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Posted July 4th, 2019
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Pokémon Double Ultra Sun
Pokémon Double Ultra Moon
All battles in USUM, converted to double battles, with a steeper, challenging level curve.

Current features:
- Doubled up all the way to Hala, Melemele Island is (provisionally) complete! 52 reworked encounters total so far.
- Trial has been updated including the totem Pokémon.
- Extra Pokémon added into the encounter tables for all of (accessible) Melemele Island. (info in the EncounterTables.txt file)
- Pokémarts stock more useful, doubles-centric items.

Upcoming features:
- The rest of the trainers in the game, doubled up.
- Encounter every single Pokémon eventually, in one place or another.
- Text edits to make small inconsistencies go away.

IMPORTANT: As SOON as you get Pokéballs, catch at least one Pokémon. The game will crash immediately if you enter a trainer battle with only one Pokémon present.


Double Ultra Sun
Double Ultra Moon

Put the contents of the folder that tells you to onto the root of your 3DS' SD card, and with LayeredFS patching enabled, this can be used with a retail copy of US/UM!
If using an emulator, dump your cartridge, extract its contents (I recommend .Net 3DS Toolkit), replace the files in the RomFS folder with the ones in my download, then recompile the game and run with Citra.

If you don't want the wild encounters changed, simply remove the file in /romfs/a/0/8/ called "2".

- The difficulty curve! Please test this and give me your thoughts. I missed the mark a bit by the sounds of it with Double Emerald, I'd like to get lots more feedback this time round.
- The Pokémon placements in the overworld
- The inconsistencies of small things like... Hau uses a second-stage evolved starter despite having the base stage one on the overworld at one point. Does this bother you or is it fine?

Known bugs:

- Game crashes if you enter a trainer battle with only one Pokémon. Get a second one ASAP.
- If you only have one Pokémon that isn't knocked out, you enter the battle fine, and send out the corpse(?) of one of the KO'd ones. It can't do anything and isn't targeted, and from a small bit of testing it seems aesthetic only, didn't cause any crashes or softlocks.
- Graphical issues at the beginning of the second Hau fight and Hala fight. Short clip of them throwing out one Pokémon and then cuts jarringly to them throwing out the correct, two Pokémon. Visual only.


Thanks to Kaphotics for pk3DS, which is the lifeblood of this hack. Couldn't have done it without the tool whatsoever.
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