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Hello hello, I don't want to waste my time. Here is what I have to offer:

(So you remember the old story? well forget it because it is trash! Now here is something better):
In this game, you will follow a classic adventure and will have to thwart the plans of an organization that has infiltrated the regional government in order to gain access to a top-secret project that has the potential to alter the course of reality itself! With this power, they wish to restore the region to a time of chaos.

Back Story Of The Region:
A long time ago, the people of the Region of Fondra was happy, but one day, someone did something unforgivable, and to punish this person, the gods decided to open a portal to nothingness. By now, things have more or less returned to normal, and this event has become largely forgotten...

Of course it doesn't look like much but don't worry it will be much more developed in-game.

A brand new region:(yes)
The new region is called "Fondra".

(This region is in the rework.)

Regional Form:
There will be a lot of regional forms in the game, and of course there will be a lot of unnecessary regional form.

(I do not have a good image to show you at the moment but as soon as I have one I will modify this post)

Position Recruiting:

- Spriters: I really need to have someone in this position to do regional form or more.

- Writer: Having people in this position will be excellent in making the story a masterpiece.

- Mapper: If you ever want to put my 6 years of experience on RPG Maker to shame.

- Beta Tester: I will be releasing a beta for the game soon so it would be nice to have people for that.

Screenshots Of The Rework:


Method Of Contact:
The only way to contact me is, to join me on my official server.
(Or you can just reply to this post idk)

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.
- CelestialFearow
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Nice changes! Hope you find the writer you're looking for!
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do you also need someone who can make good stats that make sense or someone to balance stuff like moves etc, bc that are things people most of the times forget while its an essential part of a good fan game. if not its ok
I don't know I don't think it will be useful
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trust me it might look like it isnt needed, but a good percentage of games dont have that and thats negative bc they just throw some random stats, while not doing a full rechearch and just make stats and moves what fit the mons but they dont look at if a move is not broken or not.
So if i understand correctly you want to join the team as a balancer?
Ah Ah Yes.