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Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Hype for the new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018!

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6 Days Remaining!
Are you liking the features?

We have seen features from LGPE that we haven't seen from other Pokémon games. May it be the lack of grass wild encounter, more than one of our Pokémon following us, multiplayer function, Pikachu/Eeevee customization etc etc. These are all very exciting features that I'm sure we would all like to see on release day.

Well, which feature is your favorite? Is it the new battle mechanics? Would you like to see some of these features make a return for Gen. 8? If given the chance, what features would you want to add to LGPE?

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I am really looking forward to the follow-me feature making a return, as well as actually being able to ride Pokemon! I think this is something that should have been implemented awhile ago. I also like being able to see encounters in the overworld.

I know this has been said a million times by people, but I am not a fan of the wild encounter Go battle mechanic. They should have made this optional...

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    While I don't mind encountering Pokemon in the open world, I'd prefer to battle and capture Pokemon as opposed to outright catching it like in Pokemon GO. They did implement that for Legendaries but I'd prefer it expanded for everything. Takes a bit of strategy not to KO Pokemon you want and allows an easy way to train Pokemon for Experience as opposed to raising them with Candy or other Pokemon GO means. I also like the updated follow me mechanic. Always bothered me that I could fly on a darn Pidgey in Generation 1. Don't care about the dressing up or accessory portion of the game and frankly feel its a waste of space and programming. Co-Op mode is intriguing though but my gut feeling is that it makes it 2v1 which is cheating in my opinion.
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    Yay: Follow-me feature by far. That looks great - one of my favourite things to HGSS and it adds so much personality to Pokemon and the world itself!

    Nay: I will miss wild Pokemon battles for sure. :<
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    Follow me should've been kept in all iterations of main series games after it was re-introduced in HGSS (first time being Pikachu in Yellow), to be frank. Definitely looking forward to that. =) Customization is also cute....I'd love to see my Pika wearing a cute hat as it sits on my shoulder in the overworld.

    agreed re: lack of wild battles though...I mean, I guess I'm happy not to run into a Zubat every three steps in Mt. Moon but gosh. I want to battle too! lol

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