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4th Gen Social Groups

Started by Palamon August 27th, 2019 8:48 AM
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In Pokémon D/P/PT, and HG/SS, you can create a Social Group in Jubilife City, or Violet City. While it may seem like a useless feature, it's actually very helpful: it synchronizes certain event types if you're in the same group as someone you mixed records with! For example, swarms, Feebas tiles, the Pokémon Lottery, and a few other mild things.

Did you make a Group in D/P/PT? If so, what did you name it? I honestly didn't know that groups actually DID something in the games. I just thought they were a cute little nothing feature that served no purpose in the game.
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y'know, the more threads you make, the more I see that there's a lot of little things in Pokemon games that I never knew about and/or never used lol
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