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Now I won’t be as upset if I hatch thousands of Scorbunny eggs only for my shiny to have Blaze.. lool, thank goodness for this
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Posted September 10th, 2020
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This is much overdue. I’ve put off so many HA shiny hunts in fear of hatching the wrong ability. Glad this is no longer a worry!


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Oh this is certainly nice to have, and not just for shiny breeding

The question is though if I even have anything that would love this to-be-released item lol
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Let me guess... Next time there's gonna be an item that could change a Pokemon's gender 😂
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Awesome! I've been wanting this ever since I hatched a would-be perfect shiny Greninja back in 6th gen if not for its lack of a hidden ability. As much as I love the older games, trying to breed or catch competitive Pokemon before XY came out was way too much of a hassle. With this upcoming item (that I assume will be in the base game of future entries) there's no more excuses for people to hack/gen their Pokemon. Some players will still cheat out of laziness but at least it evens the playing field for those who want to put in the time and effort to build their teams the right way. If only I didn't lose all my Pokebank mons years ago...


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This makes me wonder how they'll be obtained and how rare they'll be. This is definitely good news for sure.

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I've seen this implemented on online fan-mmorpg's for Pokemon well before Nintendo has done so here - it's always been more-so chance based than it needed to be, this is definitely a useful addition for sure. Glad to see Nintendo is being more pragmatic about useful ideas this generation.
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