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Posted June 17th, 2019
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Hello all. :)

For a prolonged amount of time, I've been devising a ROM Hack, something that I would want to be, different. I wanted to create an extremely dark and realistic ROM Hack, something that almost turns away from the original intention of the Pokemon franchise. However, I have a few ideas for it.

Overall, my idea is, to create a brand new Pokemon game, something that will 'amaze' people, something that can be absolutely on par to the classic Pokemon games themselves, something that every generation of Pokemon will enjoy, young, old, boy, girl, veteran, beginner. I want to create something that can appeal to a large amount of the Pokemon community. I know that making something that great is an overstatement, since all people are entitled to an opinion, and some may think the game is bad. It intends to be a new region, with around 50 fakemon, in which I'm still conceptualising. At the moment, I've created a region in the shape of Palytoxin, an extremely poisonous chemical, and the name of it (for the darker idea of the hack) is either Kusetirio, or Dokutirio, which are both named after the Japanese word for toxic 'dokusei', and the Greek word for poison 'dilitirio.'

Now, for the story. Intentionally, it's intended to be dark, however, I haven't seen, or experienced these dark behaviours before in my life to create something truly 'dark', I would need to put myself into danger. :D The basic plot is, the world is dying, dead people everywhere, the entire region is run by a domestic family that have overthrown the government, and their intention is to summon an unspecified Pokemon to wreck absolute chaos to inflict as much pain as they can onto the both human, and Pokemon world. It is up to a 10 year old child, to experience this pain, to display that, yes, these dark things do happen in the world. Oh yeah, the original plot would involve torture methods with Pokemon and humans alike, but it kinda doesn't make sense, which is redundant, since that was the plot of the original game, that's why the title says current, I might change it if I find a better name.

I have thought of a second plot line however, where the climax of the plot begins in the middle of the adventure, and the devastation happens at that part of the game, not straight away. It is also meant to be more lighthearted, and a more classical Pokemon experience, in which the post-game would contain a city or two from each region (except Alola, since the islands are super small, thinking Melemele). This solves the argument of 'all regions' in a Pokemon game, but the experience is short and sweet, playing small segments of each region in the post-game.

These are my core ideas for the hack. There is no physical evidence, or content of the hack actually created (maybe a few badly drawn sprites and pencil drawings), but I wanted to know all your opinions, is it possible for me, a rookie ROM Hacker to create what can be considered by many (if done right) to be a fantastic Pokemon experience? (I mean I still haven't learnt about movesprite yet in XSE, so we'll see how it goes.)

Thankyou all for taking the time to read this if you did so. :)

EDIT: I thought of some ideas for the story, it takes like a Final Fantasy approach concerning story, especially since the plots of FF games are really deep, and cool, with the religious allusions and everything. Though do please tell me if this sounds similar to another plot for a fan game, I want to be as unique as possible concerning story.

You, a young 10 year old child, is forcefully taken out of your home alongside your dad to partake in the Pokemon War, each of you handed a Honedge, and stripped of your clothes. You fight in the war and your father is captured, and burnt alive by a Pokemon. Experiencing this, you run away, only for the enemy forces to capture you, and take you to a torture camp. You are placed into an abusive enemy sided family, who use your now dead Honedge to cut marks into you. You now live in a slum society, where you are abused, raped and severely injured by other people, and your doctor of the society. You take your now dead Honedge that also suffered from your punishments, and escape into a forest, where you decide to use your own Pokemon to commit suicide. A Pokemon based on gender (A Hainu or Oni) calls out to you, and descends upon you, telling you to stop your actions, and tells you of the renewal of the Son, someone that could help the child. They then embark on an adventure to find ‘the Son’. Later in the game, it is realised the Son was incarnated and interchanged into a demonesque figure, which is hellbent on killing everyone in the region, your starter Pokemon attempting to fight against it with you, you win by luck. Your Pokemon once fully evolved betrays you, revealing of it feeding on your courage as a person built up on your adventure to form into a hideous figure that intends to kill you. You realise you’re a special child capable of cleansing the dark, and that was the reason for your starter wanting you to fight the son, you battle what was your starter Pokemon, as the main antagonist of the game, and an interpretation of Satan himself, rewarding him good emotions and temptations to weaken you and prevent you from knowing or being able to renew the Son. The starter is supposed to be anti-christ, and it turns out that's the Pokemon that also placed curses upon the trinity intended to symbolise the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Overall, it's only a very, very basic outline of the plot, in which I haven't considered how I'd attempt to progress the player, (Gyms are definitely out of the question, they won't make sense) nor any of the specifics of how the character is special, maybe he is a descendant of the Holy trio, breaking the idea of the Holy Trinity to imply how all people are made in the image and likeness of God?

You can obviously see I'm really trying to create heaps of religious allusions to this story, but, it works for FF games, why wouldn't it work for my idea for a plot?
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