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Old August 6th, 2013 (8:20 PM). Edited August 6th, 2013 by Entermaid.
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    It shouldn't happen in the first place. yes, I never claimed otherwise nor condoned the bus driver's behavior. Though, I mentioned, it's impossible to eradicate discriminatory speech. Odds are, most gay people will face some sort of non-violent discriminatory speech that is ill-spirited but not causing legitimate damage. Again, saying a derogatory statement is not illegal, and litigation is not the appropriate measure. Rather, in a world in which discriminatory speech exists and will always exist, its more beneficial to impart upon the LGBT community the ability to overcome derogatory speech and build a stronger self-esteem. I am not changing the crux of the story, I am simply looking at it in a way that better addresses the remedy to these scenarios, and how the LGBT community is not powerless as individuals and doesn't always need to be reliant on legal counsel. For instance, while driving a car, we simply don't have control over other drivers, there are certain actors of which we have no control over, others actions; however, we still have the ability to improve the situation we are in and our actions need to be analyzed even when we did not instigate an issue, we are all taught on how to react to reckless drivers or when someone flips us off, ect. I am simply analyzing how the couple reacted, and could have reacted more appropriately. There is no point in arguing whether or not the bus driver was wrong, we would simply have no discussion; we would all agree that his actions were wrong. I am broadening the discussion to evaluate simple biases that many us have.

    To a broader point, the countless incidents of minorities taking legal action or going to the public media in order to resolve issues of discriminatory speech in many cases is imparting upon the community that such a discourse is the appropriate one. Derragotory speech should not be dehumanizing especially from a stranger; they are only words. A mere sentence or incidence that is able to lower a person's self esteem is indicative of a major issue for the individual being discriminated against. That is the issue here that is often ignored, and obviously ignored because it uncomfortable to discuss. Perhaps I cannot fault the couple, since it may have been imparted to react in this way; however, it does continue to impart this discourse upon other LGBT observers. Also it indicates that the LGBT community should be emphasizing resiliency to mudslinging, but the community has largely done the opposite. In order to build the esteems and grant more personal control and power over discriminatory speech, the emphasis needs to be changed on averting attention to senseless speech, granted it cannot be eradicated.

    I appreciate the discussion, though I hope those who are responding are fully aware I am a proponent of LGBT rights and have the interests of the community at mind. It seems that a number of you are getting upset or emotional over my posts, and that is not the point. It's to introduce another aspect in which would allow for a broader discussion of how we, and when I say we, I mean, proponents of the gay community in a broadened sense address different forms of discrimination.
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