side. The next batch of Items brought from the shelf behind him are one bottle of Hyper Potion, one bottle of Max Potion, one of Full Restore and a small box containing small crystals known as Revives and Max Revives. From the fridges he gets out a bottle of Lemonade and a bottle of Moo Moo Milk.

Mr Lou: Lemonade restores more health than a Super Potion, Fresh Water and Soda Pop. Has a slightly higher price than Fresh Water and Soda Pop but is cheaper than a Super Potion. Moo Moo Milk restores more health and costs more than all four. (points at the stronger Potions and the Full Restore) As for these, you don't have to worry about them for a while. They are for advanced Trainers who not only have to deal with fellow advanced Trainers but high level wild Pokemon too. Goes without saying that they're really expensive as well but if one insists on having some, I'd say only get enough. There'll come the time when you can afford to stock the old Bag with them.

He picks up one Revive crystal and one Max Revive crystal, holding a crystal in each hand for Janice. She is aware of the smaller crystal thanks to the basic Trainer Kit having some.

Mr Lou: Revives, which only restore half of a Pokemon's health, are pricey. Buy enough at a time. Max Revives cost double the price of Revives, they are also for advanced Trainers.

With all those Items on top of the counter, Janice has a look at them with clearer eyes. More informed now than when she arrived, she can make a wiser decision.

Several minutes later Mr Lou wishes her good luck as he watches Janice exit the store after her shopping is done. He's glad she was willing to take some time to learn. What's left is for her to make the most of it and perhaps grow to become a better Trainer.

Back out on the streets, Janice chooses to check Route 3 for Ricky first. If he and Growlithe left home this early to train, they'll be there.

But no sign of the boy and his Pokemon on Route 3 when Janice shows up. Nobody else is there but her. Just those wide open fields and the stretching road taking in the rising sun.

Janice: *I thought he would be out here. Guess he went east instead...*

She rushes back into town and goes east.

When Janice arrives at the Eastern Field she finds one person standing in the middle of it. One person and their four-legged friend by their side. There he is.

Ricky: (happy smile) Took you long enough, did you get lost??

Janice: (laughs) Nope, I went to the PokeMart first to buy some Items. Then I checked for you on Route 3, thinking you'd gone there to train. Not knowing that you were here instead until right now. (looks around) So what are you doing here then?

Ricky: I'll be going to Route 3 soon, but I wanted to see you first since you're about to leave. (sheepish grin) Ehehe, maybe I should've left a note before I went out of the house.

Janice: Yeah a note would've helped a lot, you know? I wasn't going to leave without seeing you too, that wouldn't be right. Can't go without saying goodbye to a friend.

Ricky: As your friend, I'm not going to let you say goodbye.

Janice: ?? What do you mean?

Ricky digs into the left pocket of his shorts. From it he draws his PokeDex.

Ricky: No saying goodbye, because we're going to see each other again someday. But before you leave I would like to say thank you. For getting back our Pokemon. For staying and helping me train Growlithe. For calling me a friend. You're my friend too...and you're also a Trainer. So as my own way of saying thanks - I challenge you to a battle.

Janice is touched by this. No goodbyes here, no sad faces either, because there will be a next time. This is just a "See you later".

Janice: (warm smile) You sure have a funny way of saying thanks. Alright Ricky, I accept your challenge.

From her Bag she draws one PokeBall. Growlithe is Ricky's first Pokemon pal, so it only feels right to face him with her first Pokemon pal.


Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 17] vs Youngster Ricky [Level 15]

Pidgey flies out of its PokeBall, entering the battlefield to meet Growlithe for the friendly match. A cold wave of caution suddenly races through Pidgey's body while it is looking at Growlithe. This triggers Janice's PokeDex - an Ability update:

Ability: Intimidate
- Lowers the foe's Attack.

Janice: !! *Oh that's right..Growlithe has that Ability. Sorry Pidgey...*

The wave disappears just as quickly as it appeared, leaving Pidgey feeling a little less confident in its attack power than before. The Puppy Pokemon is already on the move.

Ricky: Growlithe, use Bite!

Growlithe dashes forward and takes a playful nip out of Pidgey. The Tiny Bird loses a quarter of its health and flinches from the attack, unable to respond with its own move right away.

Janice: Pidgey!

This gives Growlithe another turn, it uses Leer to lower Pidgey's defense. The Flying-type recovers from the bite in the next turn.

Janice: Gust attack!

That powerful swirl of moving air strikes Growlithe and sweeps away almost half of its health. Ricky winces a little, yet relieved that Growlithe is hanging in there. He checks his PokeDex and tries another move this time.

Ricky: Okay Growlithe, use Flame Wheel!

Bright, lively flames engulf Growlithe as it races across the battlefield towards its target. It tackles into Pidgey, dropping its health below halfway.

Flame Wheel (Fire-type move)
Category: Physical
- The user cloaks itself in fire and charges at the target. This may also leave the target with a burn (10% chance).

Had Pidgey's health dropped into the red, Janice would have healed it, but she holds on. One turn to attack should be enough. She calls for Sand Attack. Growlithe shields its eyes from the sandy cloud whipped up by Pidgey's flapping wings. Its accuracy is lowered. Ricky won't be discouraged, he goes for another move - Howl. Growlithe's attack power is raised.

Janice: *Nice choice there. If I'm not careful, one hit from Growlithe might take Pidgey out now.* Use Swift!

The star-shaped rays drop Growlithe's health below halfway.

Ricky: Hang in there Growlithe! Just one attack is all we need! Use Bite!!

Growlithe reaches Pidgey for another nip, but misses the bird.

Ricky: No way!!

Janice: Pidgey, let's try out Mirror Move!

Pidgey zips across the battlefield to use its own version of Growlithe's move, taking a bite from the Fire-type. Growlithe survives with its health at the center of the red zone. Ricky lights up, grabbing this chance with both hands and bolting with it.

Ricky: Growlithe, finish it off with Flame Wh--! ?! Growlithe??

The boy stops his call for the finisher when he sees Growlithe not respond. His PokeDex chimes in to tell Ricky that Growlithe flinched after that Bite from Pidgey.

Ricky: Huh??

Janice: It means Growlithe can't make a move until its next turn. That's what happened to Pidgey when it was hit by Bite earlier, remember Growlithe got another turn right after?

Ricky remembers. He just wasn't expecting this to happen now when everything seemed to line up for him to end this match.

Janice: Pidgey, one last Gust!

Growlithe's remaining health is blow away and the match comes to a close.

Ricky sends Growlithe back into its PokeBall, pouting a little.

Ricky: We were so close. Just one attack...that's all we needed. One.

He looks at the PokeBall, his pout fading. The thought of him and Growlithe coming that close to winning slowly cheers him up. This was only a single battle out of many more to come. He aims to win them all. He goes over to Janice who has healed up Pidgey and extends a hand.

Ricky: Thanks Janice.

Janice shakes his hand, proud to see him start on that long road which she herself is already travelling. He has made a fair first impression.

Janice: Anytime. There better be a rematch when we meet again.

Ricky: (cocky smile) Count on it, and I'm gonna win it!

He accompanies Janice and Pidgey to the north exit of Debbie Town, with Route 4 carrying on ahead of them.

Ricky: Since you're leaving this early, you'll probably reach Holder City before noon. Route 4 isn't as long as Route 3.

Janice: I like that. Today will be a super busy day in Holder so I hope to meet Caroline before things get hectic.

She gives him her number.

Janice: That's how you can reach me when you have your own PokeNav or even if you call from the Post Office.

Ricky: Alright. Until next time?

Janice: (grins) Until next time!

And with that she walks away, with Pidgey flying at her side. Ricky watches her for a few minutes, before going back into town and then Route 3 to begin his day.

ROUTE 4 (Day Care Road)

The wide open fields of Route 3 have been replaced by carpets of grass dotted by shady trees on either side of the road. Pidgey flies away from Janice to weave between the trees and enjoy the new surroundings. As they make progress they start to see more people. Some are from Debbie Town, just out for a stroll. Others are Trainers searching for wild Pokemon or busy training. Then Janice sees Pokemon Breeders, with their small squads of young Pokemon who are outside ready for another day of playing. Janice also notes that the Trainers along this route are at the same levels as Cliff, Dennis and Nixon.

Janice: *Maybe I would've come out here yesterday to train if I didn't have Cliff and his friends to deal with.*

She sees a sign on the left side of the road. Upon closer inspection it is pointing to a house at the end of a small path extending further past the sign. That house is the Pokemon Day Care. Lining the small path are gated pens in which baby Pokemon are being watched over to by a Pokemon Breeder. Some of the Breeders see Janice approaching and welcome her to the Day Care. In the pen closest to the house she finds Rodney watching over his sleeping crew of Pokemon. He quietly steps out of the pen to greet Janice.

Rodney: Hey, good morning. I'm glad you stopped by before carrying on. Did you see Ricky? He and I left at the same time. (smiles) I guess now that he's become a Trainer he'll be an early riser too.

Janice: Morning Rodney, I saw him before I left town. Not a idea if he wants to get some training done before starting the day. (glances over at the sleeping Pokemon Rodney has been looking after) Has yours already begun?

Rodney: Yeah. I'll be helping out elsewhere for the next few hours until they wake up. Then the real fun begins. Since you're here, how about I introduce you to the Day Care Couple?

Janice: !! Okay, sure.

She follows Rodney as he enters the house.

It is more spacious inside than it looks from the outside. There is enough room in the lounge for a Pokemon play area. In one corner stands an active desktop computer. Beyond the lounge is the kitchen and a passageway on the left side from the kitchen leading other rooms. Rodney leads Janice through the lounge and kitchen to a door that takes them out into the freshly cut backyard. At the sound of the kitchen door opening, an elderly couple watching over some Pokemon playing turn around to see who it is. They recognise Rodney, who goes over to speak with them briefly. The couple then wave Janice over, delighted to see her.

Day Care Man: How lovely it is to finally meet you, my dear Janice. Welcome to our Pokemon Day Care House. I'm Timothy and this is my wife Diana.

Janice: Thank you, I'm pleased to meet you too. I'm a little surprised you know who I am.

Diana: How could we not know after hearing about what you did for the children yesterday? Our grandson Simon told us all about it when he got home.

Janice remembers the boy, who wasn't sure about her at first but came around in the end.

Diana: So we wanted to offer you a gift as a gesture of our gratitude, since you've proven yourself to be a fairly decent Trainer.

Janice: ?? A gift?

Rodney rushes back into the house and moments later he walks out with that gift.

Janice: !!!

She can't help herself as she stares at it. Mouth open wide. Cradled in Rodney's arms is a Pokemon Egg.

Janice turns to the couple, not sure how she can accept such a major gift. Diana receives the Egg from Rodney and holds it out to Janice. Pidgey is off her shoulder so it can have a closer look at the Egg, a complete mystery to the bird. Which Pokemon laid this, it wonders.

Diana: (warm smile) Go on, don't be shy, take it.

Janice: I...I don't know what to say...this, I mean, I don't know if I should...

Diana: You've made it this far with a whole team of Pokemon, you have nothing to worry about. Looking after the Egg is just like looking after any of your other Pokemon. Give it love, patience, warmth and let it be around a strong Trainer and strong Pokemon. It's alright.

Janice hesitates, looking at the Egg and then up at Diana who gives an assuring nod. She slowly works up the courage to touch the Egg with both hands - the smooth white shell, with a design of red circles all around it, feels rather warm to the touch. Janice gently lifts the Egg from Diana's hands. It's not heavy at all, weighing about as much as her Bag. She draws the Egg close to herself and cradles it.

Janice: I'll do my best. Thank you for entrusting me with it.

Pleased with Janice's decision, the couple exchange warm smiles and then turn back to her with favour in mind.

Timothy: Could we trouble you with something?

Janice looks at them curiously.

Timothy: Don't worry, it's not another surprise gift (chuckles) no, this is more of a request, really. Small request.

Janice: Okay...what is it?

Diana: We would like to battle you.

Janice: !! Huh??

Timothy: Yes, just a good old fashioned friendly scuffle. Now, you don't have to accept if you don't want to. But we just thought it would be a neat idea. After all, we were Trainers back in our day, you know? And after hearing about you, why pass up the chance to see how you do?

Janice: Wow...I, er, wasn't expecting any of this at all. First the Pokemon Egg, now you would like to battle me?

She'd forgotten about the couple being former Trainers. Now that she has been reminded, Janice checks their Levels.

Janice: ?? *That's odd...*

Nothing apppears above their heads. Usually the number appears right away as soon as she decides to check. But not this time. She tilts her head slightly to one side in confusion, trying to check again. There is nothing for a few seconds...but then two big blue capital X's form in place of what should be the couple's Levels. Diana sees the look on Janice's face and grins, nudging her husband's arm. Timothy notices the look as well, he grins like his wife.

Timothy: Having trouble viewing our Levels, dear girl?

Janice: !!

She looks away, feeling a little embarrassed.

Janice: I'm sorry...I was only curious.

Diana: No harm done, it's fine that you did. All the Trainer Levels you've seen so far have either been equal to, higher than or lower than yours, right?

Janice nods.

Diana: You had no problems checking those out, until now. That is because you can only view higher Levels up to 9 Levels from yours. From 10 Levels higher and above, you'll get nothing. It's a handy little ability that every Trainer gains when they become one, but not every Trainer finds out about it until much later or if at all.

Janice: I found out about it very early, it's only now that I'm learning about not being able to see Levels of stronger Trainers. Why can't we view those Levels?

Timothy: Hm, I suspect it's to protect weaker Trainers from stronger ones and from strong wild Pokemon. Keeps them from trying their luck in a futile effort at the expense of their own Pokemon.

Janice: Okay. So there's no way I'd be a fair match for you in battle then since you're definitely way stronger than me.

Timothy: There is one way to sort this out - we'll battle with Pokemon that are close to your Level. Sound fair enough?

Janice: ?? You'd do that?

Timothy: Of course. So are you interested in our little request?

Janice looks at the couple and then at Rodney, who seems like he isn't in on what they have in mind. She faces the couple again.

Janice: What kind of battle would it be?

Diana: You've competed in a Double Battle before, yes?

Janice: I have, only two though. One of them was a "two versus one" battle, I'd teamed up with a friend of mine.

Timothy: Who were you facing?

Janice: Harris, the Graham City Gym Leader. He was willing to take us on at the same time.

Timothy: (laughs) How generous of him! He must've been in a really fine mood. Well, then this would be the other way round. You versus us. Four Pokemon versus four Pokemon. Diana and I will each use two.

Diana: Or you can take us on in Singles matches, if you prefer one on one.

Janice pauses to consider all this. Everything sounds fine and fair. She can even choose not to battle the couple if she wants to. But there hasn't been a battle that she has actually turned down or walked away from yet, even when she had to deal with Konami. Why start now?

Janice: Okay, I'll battle you. Let's give that Double Battle a go.

Rodney turns to her, a little concerned despite the smile he has.

Rodney: Are you sure?

Janice: Yeah, it's fine. I'd like to try.

The couple are happy to hear that. Timothy turns to Rodney.

Timothy: Could you ask the crew if they could lend us any four Level 18 Pokemon? Tell them it's for training purposes.

Rodney: Sure thing.

He leaves, with Diana also going back into the house.

Diana: I'll go get some Items and search for our PokeDexes. They'll probably need some dusting after all these years!

She returns moments later with a Bag of Items and what look to be a pair of older generation PokeDexes, like the one Move Tutor Lola had.

Diana: (hands one PokeDex to Timothy) You think they still work?

Timothy has a look at it, as the memories of his youthful Trainer days regain their full colours and slowly come back to life in his mind.

Timothy: Hmm, it would be shame if--

He brightens up when the device turns on and recognises its owner.

Timothy: Look at that, old girl, it is alive still! How's your--

Diana almost squeals with delight when hers does the same. Shades of their younger days visible on their faces. Janice is glad to see this.

Rodney returns carrying four PokeBalls. Timothy examines them carefully, almost thoughtful.

Timothy: Why don't you pick yours first, Dee? !! Hey, wait--!

Diana snatches two of them without a second thought, looking satisfied with her choices.

Timothy: ...those were the ones I was going to pick... (dramatic sigh) oh well.

Diana: (smirks) Next time Tim, pick yours first. (turns to Janice) Have you chosen yours?

Janice: Not yet, hold on.

She turns to Rodney, holding out the Pokemon Egg.

Janice: Please?

Rodney: (receives the Egg) I got it. Good luck.

She nods her thanks and opens her Bag. After checking her team for a few seconds she chooses three PokeBalls. Her fourth Pokemon is perched on one of her shoulders, already looking forward to competing.

Janice: *Two vs one battle...okay, here we go.* I'm ready.

The Day Care couple suddenly have a look in their eyes that they haven't had for a very long time - a look of veteran Trainers aiming to win another battle.


Pokemon Trainer Janice [Level 17]


Day Care Couple Timothy & Diana [Level 18]

Diana: Let's have a look at you first, Phanpy!

Timothy: Starting with you, Nuzleaf!

Janice: Nidorina & Nidorino, go!

Timothy: !! *Hmm, that's going to be quite a pickle...*

Janice's PokeDex makes the introductions:

Phanpy - The Long Nose Pokemon
Type: Ground
Ability: Sand Veil

- As a sign of affection, it bumps with its snout. However, it is so strong, it may send you flying.

Nuzleaf - The Wily Pokemon. Evolved form of Seedot.
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability: Early Bird

- Nuzleaf live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to startle people. The sound of Nuzleaf's grass flute fills listeners with dread.

The baby Pokemon that the couple were watching over have put their playing on pause and join Rodney to see this battle.

Diana: (gives Timothy a sideways look) You'll be alright?

Timothy: I'll be just fine. This battle has only just started. (smiles)

Nidorino and Nidorina have speed on their side.

Janice: Nidorino, use Poison Sting on Nuzleaf and Nidorina, use Bite on Phanpy!

Nidorino jabs Nuzleaf with its pointed horn. Super Effective, bringing its health down nearly by half.

Timothy: *Well played..*

Nidorina's attack eats away nearly half of Phanpy's health. Not enough for Diana to worry yet. Timothy has a glance at his PokeDex.

Timothy: Some good moves you got here, Nuzleaf, excellent. Let's try this one on Nidorino - Astonish!

Nuzleaf lets out a sudden strange note with its grass flute, the random noise startles Nidorino and does some damage. A quarter of its health gone. Janice consults her PokeDex about this:

Astonish (Ghost-type move)
Category: Physical
- The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. This may also make the target flinch.

Janice: *Nidorino flinched...so no move next turn.*

Timothy: (satisfied smile) Not too bad. Whatchu got, Dee?

Diana: Phanpy here has Rollout for Nidorina!

The small blue Pokemon leaps off the ground and curls into a spinning blue ball of energy. It slams into Nidorina with plenty of force, driving Nidorina's health almost to the halfway mark. Memories of Nixon's Geodude pop up in Janice's mind. She knows what Rollout is capable off if left uninterrupted.

Janice: *I haven't forgotten about Rollout...hopefully we can defeat Phanpy before it really gets going.* (turns to Nidorino) *But since it won't have a turn, Nidorina will have to deal with Nuzleaf instead.*

Nidorino's turn comes and goes as the Poison-type hasn't recovered from the Astonish attack.

Janice: Nidorina, Poison Sting on Nuzleaf--!

Timothy: Not fast enough - Nuzleaf, both targets, Air Cutter!

Janice: !! Both?!

Nuzleaf's grass flute lets out a different note, one that creates a powerful wind. It doesn't push into Nidorino and Nidorina, as if to blow them out of the battlefield, but runs through them with a sharp edge. Their health dives below halfway.

Air Cutter (Flying-type move)
Category: Special
- The user launches razor-like wind to slash the opposing Pokémon. Critical hits land more easily.

The PokeDex has an extra bit of information which justifies Timothy:

Targets: All Enemies.

Timothy: First time seeing a multiple-target striking move in a Double Battle?

Janice: (slowly nods) Now that I think about it...yeah. First time. Even the new information I just got from my PokeDex, it hasn't popped up before until now.

Timothy: Well, congratulations (smiles) now you know that there are moves which can hit more than one foe when faced with several, like in a Double Battle.

Nidorina has survived the Air Cutter attack and gets to use Poison Sting. Nuzleaf's health drops into the red. That familiar flash of purple signals that it has been poisoned. Timothy's smile crumbles as what's left of Nuzleaf's health disappears.

Timothy: (sends Nuzleaf back into its PokeBall) Short but sweet enough. Just had the bad luck of facing a pair of Poison-types. I'm down to my last Pokemon, Dee.

Diana: I've got your back. Phanpy's still on the move.

Janice and Nidorina catch Phanpy when it smashes into the Poison-type with a stronger Rollout, knocking out Nidorina.

Janice: !!

Phanpy flashes purple for Diana to notice. Its health drops below halfway.

Nidorino has recovered but just in time to see its partner leave the battlefield. Nothing it could do. Janice places Nidorina's PokeBall into the Bag. She releases her third Pokemon, Bayleef.

Timothy: It is your turn now, Flaaffy!

Flaaffy - The Wool Pokemon. Evolved form of Mareep.
Type: Electric
Ability: Static

- Its fleece quality changes to generate strong static electricity with a small amount of wool. The bare, slick parts of its hide are shielded against electricity.

Diana worries for Phanpy now that Bayleef is on the field.

Diana: *...unless that third Rollout can beat it before Bayleef has a chance.*

She looks at Phanpy.

Diana: *First I need to cure it.* Tim, could you do me a favour? Please fully heal Phanpy. I'll go after Bayleef and Flaaffy aims for Nidorino.

Timothy thinks this over and nods. Across the battlefield Janice is doing her own planning.

Janice: *I could have Bayleef take on Flaaffy while Nidorino faces Phanpy...or should they team up to defeat Phanpy?*

For Nidorino she plans to call for Horn Attack. As she checks the PokeDex to choose a move for Bayleef, one move catches her eye - Razor Leaf. Its name tab has been highlighted. Janice taps it like she normally does to read the information provided for a move. But this time there's an extra note.

Targets: All Enemies.

Janice: !! *Razor Leaf can hit multiple targets?? (smiles) Alright, let's go with that--*

Timothy uses his turn to cure Phanpy of its poisoning and return it to 100% with an Item Janice remembers Mr Lou telling her about, for advanced Trainers.

Janice: *A Full Restore?! Oh wow, makes sense. I just wonder how many more of those they have...* As she wonders, Diana has her turn.

Diana: Phanpy, new target - Bayleef!

Janice: Oh no!

For the third time, Phanpy rumbles across the battlefield and for the third time it slams into its opponent. Bayleef's health lands in the middle of the red zone. All three PokeDexes chime to indicate an Ability being triggered. The couple trade looks of surprise as Bayleef's Grass-type moves are given that 50% boost in power thanks to Overgrow. Janice fights back.

Janice: Nidorino, Horn Attack at Phanpy and Bayleef, both targets, Razor Leaf!

Diana: You're kidding!

Timothy: A Grass-type move that has been boosted by an Ability AND hits multiple targets...I wish she was, Dee. Colour me impressed.

The stronger jab from Nidorino's horn drives off nearly half of Phanpy's health and what's left is shaved off by the onslaught of sharp-edged leaves. Flaaffy's health tumbles to the halfway point.

Janice: Nice going! *Phanpy's down. They each got one more Pokemon left now. Almost there.*

Diana sends Phanpy back into its PokeBall, a little sad to see it go. The aim to defeat Bayleef vanishes. She is down to her last Pokemon.

Diana: I'm counting on you now, Heracross!

A sturdy-looking Heracross appears on the battlefield. Diana checks her PokeDex and cheers up, liking what she sees.

Diana: Some solid moves on this one, Tim. I think I'll be able to bounce back real soon.

Timothy: Music to my ears, dear. We'll have to, now that we're on our last stand. It's my turn now. (turns to Janice) Smart strategy for taking out Phanpy, I commend you for that. Let's do something about Bayleef, eh? Flaaffy, Thunder Wave!

Flaaffy discharges a weak jolt of electricity, which only serves to paralyse Bayleef.

Janice: No way..

Timothy: (smiles) At least that'll do against a Grass-type since Electric-types don't fair very well against them. Your move, Dee.

Diana: Great. Heracross, finish off Bayleef with Aerial Ace!

Janice: ?! Bayleef!!

With amazing speed, the Single Horn Pokemon reaches its target and slashes it with one of its forearms. A Super Effective strike that does not miss and cuts away what remains of the Leaf Pokemon's health.

Diana: Pretty amazing that it would learn a Flying-type move when Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-type. That has its uses. (smiles)

Bayleef is returned into its PokeBall. Janice looks up at her feathered friend who sits on her shoulder, having watched everything that has happened so far.

Janice: It's up to you and Nidorino now. Ready?

Pidgey lifts off and flies onto the battlefield.

Timothy: Now that is certainly interesting. (turns to Diana) Should I deal with Pidgey?

Diana: (shakes her head) No, you focus on Nidorino. Heracross can hang with the bird. (checks her PokeDex and smiles) Plus, Janice will have to choose between playing smart and playing for the advantage...

Janice is set on taking down Heracross. Her turn follows and she goes ahead with her mission.

Janice: Pidgey, Nidorino, aim for Heracross - Gust and Peck attacks--!!

Diana: (waves an index finger at Janice) Heracross is faster than both of them. Heracross, Endure!

Heracross crosses its forearms to guard itself. Nidorino jabs with its horn and Pidgey whips up the air. Both attacks are enough to knock back the dual-type a few steps. Super Effective combo...but Heracross is still active, with only a thread of its health left. Janice can't believe it. That should've been one shot blow. Diana points at Janice's PokeDex, a satisfied smirk on her face.

Diana: You should have a look at that.

Janice looks at the screen of the device as it displays what she should know:

Endure (Normal-type move)
Category: Status
- The user endures any attack with at least 1 point of Health. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.

Diana: You chose to play for the advantage, when you could've played smart like you did before. Now your turn is over. Maybe this has just cost you the match.

Janice hasn't found words to say in response. She's still coming to terms with what has happened. Pidgey and Nidorino were supposed to beat Heracross, they have the right moves. But they failed to.

Janice: *What does she mean I could've played smart? Didn't I do just that?? Going after Heracross WAS smart. It's not like I knew it had a move like Endure. I don't understand...I thought that was a good idea.*

While that goes on inside Janice's head, Timothy's turn begins.

Timothy: Flaaffy, Thunder Shock on Nidorino!

A stronger jolt of electricity is let loose from Flaaffy and strikes Nidorino, dropping its health into the red zone. This brings Janice back to what's going on in front of her. Nidorino is one hit away from fainting.

Janice: *Nidorino...I need to refocus. Can't lose Nidorino and have Pidgey fight alone.*

Diana's turn is next and she spends it restoring Heracross back to full health with a bottle of cool Lemonade. She looks over at Janice, curious to see what she'll do next.

Diana: *Your move now..*

Janice opens her Bag and takes out a bottle of Fresh Water to restore Nidorino back to full health during its turn. When it is time for Pidgey to act, she checks the PokeDex. Seeing Janice do this puts a smile on Diana's face.

Diana: *Now you'll get what I meant.*

Another move has its name tab highlighted this time. Had Janice checked the PokeDex before attacking Heracross previously she would have seen this.

Swift (Normal-type move)
Targets: All Enemies.

And now she understands what Diana had said. So she makes up for her mistake, feeling a little better. No more mistakes.

Janice: Pidgey, use Swift!

More star-shaped rays of light are created than usual and they stream through the air to blast through Flaaffy and Heracross. The Electric-type is left with a bit of health and Heracross has lost nearly half.

Timothy: !! Too close for comfort there...I'll have to use up my turn to heal Flaaffy. Sorry, Dee.

Diana nods quietly, going over something in her head. She's glad Janice went for a different tactic, but she didn't think the move would work this well. Then she quickly realises why, it's something she used to keep in mind back in the day because it is important - Swift is given a power boost because its type is the same as its user's type. While not a Super Effective kind of boost, it is a fair boost on top of Swift being a move which does a fair amount of damage on its own. And there's no type resistance from Pidgey's current opponents. Diana frowns a little. Maybe her push for Janice to change tactics might have just cost the couple the match.

Timothy has a Max Potion from the Item Bag for Flaaffy. Diana's turn starts and she has to pause before making a move, because without Flaaffy having had a chance to do some damage, her move now has to count. So many good moves known by Heracross, but she has to pick one.

Diana: Heracross, Night Slash against Pidgey!

Just as fast as Aerial Ace but with more power to it, the attack leaves the Tiny Bird with nearly half of its health.

Diana: *Only a warning slash, eh? The next one should be a critical hit. That's all I need. Just one.*

In choosing to attack instead of healing Heracross, Diana finds out in the next turn that she has given Janice enough room to do a little bounce back of her own.

Janice: I thought maybe you were going to use your turn to heal Heracross.

Diana: !!

Timothy: Oh no, Dee...

Janice: Nidorino, Horn Attack on Heracross and Pidgey, follow up with another Gust attack!

No chance to use Endure this time. Heracross is unguarded, taking the two attacks one after the other and is swept off the battlefield. Diana lets out a disappointed sigh, her time in this match comes to an end.

Diana: (shakes her head in disbelief) Tsk, I got caught up in thinking of a good move to use, because Heracross was still in a safe spot in terms of health. Such a silly mistake.

She sends Heracross back into its PokeBall and gives Janice a nod.

Diana: You got me there, dear. Well done. (turns to Timothy with a comical shrug) I'm sorry, Tim. Old age?

Timothy scoffs as he shooes her off the battlefield with a wave of his hand.

Timothy: Your "old age" has done enough, thank you very much. Leave this to me.

Diana laughs as she walks over to Rodney and the baby spectators, who have kept up with this exciting contest. Janice waves at them, happy that she has made it this far. She turns back to Timothy and prepares for the final stretch. One on one.

Timothy: Let's continue, shall we? Flaaffy, Thunder Wave on Pidgey!

The Flying-type is brought down to earth by the weak jolt, paralysed. Janice won't let that get to her. In Nidorino's turn she cures Pidgey's paralysis with a spray of Paralyse Heal. The bird takes to the air again. Janice calls for Swift. Flaaffy's health is nearly cut in half.

Timothy: Slow Pidgey down with Cotton Spore!

Janice: ??

A cluster of tiny spores appears in front of Flaaffy, who then blows towards Pidgey. The cluster bursts before reaching Pidgey and the spores land all over it. Suddenly, Pidgey slows down its flapping, as if tired. It turns to Janice with a look of confusion, because it isn't tired at all. Janice checks the PokeDex.

Cotton Spore (Grass-type move)
Category: Status
- The user releases cotton-like spores that cling to the opposing Pokémon, which harshly lowers their Speed.

Janice: !!

Timothy: (smiles) No need to rush. It's just you and me now. Flaaffy ain't going anywhere.

His turn ends. Nidorino is up next, with its speed still intact. Of the couple of non-contact moves it can use against Flaaffy, only one will do just fine right now. A chance for Nidorino to help its teammate out.

Janice: This move could've ended things in my favour a lot sooner, but I didn't make use of it. (smiles) I'm glad you're still around so we can finally use it, Nidorino.

Timothy: (intrigued) A surprise move? Really? I thought Nidorino wouldn't have anything it can try against Flaaffy.

Janice: I basically forgot that Nidorino knew the move (laughs) it could've been defeated before I even remembered. Nidorino, use Mud-Slap!

Timothy: !!?

Diana: !!

Nidorino hurls the clump of mud at Flaaffy, dropping its health into the top end of the red zone. Its accuracy lowered.

Timothy: (grins, fired up now) Quite the surprise you got there, but Flaaffy is faster now - attack Pidgey with Thunder Shock!

The jolt released by Flaaffy misses Pidgey completely, striking the ground below it instead. Timothy's grin breaks apart, leaving him open-mouthed and wide-eyed.

Timothy: Oh, drat...

Nidorino urges Pidgey onwards, this is its moment now.

Janice: Pidgey, finish it off with Swift!!

Flaaffy can't avoid the blast of stars, which take what's left of its health with them. The Wool Pokemon is down and the match ends.

Janice and her Pokemon give a big cheer for their victory. This gets the baby Pokemon excited enough to cheer as well after seeing so much action. Diana applauds as she and Rodney come closer.

Diana: An ending with a nice surprise, that was fantastic.

Rodney: (returns the Pokemon Egg back to Janice) I had fun just watching that battle, congratulations.

Janice: I'm glad to hear that, thank you.

She notices Nidorino looking at the Egg.

Janice: (chuckles) Oh that's right, I hadn't shown you my gift yet. We'll be taking this Egg along with us. Hopefully soon our new friend will hatch from it. What do you think?

Nidorino approves, liking the idea of having another teammate on board. Timothy joins them, with Flaaffy safe and sound back in its PokeBall. Despite the outcome of the match, he has regained his high quality jovial form. He and Diana give Rodney back the four Pokemon they had asked for.

Timothy: Give our thanks to the crew, please Rodney. Those were fine Pokemon, well behaved and well trained.

Diana: I hope to see them again soon for another session.

Rodney: No problem, I'll be sure to--

He's interrupted by a familiar sound. The Day Care Couple have heard it as well and all turn to Janice, who is looking at her PokeDex.

Timothy: (big grin) Now THAT is a sound I haven't heard in quite a while.

An update message has appeared - Janice and her team have moved up from Level 17 to Level 18!

Another cheer rings out from the girl. Pidgey takes to the air and happily flies around the backyard with delight, feeling stronger than before. The Day Care couple exchange knowing looks, fortunate to be here to see this. For Rodney, this is new. First time he is present to see a Trainer and their team level up. He makes a note to tell Sharon and Ricky about it later.

Pidgey is about to complete a second air lap when it starts to glow. Nidorino's cry of surprise at seeing this makes everyone look at it then up at what should be the Tiny Bird.

Janice: !! Pidgey..?!

The floating body bathed in white light continues to circle above them. Janice's eyes follow the white light as it peels away in bright flakes which then vanish, exposing the new body of a new bird. It ends its flying and lands in front of Janice.

Janice: ...

Their eyes meet and for a moment it seems like the bird doesn't know who this human girl is. Yet the girl hasn't forgotten her friend who is no longer that Tiny Bird. Tears of pure joy flood her eyes as she offers the happiest smile she can give.

Janice: ...Hi there.

The bird recognises its friend and lets out a happy cry with a flap of its wings.

Pidgeotto - The Bird Pokemon. Evolved form of Pidgey.

End of Chapter 09 - Timothy & Diana.

Next Chapter: The Goddess of Water.

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(Update: Monday 17 August 2020)

Hey, how have you been? It's really been a minute and I wanted to say a few things to explain myself and make up for it. The story hasn't gone on hiatus nor have I decided to end it so early, I've just been kept busy by the walkthroughs that I also do. Am working on one right now for a game maybe some of you have either played or know of or avoided for one reason or another (wouldn't blame you :) ) called Pokemon Clover. I'm in the post-game portion but it's big game so I don't know how close or how far I am from the end. My plan is to go on a break after I complete the walkthrough and use that time to get back into Journey of Janice. There's still plenty of story left to tell and I hope those of you who have given JoJ a chance and have kept up with it all this time will hang on just for a little bit longer. Thanks.

Some good news for those of you who also keep up with that little anime themes series I do called Counting Electric Sheep: CES #18 is ready :)

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Amazing i would love to play this game, i hope more progress will happen!
Hey there rayquazamay, how are you? Unfortunately there isn't a game for Journey of Janice, not until I at least hear from people who would like to work with me and come up with the game version. For now all I can offer is the story version, but starting in the upcoming Chapter 10 I will include a Chapter Notes section at the end of each chapter where I talk about what I had in mind for the game version for many of the events in the story. An example is from Chapter 2: in the game players would receive Oscar's Fishing Rod after defeating Swimmer David. There would only be one Fishing Rod in the game, because I've grown tired of always collecting the 3 Rods, especially in newer ROM hacks hahaha! Thank you for taking the time to read the story and leaving a comment, I'm sorry for the lack of updates.

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its okay take your time, i understand that its hard to get someone to make a game version don't give up!
I appreciate that :) I didn't get a notification for your reply, sorry about the super delay. But today I am making up for it in a big way. Please check the update in the first post of this thread. Cheers