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Hello Everyone,

I am new here to the boards, and while I have many... many... many years of role-playing experience across the different genres and thematic. I began role-playing with Pokemon and this has always been near and dear to my heart so I am on the lookout for new partners for a wide variety of storylines and themes that are centered in the Pokemon World. In my stories I do have a strong preference towards Private Threads (e.g. between myself and another player) as I find these tend to last the longest and have the most developed storylines. As for my posting credentials, I tend to average about 750 - 1250 words per post focused heavily on descriptions and the details, and my average stories last for around 6-Months to 2-Years. I do work full-time and do stay active, so I tend to manage about 2 - 3 Responses per week and I am quite open to brainstorming and discussion of storyline as my partners and I progress through.

When I came to these forums I did not have a specific storyline in mind, and I am surprisingly open to different themes and concepts and genres if anyone is interested in doing a storyline together. If you did not have any ideas than below are a couple semi-fleshed out storyline ideas that each revolve around more "unique" and "original" circumstances that could be interesting to explore from the normal Adventure or Academy based threads that litter most of the role-playing forums. It should also be noted these are only loosely formed ideas, and that I would love to explore them in more detail with my prospective partners, to alter and add details that each of us would like to explore, and to come to a storyline together as ultimately I believe the best stories are the ones that have collaboration from both sides, and that communication is a critical component of any successful long-term advanced role-playing scenario.

Ripple In Time: Exploration

In a forest too isolated to have been in contact with humans, there lies a thriving world inhabited by only Pokemon. It is a forest that is also said to be protected by the Guardian of the Forest, Celebi, who has not been seen for several decades by those inhabiting the forest. My character would be a bright-eyed female from this forest who has aspirations of seeing the world and learning as much as she can about as many aspects as she can learn. It is in this pursuit of knowledge that she is exploring the deepest areas of the forest where she encounters a shimmering green ripple, a mirage as one would call them, that is the remnants of a time ripple left behind by the Celebi who lives there. This portal is connected to the ancient past, a world several thousand of years in the past from when humans inhabited this forest and made the structures that for the most part now stand as ruins to those who live in the modern world.

When touched the portal creates a one-way passage into the ancient past, and my character finds herself trapped within that world. To find her knowledge of future events could play a fundamental role in her survival in this world as well as place her into additional dangers as she is discovered either by a human from that ancient civilization, or another Pokemon either from that timeline or from her own, and forms a connection with them. ... The premise of the story is what would happen if someone from the "Future" went back to the "Ancient Past" and could not return home. How would the world be altered by their actions, and how would the modern knowledge benefit or harm chances of survival within what is more or less a more primitive world at least within their own point of view. And how would those around herself also view the "strange girl" who appears to talk about things that do not currently even exist?

Inspiration Soundtrack:

Fates Reversed: Romance

In an isolated mountain valley that has limited visitors, and humans do not trend there lives a young male Mew who has lived there for his entire life. It is a peaceful and carefree existence, and despite the fact that there are occasional visitors to the valley, for the most part these have been male so the Mew has never encountered a female of any species. This all changes when a lone female Mew comes into the valley, during her exploration of the broader world and stumbles across what could be the only male of her species. From this could follow a wide range of emotions for both of the characters and the potential of a budding romance. It progresses that way for a time and the two could also share more of each others' worlds with the other person, and the two could become more of a couple or at least friends until at some point (earlier on into the storyline) the male does something which upsets his female companion.

At this point, the female wishes that he understood her better, or along those lines, and this wish is overheard by another of the Legends such as Jirachi who answers the wish in the most unexpected of ways. Both of them exchange bodies, for what could be forever, and have to discover not only what happened but if the exchange could be reversed. It would be this situation that lasts for the duration of the storyline as the two learn more about each other, the pleasant and the unpleasant, and the relationship between the two Mews also deepens. I chose this theme to explore a number of notions such as the nature of identity and chemistry, as well as to explore a romance from a unique perspective that to my knowledge has not been done before, and also to allow each of the players an opportunity to play as both of the "characters" even though the personas would more or less be unaffected by the "Heart Swap".

Inspiration Soundtrack:

Mystery Dungeon Academy: Action

In the Astoria Region, a region made up by numerous islands that span several thousand miles, there is a unique private academy that is attended by only the daughters of the worlds' most elite families. It is the school for royals and the daughters of aristocrats and chairmen to learn how to be the best coordinators within the world. It is also the new home for a new trainer of undisclosed background, who has aspirations of being a famous Pokemon Coordinator, among other aspirations. This young lady has also received her first Pokemon who is released for the first time into the dormitory of the school. The light from the Pokéball erupts forward, and there on their carpet stands her darling new partner who could be a number of species depending on the preferences of my partner, and the origins of said Pokemon are some of those strangest that could have ever been imagined and even more difficult to believe.

A former human who had come from less elegant background, an impoverished household and family, that inspired the pursuit of adventure and riches. It had led the former human to a remote valley, and that is where the human encountered a cursed medallion (or other mechanism) that transformed them into the Pokemon form now on the carpeted floor. In the beginning I imagine this could create some tension between the characters, and there could be many disputes or other signs of affection. If the trainer is up to the challenge than the two could bond and friendship could form, and from there could be many lessons on how to be a contest Pokemon, and a broader storyline - this storyline was chosen to explore the notions of humanity and friendship, and to see how much the world would change for a human if they suddenly ended up inside the form of a Pokemon and now were in the care of a human child.

Inspiration Soundtrack:

Musical Composure - Island Princess

In a mainland that is occupied by ancient ruins of a lost human civilization and pokemon cultures, there comes a young female Mew who is the lone princess from a chain of islands in the southern seas. It is her dream to see the world and the landscapes that she has heard about only within stories, and she convinced her parents to allow her to explore the world for a single year. In this storyline she could encounter your character (male Mew) around her age, and a partnership is formed that he will become her guide around the unfamiliar world in exchange for an unnamed agreement. During the storyline it could be revealed that she is exceptionally timid and has the beautiful voice of an angel when music is concerned, she also has a hidden passion for music that could well-rival her aspirations to see the world beyond her islands as well as her sense of duty to return home and to lead her people as the princess of the tribe.

In the storyline I would imagine that the two could move between Pokemon Settlements and Beautiful Landscapes, to explore archeological sites that could lead to the discovery of riches for your character, as well as encouragement to have her find her confidence and voice to perform her music for the broader world. In this story I am more focused on the exploration of pursuit of dreams and exploring how these could clash with a sense of responsibility; as well as a casual exploration of her musical aspirations and talent that could be among the best in the world if she had the confidence to use her talents to the fullest. It could then be up to the male character to bring this out of herself if he cares about her, or views her as a source of income as most talented singers could become, and I would simply adore if there was an element of romance that blossomed between the two characters early into (or later into) the storyline plots.

Summary of Thoughts:

If any of the above stories inspired you, or you had another idea that you believe we would both enjoy than I am all ears. I can also provide writing samples prior to brainstorming if that would be preferred, although I tend to match the quality of my partners in most cases. I can respond here or on private messages, and while the above three are only loosely generated ideas for stories, these are far from my only interests if you had specific ideal in mind. My primary goal is locating a partner who has writing caliber around myself, and is interested in Private Stories (between myself and them); and if I am unable to locate any such players than I will happily also look into more collaborative works in the other threads, or begin one here potentially using one of the above three ideas or coming up with an entirely different idea - the main thing for me is communication, and partnership in the creation of the storyline together.

I look forward to hearing back from you all!

(also bonus points if you can guess my favorite character from the Pokemon Franchise)!

(also if there are any BBC Code Experts around who could look at a format I use on other sites, I am having trouble adapting the code to this forum, and I am certain is is mostly minor adjustments that are needed)


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