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Posted September 29th, 2019
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I restored Rage candy and Slowpoké tail like countable regular items and the Rage candy works perfectly during battles and out of battle, but are giveable to a pokémon and is wrong to avoid compatibility issues with D/P/P.

2 balls have the same interdiction like Kurt's balls, are Sport ball and Park Ball. And is useless, 'cause you can't have them in your bag without cheat codes or hacking.

Then I'll prefer overwrite their interdiction to make ungiveable Slowpoké tail and Rage candy. Is possible I think, 'cause the 2 balls can be hacked to become medicines or simply items in other bag pockets and remain ungiveable. Then the problem is only the item index, the table with the ungiveable items have the Kurt's and Sport/Park balls. I need of find that table to overwrite the 2 index please.

I hacked also the Mahogany market to sell the 2 items, I need only of finish the work. Please help me!