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6th Gen Vivillon

Started by Palamon 2 Weeks Ago 2:42 PM
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Vivillon is a Pokemon that has different patterns depending on where you live in the real world. Which Vivvilon pattern do you have in your game?

I have: the Polar Pattern, since I live in NY.

But I got some other patterns through a trade when I used to play X/Y back when it was out. But, Polar is native to my game.
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i think mine was something boring and ugly bc i lived in alabama at the time. doubt it changed with the move to georgia. like pretty sure it's just this:

looking at them all now though, i think these are my favorites:

vacation? what's that?
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Ooh, I have Polar too! And it happens to be one of my favorites. All the blue ones are gorgeous, but I do love Vivillon overall so...<3 The last one on Syd's list is definitely gorgeous too!

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I have Modern which is like....literally the ugliest thing i've ever seen ngl. The state i live in is complete garbo anyways so it makes sense that our's is trash i guess
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Polar's what I get too.

Did manage to complete the whole Vivillon collection years ago. It's still sitting around on one of my games.
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