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Started by MrDollSteak October 8th, 2014 6:12 PM
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Gen. 8 now has a female variant for Eevee...

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Hey, I've found a minor issue with the Emerald version of Wartortle's shiny sprite. It's got one more color than the normal sprite, which brings it to 16 colors total, and that makes the shiny palette 17 colors once the shell highlight on the backsprite is included.

The extra color seems to be the darkest shade of brown on the shell; if you just palette swap the front sprites that color becomes green (as in the sprite on the left; the one on the right is the one in the resource).

Edit: also, Nidorina's Emerald front sprite has 17 colors; the shiny only has 16, but it's got two very similar shades of light gray, so I'd assume that's the issue:

Its back sprite also has a dark grey color that's not used in the front sprite, so the front sprite can't have more than 15 colors as is.
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How can i change the main animation, like how can i remove Pidgeot doing 360 so that if i replace it with a Rhyperior sprite, it would not go 360 as well. also what does "Emerald Animation fix patch" and "Fire red/Emerald Icon Replacement Patch" do? the icon replacement is pretty self explanatory and im guessing the animation patch fixes animations but it does nothing.