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Old December 6th, 2017 (2:16 PM).
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    Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns)

    The story is from the Kanto region a few years after the original
    Pokemon Leaf Green game. This time you are out on an adventure to get all
    your badges and beat the pokemon league. But it turns out the pokemon league is
    not what the destiny choose for you this time.

    It is a rumor about Team Rocket getting control of a legendary pokemon.
    Giovanni tried to use this pokemon to conquer the world, but the pokemon did
    not choose Giovanni as its leader for this reason. But rather to defeat a
    mystical human being called Xenon, who causes alot of havoc at WILTURF SILENT.
    You will encounter Zenon early, from then alot of things is starting to
    happen regarding Team Rocket, Legendary pokemon and exploration.
    it will not feel like you are playing Pokemon Leaf Green anymore.
    • Features

      You are playing in the kanto region in the future. Alot has happened.
      - The difficulty is heavily increased, and advanced to be even harder.
      - You will be able to take part of different events, and choose what you
      want to do.
      - You will be able to do Side Quests which will affect who you encounter on your
      - You will have Brendan, May and your Rival [(Terry)] by your side on your journey.
      - There are new moves and pokemon added.
      - New storyline
      - A lot of new routes, towns / places.
      - Downvoted routes, maps and events have been removed and redone.
      (eg Rocktunnel, third gym puzzle, Fuchsia, etc..)
    • spoilers:
      Your are going to:

      - Defeat Zenon.
      - Save Prof. Oak.
      - decide if you want to help Giovanni in the End game.
      - Stop Giovanni / Zenon getting their hands on Mew / Celebi.
      - Complete as many Side Quests as possible. (will be rewarded before Zenon battle)
      - Explore new areas and dungeons.
      (some of these are not relevant yet in Beta V 1.0)

    IMPORTANT: When you are saving the game, be sure to make a savestate beforehand.
    as there are some places that will create corrupt savefiles and bugs.
    I have found no way of fixing this yet.


    This is Beta 1.0 of Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns).
    In this version you are able to get all the 8 badges + a BIG event.
    This is also the first released version of this game.
    The game is expected to be finished within beta 1.2 / sometime before year 2018.

    It is not quality-checked for bugs, so if you find some, i appericiate feedback on them!
    Before you save and quit, remmember to savestate. There is a Save Corruption bug where you
    wont be able to move when you load back in. It doesn't happen ofter, but in testing it has happened twice, and i have found no way of fixing this yet.

    Also i appericiate feedback and Bugreports!
    • Download - Mediafire
      (cope paste link into searchbar)
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    Old December 10th, 2017 (4:35 PM).
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      Would you like me to do a lets play for my youtube channel?
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