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Posted June 1st, 2019
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Hey Lads and Lasses, I am making a new Pokémon Fan Game, I still have no name for it yet, and I need a load of help from you, if you want to help, email me at trinoxyt@outlook.com and tell me what you are good at, and i will be generally appreciated with your generosity, and I may shout you guys out on my channel for all of your help! Also this Pokémon fan game is an overworld game, so that means, gyms in any order, and it has level scaling, so then only pokemon at certain level as your first pokemon in your party shows up, downside is that if you wanted to enter the Pokémon League, you would still need 8 badges. But so far, I am onto the 2nd town's making, and I need help! Also if you have any gym typings and elite four typings suggestions, or even any other suggestions for the game, comment them below!

Thank You


You are a 10 year old child, who is about to achieve their dream,
You then get your first pokemon from the professor!
You decide if you want to participate the Pokémon League or not after getting to the nearest department store!
You embark on your journey to achieve your dream of being the best Pokémon trainer, so you train and train, until you are
ready to enter the Pokémon League!