Should the games have voice acting?

Started by Sheep September 9th, 2020 2:42 PM
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What would you think of the games having voice acting? Would you support it, or do you think it'd be weird? I've seen arguments that main series Pokémon games really should have voice acting by now, and that scenes like Piers singing and Rose speaking in the beginning of SwSh fall flat emotionally otherwise.

Thoughts? Are there any voice actors you think would be good fits for characters?
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Not really. I like it better to read character voices in my head, and I don't think there's much reason to have voice-overs in Pokémon in the first place - there's a lot of lines of dialogue in an average Pokémon game, and acting it all out in a studio would be lots of work and questionably necessary if you're just playing the voices over speech bubbles. That is a practice I generally don't understand - players can read, and if they can't, they probably don't follow interestingly acted scenes because they're very little kids. Pokémon-specifically, you already need to know how to read to do battles.

My opinion is that using voices in games is a matter of style, not modernity of the game - if the game needs voice acting, if the developers have such a vision for it, go ahead and use it. If it can go perfectly fine without voice acting, if it wasn't intended to have it as a necessary thing from the start, you don't have to go out of your way to add it in - use your speech bubbles to their full extent.

I guess I'm so used to Pokémon games as silent films with a music soundtrack that imagining characters actually talking seems really weird.


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I feel like it'd be hard to make the main series games voice acted since...I'm not confident that in future anime series, they'd retain the same voice actors as the games. Also, the challenging task of hiring voice actors in various languages. So, for now, I'm gonna say no. :x
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there's some notable awkward moments in swsh where voice acting i think would've helped. whether the voice acting would be good or not is another story and that's my main concern, but alas debate over good/bad voices i feel comes with the inclusion of voice acting in anything.


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I think if they did it right it could work really well, none of us are used to having voice acting in Pokemon games so it might seem a little weird but change can be good sometimes :)

You guys are right though, there was several underwhelming and awkward moments in SwSh when voice acting would have been perfect, and playing other Switch titles it makes you wonder if it's only a matter of time before they include it.


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I think it’s time for voice acting... I feel like SwSh wouldn’t have been as subpar if they had voices in at some point. Even if it’s only to the extent of the voice acting in Pokémon Masters, it would give a new dimension to the future games.

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