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6th Gen Battle Maison

Started by Palamon December 7th, 2019 8:11 AM
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This was Gen 6's battle facility. It was present in both X/Y and OR/AS. In here, you can do single, double, triple, rotation and multi battles to start forming winning streaks. Once you hit a win streak of 20, you can battle the Battle Chatelaines. There are four of them, and they depend on the mode you're playing. In singles, you will face Nita, while in doubles you will face Evelyn. In triple battles, you will face Dana, while in rotation Battles you will face Morgan. You can also have Multi Battles partners that either are from your friend codes on your 3DS, or NPCs you've battled against throughout the game. These characters are Shauna, Tierno, Trevor in X/Y and Brendan or May, Wally, Maxie, Archie and Steven. Similar to in the Battle Subway, once you beat the normal versions of the modes, you will unlock the Super Mode, which has harder Pokemon and trainers.

Btw, in OR/AS, you can get an Ability Capsule from Wally, but it's a 1% chance.

Did you battle in the Battle Maison? What did you think of it? I didn't really care for it. It wasn't really as fun as say, the Battle Frontier. It was just... there, I guess? It barely made sense that it was also in OR/AS, though. idk why it was there maybe they didn't feel like making a different battle facility for OR/AS.
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I remember getting to an 80-something win streak in the XY Battle Maison (which is the highest win streak I've ever gotten in a battle facility), but that was almost certainly because Mega Kangaskhan was broken in Gen 6. I think I got to 50 in doubles in ORAS too.

It's basically the Battle Tower by another name, so if you're not into that then you're not gonna be into the Maison either.
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This is the only reason I have 999+ hours in both Y and Alpha Sapphire. I spent hours making my teams for each format. I think I've used Truant Durant with Sword Dance Gliscor and Drapion for singles in both and Gardevoir, Weavil, Gastrodon and one more Pokémon for doubles. I can't remember who I used in triple, rotation or multi battles, but I remember finishing them all.
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i'm sorry but i disliked battle maison lmao

it's just... for me, it's such a downgrade from everything before it. Battle Frontier and the Pokemon World Tournament both. Battle Frontier for obvious reasons (especially Gen 3's with how crazy its own BF is), and Pokemon World Tournament because it has always strike me as weird that Game Freak has worked so hard to create this huge, enjoyable tournament-style battle facility only to strip it down to bare minimum, barely Battle Tower-esque in the subsequent games (XY/ORAS) after. it really felt like Game Freak didn't feel like taking any ambitious approach anymore to post-game battle facilities and were just kinda like "eh psyduck it they can deal with standard Battle Tower-esque matches" which yeah, i guess, but for me it was just... kinda boring having no crazy restrictions and all that like in previous games.
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