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Started by Team Rocket DJ James November 27th, 2020 4:17 PM
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If you guys love the anime so much, who are your favorite human characters in all of the series including the current ones?

Me I have a lot of favorite human characters if you guys asked me!

My favorites are Ash and his friends, Ash’s mom, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny

Favorite villainous team characters: Team Rocket, Team Plasma

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My favourite are Dawn and Korrina. Dawn because she is very sweet, positive and cute. I like her contests a lot because of how upbeat and happy they are. And I like her relationship with Ash, because it reminds me of my relationship with my real life boyfriend.

And Korrina because she's been very special to me for several years. She's a good role model, very brave, and is very strong. I like how she roller-skates, it made me want to try it sometime too. Korrina is still special to me, even though I have a real life boyfriend now.


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Lillie is my absolute favorite! She is so cute. I like Go a lot too despite his flaws and how mixed his reception is in the community too. There's something about his character that's just so cute and pure to me. Also Serena and pretty much everyone else from the Alola cast <3
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