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Fix a Pokemon Type

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 4:21 PM
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Say you could "fix" a Pokemon type to make it more balanced or viable, or whatever. What are some things you'd fix?

I'd fix the Ice type.

Here's what I'd do to change it to make it better:

-Make grass resist Ice. Grass gets frozen by snow and ice in real life, so I don't really understand why Grass does neutral damage.
-Have Dragon also be resisted by Ice. Ice is strong against Dragon, so why not have Dragon not be very effective against it?

This can apply to anything, by the way! Changing resistances, mechanics, whatever you want. Pokemon HAS made balance changes before: ie, electric types no longer being able to be paralzyed, grass types not being able to be hit by spore moves, so go wild.
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i think poison should be super effective against bug. insecticides are used irl to eradicate pests. never got why that didn't carry over into the games. funny tho lol bug was super effective on poison in gen I.
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I remember thinking a while back that if you want to really overanalyze, Ice should be super-effective against a LOT more things than it is now. Like, for example: sure, Fire can melt Ice, but Ice can also rapidly cool down the temperature of say, lava to point where it solidifies and hardens. Does this count as super-effective?

The thing about freezing pretty much anything organic (to the best of my knowledge) is that you're lowering its internal body temperature more and more. The games pretty much acknowledge this which is why the Frozen status effect exists. However, if we're truly going by logic here then any Ice attack should do devastating damage against pretty much anything, making it a super busted type instead of the medicore/bad type it is now.

I think, how the games treat Ice types at least, is more "how would x element fare off against a block of ice" (more often than not), which is a way oversimplified way of thinking about it rather than "how would x element fare off in extreme cold temperatures". Like, Rocks are super-effective against Ice sure (I mean, you can smash a block of ice with a rock, is where this is getting at, I suppose), but iirc it can also work in the opposite way in that you can freeze rock to make it more brittle so you can smash it to pieces.

so tl;dr Ice type deserves way more justice than it does. Make it super-effective to Rock and Fire at the very least would be super interesting. Resistances would be a bit harder though, I think.
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I love the Grass type and want it to be less of a pushover, but I can't think of too many buffs that make thematic sense.
Here's what I've come up with over time:

1. Grass types should resist Psychic attacks.
Plants lack a central nervous system, so psychic attacks don't land as hard on them.

2. Grass types should resist Fairy attacks.
In a lot of folklore, fey creatures are defenders of nature or draw power from it. Grass type is the nature type of the Pokemon franchise, so it should resist Fairy attacks.

3. Electric types should only be immune to paralysis caused by Electric attacks.
Really more of an Electric debuff than a Grass buff, but it would mean that Stun Spore would work on a lot more Pokemon so it counts.

And that's all I've got. Not much, I know, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Type combos I desire:
Grass / Fire
A real Grass / Electric
A proper Grass / Rock
An actual Grass / Dragon

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I never understood Bug types resisting Fighting moves. From my personal experience, fists win against all insects/arachnids except wasps.

Like Colours said, the Ice vs Rock relation is just weird. Considering Ice is a major form of mechanical weathering in rocks, you'd think that Ice would be super effective against it.
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