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Team Team Eon

Started by Petuuuhhh June 26th, 2019 6:32 PM
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Hi! So as you may know, I have 2 hacks that are supposed to be in development, called FireRed Redux and Emerald Gauntlet. However, FireRed Redux is undergoing some serious technical limitations, while Emerald Gauntlet is still being worked on. I'm having to port everything over when Egg makes changes to his battle engine, so it's a hectic process, but anyway. Right now, I have my sights set on something else. You may have heard of my first hack, Pokemon Darkness Falls, that didn't get very far in development. This was due to me not knowing what I wanted with the hack. I believe I have improved over my year or so of ROM hacking to where I'm more able to lead a team. This time around, rather than expecting people to do all the work for me new sprites to be made, I'm going to use FireRed/Emerald sprites and just cherrypick from available sprites on PokeCommunity. I'm also expecting it to be kinda crappy, but not cringey-crappy. I hope that stays the case. So anyway, what is this rom hack i am speaking of? i am wanting to do a duo of rom hacks, latiosblue and latiasred. latiosblue would be pokeemerald using dizzyegg's features, while latiasred would be firered using skeli's features. i could lead a competent team of hackers, i feel. i had a team of 25 hackers with darkness falls, and even though some were mad that i didn't continue the hack, i was a reasonable leader in my opinion. i know how to do some basic things, like scripting and map editing. the asm and non-basic c stuff are features that are optional, i would never center a hack around stuff i can't code. that's why fr redux isn't being worked on. positions i'm looking for:
-coder (highly valuable, but not necessary)
i can't think of anything else off the top of my head. i wouldn't mind musicians, also not required.
if you want to join, post in this thread, p.m. me, or join the discord and contact me.
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