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Started by sabrina_diamond March 25th, 2023 11:47 PM
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Japanese or English music

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So since the Rainbow and the Pokemon Master is the first (and last) Pokemon episode I've watched, I've never listened to the original Japanese theme song: Mezase Pokemon Master, and oh my gosh it's a total earworm... Thoughts on the original Japanese music in comparison to the dub's?
Bonus music:
Type Wild (English version)
Saskia's PokePet

Cobalt the level 42 Vulpix

Silver's PokePet

Shroudlure the level 43 Mightyena!

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I love the Japanese music so much. It's a huge reason why I quit watching the dub around mid-Hoenn, I don't like the amount of music they replace.. makes so little sense, especially in this day and age when many other anime (even ones considered to be 'for kids' like Digimon) have uncut and/or subtitled versions. The earlier English opening songs were good (when it was still under 4Kids) but afterwards it has really sunk in quality imo.
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After watching the final scene of Satoshi and Pikachu's journey and hearing Type: Wild, I prefer the Japanese music for a few reasons. The first one being that I like how the majority of the themes are sung by Rika Matsumoto. It really makes it seem like it's Satoshi himself singing, and we're getting his feelings about all the adventures that he's going on.

Same with the other characters. Nyarth no Uta is still one of my favorite songs. Listeners can get a good sense of a different side of who he is that isn't really seen in the show.

The music also seems to emotionally hit better. While the English version is good, Chiisaki Mono just sounds more emotional and powerful to me.

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Growing up with the dub, I heard the dub music, and that's what I'm used to. Some of the Japanese ops have some questionable choices like the part where the singer says "even up a girl's skirt!" just...why. The English openings are catchy, in my opinion, but I thought the Journeys one was at least a bop.