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The moon is bright. It's light cascades to the Earth as if trying to show compassion. Compassion for a grave injustice. What injustice? The Earth has been plagued by humanity, derived of it's beauty, of it's essence. However, the moon has remained the same over these years, these thousands of years. Still shining, still beautiful, unlike the Earth. Stars scattered across the sky, tattered into the blackness like holes in an old blanket, yet somehow still beautiful. His wandering eyes came upon the Virgo constellation, and his heart stopped. The core star was shimmering brightly, more densely than the others, and he knew, he knew she was thinking about him. He couldn't die, not hear, not under those stars, not under this moonlight. He couldn't die, because she was thinking about him.

The moon gave him power. It's luminous glow filled him with energy, gave him strength; strength he needed to go on, to move on, the strength he be who he was. But there was another power. This power was greater, stronger, and it filled him with happiness, it made him joyous, but on occasion it could decimate his soul. The power was love, a power fiercely stronger then any other, and though it could cause the worst pain imaginable, it could transform fearsome beasts into gentle men. As gentle as a man could be. The moonlight filtered in through his eyes, flowing through his body like his blood, filling him with that energy, filling him with her hope, her love for him.

The moon was there. It would not dissipate, it would not fade, it would not stop glowing. The moon watched over him like a mother over a young child, it was his protector, it was his adoptive parental. The moon loved him, and in turn, he loved the moon, as much as one could love a being incapable of rational thought, or any thought at all. As long as the moon was there, he would live, he would pursivere. And as long as she was there, as long as she loved him, he would live. It was that purpose that would not allow his death, it was purpose that allowed him to live. Life must have purpose, or else it is irrelevent, but when one is loved, when one is needed, purpose is given.

He arose. Fearless as his opponent may have been, he was thirty times the man he could ever be, maybe even fifty. Bravery, fearlessness, pride, honor, nothing but words when you are in a battle, nothing but words when you speak of taking lives and dealing death. Who can deal death? Is death not something you choose to accept? You die as you age, and you accept it, you accept that the span of your existence has come to an end and you are no longer required for sustainment in this world. But, what if it was taken without purpose? Death dealed, without purpose?

He would not let that happen. Purpose was needed, purpose was essential, he would not die without a purpose, without a relevent cause. She was counting on him. She needed him, and he needed her. His power grew, his body took shape, it shifter, and his wounds were sealed, as his opponent's fate. The cruel look in his eyes spoke of death, not of love and life, but of a victory he would soon grasp. His eyes filled with a burning rage. This man tried to take his life, which in turn would cause her to die as well, which was just as good as taking a knife to her heart. He was finished.

The amberic ground of ashes and charred bits of terra firma seemed to go on infinatly, as he looked around himself, arising from his dusty grave. Trees no longer bore leaves, but charred spokes of branches. The world seemed to spin around him for miles, but he was not even sure if his head turned as he looked about. And if it wasn't for the pastey-white complexion of the man he faced, his mind would of suggested that he was locked within a duplex of inifinties in this dusty H3ll. He was ready to leave, he was ready to finish this fight, once and for all. Purpose would be defined.

The thoughts of his love raced through his mind, she gave him power, she gave him hope, she gave him the confidence he needed to go on fighting. And so he did. Wind swept around his body in a vortex of infinate smoldered dirt and ashes, spiraling across the air like the chasm of a volcano. Pressure built up within the ground, energy surged around the innards of his body, and his Dan Tien began to glow magnificently. Each Chakra, lit up accordingly, until he appeared to be nothing, nothing but a form of pure energy. Energy, that would define purpose.

In a blast of speed and light, a flash went off like a Super Nova. The energy erupted from his body, Chi, Ki, whatever you wish to call it, exploded outwards. A shockwave tore across the ground like a level eight earthquake tremor, shaking the Earth to it's core, shaking the white-boy to his knees. A growl passed his lips, his fists clenched, nearly drawing blood as his nails dug deep into his palms. A crimson flame of rebellion surronded his body now, shining like that ever-so-bright star of Virgo. It was the purpose, the purpose that drove him, drove him to push his limits.

His hair was no long golden, it was no longer spiked, nor his eyes blue. His body was no longer increased of muscle-mass. But his energy signal did not change. The power, the energy of her love, it drove him to become better, to become stronger then ever before, to become better than his predsescors, to become a true Super Saiyan. His opponent trembled at the sight, the sight of a being who appeared human, but on the inside, on the inside shone a light, a golden revrence that spoke and said, "Within this being, lies the power of a true Saiyan Warrior." It was over.

The power of her love drove him. It drove him to bound from his position. To take off like a bolt of lightning, like the discharge from a handgun, like a meteor flowing into the Earth, like someone who would risk it all, to protect one life. Like a Super Hero. A glowing fist of ember red, and her words flowed through his mind yet again, shining with all the radiance she had, "I love you...I have always loved you..." And it was that, the extra boost of feeling that drove him. His fist clenched tighter, and his opponent dissolved into nothing through the air. Purpose that connects us.

At least it was a quick death. His fist had connected with his ribcage, shattering every rib instantly, piercing his heart and lungs at the same time. Nearly painless, but no one would be at his funeral. No one knew he died, and no one knew him either. But alas, a mind that hinders on death will not lead a fufilling life. With no regrets, he turned around from the particles of his falling opponent, and he looked into the sky. Virgo's star was in full radiance, a beautiful sight to behold, especially from such a close view. It's purpose, purpose that binds us to one another.

A Heavenly being. Goddess in shape, Goddess in figure, Goddess in reality. The lunar light shone down upon a single position to the left of him. His head took a moment to turn, to realize it was there, and he saw it. A single white rose stood, alive, breathing. A tear fell down his cheek in happiness, he was afraid, afraid he had destroyed all that was beautiful on this planet. But alas, it seemed that life, would once again, find a way to persurvere. As his tear rolled down his cheek, he felt the graceful touch of a silk-like smoothness on his face. He grasped her hand.

True happiness hides in the most obvious of places. Taking her in his arms, and embracing her with all he was, he kissed her plush red lips and felt no sorrow, no regret as they faded from sight. Faded into the moonlight. Two lovers taken by their passion, taken to a new home, to a new life, a new planet. A place where they could live without fear, a place where they could live peacefully, where they finally be happy together. Hand in hand, they would walk a million miles, climb all the mountains, and swim the seas. As long as they were together.

[I'll explain it's meaning after a few people reply, if anyone is interested]
"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." -Friedrich Nietzsche