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Featured The Video Game Claims Thread

Started by Juno January 31st, 2018 12:49 AM
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bork bork

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This thread is very purple. I went with purple on a whim and the purple went out of control.

At the request of some regulars, we're bringing back this old tradition. :) It's a simple concept - "claim" your favorite video game characters and creatures here, but be sure to do it before someone else does, because only one person can claim each character! Aside from that, here are a few other rules:
  • You cannot claim more than twelve characters.
  • You cannot claim more than three characters per video game/franchise. So, for example, if you claim Mario, Luigi, and Peach, you cannot claim Toad too.
  • You are allowed to drop claims whenever, just let us know in this thread!

To claim a character, simply put your names down in the following format:

Video Game Character x Your Username

You may list all your claims in the same post, as long as they are in the above format.

And that's all their is to it, so get claiming! :)


bork bork

Age 25
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4,228 posts
5.8 Years
Characters will be sorted alphabetically by their first names.


2B (NieR:Automata)Disturbed


A2 (NieR:Automata)Disturbed
Abathur (Starcraft II)TY
Abigail (Stardew Valley) ★ Alyssandra
Acerola (Pokémon franchise)Aldo!
Adrian Shephard (Half-Life)Arsenic
Aelita Schaeffer (Code Lyoko) ★ CodeHelmet
Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)Dragon
Aiden Pearce WatchDogs ★ FlameChrome
Akemi Nakajima (Megami Tensei)Hakumen
Alarak (Starcraft II)TY
Alphinaud Leveilleur (Final Fantasy XIV)Symphony
Altaria X (Pokémon franchise) ★ Flarespeon
Altera (Fate/Extella) ★ Crackin355
Altina Orion (Trails of Cold Steel) ★ Crackin355
Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)Raffy98
Alvin (Tales of Xillia)Cherrim
Amaterasu (Okami) ★ Alyssandra
Amitie (Puyo Puyo) ★ SurrealBrain
Amygdala (Bloodbourne) ★ CiCi Sama
Ann (Persona) ★ Catnip~
Ange Ushiromiya (Umineko)purplecicada
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)Cherrim
Aranea (Final Fantasy XV) ★ Catnip~
Arbiter (Halo) ★ Vragon2.0
Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) ★ SurrealBrain
Arlon the Serene (Kid Icarus)Phosphophyllite
Armin (Attack On Titan game series) ★ Meyling
Arthas Menethil (Warcraft)curelixir
Ashe (League of Legends)Adventure
Aviana (Warcraft)TY
Axel (Kingdom Hearts) ★ Star Arcana
Axton (Borderlands 2)LeviathanX
Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) ★ Xin / JJ Styles
Ayesha Altugle (Atelier) ★ Crackin355


Baiken (Guilty Gear)Hakumen
Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)Rabinov
Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)Hyzenthlay
Barney Calhoun (Half-Life)Arsenic
Black Knight (Fire Emblem IX: Path of Radiance & Fire Emblem X: Radiant Dawn) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Blaze the Cat (Sonic franchise) ★ Anvil Alive
Pokemon Trainer Blue (Pokémon franchise) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Bowser (Mario franchise) ★ Vragon2.0
Brighid (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)thedestinedblade
Burgerpants (Undertale)Disturbed


Call Girl / Wendy (South Park: The Fractured But Whole)Galukxy
Carter (Harvest Moon Cute) ★ UnfadingLight
Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV) ★ UnfadingLight
Cecilia (Fire Emblem) ★ Firebolt
Celestia Ludenburg (Danganronpa) ★ L'Belle
Celica (Fire Emblem)Dragon
Chell (Portal 2)Raffy98
Charizard (Pokémon franchise)Wicked3DS
Charjabug (Pokémon franchise)Phosphophyllite
Cherrim (Pokémon franchise)Cherrim
Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2)Disturbed
Chocobo (Final Fantasy franchise) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Cicero (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)Juno
Cidolfus Orlandeau (Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Clair (Pokémon franchise) ★ malanaphii
Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)Hyzenthlay
Coach (Left 4 Dead 2)Raffy98
Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) ★ SurrealBrain
Cody Travers (Street Fighter)Rabinov
Colonel Noodle (Parappa the Rapper)Phosphophyllite
Connor, the Android sent by CyberLife (Detroit: Become Human)Adventure
Cordelia (FE: Awakening)Hakumen
Corrin ♀ (Fire Emblem) ★ Star Arcana
Cortana (Halo) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)Wicked3DS
The Courier (Fallout: New Vegas)Hakumen
Craig Boone (Fallout: New Vegas)Disturbed
Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) ★ SurrealBrain
Crobat (Pokémon franchise) ★ ZeoStar
Curie (Fallout)Judge Mandolore Shepard


D.Va (Overwatch) ★ Catnip~
The Darkness (The Darkness)Arsenic
Demi-fiend (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne)thedestinedblade
Derkeethus (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) ★ Vragon2.0
Dogmeat (Fallout 4) Judge Mandolore Shepard
DOOM Slayer (Doom franchise) ★ Xin
Dokkaebi (Rainbow Six Siege) ★ Xin
Doria (Game of Dice) ★ Anvil Alive
Dragonslayer Ornstein (Dark Souls I) Gigadweeb
Drayden (Pokémon franchise) ★ Vragon2.0
Dumbledore (Harry Potter games) ★ Kurapika
Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles)Seliph


Eevee (Pokémon franchise)Raffy98
Edelgard von Hræsvelgr (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)Firebolt
Egil (Xenoblade Chronicles)Phosphophyllite
Ekko (League of Legends)Adventure
Eizen (Tales of Berseria)Seliph
Ela (Rainbow Six Siege) ★ Xin / JJ Styles
Eli Vance (Half-Life 2)Raffy98
Ellie (Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town) ★ Alyssandra
Ellie (The Last of Us)curelixir
Elliott (Stardew Valley) ★ malanaphii
Elphelt Valentine (Guilty Gear XrD) ★ Xin
Emil (NieR:Automata)Disturbed
Enderman Minecraft ★ Meyling
Engineer (Team Fortress 2)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Escavalier (Pokémon franchise)TY
Espeon (Pokémon franchise) ★ probablyhylian
Estelle Bright (Trails in the Sky) ★ Crackin355
Etna (Disgaea series)Rabinov
Evelynn (League of Legends) ★ Xin
Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed franchise)Arsenic


Faendal Elder Scrolls Franchise ★ Noblejanobii
Fargoth (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind) ★ strangerhypno
Felicia (Fire Emblem)Nah
Fennekin (Pokémon franchise) ★ sukoshijon
Flareon X (Pokémon franchise) ★ Flarespeon
Flonne (Disgaea)Rabinov
Flynn (Shin Megami Tensei IV)Galukxy
Florent L'Belle (Ace Attorney) ★ L'Belle
Flowey Undertale ★ Meyling
Fox McCloud (Star Fox)Aldo!
Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's franchise)FlameChrome
Francis (Left 4 Dead 2)purplecicada
Freya Crescent (Final Fantasy IX)Rabinov
Frog (Chrono Trigger) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Funtime Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's franchise)FlameChrome
Fushimi Saruhiko (K Project)tokyodrift


Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Gahz'rilla (Warcraft)TY
Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)Ganondorf
Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in (Ace Attorney) ★ L'Belle
Garbordor (Pokémon franchise)Disturbed
Garchomp (Pokémon franchise)Wicked3DS
Garen Crownguard (League of Legends)Firebolt
Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)Arsenic
General Zod (DC Universe Online)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Genny (Fire Emblem series) ★ Alyssandra
Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy franchise)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Rocket Boss Giovanni (Pokémon franchise) ★ CrimsonMajestic
GlaDOS (Portal 2)Raffy98
Glavenus (Monster Hunter)Nah
Gliscor (Pokemon franchise) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Golbez (Final Fantasy IV)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Gonta Gokuhara (Danganronpa)Cherrim
Gordin (Fire Emblem) ★ L'Belle
Gordon Freeman (Half-Life 2)Raffy98
Goro Akechi (Persona 5)Sydian
Gravity Beetle (Mega Man)Phosphophyllite
Greninja (Pokémon franchise)Wicked3DS
Grimsley (Pokémon franchise)Bay
Gundham Tanaka (Danganronpa 2)Juno
Guru-Guru (The Legend of Zelda) ★ probablyhylian
Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)Rabinov


Hakumen (BlazBlue)Hakumen
Haru (Persona 5) ★ Star Arcana
Hassan of the Serenity (Fate/Grand Order) ★ Firebolt
Haunter (Pokémon franchise)Stumpy.
Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Hector (Castlevania) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Hector (Fire Emblem VII: Blazing Sword) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Hifumi Togo (Persona 5) ★ probablyhylian
Hilda (Stella Glow) ★ Crackin355
HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Hobyrim Vandam Rahms (Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PSP) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Hoopa Pokémon franchise


Ike (Fire Emblem)Seliph
Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft)curelixir
Incineroar (Pokémon franchise)Ganondorf
Infernape (Pokémon franchise) ★ Anvil Alive
Ion Christine (Game of Dice) ★ Anvil Alive
Iori (King of Fighters) ★ Kurapika
Isabelle (Animal Crossing franchise)Brendino
Issun (Okami) ★ Alyssandra


Jade/Shauni (Beyond Good & Evil)Symphony
Jäger (Rainbow Six Siege)TY
Jaina Proudmoore (Warcraft)Disturbed
Jak (Jak & Daxter)LeviathanX
Jeanne d'Arc (Fate/Grand Order) ★ Firebolt
Jevil Deltarune ★ Meyling
Jin Kazama (Tekken)Hakumen
Jindřich (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) ★ Janp
Joe (King of Fighters) ★ Kurapika
Joel (The Last of Us)Disturbed
John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)Cherrim
Julia (Fire Emblem) ★ Firebolt
Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)Disturbed
Junkrat (Overwatch) ★ MartyTheGliscor


Kaede Akamatsu (Danganronpa franchise) ★ Flarespeon
Kael'thas Sunstrider (Warcraft)curelixir
Karen (Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town) ★ Alyssandra
Karin Kanzuki (Street Fighter)Rabinov
Katarina (League of Legends)tokyodrift
Kaya (Brawlhalla)Aldo!
Ken Marinaris (Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner)thedestinedblade
Kefka (Final Fantasy VI) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Kiethgriff Hazeldine (Atelier) ★ Crackin355
Kindred (League of Legends)Adventure
King Dedede (Kirby)Phosphophyllite
Kirby (Kirby)Starry Windy
KK Slider (Animal Crossing franchise)Brendino
Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic franchise) ★ Anvil Alive
Komasan (Yo-kai Watch) ★ Star Arcana
Korekiyo Shinguji (Danganronpa V3) ★ L'Belle
KOS-MOS (Xenoblade 2) ★ Catnip~
Kratos (God of War)Raffy98
Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk/Last Window)thedestinedblade
Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa franchise) ★ Flarespeon
Kyurem (Pokémon franchise) ★ Reshiram643


Lady Bernkastel (Umineko)purplecicada
Lady Lambdadelta (Umineko)purplecicada
Lanaya (DOTA 2) ★ Xin / The Phenomenal One JJ Styles
Lance [I]Epic Battle Fantasy series[/B] ★ Meyling
Lanselot Tartaros (Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PSP) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Lapras (Pokémon franchise) ★ Anvil Alive
Leaf ★ SurrealBrain
Leah (Stardew Valley) ★ Alyssandra
Leo (Fire Emblem) ★ Catnip~
Lidelle / Rider (Puyo Puyo)Starry Windy
Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) x Catnip~
Lilith (Borderlands 2)purplecicada
Lillie (Pokémon franchise) ★ SurrealBrain
Linde (Fire Emblem)Dragon
Link (The Legend of Zelda)Hyzenthlay
Lissa (Fire Emblem) ★ Catnip~
Litwick Pokémon franchise ★ Meyling
Louis (Left 4 Dead)Raffy98
Lucario (Pokémon franchise)Raffy98
Lucas (Resident Evil) ★ CiCi Sama
Lucio (Overwatch)FlameChrome
Luigi (Mario franchise)Wicked3DS
Luke (Harvest Moon) ★ Star Arcana
Luthier (Fire Emblem)Hyzenthlay
Luxanna Crownguard (League of Legends) ★ Firebolt


Magus (Chrono Trigger)Aldo!
Makoto (Persona 5) ★ Star Arcana
Manus (Dark Souls I) Gigadweeb
Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts)Cherrim
Marcus WatchDogs ★ FlameChrome
Marth (Fire Emblem)Seliph
Maya Fey (Ace Attorney)Raffy98
Medb (Fate/Grand Order) ★ Xin
Medli (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker) ★ CodeHelmet
Mega Man (Mega Man)curelixir
Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)Seliph
Mercy (Overwatch) ★ Catnip~
Met (Mega Man) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Mettaton EX (Undertale) ★ malanaphii
Mia (Golden Sun)Seliph
Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney franchise)Galukxy
Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic franchise)Brendino
Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)Hakumen
Mimikyu (Pokémon franchise)Galukxy
Mina (Pokémon franchise)Adventure
Mira (Rainbow Six Siege)TY
Misty (Pokémon franchise) ★ Anvil Alive
Mithos Yggdrasill (Tales of Symphonia)Ash
MJ (Spider-Man)Wicked3DS
Mobius One (Ace Combat 4)Hakumen
Momohime (Muramasa) ★ Crackin355
Monokuma (Danganronpa)Disturbed
Morgana (Persona 5) ★ probablyhylian
Mysterion / Kenny (South Park: The Fractured But Whole)Galukxy
Mythra (Xenoblade 2) ★ Crackin355


Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa 2)machomuu
Nah (Fire Emblem)Nah
Naoto Kurogane (BlazBlue)Hakumen
Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)Sydian
Nanu (Pokémon franchise)Bay
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (Tales of the Abyss)Ash
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)thedestinedblade
Navi (Happy Birthdays) ★ Alyssandra
Nia (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) ★ Catnip~
Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)purplecicada
Nightmare (Soulcalibur) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Nino (Fire Emblem series) ★ Alyssandra
Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV)curelixir
Nocturnal (The Elder Scrolls franchise) ★ Kurapika
Noire Neptunia ★ Meyling
Nova Terra (Starcraft)TY
Nybeth Obdilord (Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PSP) ★ CrimsonMajestic


Dr. Octavius (Spider-Man)Wicked3DS
Odahviing (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) ★ Vragon2.0
Odd Della Robbia (Code Lyoko) ★ CodeHelmet
Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)Cherrim
Officer Eddie Pulaski (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) ★ ZeoStar
Officer Frank Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) ★ ZeoStar
Olivier Lenheim (Trails in the Sky) ★ Crackin355
Orisa (Overwatch) ★ MartyTheGliscor


Paarthurnax (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)Wicked3DS
Pachirisu (Pokémon franchise) ★ CodeHelmet
Penny (Stardew Valley) ★ Alyssandra
Pharah (Overwatch) ★ Catnip~
Philia Philis (Tales of Destiny)Cherrim
Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)Raffy98
Piers Nivans (Resident Evil)Rabinov
Pikachu (Pokémon franchise)Galukxy
Plantera (Terraria)TY
Porky Minch (Earthbound) ★ CiCi Sama
Prince Sidon (The Legend of Zelda) ★ probablyhylian
Princess Hilda (The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds) ★ CodeHelmet
Priscilla (Fire Emblem series) ★ Alyssandra
Professor Chaos / Butters (South Park: The Fractured But Whole)Galukxy
Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) ★ Catnip~


Qada (Bravely Default)Phosphophyllite
Quelaag's Sister (Dark Souls I) Gigadweeb
Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII)Rabinov


Ralsei Deltarune ★ Meyling
Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue)Seliph
Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)Rabinov
Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)thedestinedblade
Ravio (The Legend of Zelda)Hyzenthlay
Rayfa Padma Khura'in (Ace Attorney)Bay
Reaper (Overwatch) ★ Ruudiment
Reaver (Fable franchise)Galukxy
Reina (Final Fantasy VII)Hyzenthlay
Rexxar (Warcraft)Stumpy.
Ribombee (Pokémon franchise)Adventure
Rika Furude (Higurashi)purplecicada
Riki (Xenoblade Chronicles)Phosphophyllite
Riku (Kingdom Hearts)Stumpy.
Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)Rabinov
Robin (Stardew Valley) ★ malanaphii
Robin ♀ (Fire Emblem) ★ Star Arcana
Robin ♂ (Fire Emblem) ★ Vragon2.0
Sir Roland (Brawlhalla)Aldo!
Rosalina (Mario franchise) ★ Star Arcana
Rotom (Pokémon franchise)Galukxy
Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)curelixir
Rtas 'Vadum (Halo)Arsenic
Rudolf (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) ★ CrimsonMajestic


Sableye (Pokemon franchise) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Sage [I](GTA: San Andreas)[/] ★ TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan
Sigurd (Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War)Marth
Saias (Fire Emblem: Thracia 776)Marth
Samurott (Pokémon) ★ Reshiram643
Samus (Metroid) ★ Vragon2.0
Sanaki (Fire Emblem) ★ L'Belle
Sanguine (Elder Scrolls franchise)Wicked3DS
Saria (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) ★ CodeHelmet
Saturos (Golden Sun) ★ Germaniac
Sawsbuck (Pokémon franchise)TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan
Sceptile (Pokémon franchise) ★ Crackin355
Sephiroth (Compilation of Final Fantasy VII)Stumpy.
Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)Hakumen
Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise) ★ Kurapika
Shaymin Pokémon Franchise ★ Noblejanobii
Sheba (Golden Sun)Seliph
Sheep Man (Mega Man)Phosphophyllite
Shelly (Pokémon franchise) ★ malanaphii
Sheogorath (Elder Scrolls franchise)Wicked3DS
Sherlock Holmes (Dai Gyakuten Saiban)Aldo!
Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3)Sydian
Shinx (Pokémon franchise)Hyzenthlay
Shiny Mega Gengar (Pokémon franchise) ★ Kurapika
Sho Minamimoto (The World Ends With You)Cherrim
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)Seliph
Shion Sonozaki (Higurasi)purplecicada
Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney)Bay
Sirius (Harry Potter games) ★ Kurapika
Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda) ★ probablyhylian
Sneasel (Pokémon franchise)Adventure
Snape (Harry Potter games) ★ Kurapika
Soldier (Team Fortress 2)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Sombra (Overwatch)FlameChrome
Sonia Nevermind (Danganronpa 2)machomuu
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise) ★ Kurapika
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)Ash
Sorlag (Quake Champions)Arsenic
Specter Knight (Shovel Knight)Aldo!
Spider-Man (Spider-Man)Wicked3DS
Spyro (Spyro) ★ CiCi Sama
Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)curelixir
Steve (Minecraft)Somewhere_
Champion Steven (Pokémon franchise) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Sumia (Fire Emblem) ★ Catnip~
Susanoo (BlazBlue)Hakumen
Sylvanas Windrunner (Warcraft)Disturbed
Sylveon (Pokémon franchise) ★ CodeHelmet


Tae Kwon Crow (Skylanders)LeviathanX
Takumi (Fire Emblem Fates)Aldo!
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (Mass Effect)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)Dragon
Terrafin (Skylanders)LeviathanX
Thancred Waters (Final Fantasy XIV)Symphony
The Hero of Oakvale (Fable franchise)Galukxy
Theresa (Fable franchise)Galukxy
Thief (Disgaea 2)Rabinov
Thuban (Scalebound)Arsenic
Tibarn (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)Marth
Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)Hyzenthlay
Tiki (Fire Emblem: Awakening) ★ Calzone407
Toad (Mario franchise)Charlie Brown
Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)Arsenic
Tracey (Overwatch) ★ Ruudiment
Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto V) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Twitch (League of Legends) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Tyranitar (Pokémon franchise)TY
Typhlosion (Pokemon franchise) ★ MartyTheGliscor


Undyne (Undertale)Aldo!
Uzume Neptunia ★Meyling


Vaati (Legend of Zelda franchise) ★ Kurapika
Valkyrie (Rainbow Six Siege)TY
Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts)Sydian
Variks (Destiny)Arsenic
Vayne Carudas Solidor (Final Fantasy XII) ★ CrimsonMajestic
Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)tokyodrift
Vetra Nyx (Mass Effect)Judge Mandolore Shepard
Victini (Pokémon franchise)Starry Windy
Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Uncharted franchise)Wicked3DS
Vivi (Final Fantasy IX) ★ probablyhylian
Vivian (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)thedestinedblade
Vol'jin (Warcraft)TY
Vulpix (Pokémon franchise) ★ CodeHelmet


Waka (Okami) ★ Alyssandra
Waluigi (Mario)Phosphophyllite
Warrior of Light (Dissidia Final Fantasy) ★ UnfadingLight
Weavile (Pokémon franchise) ★ Kurapika
Wheatley (Portal 2) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Winona X (Pokémon franchise) ★ Flarespeon
Wrench Watchdogs ★ FlameChrome
Wood Man (Mega Man)Phosphophyllite


Xerneas (Pokémon) ★ Reshiram643
Xin Zhao (League of Legends) ★ Xin
Xion (Kingdom Hearts) ★ Star Arcana
Xuanzang Sanzang (Fate/Grand Order) ★ Firebolt


Yami Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh!)tokyodrift
Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Yasuo (League of Legends) ★ Xin
Yoshi (Mario franchise)Charlie Brown
Yugiri Mistwalker (Final Fantasy XIV)Hakumen
Yukimura Sanada (Samurai Warriors & Sengoku Basara) ★ LatiasSoulDew
Yumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko) ★ CodeHelmet
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)Cherrim
Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)Ash


Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)Juno
Zekrom (Pokémon)Nah
Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)Hyzenthlay
Zenyatta (Overwatch) ★ MartyTheGliscor
Zeraora (Pokémon franchise)Hyzenthlay
Zero III (Zero Escape franchise)machomuu
Zofia (Rainbow Six Siege) ★ Xin / JJ Styles
Zyra (League of Legends)tokyodrift


lover of milotics

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Aerith Gainsborough x Dragon
Celica x Dragon
Terra Branford x Dragon
Linde x Dragon

Linde and Celica didn’t show their last names, if they had any.


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Posted May 18th, 2019
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hello hello

Arthas Menethil x curelixir
Illidan Stormrage x curelixir

Ellie x curelixir

Mega Man x curelixir

Mei x curelixir

Noctis Lucis Caelum x curelixir
Squall Leonhart x curelixir

Roxas x curelixir
jump into the abyss with me


bork bork

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Claiming my top baes first, I'll think of the rest later

Zack Fair x Juno
Cicero x Juno

Judge Mandolore Shepard

Spectre Agent

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Here are my claims

From the Fallout series:
Dogmeat (Fallout 4) x Judge Mandolore Shepard
Curie x Judge Mandolore Shepard

From DC Universe Online:
General Zod x Judge Mandolore Shepard

From the Mass Effect series:
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy x Judge Mandolore Shepard
Vetra Nyx x Judge Mandolore Shepard

From the Final Fantasy series:
Gilgamesh x Judge Mandolore Shepard
Gabranth x Judge Mandolore Shepard

From Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic:
HK-47 x Judge Mandolore Shepard
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7.8/10 too much purple

...oh, right:

Nah x Nah
Felicia x Nah
Nah ンン
“No, I... I have to be strong. Everyone expects me to."


used Jump Kick! It's super effective!

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Sawsbuck x TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan
Be strong, TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan. You're perfect as you are
"Do what you feel, the more absurd the better
Don't be afraid whatever you got, show
Flaunt your personality"


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From Danganronpa 1 & 2
Junko Enoshima x Disturbed
Chiaki Nanami x Disturbed

Nier Automata
Emil x Disturbed
2B x Disturbed

World of Warcraft
Sylvanas Windrunner bae x Disturbed


Flying High

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Awww of course this popped up while I was at school! Someone beat me to Thel Vadam! Oh well.

Rtas 'Vadum x Arsenic

Mass Effect
Garrus Vakarian x Arsenic

Just Cause
Rico Rodriguez x Arsenic

(Gorgeous Freeman) Gordon Freeman x Arsenic
Barney Calhoun x Arsenic

Assassin's Creed
Ezio Auditore da Firenze

How to Train Your Dragon game(s)
Toothless x Arsenic


Radiant Cool Boy

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Vivian x thedestinedblade

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
Ken Marinaris x thedestinedblade

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Brighid x thedestinedblade

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
Demi-fiend x thedestinedblade

Nathan Drake x thedestinedblade

Final Fantasy Tactics
Ramza Beoulve x thedestinedblade

That's all I got for now.

Desert Stream~

4 million years

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Xenoblade 2:
Nia x Catnip~
KOS-MOS x Catnip~

Leo x Catnip~
Sumia x Catnip~

Final Fantasy:
Aranea x Catnip~
Lightning x Catnip~

Mercy x Catnip~
D.Va x Catnip~

Prob gonna regret a few of these picks as I'll inevitably remember characters I like more, but oh well >_> Better then waiting and having my characters get taken I guess Please join I need members ;_;


bork bork

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7.8/10 too much purple
Prob gonna regret a few of these picks as I'll inevitably remember characters I like more, but oh well >_> Better then waiting and having my characters get taken I guess
yeah, like me forgetting to claim Sylvanas :why: gdi jake

Everyone's claims are updated!


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yeah, like me forgetting to claim Sylvanas :why: gdi jake
Both you and Curelixir seem to be upset about me claiming Sylvanas-bae :strut:


bork bork

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Both you and Curelixir seem to be upset about me claiming Sylvanas-bae :strut:
She is the hottest reanimated corpse waifu


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Jaina Proudmoore x Disturbed

sorry rabinova

Burgerpants x Disturbed
Garbodor x Disturbed

Star Arcana

Hope springs eternal

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~Fire Emblem~

Female Robin x Star Arcana

~Harvest Moon~

Luke x Star Arcana

~Kingdom Hearts~

Axel x Star Arcana
Xion x Star Arcana


Rosalina x Star Arcana


Makoto x Star Arcana
Haru x Star Arcana

~Yo-Kai Watch~

Komasan x Star Arcana

That was super painful, not being able to include all my favourite characters...[/INDENT]

Paired with my BF, CountDVB


Darkinium Z

Dani California
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We'll go with these four for now!

Nanu x Bay Alexison
Grimsley x Bay Alexison

Ace Attorney
Simon Blackquill x Bay Alexison
Rayfa Padma Khura'in x Bay Alexison

Foul Play
[Chapter Nine up!]


Forever paired with machomuu

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Alphinaud Leveilleur x Symphony
from FFXIV

Thancred Waters x Symphony
from FFXIV also

Jade (aka shauni) x Symphony
from Beyond Good & Evil
Shadows will scream that I'm alone...


bork bork

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All up to date!
And welcome back to VG Ayu
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