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A Whole New World
Part Five

Alton winced when Elm suddenly gripped his knee, but let the poor man do as he pleased. After all, he was the one with a needle in his face. Alton quickly shoved that thought aside.

“I came this way from Silent Hills,” he said, resolutely keeping his gaze on the wall instead of on the thread binding skin back together. “The guards were letting people through before I arrived, but my friend and I were attacked in the forest. I don’t know what happened after we left. It wasn’t really a police station, though. More of a border guard.”

Elm’s grip on his knee tightened. Ouch. “I know there’s a bigger police headquarters in Violet- maybe you should head that way.”

"A bigger police headquarters in Violet City?! Excellent!" The man seemed overjoyed at the prospect. "Tell me! Where's Violet City?!"

Alton drummed his fingers as he tried to recall his map. "North and a bit west of here, I think. The main road is a direct route. I'm not sure how long it will take to get there without a vehicle- maybe a day or so on foot?”

The brilliant smile dropped swiftly back to its previous melancholy, like a blossoming flower withering in the same season, accompanied by a grumble of disappointment. Silence drifted over them for a moment before Alton noticed the change in the man's mood. "Is... was something I said a problem?"

"N-none at all! I'm fine, haha." He covered up his frown with a quick and cheerful laugh, but the gloominess reappeared. "...Is there a taxi?"

Alton shook his head. "Vehicles don’t really go between cities here. The roads haven't been well-maintained for... quite a long time. And since it's winter- I guess?- trade is far less frequent. Sorry."

Hearing Alton’s words, he tipped his fedora and exited the building. Alton leapt to follow, shouting after him. “W- wait! You can’t just go alone- it’s way too dangerous- hey!”

Alton paced between the door and the couch- quick, anxious steps. "I can't let him- not by himself- but I can't leave- but there's- Professor! Will you be okay here?"

"I'm getting stitched," Elm began through clenched teeth, digging his nails into the couch as he felt the silk thread tug at his skin. He peered out the corner of his eye at Alton. "I'm—I'm getting stitched, I get stitch, I g-get—"

"Shhh, Professor," said the Apricorn craftsman, his expression softening a bit. "Don't get yourself worked up or you'll go into one of your rambling fits. Sit still. I'm almost done."

Elm complied, trying not to fidget as his face showed his jostled thoughts, a tear or two falling down his cheeks from the pinching pain.

Alton dropped down to kneel by Elm, letting him grip his hand. "I know, Professor, I know, but that guy- he just ran off, he's running to Violet, that makes no sense, what do I do-!"

Elm sighed. "Is...? Know his name? I remember who call. Remember who Train for me. What is his—Chht! Toya...!" He flinched as the robed man began working on sealing up a new deep cut.

"Sorry, Professor," Toya apologized. "One more cut after this. The rest aren't so deep. And maybe I'm sticking my nose into business that doesn't concern me," he quickly glanced in Alton's direction, "but that kid sounds like he doesn't know a thing about Johto. 'April Balls'? Apricorns are Johto's official regional fruit, with a history that runs long and deep. The Professor wouldn't recruit anybody that ignorant, like a damn foreigner."

Elm grunted, closing his eyes to ponder as he bit his lip.

Finally, he spoke: "Do what must."

Alton squeezed Elm's hand. "I'll see you in Violet, right? You'll make it out there with the others?"

Elm squeezed back. "Yes. Will talk with Toya if cannot find buggy. Make way. Twelve hour's walk. Be careful."

He stared the young man square in the eye. "Meet at Pokemon Center. Please. I trust you, Alton."

"I promise." Alton reluctantly disengaged their hands and ran for the door, hoping against hope that he'd catch the reckless man before the road. He could hear a faint mantra in the distance, cries of “I will make it! I will!” Alton ran north, grabbing the first person he saw- the pretty redheaded kid in an oversized sweater.

“Come with me- we have to help him; he won’t make it alone!”

Alton Marie Mocinno IV

is currently on

the road to Violet City

Tua and
some girl,
leaving behind
Toya and Professor Elm,

and attempting to

catch up to that crazy guy
before he gets himself killed.

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Tyson Larx Tyrone -
Chapter 1, Episode 4: "The Professor himself."

Tyson just tried to get a hold of the surroundings. While his vision was somewhat dizzy, maybe blurry, he did see Elm entering a house. Belonged by a weird dressed man. Before redirecting to the house, he decided to splash some water from the bottle to his face. Maybe that'd help him. Eeh it did no miracles, the small headache was still around, but i guess a good splash to the face solved the problem of seeing blurry. He moved to the house, and before entering, overheard Elm and this other person with him talking, before they ran off. He then entered and questioned a single question to Elm.

"Are... Huh, Are you alright?" He asked.

Elm grumbled as Toya, the Apricorn craftsman, finished stitching the last of the Professor's deep cuts. As Toya took some small scissors from his sewing kit to snip off the stringed needle, he spoke up for Elm:

"He's fine. It was just some bad cuts. Here, Professor, let me take your glasses and remove those sharp bits out of the frames."

As the man plucked them from Elm's head, he turned his back to Tyson as he began to fiddle with something or other out of the Trainer's sight.

Elm turned to face Tyson, looking none too pleased. "You? Must come with me. Go to Violet. Something wrong here. Colder than usual. Must be Pokemon. Look for buggy on way; was at cherry walk when flash, so must be cherry walk here too." He sniffed, wiping his nose. When he pulled his sleeve back, he saw blood on it. Though the air was warm in the house from a fireplace, it was dry, and he now suffered a small nosebleed.

He continued, "Come, you and others to follow Alt-boy. Let go."

"Huh... sure? I mean... I did not see the buggy on the Forest but... I could try?" Tyson said, with a pounding headache.

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see you good kids on the other side

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A Whole New World
Part Six

The walls loomed ahead. Limon jogged in place for a moment, contemplating how best to get around them. All gates seemed to be barred as he strode up to them to begin his search for weak points.


Limon whirled around to come face-to-face with a uniformed woman. He began to shrink under her glare, which was matched by a Growlithe at her heel.

“What do you think you’re doing? Nobody’s allowed through without a police escort!”

“Oh,” Limon huffed out a smug laugh, “that’s okay. I’m a detective pursuing an ongoing investigation. You can let me through.”

The guard raised an eyebrow. “You’re a detective, are you? Strange that I haven’t met you before now. What division are you with?”

“Uh- I- I’m with- you see, I can’t reveal that!” Limon claimed triumphantly.

“Yeah, didn’t ask you for case details. What city do you work for?

“I work for, uh, San- no- Saff- no- um…”

“Okay, my friend, I’m not buying this. Show me some identification and maybe I won’t bust your ass for impersonating a cop.” A telltale clatter signaled the appearance of handcuffs- and a telltale cough signaled the appearance of another human. The man with the giant backpack was doubled over, apparently hacking up a lung. Next to him, a windswept teenager began to yell.

“What in the actual HELL are you doing, dragging me around like that?! I could have twisted my ankle, running with such bad form! And just look what the wind has done to my hair- I just fixed this, ugh.” She flipped open a compact and began to fuss over her appearance, muttering to herself about stupid boys and ridiculous circumstances. The man continued to cough. Limon wondered why someone would exert themselves so much if they were clearly ill.

Nonplussed, the officer did her best to reconcile the situation. “And who are you two? Associates of this clown?” The man nodded, finally catching his breath. “Well, nobody’s allowed past here. It’s too dangerous without a police escort, and that service isn’t running this early. Beyond that, I really need to see some identification.”

He straightened up, dragging a less-than-used trainer booklet from his pocket for inspection. “I’m Alton Mocinno.” Alton nudged the girl next to him, who rolled her eyes but flashed her identification as well. “Daisy-May Bradley,” she said boredly, attention going back to her hair. She winced- Limon noted a Kurusu in her hood that had just physically admonished her.

“Trainers? Interesting. Thank you for complying so readily. Now, for the last member of our little party…?”

Limon slowly pulled a battered regional ID from his trouser pocket. He stared at it quizzically for a beat. “How come it shows a different name than mine?” he asked, even as he handed it over to the officer. She eyed him suspiciously. The photo was indeed the man before her, but hearing that… “You stay right where I can see you while I run this ID.” Growlithe also stays, baring a hint of fangs at Limon, while she disappears into a small booth.

Why is that name… not mine? Limon thought as he waited for the officer to confirm his- now questionable- identity. Why is it a Kantonian ID…? Why do I look so bad in my photo?

She came back soon enough. “Congratulations, you’re Kantonian.”

“Kal- Kanto, yes, that’s where I’m from, definitely.”

“Now. What is your name?”

“Er… I go by Limon Beigeman.” He’d made himself look too suspicious- Limon knew he had to do something to get her off his tail. “It’s a nickname. That I gave myself. That’s my real name, there on the ID.”

“Hm.” She tapped her foot. “So, you go by a name that is in no way related to your real name, and you wondered what your real name was even doing on your ID? Confirm the last four of your Individual Number.”

Limon hesitated, but a string of numbers fell off his tongue smooth as butter. The policewoman reluctantly handed his ID back to him and snapped her attention to Alton and Daisy-May. “And what is your relation to this… Mr Beigeman?”

“We’re, uh, escorting him to Violet. But he got ahead of us…” Alton trailed off. It was reasonably true.

“Well I have nothing to do with- ow!” Daisy-May rubbed her head and tried to glare at her Kurusu for slapping her. She was ignored anyway, due to Limon talking over her.

“Oh, I thought I explained- ‘Detective Limon Beigeman’ is simply a figment, an idea, what I should have become. It’s--”

You just willfully admitted to impersonating law enforcement, wasting police time--

“No!” Alton cried. Limon jumped. “We’re taking him to Violet to- to be seen at the hospital! He’s clearly not right in the head, you can see that. I think he has a concussion?”

Limon nodded to himself. He had to admit being impressed by the work of this woman- so dedicated to the spirit of the law was she! This encounter was simply a farce- a test to make sure thorough investigation is done no matter the situation. He watched her unamused face glance between the three of them before suddenly finding himself gripped by the upper arms. Bewildered, he looked around- Alton held his left firmly, while Daisy-May’s lax grip on his right made for a feeling of imbalance.

“What is this!”

“You two,” the officer indicated Daisy-May and Alton, “are not to let this man out of your sight until he is checked in at the hospital. And do make sure he learns to keep his mouth shut during important conversations.” She walked back into the booth and pulled a few levers, opening a hole in the wall just big enough for the three of them to slip through.

“Good luck,” she said, incredibly serious. “It’s more dangerous out there than you think.”

Alton nodded and dragged Limon and Daisy-May through the gate. It slammed shut behind them with an air of finality.

Alton Marie Mocinno IV

is currently on

the road to Violet City

Tua, Limon(?) and
leaving behind
the guardswoman,

and attempting to

make it to Violet with
everyone alive.

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Name: Sora with Kazuko.
Location: Leaving Cherrygrove Village

Invetory: Notebooks x10, unspecified number of pens and pencils, List of Known Ice Type Pokemon, and a picture is sister drew. 10,000 Poke Dollars on his person.
Pokemon: Kurusu (Koru)

After a few minutes passed, Kazuko finally decided on what to do next. Recalling Honoguma back into his Pokeball, she made her way towards the nearest house, wanting to see if one of the others is inside.

She wanted out of this cold, but she also wanted answers. What had sent them to this strange place and how long was she out? That question deeply concerned her, wondering if she had been out for too long. To her, there was a good chance that she's actually dead. She tried her hardest to push that irrational thought out of her mind as she approached the doorway.

At the same time, Sora had been looking and finally found a calendar. Confirming that two months had passed. It sank deep in his heart that he hadn't spoken to his family in two months. He knew they had to be worried.

He had heard the grunting Elm multiple times while he was on his search. He didn't catch everything other than they were meeting in Violet Town and a few other pieces of information that seemed important to him at the time. He turned to see that Tyson had entered and Alton was gone.

He walked over to Tyson and Elm before they themselves had left.

"Tyson, I know we agreed to have a battle, but things have obviously come up. I am leaving now. I will see yall soon. Hopefully in Violet, we can battle." Sora said, turning away and walked toward the door.

His mind was not where it should've been, he walked out the door, concern had built up. He had opened walked out in a hurry without looking. He collided with Kazuko and his mind returned to earth.

Her own mind jolted out of the fog of anxiety when she collided with someone-or something. It took a good bit of effort for her to keep from falling over, and just greatly stumbled backward.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, looking up once she regained her footing to see that it was Sora.

Sora was glad she didn't fall, "No. I am sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. My mind was else where."

He looked around noticing that Kazuko was the only one outside, "Where did Daisy go? I thought she was out here as well."

"It's fine." Kazuko replied. "As for Daisy-May, I actually don't know. I must've been lost in my own thoughts too much to notice." She rubbed her arm a bit.

"Did you find any answers regarding our situation? Especially h-how long...." That relatively unwanted thought crept back into her mind, causing a well of anxiety to bubble up within her body.

Sora noticed that she was worried or something. He could tell by the way she rubbed her arm. Too many times he had seen his sister, mother, and his best friend do it. He walked up to her and placed his uninjured hand on her head as he had done to his sister in the past, "Prof. Elm seems to think a pokemon did this." He said, taking his hand off her head.

"As far as time goes, two months have passed since we were in Silent Hill. I don't know how, but what the old man seems to be true. Which means he is probably right about everything else he has said. Everyone seems to want to meet in Violet City. Since that is the next settlement, we may as well head there as well." Sora said, looking away.

"We seem to be the only two not in a group and Daisy is no where to be seen. Do you want to travel with me to Violet?" Sora asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Kazuko smiled a bit upon feeling Sora's hand on her head, purely from the comfort of the gesture. "A Pokemon did this? I'm actually not surprised."

The next statement, however, caused her to gasp sharply, raising a hand to her mouth. She coughed a few times from the sudden rush of cold air into her lungs. Kazuko then tapped her arm a bit, enough so that it would sting slightly-upon feeling that sensation, she sighed in relief. " am I...not...dead?" She then just shook her head, as if shaking that rather idiotic statement away.

Upon hearing the reasoning how they ended up here, it was obvious why she was alive! They were just sent forward in time, not unconscious for two whole months! Kazuko felt like a bit of an idiot upon realizing this.

"Anyways, I would really appreciate traveling with you." she remarked as a small smile on her face turned to a frown as the extra warmth Honoguma residually left on the scarf was fading, as the chills were starting to return. She intended to send him out once more once they were on the road.

Sora was a bit surprised by her statement about not being dead, but pushed it aside as he turned around to face her, offering a small smile. He was worried that she might still get sick from what she was wearing, but if it was morning, he doubted the store that sold clothing would be open.

"Alright. I guess we should probably get moving. It also seems to be early, so nothing is really open right now. If we keep walking, we should be able to stay warm for a bit. Hopefully the temperature will rise as the day grows." Sora said.

Sora and Kazuko walked for a few minutes in silent. Sora didn't know what else to say, and Kazuko was probably too cold to speak. They followed to large road through the village, eventually leading to a border station. A woman leaned up against a booth counter that was off to the side, looking at her clipboard and other documents that she held in her hands. A Growlithe sat at her heels, sitting and looking diligent. Beyond her, a wide shutter door for the station was closed which they figures was the road to Violet City.

Kazuko was freezing cold once more by the time she approached the border gate, praying the inside was warm. She immediately darted inside once the door was reached, adjusting her scarf once more.

Kazuko could see that the doorway onward was shut. She spotted the officer at the booth section of the gatehouse. Unsure if she was allowed to pass or not, she approached the officer to ask. "Ma'am?"

Sora couldn't say anything in time before Kazuko took off, but he followed after her. Even though he did not recall there being a border gate on Route 29, he now realized the old man was correct. He wondered if he had some how slipped past the border house without realizing. He did travel under the cover of night, so maybe he was half asleep as he traveled and just didn't remember it.

Sora entered the Border House as well, "We would like to get through the gate please."

The woman wore a standardized police uniform. She looked up from her clipboard, "What are you two kids doing up at this hour, dressed like that? What business do you have beyond this border?"

"B-both of us need to get to Violet City." Kazuko stuttered, mostly out of nervousness. "As for our clothes...." Kazuko paused, trying to think of an explanation. How the heck would it even work? Nobody would believe the truth.

"Well, we are pokemon trainers. As my friend said, we are meeting some friends in Violet City." Sora said, noticing Kazuko stuttering.

He didn't see much wrong with his own clothing, as he wore this most of the time throughout the year other than in the middle of summer, "Well I am always dressed like this. So this is my normal clothing."

He looked at Kazuko, but couldn't think of what to say for her. Even though he tried his best to come up with an excuse. Then he wondered he could explain the truth to her, but he knew it would be hard to believe.

The guard interjected, "Show me identification."

Kazuko's eyes widened slightly as she shakily pulled out her trainer ID. "Please don't tell m-my mom I'm here..." she stammered, handing over the small card.

"She w-won't be happy..." Kazuko then stepped back, rubbing her arms a bit, so Sora could hand over his card.

Without hesitation, Sora pulled ID from one of his pockets and showed it to the officer.

The guard held her stern expression as she picked up the small passport-like booklets the two presented her. Flipping to the front of one, she glanced up at the boy, matching the small photo printed on the first page with his likeness. She gave him a proper nod and returned his ID.

As she gave a cursory glance over the girl's, she said, "So tell me, Ms. Himura, why I should not tell your mother you are up at six-thirty in the morning dressed in summer clothes and shivering, trying to ford a day's walk to Violet City, despite the month-long warnings of increased violent feral activity?"

"S-she doesn't want me out on a journey...o-or anywhere." Kazuko stammered, growing increasingly nervous and increasingly cold.

She glanced over at Sora, as if pleading for help with an explanation. She attempted to take a deep breath to try and calm down, but said breath was shaky.

Sora tried to think of something to say, as he accepted his ID back, but he hardly knew her. As he started to speak, the officer continued.

The woman shuts the booklet. "Stay there. I'm going to run a check on your background and see if you're on our inter-regional Missing Person's board. If you are, your mother is going to hear about it, and you'll be coming with me back to the station, Ms. Himura. Stay right there."

She moves herself into the booth, sitting down at a desk and pulling up a Johto-Kanto database on her computer. As she types away, she asks into a microphone whose speaker is built into the booth's window: "What are the last four digits of your Individual Number?"

Kazuko remained in place, shivering as she waited for any questions. "4184..."

The Growlithe, still at the feet of the pair who walked in, continued to stare up at them almost expectantly. After a long moment, the woman within the booth stepped out, and made her way before Kazuko.

Presenting the booklet back, she says plainly, "You are not a Missing Person, so I have no obligation to detain you and contact your mother."

She then addressed the both of them,"Normally, the police escort service would be available for safe guidance through the route to Violet City, for serious business, civilian, or emergency matters, but they do not run at this hour. I will allow you through, because you are licensed Pokemon Trainers, enrolled under Professor Elm. You've had this ID for enough time to be able to fend for yourselves with your Pokemon, but just remember, it's very dangerous out there. Be safe. I hope fortune finds you in Violet City."

Stepping back into her booth, her Growlithe follows staunchly at her heels. Operating a control board, she pulls a lever, and the shuttered door to the station lifts just high enough for the two to duck under and out.

"Oh," she mentions through the microphone, "Visit the Pokemon Center when you get there. You'll all need a safe place to recover. Go on."

Kazuko nervously remained standing while waiting for a response. She sighed with relief once her ID was handed back to her, and her mother would not be contacted. Despite this, her shivering did not seem to lessen.

After being treated to an explanation, she stepped through the doors, the sudden blast of even-colder air only escalating the chills running through her. Her hair was blown backward, the scarf. She tensed up as the gust blew through.

"I need to sit down..." she mumbled to herself, stepping through the gate and off the main road, taking a seat, one hand almost instinctively on Honoguma's pokeball.

Sora guarded his face from the sudden blast of air that rushed by as the gate opened. He followed behind Kazuko as she took a seat of the main road. "It is a 12 hour walk non stop. At least that is what Elm and Alton seemed to think at the house. I am not sure how long it will take us, so take your time."

Sora placed a hand on her shoulder as he watched the surrounding area.

He turned back to the officer, "Thanks. We will head there as soon as we get there."


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Post 13: An Icy Trial

Kazuko Himura
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"I'm very sorry..." Kazuko trailed off. "I-I s-seem to have lost m-my breath...." She got up slowly, but her movements seemed sluggish, her face pale. "Again, I-I'm very sorry....I g-guess you must have s-some questions after everything th-that happened since we've started t-traveling. I c-can answer most of y-your questions, that's n-not an issue...." She tried to keep talking, but ran out of things to say-and that was the last thing she needed right now. She had to keep pushing onwards, keep moving towards Violet City. It wasn't safe out here, and for someone like her, even moreso. "L-let's get moving...." Kazuko then paused. " much f-farther to Violet City?" It had only been mere moments ago that they were both told it was a 12 hour walk away. Something was clearly wrong.

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@ Village Square - Robed Man's House

With Tyson behind him, Elm faced Toya in the doorway as the men exchanged bows. The Apricorn craftsman then laid a hand on Elm's shoulder and spoke.

"You'll be safe out there, won't you, Professor? I understand you have to get to Violet City after those kids, but you're only left with, well, you know." He cast a doubtful glance over Elm's shoulder at the vacant-eyed blond-haired kid, before quickly returning to Elm's weary stare. "You have any protection on you, just in case?"

Elm nearly furrowed his brow quizzically, but the taut stitching around his eyes pained him to make that expression. He went straightfaced as he tried to speak, his voice sounding a little resonant as one nostril was plugged up with a twist of tissue paper. "I have something somewhere, for now, Toya. That? Is all."

"... A little too roundabout for my tastes, but I guess you know better, Professor." Toya took a step back off his porch. "Good luck to you out there. Wish I could give you a jacket or something of mine, but"

"Good bye!" Elm spat, straightening his back as he turned away, snatching Tyson by the arm and hauling him along. Toya called after them for safe travels, but Elm ignored it, looking entirely irritated.

When they were out of earshot, Elm leaned in and mumbled, "Out of house. Good. Final. Toya looked... off. Me? Sore face, sore nose, sore throat. Going to spot where buggy could be, only be. If not there, then I go from here"he lifted his hand to indicate a level at his chest,"to here." He flung his hand out high over his head. "Above. Beyond. Now follow."

When Elm released his grip on the boy, Tyson stumbled along, visibly trying to concentrate as he thought, Huh... Okaaaaaay The lumbering Trainer was trying to process what was happening, while his Honoguma, Flare, trotted along behind. The boy gazed up at the sky, trying to recall yet again some faint, distant memory. Whatever formed in his mind as some vague thought, he considered it mildly interesting. When his own idleness had him dozing off in mid shuffle, his Honoguma noticed and cried out after it's trainer, dragging his consciousness back to attention.

Elm was too preoccupied to guide his plus-one for every little step, as he surveyed the area around him the farther he walked. He fixated on the single thought in his mind to surpress the stinging sensations from his cuts and the cold. After craning his neck to peer around the corners of houses and straying from the cobblestone road to glance around barren trees, he finally came to a stop. He stood a good jog away from the Cherrygrove Border Station, a sign indicating the road beyond lead toward Violet City.

He turned around, red in the face. One of his stitches started to bead with blood as he shouted to the wandering kid. "Gone! Was here?! Now gone! I'm leaving! We're leaving!"

"Huh..." Tyson stared on blankly, as if not comprehending. Then he slurred, "Mind using... Normal words?"

Elm was about to turn back around and abandon his dead end lead of a memory when he heard the quip. Instead, he gave the boy an incredibly hard stare as he pointed at the ground by his scuffed shoe.

"Are you idiot?" Elm was blunt. "You sound like idiot. You walk like idiot, stare at nothing. Help nothing." He then pointed at the red Pikachu-looking creature that was by his side. "That? Years worth of genetic engineering clustered into red rat? Smarter than you. By design." He pointed back over his shoulder to the border station. He began to speak exaggeratedly slow. "No car. We out in wild for two days. Too long for one cherry walk, need to sleep in wild once. Then get to Violet City. U-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d?" He shook his head and talked on. "I not enroll bad Trainers. Bad Trainers not survive. You? Look like bad Trainer. So? Make liar out of me."

"I understand," was Tyson's retort. "But for your information, I'm not a bad trainer. Or, I think I'm not."

Elm balked a little at that, glancing around to see if anyone else was hearing this..

"By the way," the boy continued, "Honoguma is a bear, not a mouse."

Elm squinted at him.

Tyson looked down at his Pokemon, who had an unusually aggressive looking face. Tyson imagined Flare was getting angry for being called a rat, and liked to think that the Honoguma never liked Elm that much, especially now when it was convenient for Tyson to characterize him like so.

When Elm snapped his fingers at Tyson to come to from staring blankly yet again, Tyson sighed. "Listen," the novice began, "I may sound like an idiot, because I just roll with whatever happens, but at least I don't sound like I'm high on drugs." And I'm sick of that accent, he wanted to add, as if Elm's curtness was a Johtoean trademark.

Elm wheezed out a raspy laugh. "'Drug!' You think sponsor on 'drug'! Good! When we get to first Gym, I tell Leader what you think! Invalidate ID! Ungrateful."

At that promise, he turned to trudge up toward the station, calling out behind him, "Fix bad attitude or have bad time. Make choicegood choice, for once!"

Tyson grumbled as he followed along, acting as if for the first time in years, he actually was not pleased with something.

Upon entering the border station, the space looked like a concrete garage. The lighting was dim and ambient, and as Elm stepped up onto the sidewalk and off of the road, he approached a desk and glass booth. Behind it all sat a woman in the Cherrygrove police uniform. By her side was a Growlithe, standing immediately to attention when it sensed Elm approach. The woman looked up from her computer and just as quickly hopped to her feet when she saw who it was.

"Professor Elm!" The woman made her way out from around the booth to approach him. They two exchanged slight bows.

"Officer," Elm greeted.

"Oh, you sound wrung out, Professor! Is that what you're wearing in this weather? And look at those nasty cuts and stitches!" She stood on the toes of her boots to inspect his face, staring at his eyes through his empty frames. "What's wrong here? Did you come up from Silent Hill? Did you manage to get caught off guard by a feral ambushyou of all people? And no vehicle today?"

"Awful things happen," he dismissed. "But tended to. Can clearly see: face at least stitched. Worry not. No car. Want to stretch limbs. Want to feel cold."

"Normally I'd find your quirkiness charming, Professor, but I don't have to remind you how dangerous it is out there. You don't even have your usual bags. Andoh!" She turned to look at Tyson, finally entering the scene. "Who's this, coming up the rear?"

Elm glanced over his shoulder. "That rude, disrespectful, lazy boy. Mistakenly gave Trainer ID. Introduce yourself."

The guardswoman raised an eyebrow at that and turned to Tyson. "Have you been giving the Professor a hard time, young man?"

Tyson prepared to whinge as his Pokemon continued to bunch up its little face at everything and everyone. "Honestly, he called my Pokemonobviously a beara 'rat'. And called me an Idiot. But what can I do, honestly?" I'm pretty much tired of Elm's bullmuk, he internally topped off. After grousing, he petulantly presented his ID to the guardswoman. Among other things, she was able to get his name, age, and hometown on a distant island. He continued before anyone else could cut in, posing the question: "How long does it take to reach Violet City?"

The woman gave a stern frown. "My buddy Sakuro here," she started, pointing at the well-trained Growlithe, "looks like it could be a little dog or a tiger. I think you're getting hung up on whatever your... ah... prototype Pokemon is. Honestly, I can't even call these creatures animals," she shrugged. Yet, she brushed her leg against her Pokemon's flank, and the Growlithe took a seat, turning to sniff and lick at her pantleg with a wag of his tail. "And while no one likes to be called an 'idiot', the Professor always has his reasons for admonishing those he associates with. The Professor is a world-renown field researcher and biologist. You're travelling with a publicized former member of U.L.T.R.A., as everyone knows. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. I hope your mother taught you that much."

Tyson let out a big, childish sigh. Elm crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his foot, looking off into the distance and thinking.

Taking the booklet from the boy's hand, the guardswoman inspected it. "Two months ago, you were issued your Trainer ID and License, Mr. Tyrone. Don't think you know all just yet. And you're 17 years oldyou're not a child. Don't give your elders any problems where they have to babysit you, when you know better. Especially when you're out there. Beyond this point is a twelve hour walk on foot, non-stop, as I'm sure the Professor has told you. And no one can walk that long without needing rest, so you'll have to camp out there at some point, too. So you had better shape up with that attitude or you won't make it out there on your own, especially with what little you have with you."

She handed back the boy's ID, ignoring any predictable reaction for the kid as she turned to Elm. "I know you're capable out there on the field, regardless of a police escort. There were a few Trainers ahead of you, I'm sure they were under your enrollment as well, yes?"

Elm nodded. "Most likely. We will meet in Pokemon Center, Violet. Some of them look capable as long as together, they stick. Others fall apart alone, I know it. But they will learn responsibility. They learn bond. They learn respect. Else, they only fail."

The woman nodded. She returned to her post behind the booth and pulled some levers on her control board. The shuttered door for the station opened up just enough to reveal the road ahead. She bid them good luck, and Elm waved back at her and her Growlithe standing by as he began to walk, ducking under the door to meet the chilling gust that rushed over him.

Tyson was silent as he followed. As soon as I hit Violet City, I'm going to split up from Elm, he stewed. Honestly, I was chill about everything most of the times. But Elm's starting to annoy me.
* Walks into [Tavern]



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On the break of dawn...
The Yokai will rise once more.


Dont let her get away!! one of the bandits opposition screamed, on pursuit of the mysterious Yokai theif, Sakura Koto. Sakura Koto had one faithful companion to aid her at least her beloved kaginawa, serving as her grappling hook as she took off from the Cherrygrove district buildings, using her kaginawa to land herself safely after hooking it on a nearby lower lantern poll. She continued her escape on foot, leading her pursuers to the nearby route.

The route seemed dark, getting darker. As the chasers followed their supposed prey, they grew in concern. Damn mess... I swear, when were done with her, well organize a rally to chop all these damn trees to pieces! one of them resolved. Boss wont care. Been wanting to get rid of the damn riff raff around here anyway.

It was then they all suddenly stopped in their trails. They saw that Sakura Koro has stopped running all of a sudden. Finding it odd already, they felt even more bamboozoled as Sakura Koto turned to face them directly. How detestable... came her quiet, yet fury-awakened toned. The ones that come here... the homes that they built... how many of them will you trample upon? How many lives will you exchange for riches?!

Cute. The fox girl likes insignificant worms, The thug replied, as the rest laughed cheekily. Aight boys, kill her. Take back whats ours! They roared and cheered together as they all rushed in. Sakura Koto brought out her grappling hook once more, aiming for the nearby tree to pull and swing herself away, right on top of it. Still gonna run away? Youll get yours eventually, fox brat!

Instead however, Sakura Koto would stand her ground. After a while of tension you could cut with a knife, she knocked as hard as she could on the trees base with her right forearm three times. Quickly, she jumped off to flee. The party was about to give chase, however... the Pokemon flew in great numbers.

P-Pidgey?! one of them cried, as they all started shielding themselves from the feral bird Pokemon. One of them started tripping backwards - nearby a Exeggcute nest. They all started to swarm.

As Sakura Koto escaped a sizeable distance, over time and after a few minutes, she eventually heard it: the popping of an Egg Bomb blast from a little away. ...Insignificant they may be alone, she remarked. Together, they make a giant.


Those were the previous events of Sakura Koto, an hour or so ago. Tsubaki, a young woman in her normal kimono attire held out that very same red orb while gazing upon it, as all those recent memories washed in her mind. She was alone, so she herself alone had to make sure to avoid any needless danger, as she trotted through the route.

Violet... why are you so far awayyy... she grumbled as her stomach growled. Together they make a giant. Wooow Tsubaki, howd you come up with that one? Thats a line alright. For old people, that is. Or perhaps maybe its my mind telling me, I could go for some giant apples...


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On The Road To Viridian Violet City
Part One

They’d been walking for hours. The few breaks they’d taken were spent at the side of the dirt road, huddled on the leeward side of trees. Despite their unfit bodies’ exhaustion, they never rested long- staying still meant the heat of exercise dissipated. Daisy-May had returned Maki to her PokéBall when the poor Kurusu started shivering. Alton’s coughing fits were becoming more and more frequent. Even Limon’s energy had drained. The three huddled together, though they had long since dropped the facade of dragging Limon to Violet. Echoing cries startled them more than once, but nothing was to be seen.

“You know, I was sort of in a hurry,” Limon said, “I’m glad you people didn’t slow me down much.”

Alton rolled his eyes. Limon didn’t notice. “We’re going to have to make camp soon. I hope that won’t count as slowing you down.”

“Make camp?” Limon’s question was drowned out by Daisy-May’s horrified exclamation: “We have to camp?”


“We have to sleep outside? On the ground? In this weather?”

“We’re trainers. Camping is more likely than you think.” Alton sighed. The girl hadn’t spoke much along the way, but he got the distinct impression that she was… spoiled. Probably rich. Unprepared for the hardships of a journey. Then again… he was certainly all of those things, in a way. And she was so much younger than he was. Maybe she’d grow out of the unpleasantness, given time. Or maybe she wasn’t usually like this. Exhaustion rarely brought out the best in people.

His train of thought was derailed by Limon. “If we must make camp, then we should start looking for a suitable clearing.” Alton blinked at this show of competency, but quickly shrugged it off when Limon continued. “I think I have some salt in my sleeve; I believe it can repel intruders.”

Daisy-May raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “Salt?”

“Yes, it-” Limon began, but Alton quickly cut him off. “You’re right about finding a campsite. We need a place out of the wind- a sheltered clearing would be nice, or perhaps a cave, if we’re lucky. We might have three hours before it gets dark, but I don’t want to use all of them.”

Limon’s eyes searching for possibilities meant they were no longer on the ground, which meant he tripped every few yards as he wandered between well-worn tracks in the road. Daisy-May was silent. Alton could tell she was focusing only on the next step, forcing herself to keep moving. He tried not to think too much about how tired and sore they’d all be tomorrow morning with four more hours of walking looming ahead. Resentment began to simmer inside his chest- this was Limon’s fault. If the man hadn’t foolishly run off, Alton could have helped the Professor find his car. They could have driven to Violet. They could have-

Again, it was Limon that broke the spell. He was a few yards ahead, crashing thoughtlessly through the underbrush. Alton gritted his teeth and pushed after him, towing an unresponsive Daisy-May. “What are you doing?” he hissed. “You’re going to disturb something!”

Limon pointed in response. Following the arc of his arm, Alton saw a darkened entrance some ways into the forest. “Good eye,” he said, rather begrudgingly, “but slow down. We need to be careful.”

“It’s just natural that a detective should have a good eye!" Limon crowed. “They are one of the protectors of the law itself. Having a higher rank also means having higher authority. But such power, often leads to a lenient misconception of duty. The officers in the blue did all the dirty work, while detectives took all the praise from nowadays' news. To simply make sure of that, I'm en-routing my way to Violet City!”

“But… you’re not a detective. You’re not even law enforcement.”

"But I am!" he cried, forgetting about pressing on through the bushes. Alton took the lead, gently tugging Daisy-May along. "I sure am! The genuine one! It's just that I don't belong here. Maybe that's why, I'm even questioning myself seeing my other side just hours ago."

Other side…? "If you're a real officer, why did you tell some story about... about making up a different persona for yourself?"

"It was me! I'm not a persona! I might flub it a bit, but there's a condition where I had no rights to divulge anyone with the details."

"So you're two people? Limon Beigeman and... the other guy?"

"... I refuse to believe that I'm the guy in the picture. That can't be me, his name differs greatly and I don't think I have 'driver' as a job."

"But... he looks like you. And you know his IN." Alton ran a hand through his hair. "I don't understand you."

"... Me either. This made me curious and I'll find it out soon." Limon yawned, apparently done with the conversation.

You don't even understand yourself?! Alton opened his mouth to say, but thought better of it. He pushed the last of the obstacles away to reveal something completely unexpected- a woman, already making camp at the site. "Oh- uh, hi. Sorry to disturb you…"

It is now 2:30 PM.

Alton Marie Mocinno IV

is currently on

the road to Violet City

Tua, Limon(?) and

attempting to

make camp find out who
this mysterious woman is.

i want to believe


"I guess I'm just a bit hungry..."

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Post 14: A turn for the worse (ft. Sora Asai)

Kazuko Himura
Bio here
Status: Severe hypothermia


None Yet!


Sora watched as Kazuko stood and tried to continue forward. He walked over toward her, thinking that she might fall.

"12 hours is how long the walk is. We will have to make camp at some point. Are you sure you are ok?" Sora asked, walking along side her.

"Yeah...Yeah, I'm fine." Kazuko insisted, but she was clearly lying through her teeth. She was NOT okay at all, as she was still shivering violently. "I... I might need a b-bit of help, though....."

Sora was pretty sure he couldn't convince her to take a longer break. He knew they needed to get got, there was no doubt about that, but he didn't want to push her. He thought about what to do for a moment. Then, he spoke:

"I can help you. There are a few ways I can think to help you. You can either hold on to my arm or hop on my back. The choice is yours. Unless you have another idea." Sora said.

"I-I think it would be wise to j-just hold onto your arm...." Kazuko stated. "I-I still c-can walk a bit...." As much as she knew things were going downhill for her, she was utterly determined to prove she could be independent-though at this current time, her judgement was fairly impaired.

Sora nodded and offered his right arm to her, "Alright. Just take my arm then. We will make it through this route together. We probably should try to walk for at least six hours, but if we can't, we will find a shelter. Somewhere." Sora said.

"Alright..." Kazuko trailed off, gently latching onto Sora's arm. "I-I'm ready..." She began to walk, er, stumble along.

Sora walked at the fastest speed possible without causing Kazuko to stumble too much. It took him a few minutes to find the right speed, but once he did, everything seemed to go smoothly.

"I wonder how far the other are. I am sure they are about an hour or so ahead of us by now." Sora said, the sun finally starting to rise in the sky.

Kazuko's shivering barely lessened despite the sun. Her stomach growled loudly, prompting a flurry of wild Pokemon to flee, the grass rustling. She glanced down, incredibly embarrassed. "S-sorry..." she choked out, fumbling through her bag as best she can to get something to snack on. She'd be blushing if all of her bloodflow wasn't trying to keep her warm.

Sora couldn't help but chuckle a little. He was supposed to be serious, but after that, he couldn't help himself. He stopped for a moment so that she could look for whatever it was she was looking for in her bag.

"At least they weren't Ursaring or some other pokemon. Otherwise we would be in trouble right now." Sora smiled.

"You're right on th-that..." she trailed off, before pulling some food out of her bag. Unwrapping a few of the items, she began to hungrily eat them. "It w-wouldn't have been a good idea to w-wait any longer...." she mentioned, finishing off the food.


5 hours later....

Sora and Kazuko walked for five hours, and it was now early in the afternoon. He was sure they had almost caught up with the group ahead of them, but he couldn't resist the look of a pear tree off to the side and suggested to stop and take a small break. He also had to really use the bathroom and there was a small stream he could use to wash his hands in near the pear tree. It was a small stream, not even large enough for his foot to step in. As he got to it though, he found that it was frozen, but that didn't stop him. Instead, he found a rock broke, ice off and rubbed it in his hands to let it melt and make water.

"Got to love the taste of pears. It was surprising to find any left. Usually they are all on the ground and rotten by now, but I guess there was a few left." Sora said.

Kazuko agreed to take a break, especially since the pears looked really good to her. In addition, she wasn't exactly feeling too well, and not from hunger. By the time Sora had returned, she was seated once more, leaning against the tree. She had tried to get a couple pears for herself earlier, but couldn't exactly reach in her state.

Sora immediately noticed that Kazuko's skin was starting to turn a blueish color. He quickly trotted over to her and squatted down, "Hey are you ok?" Sora asked.

He thought he knew what he was seeing, but he wasn't exactly sure.

It took a few moments for Kazuko to realize that Sora was addressing her. She just shook her head, her shivering having completely stopped, a numbing feeling having spread through her. All she wanted to do was just curl up somewhere and wait out the cold spell.

Sora placed a hand on her forehead. As soon as his skin touched her's, his memory returned to the night that he had fallen into the Lake of Rage.

"Damn it. Should have realized sooner." He spat, cursing himself more to himself.

Sora quickly took of his own jacket, and wrapped it around Kazuko. He was sure he would be fine in the weather with his long sleeve as long as they found shelter before nightfall.

Kazuko felt a hand against her forehead, and later Sora's jacket wrapped around herself. She felt only slightly better for the time being. She struggled to choke out a simple "Thank you." but speaking had grown difficult for her.

Sora bit his lip, unsure of what to do. There was no way he could make it to Violet Town in time. He had to find shelter. Even though he loved Ice Pokemon, at that moment he wished he had a flying pokemon to scout the area. He had never been on this route before.

"It would be nice if I had a flying pokemon right now." Sora spoke, and then he got exactly what he wished for, but in an entirely different fashion, as a flock of wild Pidgey flew overhead.

Sora looked up and he shook his head, "That isn't what I meant!"

He quickly scooped up Kazuko and her belongings and quickly ran for the trees, hoping to find shelter. As they ran, Koru popped out of its poke ball and cried a battle cry, slithering to the top of Sora's head.

"Koru! Thanks for coming out. Don't try to take on all of them, there is too many. Use Icy Wind on the ones that get too close." Sora asked, as they continued to run.

Kazuko was still fairly out of it, but she did notice being scooped up by Sora. "Wh...." was all she could get out. Her eyes widened upon seeing the incredible flock of bird Pokemon. Instinctively she attempted to reach for Honoguma's pokeball, though movement was incredibly difficult for her.

Sora didn't notice Kazuko trying to reach for her poke ball. He was only paying attention to what was in front of him, dodging trees to the best of his ability. The Pidgey started to attack, swooping down, pecking at Sora's head and body. He could feel bursts of cold flying off his head and down his neck, make him shiver from Koro's Powder Snow attacks. It didn't stop Sora though. He was determined to find shelter somewhere, somehow.

Koru cried out a few times, obviously getting pecked by the flying pokemon's peaks. He was thankful that Koru wasn't a grass type.

Kazuko finally managed to grip her Pokeball, but the sudden cold from any residual Powder Snow attacks nearly left her unable to move, she was already numb as is. But she thankfully managed to press the button, releasing Honoguma. The Pokemon, noticing his trainer in a dire state, was immediately on the offensive. Honoguma would either Tackle or Scratch any of the Pidgey that got within his reach.

Sora stumbled when the bear pokemon appeared suddenly. He nearly falling as he ran, but managed to stay upright, but the struggle also made him brush a tree to his left side, causing him to bounce to right and into a low hanging limb which left a scratch on his lower cheek. A pidgey threw itself into Sora, causing Sora once again to stumble, but this time, he didn't stay up right. He stumbled, but turned his body so that his bag would break his fall, as well as his own body breaking Kazuko's fall, but caused him to lose his breath.

The Pidgey hovered above, as if waiting for the right moment to strike. Sora layed helplessly as he tried to regain his breath. Both Sora's and Kazuko's pokemon were still up, shaken, but still ready to fight. Sora looked around for a shelter where they could rest for the night and get away from the Pidgey.

After a few minutes, he saw an opening in an old oak tree, it was hollowed out. He sat up as best as he could.

"Sorry for this." Sora said, putting Kazuko over his shoulder, allowing him to rise.

Kazuko gasped when she felt Sora suddenly fall. She was completely helpless to stop the descent, which had also caused her to bruise a good bit. She just laid there, staring up at the sky, at the Pidgey still flocking above them. Honoguma was still fending against the onslaught for the time being.

Kazuko felt herself be pulled up over Sora's shoulder, and heard an apology from him. She replied with a simple "It's fine..." when she both comprehended what was going on, and mustered up the strength to speak.

"Let's see.... it's about 30 yards away... I know I can make it." Sora spoke to himself.

He took a deep breath, "Koru. Let's go." Sora announced. Koru nodded and slithered up Sora's body to the shoulder.

"Honoguma, I know you aren't my pokemon, but I need your help if you wouldn't mind assisting to a little bit more." Sora asked.

He figured Honoguma would quickly follow as he ran, there wasn't really time for it to wait around. So Sora took off toward the opening in the tree, too focused on one thought to see the Fire-type at his heels. The Pidgey tried to block his way, but they were too slow in the cold weather to block off the path. Sora ran through a gap in the Pidgey and into the gap in the tree, big enough for at least three people to sit in. It looked ancient, rotted out maybe more than a decade ago. He waited a few seconds for Kazuko's pokemon to get through the hole, then spoke a command.

"Koru, freeze the opening!" Sora roared.

Koru nodded and in no time at all, its Powder Snow had frozen the gap shut. The ice was thick and solid, so even a flock of Pidgey would have a hard time breaking it. Sora quickly placed Kazuko on the ground and tore bark off the side of the rotten tree. He made a hole, from the bark he had torn, large enough so smoke and other poisonous gases could escape. He knew it wasn't large enough, but he didn't want to make it too large for Pidgey to get through. He had to work with it for now. He would make it larger later that night. He didn't think there would be any nocturnal pokemon around later other than Hoothoot, which can't move very quickly anyway.

Sora quickly began to start a fire with what was around him, He needed to make it warm as possible. He had learned how to make a fire a few weeks after he had recovered from falling into the Lake of Rage from his mother. After a vigorous minute or two, a fire started and he started to blow on it to help it grow. He was certain that it wouldn't bother the solid ice door too much because of how cool the air was, but if it did start to melt, he would refreeze it. If the pidgey went away soon, he would go out and find a better door.

Meanwhile, Kazuko was comprehending what was happening. By the time she realized what was unfolding, she was already on the ground inside the tree. Honoguma went right over to her, staying nearby, as if on standby, awaiting his next command.
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“Don’t be such a baby, it’s not that bad,” Riven scoffed. The champion adjusted himself while his striped canine emanated some warmth—the stranger used the tree behind him to bring himself on his feet. Riven watched as this inebriate continued to retch. “It's a hangover remedy. Looks like it worked.”

“Do you think that justifies you shoving gunk down my throat?!” Evidently, this man seemed like he rarely used an indoor-voice—it felt as though every moment he had this urge to bellow and bicker like some grouch.

A scowl formed on his face as he glared at Riven. The scarlet-haired trainer didn't bother reacting to such wild gestures—his Arcanine however disliked the aggression. Instinctively and in an assertive manner, the canine positioned itself between its master and the drunkard. It aimed its snout towards this unstable man.

The distance between the stranger and Fire-type's fangs was dangerously close; the Pokémon's breath even caused the man's face to produce a few beads of sweat from all the searing heat. “Stupid ass mutt,” the man muttered as he nudged at the canine's muzzle with his hands. He seemingly ignored this beast to focus his attention on its trainer. “Anyways, where the hell am I?”

Riven contemptuously shook his head at the sight of this man challenging his Arcanine. “We’re in Violet City, judging by the tower.” He guided the man's attention to a building structured with multiple eaves—its design made the rest of the town nondescript in comparison. However, leaving out some additional details that transpired while the man was unconscious, he nonchalantly admitted, “Don’t recognize anything else.”

“Oh, great.” There was a lack of emotion or care in tone, contrast to all the melodrama he stirred up earlier. ”Who are you?”

“Not going to introduce yourself first? Well, not that I expected that kind of civility from a hopeless drunk. Riven. Now, I believe it’s your turn. First of all, who are you, and what was that Pokémon you had?”

“Look, no offense—actually, scratch that, psyduck you. I honestly don't want to play twenty questions with you. I mean, what are the hell are you even asking about? What Pokémon? You mean this muk-stain?”

The man who seemingly forgot to provide his name pulled out a spherical device from underneath his coat. The way he recklessly tossed it to the side suggested he had no consideration or compassion for the organism contained inside. The PokéBall split open upon impact and produced a bright flash. A light green blob emerged into existence, and its presence caught the striped canine's attention.

This... thing just stood idly in place, its eyes devoid of any intelligence or life, though it would wiggle its gelatinous form at times—sporadically so. Compared to Riven's Arcanine, this creature looked outstandingly unimpressive. It was also rank with the scent of decaying corpses.

“This is the only Pokémon I had on me ever since I arrived in this ass-backwards country. Now, if we're done—”

“No, the gas cloud, you ass.” Riven crossed his arms and began resorting on a demanding tone. “Don’t waste both of our time playing dumb because whatever it was, it’s gone.”

“Gas cloud? Gas cloud. Gas cloud?” He seemingly acted as though he was genuinely pondering on what Riven was alluding to—was this drunkard actually trying to thin out the champion's patience? “Oh. You're talking about that.” One of his eyebrows rose as he seemed to be curious. “Listen, there's only two people who have to gall to inquire me about that: those who are smart enough to know what a Gastly is, and those who want me dead. And Johto has yet to prove it has anyone or anything that can be considered smart.”

“It's been a few hours since I found you, and you're not dead yet, so place your bets.”

Yet is the operative word here. I mean, cripes, wouldn't you want answers before you murder me?”

“Okay, what if I say you won’t die? I don’t exactly have the luxury of murder. If there are people who do, then all the better that I’m the one who grabbed you.”

“Luxury? How about this—you can have the luxury of kissing my ass.” He let out a chortle despite visibly looking agitated. “Jeez, you’re pretty presumptuous even though you’ve done literally nothing beneficial for me.”

“You were passed out in the middle of a busy road, and that Pokémon was floating around like it was nobody’s business. If anyone's after you, I’m probably the reason you’re still alive right now.”

Listen,” he brusquely interposed, “you are assuming as if I never passed out in public before. I mean, for all you know, I could have strategically placed myself there as part of some plan I came up with—and you just callously psyducked up everything.”

“And the greatest plans are the ones fuelled by alcohol, right? And what about the Pokémon people would kill you for? What if it got away?”

“Stop calling it a Pokémon. It was a bait.”

“Bait for what?”

“For fish!”


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** prettiness in process, this is jp

Once the saved data is deleted, there is no way to recover it.
Is it really okay to to delete all saved data?
>Yes ------------No

She faced them, the woman in the woods. A little thing wrapped in fleece in a lawn chair, framed by the dying fire in front and the gaping hole behind: a burrow left by some monumental creature. The same's very stature raised and ruined the earth discerning this clearing. Roots from a felled tree streaked throughout the covet in the woods, all raised and fantastically bloated. Acrid Repel sat trapped on placid wind. And all except the fire was still.

This woman in the woods, her hair popped pink in the dark. The flames before her cracked violently, clawing for life; she reveled in their faintness. Her posture was crouched. The contours of the woman's face were unrecognizable. She had no impression to give except a gaze, wide and intense like a Noctowl’s glower. And she glowered.

“Sorry to disturb you…”

Her stare spelled an inclination to agree.

“No, you’re fine,” she uttered finally, weightlessly. “You look young. Ya’ll lost?”

"No, just trying to find a campsite. We thought about this area, but since you're already here..."

A sharply-dressed brunette at the head of the pack. Lanky and big-nosed. Albeit, the leader, inevitably—
fortitude amidst all his sharp angles.

“Yes.” Staring, still, but a touch of hope further softened the voice of the woman in the woods: “I’m sure there are other places. Maybe if y’all stay a little closer to the road, might find someplace safe.” And she gave a smile without earnest, eyes dry like those ebbing, licking flames.

The boy persisted. "Would it be alright if we rested here for a short time? We've been walking for... maybe eight hours now and I think Daisy-May isn't doing so well..." He tugged the girl beside him further into the sheltered site.

The woman couldn’t refuse. Her smile fell. But she caught herself quickly with the somber inquiry, “‘Daisy-May?’”

The pretty teen, being hauled forward, looked bound to teeter into that piddling campfire, shatter like porcelain. There was sallow skin and heaving breathing; otherwise, the girl evinced nothing, staring down at her feet as if they alone she could trust, like she'd been walking eight days.

So, finally, the woman in the woods responded, heaving the fleece off of her, heaving herself

With the downy sheet in hand, a uniform emerged newly-unobscured. Something pure white and form-fitting, a dress that ended mid-thigh where stockings were intended to almost reach, not quite. Something that paired well with heels and anonymous whistling, cries of “Hello, Nurse!” But the woman planted herself before the party in her hiking boots and unraveled hair.

“Sit her by the fire,” ordered Nurse Joy, arms crossed against her chest in the cold.

With the gentle hand of the brunette boy at her back, a shuddering Daisy-May found seating on a gnarled root closest to the campfire. The young man himself followed her stead, putting himself next to her with what little warmth he could provide.

Nurse Joy sent something of a curious look at him. She bent over as if to pass the blanket, in hand, to his companion.

“Nurse Joy… why are you all the way out here?” the young man asked.

Evading him, the nurse realized a third traveling companion, so distanced that in the wintry darkness, she could barely make out the brim of his hat (one unsuited for this weather, at that.)

"Huh? And just what is this princessy-looking woman doing in the wilds?" this stranger thus pronounced.

With little expressed, Joy decided to ignore him.

To her acquaintance, she remarked, with a touch of reprimanding, “I should ask so much yourself. Should know the dangers of going out in the woods, alone or not.” With a pause: “How old are you?” And under her breath: “Look a lil’ too old for this.” Then, aloud: “You takin’ care of this ‘Daisy-May’?”

She spoke quickly, this one.

“I'm twenty-six. Does that matter?”

The brunette reached out, unsure if the blanket was being proffered.

“We’re just trying to get to Violet. I guess I'm taking care of her. Them. For now.”

An inferencing look dared to surface in what little light there was. The dark eyes of Nurse Joy watched. There was no follow-up.

She relinquished the blanket, moving to drape it over Daisy-May’s shoulders.

Joy muttered something akin to ‘older than…’, then with heightened poise, “Of course. I understand. Violet is a safe city.”

Her focus lifted as she motioned in some hypothetical direction, saying, “If you hug the road a little and take a left, you can avoid that stretch of grass there. Can use that cave up north as, uh— ”

The hat-wearer in the shadows — the oblivious other half of “them” — was also speaking around her. “Surely, it won't… did you come…?”

Nurse Joy snapped at him, “Do you need something?”

"Is Violet City just ahead of us or is it still that faraway?" he rephrased.

“You're gonna have to come forward, sweetheart, I can't make you out.”

He started onward into the flame-cast light. A bright-eyed man with the same straight-laced style of his partner persisted, “Where is the path leading to Violet City and how far is it from here?”

“Not that far,” she lied with the quick follow-up that “The walk won't feel like Hell if you can find somewhere to camp.”

"A cave?" The other stranger piped up, less concerned with the remaining journey than finding a place to sleep. "Uninhabited, I hope."

Nurse Joy flashed a somber grin of knowing, of I hope so, too.

Then: a bring-bring-bring from the woman’s breast pocket snatched her attention as she rushed to attain and answer her little flip phone. “Hello?” And then she was silent. Turning her back to the group, stalking away towards her tent, slightly hunched in concentration as the voice buzzed on and on, climbing with indiscernible hysterics. Nurse Joy went pallid, and a wind began to build.


“Huh? Huh? Hello?” The connection lapses. Carrie lifts her eyes, she scans the clearing for those few strangers. They’re gone, now. They’re really going there.

What has she done?


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ROUTE 30-31

After briskly walking for what felt like hours on end in bitter cold, a shivering and teeth-gnashing Elm suddenly stopped in the middle of the track. He looked over his shoulder. Tyson was lagging behind, staring into what would have been direct sunlight were it not for the thick overcast, barely keeping his balance or watching where he was going. His Pokemon, the Honoguma, looked especially vicious at no discernable thing, growling back at his Trainer in order to keep the boy's attention.

Elm reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small notebook and pen. Opening up to a page, he scratched something down. Then he took a deep breath, and shouted back with a bit more clarity in his syntax, "Hurry up to me or else this will take too long for just one walk to Violet."

“Ugh… fine,” he groaned, closing his eyes as he approached. “I don’t know why you are soooooo weird.” His pacing did not change at all. In fact, it seemed he made a show to drag his feet. The Honoguma growled as it darted its eyes about, on edge despite luckily little happening in the silent wood thus far.

Elm gripped his pen in his hand as he turned on his heel to face the ungrateful boy, and as his heavy steps made it apparent he was going to meet the boy halfway for a choice word, Tyson suddenly lurched forward. The Pokemon scuttled away from under him as he fell flat on the frosty ground. Elm put aside his anger for now for genuine concern as he shouted, "Hey! Hey!" and rushed to the collapsed boy's side. He went to kneel down beside the body to inspect it, but as soon as he reached for the boy's neck to check for a pulse, the Honoguma darted right up to its Trainer and snapped its teeth at the Professor's fingers. Elm quickly drew back as he made an incredulous face, watching as the Honoguma started viciously biting at the collar of Tyson's shirt.

“OK,” Tyson muttered into the packed earth. Elm didn't know to whom, as no one said anything to warrant that answer.

"Get up! Stop jokes!" The Professor's terse manner of phrasing returned in his vexation, as he shot back up to his feet. "Difficult! No time! Could attack in wild! You lay like wet seaweed! Why?!"

“No sweat, my Honoguma can beat everyone and anyone…” Tyson rolled over. He then held his head as if he were suffering a headache, if not from the fall, then from his own sense. "... Woah.…" He looked over at the Honoguma, who was now gnawing at its own leg for an itch. "Can we… stop? I'm sleepy." He pat at his pockets and loud crinkling sounds were heard as he pulled out empty water bottles. He let them roll out of his limp hands when he realized there was nothing in them, and he sighed. "I need water..."

Elm pushed up his frames and pinched the bridge of his nose, his face beginning to blush. After a big sigh from himself, pointed his pen at Tyson.

"Bad. Stinky. Weak. Lay there like dying dog. Let fire rat watch. I go, find shelter. I come back, let you join. You sleepy? I sleepy of this big, ugly joke."

... He's a bear.

Elm was already trodding through the bushes at the woodline, muttering incoherently to himself.


The canopy of cedar trees was thick. There was hardly any strong sunlight to begin with, but nothing would be pouring through the few spotted gaps overhead. It took a battle-battered Elm some time, as the faint shadows on the ground seemed to have shift since last he sketched a reference in his notebook, but he finally came upon a small clearing. There was nothing he could easily find as a naturally-formed shelter—no burrow, no slab of rocks, no cloister of shrubs and low trees—so he figured he had to scavenge for thick, sturdy branches and loose foliage to craft one. Yet were he to do it himself, he knew it'd tax him too greatly. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he did need the boy's help, but whether or not Tyson would be cooperative was a bothersome thought for the Professor.

In his notebook, he hastily sketched out some field markers around the area so as not to forget, and began to make his way back through the forest, keeping an eye out for the markers he placed along the way to retrace his steps. With his pen and pad away, he kept a thumb on a compressed PokeBall clipped to his belt. He had already fought off a cluster of Spinarak that had woven a web over a pit, and fended off a stalking Heracross whose territory he crossed. The woods was anything but safe—and neither was the beaten path of the route itself. But he knew it would be out of place for the ferals to attack a quiet, motionless human in the clearing. If poisonous, scavenging Weedle found their way to Tyson's body and thought to gnaw on his clothes, Elm at least relied on the neurotic Honoguma to assail them.


With numb fingers, he shoved aside the few remaining branches between himself and the road.

"Up, up, up! Lazy boy!" He started, looking behind him to make sure nothing had followed him. "I find place for which to—"

Elm froze. For a second, his mind went blank as he tried to register the sight before him.

Massive footprints that seemed to start from nowhere but the middle of the road impacted the earth, crumbling the topsoil. There was a huge swatch of grass, torn up from the roots, with part of its edges singed. From there, the five-toed prints lumbered over to the woodline on the opposite side, alongside it was a track in the dirt, like something heavy dragged. The prints fade out into the thicket, where shrubs are entirely crushed and the trunks of the towering cedar trees are bashed to the point of stripped bark and splintered wood. Whatever it was, evidence of its presence led deeper into the forest.

When the man came to, he reacted immediately. Yanking the PokeBall off of his clip, he pressed the button to expand it to its full size, and then once more for the top to pop open. A crackling arc of white energy sought the ground, and its form materialized into a two-headed, wingless bird, a head and shoulders shorter than he. The Doduo bobbed their heads as they curiously glanced about, but they snapped into position when their owner shouted, "One!"

The Doduo crouched down and craned their necks as Elm scampered over and jumped onto their back, wrapping his legs around their body and grabbing at the very base of their necks. When he was in a safe position, he commanded "Go!" and they darted off into the direction he subtly yet skillfully steered them.

Weaving under, over, and around sharply-broken branches, the Doduo picked up considerable speed. Elm kept his head low as he peered out from between them, following the brute-forced tunnel as the chilling air cut like wind across his face. Elm didn't know how long ago this track had been made, as he was surely gone for some hours in his hunt for shelter, but he soon received his answer when his short sight caught something up ahead.

It was a big hulking something, taller than Elm even while it was slouched, and covered in matted black fur. It quickly lifted its head at the sound of something approaching, and when it turned to look on with its red face, one could see a battered, beaten hat atop its head. The design was unmistakably familiar to Tyson's. The vacant look on its face instinctively contorted into an indescribably wild emotion. As the creature turned to brandish a fallen tree trunk in its grip, a glimpse of something was strewn about behind it. Like shredded clothes.

As Elm braced himself in fast approaching, he was terrified of what the Gorillamo had done.
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Name: Sora Asai and Kazuko Himura
Location: Somewhere on Route 31

Invetory: Notebooks x10, unspecified number of pens and pencils, List of Known Ice Type Pokemon, and a picture is sister drew. 10,000 Poke Dollars on his person.
Pokemon: Kurusu (Koru)

"Within The Hollowed Tree"

Sora tore another piece of bark from inside the hollowed out, rotten, tree and threw it on the fire. He had been slowly opening a larger venting hole so that they wouldn't suffocate from smoke and other toxins. He to was starting to shiver, but not nearly as much as he had seen Kazuko shiver when she did. He noticed his pokemon was starting to get tired and the ice was felting faster, so he order his pokemon to stop. He knocked on the ice, finding a thin spot. He then leaned back and kicked with all his might, shattering most of the weakened ice.

He was blasted by a gust of cold air. He hadn't realized just how warm it was in the tree and how cold it was out side. He needed to find a new door and some better wood to burn. He took in a deep breath and the exhaled, causing a large fog the bellow out, easily showing his breath. He looked at the sky. the sun was going down. He knew now would be the best time to look, knowing, at least to his knowledge, that there were no nocturnal pokemon other than Hoothoot around.. He gathered up some large fallen branches and put them across the entrance to the hollowed out tree, blocking most air flow.

He quickly walked away from the tree, gathering up some wood that was already on the ground. After a few minutes of gathering, he returned and dropped the wood through the make shift venting system on the side of the tree that slowly grew as he tore bark away. He left again and returned to the woods. He found some larger logs that he could manage to pick up and stack to form a door.

He spent about 30 more minutes looking and finally found what he was looking for. He had found a small frozen pond, and on the rocks grew large beds of green moss. He knew that moss could grow in cold weather from his father before he had left. Most think moss stopped growing, but he had seen it around the Lake of Rage before during winter. He found a sharp rock, taking a knee and slowly cut the moss away from the rocks, some tore, but he just needed it to cover holes in the logs. He returned with a bundle of moss, placing it on the logs and picked up the logs and slowly carried them back, 2 logs at a time. He enter the hole and pulled the moss in, then started to stack the logs to form a door. He then hung the moss over the door thanks to some other rotten bark that was jagged, making easy hooks for something like moss. After he had gotten everything in place, he put of of the new wood on the fire, and it roared back to life.

He rubbed his hands together, warming them, and slowly got closer to Kazuko. He put a hand on her head. He hadn't gotten too much better, but it was at least maintaining the temperature and not getting worse. He didn't get too close, but he was close enough to the side so that some of his body heat would at least go toward her.

Sora was already deep in his own thoughts when she spoke. He almost didn't hear her because of it. The flames had hypnotized him, as if he wasn't currently in the world. Kazuko's voice returned Sora to reality.

" didn't" Kazuko managed to say. She wasn't improving much, but her being able to speak was a start. "But...thanks." She sighed a bit, fumbling around in her pack to get some more food to eat. Her appetite was mostly gone, but she couldn't afford to skip a meal.

"Oh Kazu,,, I didn't know you were awake." Sora said, looking over at the girl. Sora shifted his position.

"I...I guess you wondering about...earlier....when we were...leaving Cherrygrove...." Her movements still seemed sluggish and uncoordinated. Her free hand rested by Honoguma, who was curled up asleep by the fire.

"Yeah kinda. But it can wait till tomorrow. Get some rest. I want to try to get us to Violet tomorrow. We need to get you there." Sora said.

Sora's pokemon Koru, slithered up beside him, taking a place on the opposite side that Kazuko was on, knowing that it may not be best to be near her with its slimy body when she need the warmth.

"No...I'm up now....I want to....explain..." she replied, finally managing to get herself some food, munching on it.

" mother....ever since I was diagnosed with my condition....she's been overprotective." Kazuko took a deep, shaky breath. "Only times I was allowed to leave home...was for school...and doctor's appointments. Never left Fuchsia City unless...I needed to go to either of the hospitals in Celedon...or Saffron....I...I snuck out just to go on this journey.....and...and now.....I.....I....."

Sora listened as she tried to explain. It made sense now why she didn't want the woman at the gate to call her mother. He had to wonder why there wasn't a missing person case for her. Even though they were in Johto, Kanto and Johto should be able to communicate fairly quickly with phones and other technology that was starting to get invented. However, that wasn't really any of his business, so he didn't bring it up.

"Your condition? Forgive me for asking, but what do you have?" Sora asked after a few silent moments with only the fire cracking and popping.

"'s still in debate...what it's to be named...Both of the doctors literally...discovered it 13 years ago..." she trailed off. "It's...why I eat so'll faint if I don't get something in time..." Kazuko paused in her explanation to catch her breath. Talking was currently wearing her out. She didn't feel cold, at all, but she was still exhausted, mostly from the journey.

"That would explain a few things." Sora said, giving his full attention to Kazuko now.

He didn't say anything else right away, he was trying to pick out his words, "It sucks being in one town. I have lived in mine all my life. Even though it isn't under the best circumstances, at least you have left your town. I was only able to explore the areas around Mahogany Town, but I wasn't stuck in the house. Even though she didn't let you leave, I can understand why. You have something that was only just discovered recently, not even having a name yet, I would probably be the same way with my sister, although it would be her being the overly protective one." He trailed off for a moment after remember his sister, "She was so mad the night I fell into the Lake of Rage, even angrier than my mother. It is a scary thing really. She made me stay in bed for 2 weeks after that... That is my sister for you." Sora smiled a little bit, not realizing he had gotten of track.

Kazuko was concerned. " fell into a lake?" she asked, confused. She didn't know the area, so she obviously didn't know the lake of rage, but she continued to explain, " dad....wanted me to go on a journey myself....alongside my only friend....he was sure that I could handle didn't let me....My friend went without me, and she's now a very powerful trainer...."

"Sorry. A few years back I fell in to the Lake of Rage which is almost directly north, far north, from where we are now. I know the feeling of not being able to travel with your friend too well." He said, looking away."To me, it seems like your mother just cares a lot for you. Maybe a little too much. But who am I to judge? I don't even know her and I just met you like a day ago.... well.... two months ago." Sora finished.

"I can see....where you're coming from....I know she cares for me, and...she was there every time I was in the hospital...but...I just wanted to everyone else my age...a Trainer...."

Sora listed, her father reminded him of his own father. Sora had always wanted to be like his father, Becoming a trainer and one day becoming better than him. Her tale about her friend even reminded him of his promise with his friend, but Sora's friend was never able to become a trainer.

"I was supposed to travel with one of my best and only friends aside from my sister as well, but....." Sora's voice cracked ever so slightly and he stopped for a few moments and then continued, "Times change." He finished.

Sora thought he was over his friend, but every time it came up now, he was reminded that he still cared for his friend. It had only worsened since he got the news that he was to become a trainer.

"I..I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this...." Kazuko apologized. "I wish...I had more to say...especially since me and Yuu have kept in contact through letters....I saved each and every one...I saved all my money just for this.....and despite these circumstances...I'm glad. I'm glad I got to come on this journey....I'm glad I got to meet just might be....another friend...." A small smile formed on her face. "I just wish I could do more....but this cold....has done this to me....I never could tolerate even a slightly chilly winter....this....just......"

Sora smiled. He was happy for what she said. Even though she was cold and so far away from home, she remained strong even now. He put a hand on her shoulder, "Try to get some sleep. We will need it tomorrow. Especially if we want to get to Violet. I may push you harder tomorrow. I know you will be fine, but you still need a doctor to look at you. We won't be in this cold tomorrow night." Sora said. "I will make sure of that." He said to himself.

"I'll try..... " she trailed off. "Was going to have a small snack beforehand...." she remarked, managing to unwrap another food item. She munched on it before drifting off to sleep.

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