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    Well here's one I started working on, it isn't finished yet, which means it's not fully edited yet either. The plot is about a girl that by some force transforms into the Eeveelutions depending on her mood and situation. Anyways, here goes

    I was so excited. I had only been to one convention, and had a blast. But this time I was more prepared; hotel room booked, friends to join me, cosplays made, lots of money, and even set up my own booth. I was a struggling artist, seeing as no one bothered with my art. Makes things difficult when the pictures don't sell. Anyways, I was all ready. Nothing could get in the way of the perfect weekend.

    Day one
    One hour until the con opened and the booth was not ready! My friends and I shared one big booth for all of our things and nothing was done. I was screeching and squawking at my friends to help me, or at least finish their part. Y' see, we're all struggling teens. Kat made quirky accessories such as bandanas, headbands, hats, hair clips, wallets, ect ect. Almost anyone could find something at her store.
    Then Drake, who was skilled in origami. I'll never understand why or how. He was mostly a chick magnet though.
    And finally Techno. As the name suggests, he is the music-man. The computer-man. The anything electronic-man. He does a lot of graphic design, so he makes our signs and fliers.
    Our quad had been together for a long time, and hopefully still would be even after this stressful weekend.
    Kat was busy putting her cutesy items in rows and pricing them. Good. Drake was hanging origami animals and characters around the booth, it actually looked nice. Good. Techno was... bobbing his head sitting in a chair.
    I grabbed his headphones away from his ear and yelled, "Techno!!" and then snapped the headphones back on his ear.
    "Hey!" he yelled, turning off the outlandish music.
    "Why haven't you put our signs up yet? We open in less than an hour!"
    "Ey, ey I gotcha. Y' gotta chill man. You're too fiery, y' might melt the place down." I crossed my arms and turned away. Techno thought he was so "cool" and "chill". But to me he was just lazy. I swear he was trying to make me freak out so he can be the "cool" one. Pft.

    One thing is for sure; Art doesn't sell like cutesy accessories do. Kat was constantly busy and filled with customers. Girls buying her out while guys checked her out.
    Even Drake was doing better than me. The chicks that weren't at Kat's flocked to him. Then he used his manipulative stare and smile to force them to buy his origami. I had worked so hard on all my art, and had hardly sold anything.
    Techno sensed my drooping spirit and grabbed my shoulder, "It's only a few hours into the first day, E.V. Don't worry." I liked it when he called me that. Not many people do. I have two first names because my parents could not make up their minds. I didn't like either of them so I shortened it to E.V.
    Right before I could thank him for the comfort, a hopefully paying customer approached my booth. Mine, not Kat's or Drake's.
    "C- can I help you?" the stranger slowly met my eye, which glinted with his smirk.
    "Perhaps you can. That's some lovely art you have. Did you draw it all?" My hopes jumped like I did out of my chair.
    "Yes! These are all originals, so anything you get is one of a kind!" his eyes scanned my pictures and stopped on one. He nodded toward it, "I'll take that one." My eyes lit up.
    "Okay that will be fifteen dollars!" His hand went to his pocket. I expected cash but instead it was a beautiful stone.
    "Would you accept this as payment?" I handled the stone carefully, and examined it from all angles. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. It didn't have a definite color; it shimmered and mirrored constantly. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.
    "Y-yes I'll accept that. What exactly is it?"
    "Something you will definitely appreciate. As I will appreciate this art. Thank you, E.V." By the time I looked up from the stone, he was gone.

    "Psh, sounds to me like he ripped you off. Looks like a hunk of plastic." Drake said as he launched his teeth into a sub sandwich. He was eyeballing the stone and shaking his head doubtfully.
    I stuck my tongue out, "Did not! And it's not plastic! This thing has got to be worth more than fifteen dollars."
    "E.V.'s right' just look at it. It shimmers and changes every second. It's almost holographic." I nodded to Kat, thanking her for the support.
    "Well sounds like he's a real pro at tricking girls. Probably just out of a gumball machine." He took another bite. I secretly wished he would choke.
    "He seemed alright to me, man. It's not a big deal anyways, so leave her alone." Techno to the rescue again.
    "Thank you." I said quietly. He nodded. Sometimes I hated Drake. What the hell does he know anyway?
    ..... Didn't really want him to choke though.
    Kat came up behind me and put a headband on my head. It was the ears of my favorite Pokemon, Eevee.
    "Now these ain't cheap. But you look good in them so you can borrow them for the con, kay?" That's Kat's way of giving a gift. I smiled.

    The shops were closing down for the night, and the concerts were to start soon. Kat was dressing up more than usual, placing glow sticks with her outfit. Drake fixed his hair in the mirror, and caught my eye. I tried to look away, but it was too late.
    "Hey, Eve. Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I was being a real jerk." I was caught off guard by his apology. But my surprise did not show.
    "Pft, you can say that again." I stubbornly crossed my arms and turned away. It was always hard for me to forgive him, but I always did.
    "Let me make it up to you. I'll take you to the concert tonight and buy you anything you want. Deal?" He probably made so much money it didn't matter to him. But taking me to the concert meant I was his date. Kind of. So that meant something. I guess.
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