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Originally Posted by Alexander18 View Post
Not a fan of the anniversary. It was kanto this and kanto that. Like i want kanto being thrown in my face all the time. There were other generations. The anniversary was for all games. Not just kanto.
I agree with you. I always felt the 20th anniversary was supposed to commemorate the franchise as a whole, but no, TPCi decided to be greedy and cash in on nostalgia by shoving Kanto material in our faces. I'm someone who never played the games that were primarily set in Kanto, but it's still not stopping me from getting annoyed at it.
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    Yeah. The anniversary focusing on kanto more gave me more reasons to not wanting another kanto game. I am sick of it.
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    I was pretty happy with the anniversary celebrations. The main highlight for me was the re-release of R/B/Y on the Virtual Console, especially thanks to the option to export your team over to S/M.

    The release of the Evolution set in the TCG was also a big moment for me, and whilst I would have preferred if all the base set cards were reprinted (Miss u Venusaur), it still provided a really good bit of nostalgia of collecting the old cards. Whilst I didn't buy any Generations packs until this year, Generations also provided a strong celebration of Pokémon as a whole rather than just Kanto, this sort of countered the Kanto nostalgia filled release of Evolutions.

    I did miss a lot of the mythical distributions through forgetfulness, but I'm sure they were a nice bonus for those who participated also.

    Personally I don't really see S/M as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, though no doubt there would have been fewer nods to Kanto if S/M had been released in a different year. I appreciated Alolan forms and the inclusion of Red/Blue.

    As for the film, I haven't seen it yet so I have no opinion on it. Japanese anime do like to retell their most popular stories in a movie, One Piece has done it numerous times, so I'm sure it will be pretty good and not something to be angry about.

    I imagine I am more of a genwunner than most (I'm really more of a gentwoer if anything, but I digress) so I understand why I would have enjoyed the celebrations more than most, but I do think there was suitable celebrations in every department of the Pokémon fandom.

    tl;dr Virtual console re-release great, TCG nostalgia great, mythical distributions good, S+M Kanto nods good, movie jury's out but probably good. Overall pretty great.
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