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Started by Solarin52 January 21st, 2023 10:53 PM
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I still play my X version. I switch it up with my other games. One day I'll play Violet, or a few hours later I'm playing HeartGold. lol I am all over the place. I am thinking of starting a new game in XD: Gale of Darkness. Just gotta blow that dust off my GameCube. Ha
Anyway, I am connected to X version for its music, mega PKMN, friend safari and shinies. :)
So if you want to share FC that be awesome for friend safari. Chow!
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The battery on my 3DS died. And I currently have no replacement for it. As a result I'm not really playing any of the 3DS games at the moment.
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i havent played it in a long time but I fired it up and might train the last few pokemon in there that
i havent traded up to home/sword before transferring em those ones too.

I sent a request from AC 5473-0125-4820
If i remember right my Safari type is Bug I think 😬

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It has been more than several years since I played X/Y, and I just started playing Y again. And I was just wondering if people still played the games so I can try to complete the dex.

The pain of playing a older pokemon game is the low probability of people still playing it.
I play at least once every week! It's a really fun game, and although it's not as fun as, say emerald, it is still a great game. We could do some trades if you want, but I also play Y so I might not be much help. Although I do have a Poochyena that I got from a Wondertrade, which is only in X(Poochyena I mean)
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I started playing gen 6 in 2013. I started shiny hunting in 2016 and I skipped gen 7 and 8 to continue shiny hunting in gen 6.

I bought gen 9 and after finding out the shiny hunting methods are much better then gen 7 and 8 I am currently shiny hunting in both gens, 6 and 9.
I just recently started Alpha Sapphire to shiny hunt the version exclusives.