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Thinking about getting a Switch Pokemon game, and I was wondering which one you recommend. That's all really
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Depends on what you want out of the game really.
SwSh, BDSP, Scarlet/Violet & Legends all have different strengths and weaknesses depending on your preference.

I personally enjoyed Sword/Shield more than any of the other Switch titles. But to me the roster of new mons is the #1 thing I value and for me Galar has a far better one than Paldea.

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My two recommendations being Scarlet and Violet or Legends Arceus

Scarlet/violet if you want a deep story line

Legends Arceus if you want more adventure and different play styles


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A bit more info might help with the recommendations. Have you previously played much Pokémon? If so, which games?
I would generally support the advice above of picking one of the two most recent (and would lean towards SV as its what the core Pokémon gameplay is now), having made the jump from DS era to Switch with Sword and Shield, they seemed amazing to me.


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It depends on what you want. If you want something that's similar to Pokemon go, then you'd want LG/PE. If you want a game that's got a lot to do, then I'd go with Legends Arceus. If you want a game that's the traditional RPG for Pokemon, then either SW/SH or S/V is fine, but if you jump into SW/SH keep in mind that they don't update raid dens anymore.