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    Originally Posted by HeroLinik View Post
    OK, one thing I've really wanted is a Timid Magnemite with HP Fire because my competitive team could really benefit from Magnezone, and I don't have a Ditto that can give the right IV spread (it's a 6IV, which will result in HP Dark). I've tried asking in a few places, but I haven't really been met with much of a response, therefore my team is at a standstill in terms of Pokemon.

    So I was wondering if someone could trade me one. I can give away my spare BR Ferrothorn in exchange for it.
    While I don't have one to help you, just to clarify, even a 6IV Ditto doesn't give JUST Dark type Hidden Power, the 5th stat that is random can result in you getting Dark OR Dragon type Hidden Power (if that 5th random IV is odd or even depends on which Hidden Power you get)
    Need a specific Berry? I have literally every kind. Need a Friend Safari HA pokemon? I have them all. Need a gen 1 - 3 (and a few from gen 4) Move Tutor Egg Move that can no longer be obtained? I might be able to help. Drop me a DM if you need anything and maybe I can help!
    My first battle in a competition, January 2016: I call this "never give up!" :D YNUW-WWWW-WW3F-FMAQ
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