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I'm interested in Mission 1.


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As summer draws to a close and ushers in the cool breezes of autumn, our heroes venture forth onto the next step on their journey: the gloomy, mysterious, overgrown forest, known only as the Glimwood Tangle. This enormous woodland stretches between the mountains of Eastern Galar and the isolated town of Ballonlea, and is home to endless kind of plant and Pokemon life, ranging from gigantic trees as old as the mountains themselves, to swarms of mischievous fairy-types ready to play a trick on travelers.

Most notably, the forest is covered in massive, glowing mushrooms, giving the paths an air of mystery and beauty that brings adventurous hikers from all over the world to it. It is also the setting for the local Halloween festival! This little festive fair is a Stow-on-Side and Ballonlea tradition, and locals from both towns come together to celebrate harmony among spirits and the living, with fun activities for children and adults alike.

Yet among the beautiful trees and festive air, darkness lurks as well… travelers have been advised to watch out for red shadow Pokemon attacks on this route, and traveling at night is strongly discouraged. Will our heroes make their way safely through the tangle and reach the next stage of their challenge?


Pokémon Available to those on Mission 1:

Pokémon Available to those on Mission 2:

Pokémon Available to those on Mission 3:


The Glimwood Tangle is home to some of the rarest species of mushroom, not just in Galar, but in the entire world. Naturally, many mushroom-based species of Pokemon have sprung up in the forest as a result, many of which draw nutrition from the enormous fungi in the area. A little bait might even get one of these critters to come out...
Reward: Balm Mushroom or Large Mushroom

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 2:
Help! This little tree-like Pokemon is not in its right element. After taking a tumble down from the rocky cliffs of Stow-on-side, it found itself stranded in a giant, unfamiliar forest… And every Pokemon it asks for help thinks it’s a phantump! Give this little stranded pseudo-sapling a helping hand.
Reward: Miracle Seed

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 3:
One little-known fact about the Glimwood Tangle is that it is home to one of the rarer species in Galar: the Grookey line. Often living with Passimians and Orangurus, these little mischievous monkeys love to play tricks on travelers just like the fairy-types, and it seems they've gone into a bit of a 'prank war' by trying to out-trick the fairies - all at the expense of poor traveling trainers. Perhaps you can deal with this little debacle.
Reward: Big Root

Mission 4:
The ghost-types around this part of the forest seem to be particularly agitated. They’re howling and swarming erratically around a peculiar dead tree, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything particularly different about it. Perhaps you should take a closer look?
Reward: Reaper Cloth

Mission 5:
It is said that deep, deep in the dark forest, where the foliage is so thick that light never penetrates through, a certain species of Pokemon lives… Barely researched due to their stealthiness, mobility and aggression towards any trespassers, these groups are so exceedingly rare that some scientific communities have deemed them extinct: the Pokemon Zarude. (Well that’s a relief, it means the dark woods should be safe then… right…?)
Reward: Zarude Pokedex Entry + Tutor move Grassy Glide OR Lash Out

[MULTI] Mission 6:
Spooks galore! The Glimwood Halloween Fair is organizing a costume competition, and offering rewards for several categories - and here’s the catch: judges aren’t just people, but also ghost-types! These Pokemon are experts on spooks, so be sure to satisfy them. The categories are:
Best Trainer Costume (solo)
Best Pokemon Costume (solo)
Best Couples Costumes
Best Trainer-Pokemon Costumes
Reward: Pokémon Egg + Will-o-wisp

Mission 7:
Cases of disappearances have been occurring recently in the forest, from Pokemon, to even children who played around there. What could possibly be the cause of all this, and why? Where are all the victims located? Someone needs to solve this mystery…
Reward: TR Nightmare

Mission 8:
"GET OUT… GO AWAY…" Echoes of a haunting, eerie voice have been reported in the forest as of late. Many people don’t dare venture too deep into the woods now, because of the rumored hauntings… of a real ghost. Is this ghost really true? Or is there an explanation for it? Another haunted mystery is afoot, needing to be solved.
Reward: Dusk Stone

Mission 9:
There’s rumors that a lone, abandoned hut had been found within the forest, and within that, psychic-type Pokemon have been seen, playing among each other, dancing the night away. But, with this rumor comes poachers and hunters, ready to bag these carefree Pokemon for themselves. They need a hand!
Reward: Twistedspoon


[OPEN] ★ Mission B1:
There have been recent reports of red shadow Pokemon rampaging through the Glimwood Tangle, with both wild Pokemon and travelers being subject to these random attacks. The ranger organization still has still little information about how these Pokemon are cropping up in both wild and populated areas, but is advising all trainers on the path to remain in well-lit areas and avoid going too deep into the forest, where the red shadow Pokemon are most active. They seem to be even more aggressive and powerful than those in the wild area...
Reward: Wishing piece

[OPEN] ★ Mission B2:
While traveling through the forest, you hear the sound of people and the hum of machinery in the distance. A machine, this deep into the forest? Curious, you approach the area carefully, and find a group of the notorious Black Suits, armed with Dark Balls and strange, chainsaw-like devices. They do not seem to be hunting Pokemon this time, however... as you take a closer look you notice they are harvesting the giant mushrooms you've seen everywhere- with little care for the trees around them or the small Pokemon living inside. Stop these people from endangering the forest!
Reward: Max Mushrooms

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me and GP are doing mission B2!
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Aaaaaaah blast it why not.

Gimme Mission 2 then. The Bonsly one. I think I’ve got one of those detestable ideas I hear so much about.
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After a treacherous trek through the eerie woods, our traveling heroes reach the next step of their league challenge; a beacon of light in this dark forest, the beautiful village of Ballonlea. Home to the fairy-type and psychic-type gyms, run by Bede and Avery respectively, this little town sits at the outskirts of the Glimwood Tangle, and is one of the most notoriously difficult places in Galar to get to - land travel being inconvenient and dangerous due to the ghosts and fairies, and flying taxis having little space to land among the dense treetops.

As a result, the untouched beauty of nature has thrived in Ballonlea, where houses and buildings have been built around the trees rather than replacing them, and wild Pokemon roam freely among its inhabitants. With the arrival of the fall season, the leaves in the forest provide a beautiful rainbow of colour, reds and oranges mixing with the greens and pinks of the fairies. On top of the gym challenge, Ballonlea has also been chosen to be the host of the third Galar Contest League event! Contestants and spectators can expect unique performances in this unique environment, and the guest judge for this show can be described as just that.

With new, mystical opportunities on the horizon, what will fate hold for the graduates of Wedgehurst academy?


Pokemon available in mission 1:

Pokemon available in mission 2:

Pokemon available in mission 3:

Pokemon available in mission 1:


Spoiler: Important Note
For this stage, as well as any following stages with two gym leaders, you will have the option to take on both gym leaders at once by teaming up with another player. The same rules as a solo battle apply and both gym leaders have the normal amount of Pokemon. You can also take on the gym mission with the other player. You cannot take on both gym leaders at once with a single character.

Gym Mission:
Before facing either of its gym leaders, trainers must first go through the Ballonlea scavenger hunt! This mission drops challengers into an enclosed part of a Glimwood Tangle, where fairy-type illusions and mist make seeing even a few feet in front of you impossible. The task is simple: find the silver soothe bell hidden somewhere in the area, and bring it back to the entrance. But beware… you’re not just racing against time, but against a Pokemon as well! That’s right, a greedy little Impidimp will also be released into the forest with you, and it will try its darndest to tail you and steal that bell from right under your nose. Be on the lookout for it, and try not to get lost in the tangle of trees and fog!

Located in the heart of the forest and village, the Ballonlea Stadium is quite special: both Misty and Psychic terrains are active at all times, covering the battlefield in a thin layer of mist and aura. Status effects and priority moves are ineffective here, and challengers will be forced to direct offense in order to overcome this challenge. The format is 1 versus 1, and gym leaders each choose two Pokemon out of their three.

[OPEN][GYM] ★1:
Bede serves as the first gym leader of the Ballonlea stadium and is the recent successor to Opal, the fairy-type specialist who dominated the gym for almost 50 years. Bede has been hard at work in legitimizing Ballonlea Stadium and cleaning out the marks left by ex-chairman Rose and Opal, and regaining the people’s trust. He is a serious but passionate individual, often expecting the best from his opponents and gym trainers, and is prone to anger if things don’t go the way he wants. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and could be deemed unapproachable - if not for his ability to wow audiences with his beautiful battles.

Bede’s battling style is calculated, ruthless yet elegant, and utilizes every part of the fairy-type’s natural strengths to eliminate his opponents swiftly and with dazzling beauty. As a former psychic-type specialist, Bede is an expert at psyching out his opponents, using mind games to outsmart challengers and give them a proper test of wit as well as strength. He alternates between Pokemon depending on his opponents’ overall Defense or Special Defense - Mawile is a physical fighter, while Hatterene is more special-focused, and his Rapidash excels in both. He is most likely to bring out Hatterene as his ace Pokemon.

Bede’s Pokémon:

Dark Pulse | Mystical Fire | Dazzling Gleam
Magic Powder | Psycho Cut | Misty Explosion
Ability: Magic Bounce

Megahorn | Psychic | Dazzling Gleam
Low Kick | Healing Wish | Misty Explosion
Ability: Anticipation

Iron Head | Crunch | Play Rough
Ice Beam | Psychic Fangs | Misty Explosion
Ability: Intimidate

[OPEN][GYM] ★2:
Following intense training at Mustard’s famed Isle of Armour dojo, Avery has since gone to represent the psychic-type gym in the major Pokemon league and established himself as a gym leader in Ballonlea stadium. This psychic is known for his impressive telekinetic skills, which he often entertains the crowd with before a match. Avery is a proud and sometimes arrogant man, but is quite lighthearted once you get to know him. He is fond of psychic-type-themed wordplay.

As a psychic-type specialist, Avery is aware that battles are won not just on the battlefield, but in the mind as well - and his strategy reflects that. This gym leader relies heavily on setups and subterfuge to outsmart, and ultimately outpower his opponents. He uses psychic terrain expertly, and his Pokemon’s attunement to it will give challengers a run for their money. Avery switches between Swoobat and Alakazam depending on his opponents’ reliance on physical or special moves, in order to set up Reflect or Light Screen, and usually falls back on Slowking as his final Pokemon.

Avery’s Pokémon:

Sludge Bomb | Eerie Spell | Expanding Force
Power Gem | Foul Play | Surf
Ability: Curious Medicine

Tri Attack | Shadow Ball | Expanding Force
Reflect | Signal Beam | Calm Mind
Ability: Inner Focus

Heart Stamp | Air Slash | Expanding Force
Light Screen | Giga Drain | U-Turn
Ability: Unaware


[OPEN][CONTEST] ★3: Various television and movie directors are lined up to participate and help film their next production: The next Contest, set in Ballonlea! What sort of rules and special circumstances await our Coordinators? What will the stage be like this time? Lights… Camera... Action!

Spoiler: Important Note
All contests in Z-Verse and thus in Spear, are considered events where many people attend to watch. It's likely many players will write posts where they attend the event, if not participating in it. Participating players must make sure to mark a solo post as their PERFORMANCE POST to assure that their contribution is marked and their characters are counted in the running for a ribbon.
Each contest has three unique factors that must be acknowledged if one wishes to win;
- The Guest Judge
- The Venue
- The Objective

Think about how your character would react to these things and do your best to write a performance that will blow away the competition! We're going to try to make sure that everyone who wants to participate in the Grand Festival gets a chance so do your best!

Guest Judge:


Fantina is an energetic, yet sophisticated Gym Leader and coordinator from Sinnoh. As an expert of Pokemon Contests, she’s competed with the best of the best, showcasing her dazzling and mesmerising Ghost-type Pokemon. She often travels to various regions, finding more coordinators and Pokemon to inspire her, and now, as the guest judge in the Ballonlea Contest Hall, she seeks to find Coordinators who will bring out the most of their Pokemon, doing the most amazing and dazzling performances they can do. As she would say, this contest will surely be très fantastique!

The stage this time will be like a set of a movie, very similar to the ones from Unova’s PokeStar Studios. Various cameras are pointed right directly towards the stage, and there are hordes of seats for a live studio audience.

For this performance, all coordinators are tasked with making their own magical shoujo styled performance, in front of a televised production! You can use up to three Pokemon for this! This magical performance can include: a transformation, a special attack, or generally something you can think of to wow the crowd!

Contests are expected to occur with all participants posting their routines at around the same time, with all other contest centric posts happening at around that time as well. As such it is extremely important that you have your performance ready and prepared when the contest begins. Later in January (the date will be announced!), the contest will begin with an announcement in the discord and you'll have 24 hours to post your performance. If it's not posted during this time your performance will not be counted! So make sure you have your piece ready!


[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 1:
Several locals have been complaining that the air around their house has been much more humid than normal, and is making sleep unbearable. It can only be the work of one Pokemon: Galarian Weezing, known to absorb unclean air and release steam once purified. Shoo away this floating humidifier back into the woods.
Reward: Weezing catch chance + TR Dazzling Gleam

A Pokemon research organization from Unova has been studying the relationship between the Glimwood Tangle’s local monkey-Pokemon population and the three elemental monkeys, Panpour, Pansear and Pansage. They have concluded their research, and are now looking to rehome these three Pokemon to loving trainers. Plus, there’s a little TR incentive.
Reward: Panpour/Pansear/Pansage (pick one) + TR Grass/Water/Fire Pledge (pick two)

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 3:
Recently a group of wild Smeargles have been found wandering around the town at night, though nobody really knows where they came from or what they are doing. Observers have noted that the Pokemon seem to be wandering around aimlessly, scribbling things on their bodies at times, but it’s unclear if they’re really dangerous or not…
Reward: Smeargle with Confide + 5 Sketch moves

[CATCH CHANCE] Mission 4:
Henry McFlamesman, an artist from Ballonlea, infamous for setting his paintings (and nearby trees) on fire during his art shows, is obsessed with the idea of captivating the ‘burning spirit’ of people and Pokemon. After finding his muse from a mysterious trainer a few years ago, he has announced his newest project: Slugma art.
Reward: Slugma catch chance + TR Overheat

Mission 5:
A new television show is now in production: Baking with Jigglypuff! But they are looking for a certain someone, hopefully a cute someone, to fill the role of Jigglypuff’s cooking assistant! As one, you are tasked with baking a variety of treats and sweets for the audience watching! Loads of singing and dancing are also in store, so if you’re enthusiastic, if you love baking, then please sign up!
Reward: TR Sing

[OPEN] Mission 6:
The relentless and always journeying Karate Master is back, and this time, he’s developed a teaching session, helping to tutor new moves for pokemon! Do your pokemon have what it takes to learn his moves?
Reward: Tutor move: Thunder Punch OR Ice Punch OR Fire Punch

Mission 7:
Another anime production is in the works: Sailor Guardian, Gardevoir. This was an anime that had quite the following over a decade ago, but now the anime is being remastered! With the pilot episode coming, the production is looking for able people to voice act as the characters: Gardevoir, Lopunny, Medicham, Milotic, Tsareena, or any other roles seen fit. Will you be part of the show?
Reward: TR Moonblast OR TR Baton Pass

[OPEN] Mission 8:
Project Mew is a special research project in which different Trainers are recruited from around the Pokémon world to find Mew and collect genes of various Pokémon. A helicraft of theirs has been seen around the area, and now, they’re looking for new members. Do you have what it takes to be part of the team?
Reward: Project Mew token