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Positions available: Scripting, Tilesets making (Interior)
Workload per position: All scripting for new features and feature changes, All interior tilesets making
Current team members: Only Me yet
Basic idea of the project: Start as Pikachu(Boy) and Eevee(Girl). Pikachu/Eevee's parents died a few months ago in an unknown event. To find the criminals of their parents a new twist awake in story. Continuation from Pokemon Platinum's story into only Pokemon world! Defeat Lairs and progress through Pheryl region!
Features:*Game has data of Pokemon from Gen 1-7 (excluding Meltan and Melmetal and a few forms)
*New items called essences to replace a Pokemons secondary type (Thanks for helping simeo)(Not completed yet)
*Play as Pokemons
*Almost all mega evolutions
*Newly featured Lairs
*New Region
*Working for more features
Looking for work[/B]
Expertise: Making Scripts, Making Tilesets (interior)
Portfolio/Examples of relevant work: I can't upload images yet in the posts!
Method of contact: at my email: