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Started by CrimsonMajestic August 29th, 2018 2:54 PM
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With this thread being closed & not seeing another like one anywhere on the forum, I have decided to recreate this. If there is a preexisting open thread addressing wi-fi battles and/or this not the appropriate sub-forum by all means do whatever needs to be done. However, if this is to remain permanent, I suggest making this a stickied thread. That said:
  • Include in your post what format, generation, and other battle rules you would like for the battle(s).
    If you want to use the standard format, simply state so in your post.
  • Handle communication outside of this thread.
    Discussion regarding your battle (e.g. "I'll battle you" or "What's your Friend Code?") is considered spam and will be deleted. Organization of your battle should be done through visitor/profile or private messages.


First entry:

Format Mixed Tier 6 vs 6 (non-standard)
Generation Generation 7 (Pokemon USUM)
Other Rules Level 100

My Friend Code information is located on my signature link.
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Wi-fi Battle Request Info

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Format Double battle, 6v6
Generation Gen 7
Other rules Any

FC: Eh, will give in later update, I'm hound g to bed