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want a team to make my new game

Started by lauraloldk March 8th, 2019 12:14 PM
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Posted March 8th, 2019
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i want a team who can help me Dev a new pokemon game. "Pokemon Q Version"
What i want in my game:
- A mega region with over 50 town/city
- 48 Gyms
- Infinity pokemon levels
- Rare candy in shop
- Quest System
- a very long story with over 500+ Main Quests, and 200+ Side quests
- a way to build stuff like house, bed, computer, healing and a lot more..........
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I can guarantee that you get Zero people to make the game for you.

Instead, you can get people to help you with the game that you want to make.
I advise that you start on your own to show some actual progress on your game so others will be more inclined to help.
This is the most helpful tutorial about how to recruit people for your project (as far as I know).
Take a good read and you might as well recruit someone to help you with your game.


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Moved your thread to the correct forum
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