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Now, this has been announced already, but Cynthia is going to be a Spotlight Scout soon! Her signature Pokémon is the of course her lovely Garchomp, and when it does it’s sync pair move, it mega evolves.

But tell me my friends, will you be pulling for Cynthia when she arrives? Or will you save your gems for another sync pair?


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Got her without needing to use too many gems. If only I could be this lucky for Lance. ;_;


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'cause it get cold like Minnesota
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I got Cynthia and Elesa in my third 10 roll, and got 2 of each in it.

Haven't rolled for Lance, should probably check to see if that banner's still up.

erik destler


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I was pretty excited to get her my first pull! I love using her, too! She's a beast.
paired with Cherrim
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