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Let's Go What is your current team? Page 2

Started by Zacian November 16th, 2018 3:20 AM
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Pikachu//Val (she was named after my very best friend who's like a big sister to me)
Pidgey//Digit (I always name my male Pidgeys this... it's my thing)

This team could most likely change later. So, I'll either post my new team or just edit this post. :3



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my team is changing constantly. nothing is set in stone, but my strongest pokemon and the ones i use the most often are eevee (pocky), clefable (strawberry), alolan dugtrio (loco moco), blastoise (tofu), ninetales (brulee), kadabra (godiva), pidgeot (cashew), charizard (cinnamon), kimchi (haunter), porygon (trix), and venusaur (saffron). probably a few others i'm forgetting?
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I beat the E4 with just one OP Eevee, Kabutops, and Alolan Ninetails.

I'm going to be starting over and adding Mew to my team, though I haven't decided on just dual-running it with those 2, Eevee and Mew, or making a more rounded team.

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My current team is Eevee (Caramel), Victreebel (Lemon), Gyarados (Blueberry), Ninetales (Cinnamon), Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Raichu.

Going through Victory Road atm.

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.


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Eevee, Bellsprout, Nidoran♂, Pidgey, Beedrill, Zubat.

Yes, I only recently started playing this game and is only just got the 1st badge, and yes, this is the first time where my first go at the game is a nuzrun. Not a blindlocke since I saw playthroughs of this before.


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My team is only my starter Eevee and a Bellsprout. :(

Hoping to add a Psyduck today when I hit the route above Cerulean.


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Posted April 5th, 2019
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Gotten all the way to Cinnabar in just a couple days (though I haven’t cleared out Silph Co). Currently have:

Eevee "Evelyn"
Nidoking "Rafael"
Raichu "Bolt"
Venusaur "Kona"
Ninetales "Blaise"
Alolan Ninetales "Blaire" (via NPC trade in Vermilion, so her name is technically Ninetales)

I love having the two Ninetales on my team... it really creates a bond between the two.

What order have you taken on the gyms? I was afraid they were going to remove the ability to go out of order, but it appears as if you can take on Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, and Blaine in any order just like the originals. I beat Koga before Erika, but other than that I’ve gone in order.

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Eevee, Bellsprout, Nidoran♂, Pidgey, Beedrill, Zubat.

Yes, I only recently started playing this game and is only just got the 1st badge, and yes, this is the first time where my first go at the game is a nuzrun. Not a blindlocke since I saw playthroughs of this before.
Update. I'm grinding for the 5th gym right now, since then the team drastically changed. After sending a bunch of mons from my phone to the game, I will form a rotation and train everyone. Anyways...

Current team:

Eevee, Victreebel, Venomoth, Wigglytuf, Hitmonlee, Rapidash

I plan to add 2 Slowpokes, an Onix, a Weezing, and a few others.


Beedrill - Died against a coach's Meowth and I still regreat challenging him.

3 Pidgeotto - Yes, 3 of them died including the original. The first one died against the rival, 2nd one was sacrificed against the electric leader and forgot what happened to the 3rd, maybe a crit in the cave.

Ninetales - Died against the coach in the fighting dojo.

Jigglypuff - Fell to a Horn drill to someone I forgot.


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Posted January 5th, 2019
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I'm an Ice-Type enthusiast so my team is:

Alolan Ninetales
Jynx 1# (Psychic & Shadow Ball)
Jynx 2# (Dream Eater & Ice Beam)

Unfortunately because of GameFreak removing abilities/held items (incredibly stupid idea might I add) it completely guttered Cloyster, so I may have to settle for the first time ever a non-Ice type on my team.
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I’ve just beaten the Elite Four and Champion.

My team went through a lot of shuffling throughout the game, but I was able to form a powerful team in the end.

1. Beth the Eevee
Moves: Double-Edge, Sizzly Slide, Sappy Seed, Quick Attack.

2. Ralph the Rhydon
Moves: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Iron Tail, Megahorn.

3. Phoebe the Ninetales
Moves: Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Solar Beam, Calm Mind.

4. Sans the Gengar
Moves: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Mega Drain.

5. Triton the Gyarados
Moves: Waterfall, Crunch, Outrage, Tackle.

6. Sportacus the Dragonite
Moves: Outrage, Wing Attack, Superpower, Thunder Wave.

I used a Nidoking named “Thanos” as my most versatile all-out attacker throughout the game. Since I was able to acquire Rhydon in Victory Road after some intense grinding and numerous captures, I swapped out Nidoking in favor for another awesome Ground-type.

Phoebe did really well against Lorelei after setting up a Calm Mind.

The only trainers that gave me trouble during my Pokémon League challenge were Bruno, Lance and my friendly rival. The latter took a while to take down, due to some dual screen shenanigans and a full team of really bulky and fast Pokémon.


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My team right now after defeating Sabrina
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Finally, I recently decided to nickname all my mons at last. Now...

Current rotation (I'm now grinding for maybe silph co, if I can't go there
then the 5th gym.)

Freeman the Eevee
Bold, lvl 40
Moveset: Payday, and the Fire, Psychic and Dark exclusives.

The starter. Nothing much, and is a nice switch-in to any of the other teammates if they need help.

Grapefruit the Victreebel
Jolly, lvl 41
Moveset: Razor leaf, Poison jab, Headbutt, Sleep powder

My trusty first catch, and possibly the MVP right now. Too bad that Leaf blade isn't in this game but instead there is Power whip which is just as great so it's fine. Hopefully Grapefruit can live to get that.

Karla the Venomoth
Mild, Lvl 40
Moveset: Psychic, Leech life, Mega drain, Poison powder

Surprising teammate no.1. Added her to the gang because why not, and is proving to be useful. Still can't wait for Sludge bomb.

Cheryl the Weezing
Modest, Lvl 40
Moveset: Sludge, Dark pulse, Thunderbolt, Toxic

Added to the team from my phone along with a few others, haven't used her yet in anything important but seems promising.

Zogas the Wigglytuff
Brave, Lvl 40
Moveset: Body slam, Play rough, Thunderpunch, Dig

Surprising teammate no.2. Had him since I caught him and he's been destroying stuff with Body slam.

Taxi the Rapidash
Quiet, Lvl 40
Moveset: Stomp, Fire blast, Fire spin, Drill run

One of 2 of my current public transport mons. As you can see, my team is that urgent for that Flamethrower TM.

Kayla the Slowbro
Modest, Lvl 39
Moveset: Scald, Psychic, Shadow ball, Seismic toss

I heard this line is good in anything gen1 related so keeping her around because of that. Hopefully she will do tons of cool stuff.

Hydro the Hitmonlee
Quirky, Lvl 40
Moveset: Brick break, Headbutt, Jump kick, Mega kick

And yeah Mega kick is filler before I can find an actual attack. He was mostly added to be my Snorlax counter, now I'm just keeping him around because why not.

Dude the Lickitung
Calm, Lvl 36
Moveset: Shadow ball, Screech, Dig, Stomp

Yay, he can't learn Psychic here for some reason so he most likely won't be used for The Poison gym. He should be alright everywhere else, though.

Bus the Onix
Adamant, Lvl 38
Moveset: Earthquake, Rock slide, Screech, Stealth rock

The other of my public transport mons, he's mostly around for that though hopefully he won't be too bad in battle too.

FINLAND!!! the Staryu
Quirky, lvl 34
Moveset: Minimize, Confuse ray, Bubble beam, Light screen

Mostly around for Light screen, hopefully he won't be too bad of a team member.


Spag the Beedrill
Died against the coach before mt. moon's Meowth. Why did I decide to battle him.

Filah the Pidgeotto
Died against the rival on the boat.

Sqeeki the Pidgeotto
Sacrificed to the Electric leader

Pidge the Pidgeotto
Died in the cave, forgot to what.

FOX.exe the Ninetales
Died against an Electabuzz in the Fighting dojo.

Beef the Jigglypuff
Died to a horn drill.

Jayla the Slowpoke
Fell to a bird keeper's Dodrio while grinding and I don't know why I thought I'd make it.


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My team after beating the game and beyond:

Pikachu (Level 85)
Persian (Level 80)
Rapidash (Level 82)
Scyther (Level 83)
Lapras (Level 77)
Dodrio (Level 84)

I sorta used pokemon I never really used before, and they turned out pretty well!


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I caught a bunch of Pokemon, but for my main team - my hall-of-famers - I decided to go with a non-evolution theme:

Evie the Partner Eevee (F) I'm so clever :B Her moves are Sappy Seed, Baddy Bad, Freezy Frost and Sizzly Slide (ugh, those names x_x). She has the "messy" hairstyle, and wears the Formal Tee with Polka-Dot Bandannas on her ear and tail. Lookin' good~
Terralith the Onix (F) My ride is here B) But seriously, I've always wanted to use an Onix!
Cass & Rhea the Doduo (F) Conjoined twins in real life get individual names, why should Pokemon be any different?! (Although it's pretty annoying seeing messages like, "Cass & Rhea is glancing around") I chose those particular names because the Cassowary and the Rhea are two species of flightless birds. :D Doduo is one of my favorite Pokemon, that I never really got around to using before, but I'm less fond of Dodrio. :/ I just find it too weird that they grow an extra head in the middle of their nautral life cycle!
Clever the Porygon Named after my good friend, Cleverbot. :B
Bam the Voltorb Because that's the sound Voltorb makes when it explodes in your face. x_X Voltorb is another Pokemon I prefer over its final evolution - like, the entire appeal is that it looks like a Pokeball, and then Electrode barely looks like a Pokeball in the slightest!
Slate the Ditto As in, "blank slate". (I probably would've come up with a more interesting name if I'd seen The Thing at the time I caught this Pokemon.) I love Ditto so much, and it's uniquely fun to use - if pretty difficult. Did you know that most of the NPC Pokemon in Let's Go have fewer than 4 moves? 'Cause I do. :|
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