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Planned Features
Silph co.'s newest product: the universal DNA Splicer:
➤ You can fuse ANY Pokemon together thanks to amazing new technology!
➤ More than ONE MILLION possible combinations
➤ Already 15000+ custom sprites
➤ Even rare special fusions await you...

Amalgamations - a new kind of terrifying boss monster:
➤ Terrible mixture of 4 to 12+ Pokemon that need strategizing and cunning to beat!
➤ Carefully crafted sprites animated - coming to life to convey their monstrosity!
➤ Gain new buddies after defeating them to help aide you in your journey.

Kanto - 50 years in the future:

➤ Meet old and new characters - carefully crafted personalities with believable dialogue and a story that had a lot of thought put into it.
➤ You want to explore new areas? All the routes and cities are completely reimagined to have their own style, personality and Pokemon!
➤ Pokemon/Type rebalancing done right - Like Qwilfish? You can use it!
➤ All 900+ Pokemon in the game including Mega Pokemon!
➤ Optional sidequests, challenges and secrets that are worth exploring

A challenge for every type of player:

➤ Double Battle-centered gameplay for better strategizing and more options in combat!
➤ Gym leaders and trainers all around have begun to understand what makes battles exciting! Face challenging, balanced teams that really put up a fight!
➤ Built-in customisable Nuzlocke-mode!

Quality of life:

➤ Gone are the days of looking up Pokemon stats and learn sets online - your Pokedex does that for you!
➤ No more HMs! The buddy-system from Sun/Moon makes a return!
➤ No endless breeding! Fun and engaging gameplay-centered mechanics for getting good IVs and shinies!
➤ Multiple language support for English, Portuguese and German. (more languages planned)


50 years after the events in Pokemon Red/Blue, you are part of the dozens of yearly gym challengers. The new technological advancements that have been made allow everyone to fuse any Pokemon with one another. This technology, the universal DNA Splicers are quite new but are already being used by many trainers around the region. Though that doesn't mean everyone has access to them. They are very expensive thanks to their novelty. This doesn't sit right with some, hence Team Splice was founded. To create a level playing field for every trainer, they steal the DNA Splicers from Silph Co. and distribute them amongst new trainers. Their plan is to create a machine to fuse all the wild Pokemon in Kanto so nobody has to rely on Silph Co.'s technology anymore. Their plans, however, go terribly wrong making Amalgamations spring up all over the region which threaten entire eco systems and cities.
What the reason was behind this failure and how to stop it, is for you to find out.

Looking to Recruit:
➤ Composers
➤ C# Programmers
➤ 3D artists for low-poly models
➤ Spriters
Engine: Unity 3D
Team Members:
➤ zeroneon (Project Lead)
➤ Tenedranox (Lead Programmer)
➤ All-Seeing, Caio (Music)
➤ Retrogamer, Tabarnak (Gamedesign)
➤ barafanatic, Kiwi, JoshuLips, Stan, Scrapi, Tomate, Emisys, Katten, Punko, Xillo (Art)

Method of Contact: Contact me on Discord at zeroneon#1277 !

If you are wondering how we could possibly have a million fusions in the game: Autogenerated sprites! Of course, they don't look ideal but they are placeholders for when the community or others decide to make a sprite for their favourite fusions! The system for that is already in place and can be seen in the images up above!



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oh? my? god?? this looks so awesome! great work so far! i love the animations and some of the sprites! great job!