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Started by Kyogreblue21 March 18th, 2023 1:17 PM
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[EDIT 3/24/23: Changed Regalia's name to Imperial Regalia so it wouldn't be confused with the more prominent fangame with the name.]

Pokemon Imperial Regalia is a game set in the namesake land, Regalia. Regalia isn't a region, but a nation. Nations are countries in the Pokemon world, and Regalia is the Pokemon world's counterpart of Japan. Regalia has 9 total regions (4 of them being Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, and the other 5 new), where you progress in a quite linear fashion with some choice there and there, as you hop through regions, though this does mean a very janky level curve.

I'm looking for anyone that can help pitch in with my project, such as Pokemon and Character designers, tilemakers, spriters, writers for interesting dialogue for NPCs, programmers that could aid in complex features or basic programming, or people who can aid in the worldbuilding of Regalia.

The game will feature:
-All Pokemon up to Gen 4 + crossgen evos. Limited Pokemon from Gen 5-9 will also be avaliable.
-Many new Pokemon, regional variants, and new characters to see
-Not one but NINE whole regions to explore, five of them being new ones.
-Multiple Pokedexes to complete as well.
-70 different Gyms to battle as you progress.
-Multiple rivals to meet and battle!
-A couple of evil teams to come across in the story as well. The main one being the ominous "Shuttle Corps".
-A shiny new badgecase to see all of the badges you collect.

Pokemon Imperial Regalia uses Pokemon Essentials version 20.1.


If you want to help me out in development, do contact me on Discord at kyogreblue21#8862.


The basis of Regalia is based on this free-to-use map off Reddit: