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    Progress: Did I mention I'm done with the skill checker? Because I am.
    Also 2/3 through the SSAnne event.

    Originally Posted by supereffective View Post
    hey, just a dumb thought, could you create some kind story or angle with mt silver, like why does it have powerful pokemn, whats up there? mt silver is in kanto afterall lol, maybe consider it next year or two years from now. anyways, thanks for being active its cool to get teasers on here before the release date

    also a plus 1 when we beat the game, so we can get all the pokemon prizes keep our monster level etc etc beat all three ways that you posted somewhere here and get a special 4th ending after beating the game three times LOL

    oh triple tirade maybe?, the pokemon card game that most other rxpg pokemon fan games do, I just enjoy it.

    look forward to next update
    Mt Silver? Technically it's in Johto, so it's a little outside of this game. It does have super strong Pokemon, but I don't think I'll get into Johto stuff at all in RR.

    I definitely want to do a New Game+. I'm not sure if it's possible, but there are some scripts around and I'll try and tackle it once the Main Plot is done.
    If it's at all possible, I really do want a New Game+.

    Yeah I've been meaning to include other stuff, like Triple Triad or other card games, in the Casino. I will... probably get to it eventually?

    Originally Posted by MasterJesus View Post
    Um, why is Psychic weaker than Psybeam? That is kinda something to fix. Also, I just attempted to go back to pewter city and it locks me back into the Redra quest, she isn't there but it auto paths me. Also, mt moon is broken. I am about to lose LOTS of progress because I'm frozen.
    Edit: Can't enter viridian forest as well, the first 2 beedrill freeze the game every encounter. Can't even start the battle. I need the coin case so I am progress locked.
    Edit 2: All this is resolved after the story progressed.
    Edit 3: My Pikachu turned into Hitmonlee so I have both dojo pokemon. But my Pikachu is gone, daycare glitch. All the text is glitched and it keeps taking and returning koffing
    Ah yeah, Psychic should be stronger.
    And it looks like I messed up a conditional branch in the Daycare. It should be fixed by next patch.

    For the Beedrill... I think I'll go in and change that whole Viridian event. It's a little glitchier than I'd like. The Beedrill will act more like Trainers with sight lines, but it should be more stable in future.
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    supereffective supereffective is offline
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      yeah you got me at mt silver...its in johto...but the way to get there is through kanto lol
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