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One Sentence Summary

PokéNV is a project that attempts to create a long-lasting, ever-evolving game world and community built on a non-standard Pokémon game formula.

Setting and Story

The game takes place on one large island, where you begin your journey with only your trusty Eevee by your side. As soon as you arrive, every “biome” of this vast island is available for you to explore with a large selection of main and side quests to complete at your own leisure. Story is split amongst different side quests and main quest lines, with the primary goal designed to test your battling and exploration prowess. Seek out the masters of each Biome and overcome their Battle Challenges to become the island champion! Over 400 Pokémon will be available in the main Pokédex at launch, with more to be added over time with each new update.

Regular Content Updates

To keep players engaged, our island world will be constantly evolving and expanding with new content. Inspired by Pokémon Go, updates will come with special “Events” with new Pokémon entering spawn pools, new battle scenarios, increased shiny rates for certain Pokémon and occasionally, new locations for the player to explore, all centred around a theme (e.g. Christmas, Fire Types, Legendaries, etc.). This is all possible without interrupting the experience of the game due to the non-linear storyline.

Quest System

Progression in PokéNV can be approached through the quest system available to all players at the beginning of the game. The non-linear format of the game encourages players to complete quests at their own pace, with some quests containing multiple methods of completion. NPC’s around the world will be happy to provide tasks to the players with bountiful rewards, and to enhance the game’s experience.

City Builder

When the player arrives in the main city of PokéNV, it contains only a few merchants and essential NPC’s to get the player going. It is up to the player to explore the world for merchants, tutors and other talents to recruit back to the city. Over time, the city will evolve and become a hub for all of the services a trainer would need.

Key Features

The following are key features of the game in short, bullet-point form that are currently implemented in the development build or are in progress. Please feel free to ask about any of these features, as I am happy to explain these further.
  • Overworld Pokémon Encounters
  • Home purchasing and customization — upgraded secret bases
  • Player customization and outfit unlocks
  • Quest system
  • Egg Roulette — Gacha style Egg drops
  • Biomes — six out of eleven already mapped as of now
  • Pokémon, moves and abilities up to and including Generation 8
  • Battle Gauntlet — Battle Tower styled mode focused on competitive and challenging battles
  • Discord integration — Rich Presence implementation
  • Regional Forms — five already completed as of now
  • Pokémon Essentials v18 port near complete

There are a few features that we wish to implement in the game, but have not yet been able to include in the current state of development. This following section will be updated as time goes on. Online trading and battling, GTS system through a web interface (website is already designed, will just need implementations), auto updater, custom trainers, more battle modes, more quests, more maps for biomes and more regional forms.


Positions are generally regarded as volunteer work. Some positions have negotiable areas for commission and payment which will be labelled as (Pay neg). Volunteer work is for if you are interested in joining the team and would love to help and create this experience with us. Paid work is for those who have experience in specialist areas who are open to commission to help put together some of the more demanding parts of the game.

We have positions open for the following roles:
  • General scripters, eventers, and other general tasks
    • Assist us with implementing game features
  • Artists (Pay neg)
    • Contribute to any number of the following
    • Pokémon, Trainer, or icon sprite art
    • Pokémon or trainer concept art
    • UI design
    • Other art areas (I am sure we have a place for your talents!)
  • Quest writers
    • Write and conceptualize engaging and rewarding quests for players to complete
  • Mappers (Pay neg)
    • Help create our remaining biomes and interior areas to flesh out the world
  • Online implementation assistance (Pay neg)
    • Help us implement an online infrastructure

Demo Link
We have already completed a proof of concept demo that is available below. Please feel free to join the Discord server as well, where any further updates will be posted.
Demo link can be found here.
Public Discord can be found here, refer to the #poke-nv channel.
Thank you for reading this far and please contact me here on PokéCommunity, or through my Discord at TwentyExEx#0258 if you are interested in any of the positions listed, or if you have any questions!

James (TwentyExEx)