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Are you happy with your work?

Started by gimmepie 2 Weeks Ago 8:42 AM
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Pretty much what it says. Are you happy with your current project(s)? Are you content with your skill as a writer?


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Pretty much what it says. Are you happy with your current project(s)? Are you content with your skill as a writer?
I'm pleased that I'm at my best writing form to my knowledge and I'm also happy that my work has a direction even if conceptually I have a lot to think about and all for filling in things. I would say it feels great to be making deeper progress and I'm pleased with what I have made even if I plan to polish it sometime in the future due to things pointed out to me or discovered.

Besides, anything is better than the dumpster fire that was the first draft heh.

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My mood can switch in an instant. Some days I'm not happy with my current project for various reasons, like how the pacing, prose, and worldbuilding could be so much stronger. On some days, I do like some stuff I have going on and I'm excited for what plans I have next for the story. My writing skills I still think isn't good compare to other folks I know, but I liked to think I had improved even if just a tiny bit.

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I've never written for PC, I think. But from what I've written in the past, I feel like I can always improve it when I read it back. That's why it's important to allow yourself to just put your work out there without reading and revising it over and over, trying to make it perfect. You'll improve as you go; it's really unnecessary to be so hard on yourself. Of course, when submitting important entries for contests or publishing, that's when you bring your A-game. But outside of that, don't worry about it. Be happy with your work.

edit: I say that, yet here I am nitpicking my own response, haha. I still have to practice what I preach sometimes.



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honestly i haven't been happy with my writing that much as of late. i have the same tricks up my sleeve and tend to use a lot of the same words and phrases. my writing for fan fics is not as strong as my roleplay writing. juggling more than one character gets me to trip up, make a lot of repeats, and i find that i don't get that strong character focus that i enjoy in roleplay. i'll get it eventually, but right now i'm just blah.

i am pretty pleased with my latest fic though, despite all that. can't believe i found a way to make nail painting interesting. lol
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