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Started by adchv09 June 19th, 2012 11:05 AM
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I've not played that many yet but my favorite is Pokemon Glazed. I like it because it has a good storyline and the graphics are really great. You also have 5 starter options and can catch Pokemon from Gen I, II, III, IV and V. It's an amazing game overall and i'm sure everyone would enjoy it. Pokemon Lightning Yellow and Liquid Crystal are also some of the best ones I've played so far.


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Flora Sky, mainly because I can have a Sawsbuck in Emerald but it's also a pretty cool hack
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My favorite roms are as follows:

*Ruby Destiny: Life Of Guardians
*Pokemon Blaze black
*Pokemon Cloud White 1-3
*Pokemon Light Platinum
*Pokemon Dark-Rising Series
*Pokemon Storm Silver
*Pokemon Sacred Gold
*Pokemon Prism
*Pokemon Emerald Moon
*Pokemon Ultra Violet
*Pokemon Victory Fire
*Pokemon Glazed

(AND more, I just forgot... Lol)


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I'm not that really picky decision on what rom i'm gonna play so here my list:

Gaia.....(Even i didn't finished it still stuck at the pokemon league i think it's great.....)

Light Platinum (Spend 2 months just to battle red at the end...... it was worth it)

Glazed....(My first rom hack that i enjoyed and it was good no doubt)

Nameless....(love the mechanics of no hm's)

Orange Island's..(ahh... classic. my favorite rom hack)



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Pokemon Red adventures chapter is still the best. <3

I am still awaiting for Pokemon Life and Pokemon Darkfire to be released any time soon.
they gonna be my top 2 and top 3.
still all the hack games are really awesome as well. ^_^

what really challenge and terrifies me is Pokemon Dark Rising 2. hehe , No Pokeballs and Poke Center.
Thank God for the Cheats. :)